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12-6-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour

Dec 6, 2013|

Hour 2

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They're willing to donate 5000 dollars info we reach a hundred angels for the animals aren't that as a donation. A fifteen dollars a month for twelve months and as I said makes a great gift if you decide you wanna get somebody with that. They'll use your charge card number. But the acknowledgment will be sent through the person you're giving big yep so -- you know for aren't -- Hard that by people are a lot of people like that people would really appreciate your thoughtful honest and good good ideas that's 873. As BCA by the way happy birthday to Randy bush over his birthday is actually tomorrow I won't tell you -- -- is but his birthday is finally reached the same numbers -- IQ. So I'm happy happy birthday to Randy bush over. And Chris you're telling me that there -- birthday cake in there right floating around the analyst Tim makes the ruling and we can't have any -- -- For now advocate that's good that's good we're grownups. And so happy birthday to he's a great guy Randy bush over a good good a good worker and a solid radio professionals so good luck to Randy on his birthday which is. Tomorrow let's get back to the callers as I said if this principled. Of the highland elementary school Christopher -- said. You know we have an obesity problem among kids. So -- -- gonna expand and exercise that time. Half an hour an hour day during school what will do some fun things that will be also exercised its that a -- just sitting in front of a computer game. OK that's a way to do it but to say let's let's take their cupcakes away. During a birthday celebration. Let's given yogurt. Or low sugar -- whenever. I mean that's him that's window dressing that's designed to say oh you really care when it doesn't you know -- difference available means. Especially if that means that your. Oh let's go to Q would jail in derby and verbiage here on W via. Yes Danny how are you I'm content. I am not and that's cool and around these kids circle past the faculty dining room one there's a baby shower or for days then what do you see UC creamy dipped. And his deep -- -- that they own up from pastries so. Everybody is that a good kind and actually -- particularly from the kids that we. How we grew up and everything else that's what you remembered you know I need thirty cupcakes you know. It's a -- it's supposed to be called a treat they're not supposed to beaten every day. Three times a day every once in awhile you have them and there's nothing wrong -- -- so it's a uniter in favor of this misguided law. A camera -- thank you very much. -- I'm sorry I mean I thought who's done I'm sorry didn't mean to cover up. It was I thought I thought you had finished. So that's the first derby -- we've heard from. -- who doesn't like the idea doesn't -- it's good idea first of all nobody's going to be against better nutrition. It was going to be against. You know of of healthier kids can take that position. But why sucked the joy out of a birthday celebration for -- elementary school kid and that's what that is let's face it. If you could follow them home. And dictate to mom and dad what 38. If you could follow them home and dictate that there's X about it TV to be watched and definitely an X amount of of a time on line. Or in front of video games. Then and you also going increased exercise time -- -- -- might have cents on the northward but the thing. This is like putting -- potter on cancer. To think that will take away the -- okay. And that will help with the obesity problem like god I'm narrow minded the get and Don as men. Goes right along and the thing the one quote in his column. If Walsh's cupcake van alters the bad snack habits of even one to head its words that Don you can write that and that that is such -- Let's go to our Chris Chris you're on WB AM. They -- -- handy -- and the Chris -- -- I think that parents and derby -- called school what I mean that let their feelings being. I would think so that their kids you know and -- don't have exercise class like -- -- playground music shop classes. Are hardly even American and straining for the teachers' union. Has make sure that they -- those extra curricular activities out of the system. You know that principle instead of warring about whether kid's gonna have a cup -- today I'd be more worried about whether any of those kids in the class have heard anything about Nelson Mandela. Now that's educational taken away at cupcake is baloney. Exactly and it's the same mindset that our elected officials they have they are not elected to spell out what to eat where to live what to drive. Feel I guess responses start calling Brian against doctor nick. -- but you're right it's a comprehensive program is -- it wants to control every aspect of our life and every bit of legislation has some. Piece of that as to as to where to go what to do what to eat what to drive and and your right and I don't need government help on that. You know maybe we should -- done has been around to see -- To launch -- -- -- of a fast food meal with a shake. Just before he lights up as -- care ads beautiful thank you better it'll one listings and grandpa and my favorite food group is processed food. Pop pop pop pop thanks Chris Chris thank you common sense people here. We've got common sense that we don't like because this isn't a real solution. To anything. That's the point some people will do -- say things to be image as caring. Maybe some do what game we Waltz this Christopher Walsh does care let's get the benefit of the doubt -- guys. But be really care he spent a little more time thinking about it. And think about. Maybe more exercise for children might be more beneficial to fight obesity. Those kinds of things. Rather than just try and use these the most obvious symbol. Cupcake with a or a red circle around middle line through it it's a celebration. Imagine the joy of the kid whose birthday it is that day. And mom usually makes the cupcakes and a passes them around listening happy birthday if that's still allowed. And they light candles if that's still allowed and they sing happy birthday can't do that with carrot sticks you know I mean I can just see it now. Carried sticks with the name of the head and the age of the kids that'll be loved Leo will be a birthday to remember. But that's the kind of time we're living in right now where everybody knows more than we do about our own lives. All right -- at the SP CA 873. SP CA as a -- to call and we would like to hit that number for the -- and family charitable foundation. The numbers a hundred that we get to a hundred by known and yesterday. By the way we made the number they put that number up as the intro of -- knows what's going on in the final number for of that segment was a 103. So we did make it that we know is going to be close and and we we did make it we'd like to hit that hundred again. The 5000 dollar check waiting force if we do from the errors and family charitable foundation. So give us call now 873 SP CA will be back after service. Heroes thank you thank you thank you the exclusive WB and AccuWeather forecast first all the National Weather Service has posted a winter weather advisory for southern Erie county. And the southern -- until 4 AM on Saturday up to two inches snow sleet possible. Friday with the possible additional two to four inches in the advisory area overnight. Mostly cloudy much colder with snow this afternoon little or no accumulation. In this area so the advisory is south of the city and the series expecting the snow at times this evening. Maybe according to an inch or two. Except to affords country a low of 25 as BCA radio on the garrison family charitable foundation. As 5000 dollars forest if we get to a hundred angels for the animals by known now yesterday we had it. Just as I signed off. I signed up from within like ten seconds they came over and -- updated via. The board to a hundred and right so where twelve now so we're starting though it's gained some momentum and motion forward and make your donation. If you would make a great Christmas gift to. All right -- the about Corey and derby -- here on W be done. Trouble candy how are you today than -- in derby where the highland elementary school is. Yes I know that I cannot or greater at -- element here. And I can't think I knew that. Seen. Coburn has increased the chains. And try their hair. You know all of -- -- extra ball kicked a -- game. Or -- all painted you really want to think you know it it rarely because school. Children celebrate a trial -- -- Is there really up to a school to raise the child in other words. I do not think that that the child's diet should really be overseen by the parents. It is absolutely you know -- by the parent yes the parents are morning it's hard. Right yeah it's a which means that the parent talk of a morning church of the Arctic outbreak. Well if if you wanted if you if you are concerned that your child is getting a cupcake. All you have to do is say that my child should not have a -- I'm sure there are certain dietary restrictions for a lot of kids who might have an allergy go to peanuts or something like that or maybe just personal preferences or things that are are not recommended for that child. -- why would the whole class have to be under that same guidance. And it and well I think I and the electric bank. But quiet it why can't -- me can't -- -- Well how about a healthy option of getting the kid out of the house when they get home from school and be out playing. Or you know shooting a few -- or you know playing some games instead of sitting in front of a computer to. I act and that -- bearing at all. Well your eyes see the I see the -- see the schools creeping in and taking over parenting now in some cases. You say well it's the right thing to do because the parents are sending the kids to school with proper nutrition or write code or making sure they get to school off. And I understand the need for a certain intervention. But when they start of fine tuning what a kid should eat every once in awhile that that's that's parental let shouldn't be principal. While playing an all he's saying is in the classroom. Talking about the cafeteria. Where he can't -- same no matter what black -- because that's done by a vote here. So in other words and they're not always in the classroom effort every kid has a birthday and say there's twenty kids in the class and their mom Bakes when he cupcakes. Good that is contributing. And to any significant number two will be sitting. Would you not have to change other habits or week or bad is that's I mean that's just a lot. Well you know every ever heard of a slippery slope. Because this is a slippery slope this isn't the first thing on the slippery slope. It's there's less and less parental involvement less -- less parental -- ability to to raise your kids the way you would like to raise them. Obviously. Pleasure doing something illegal that's real after the parent and not not too high school -- to a middle school principal. Are out about our -- okay element -- and worse and attic now. Well if you don't let me just tell you this OK if you look at our Corey if you wanna turn over the raising your child. To somebody else do it but I would not be willing to do it and that's my position OK. My position is everybody knows what's better for you than I am what's better for your kids than you do. OK I'd like to know just work curiosity if Christopher Waltz has any credentials as the dietitian. Or any kind of a nutrition expert. Or -- -- this is what I said this is like putting talcum powder on cancer. It might look a little bit better but it's going to be just as deadly. Thinking that if you give up by cupcake. At a birthday celebration. In an elementary school it's going to help with the obesity problem of how absurd is that ought to buy into it because you're one of these people that thinks that somebody else always has a better idea than you do. Do it. Don't come -- on that we've -- as far as I know I still have an individual brain and I'll make an individual decision. I don't I or my daughter was growing up we didn't hand over her -- Her raising. To anybody else we did it. Okay that's the way it is but if you feel cozy and comfortable and smug and think it's so cool that somebody else is looking out for your kid it. -- Hand over. My question is you obviously don't have much faith in your own ability. And if that principle was seriously talk about more exercise less sedentary lifestyle which could have an effect on obesity instead this is that -- And everybody knows that. -- -- -- 3018061692. Through six and start 930. We will. We will try to get to -- hundred number by noon today. On the SP CAA radio on so that the Harrison family charitable foundation. Will hand us that check for 5000. Dollars now yesterday we did -- the number where were so well Stuart I wanted to hit it before I signed off but. I wasn't -- -- ten seconds when they came and I'm mark the final marker on the board with a 103. We'd like to do a hundred today -- give us a call at 873. ASPCA. That's the way to do it. And if you would like to make a donation in somebody else's name. Think about what a great Christmas gift that would be. And here's the way that would work when you called -- they charger credit card. And that's terrific and it goes fifteen dollars a month for twelve months that's the Angel for the animals. And if you would like to make that a donation and someone else's name the acknowledgment card will be sent to that person. So somebody who. Who doesn't know what they're gonna get for Christmas from you suddenly get that acknowledgment -- very happy. Because there I'm sure you wouldn't do unless they loved animals to most people -- So they're thinking considerate this is great. I'm glad this was done in my name make a great Christmas gift and maybe if you well wanna do it from your own kid. Think about like that every kid dreams of having a dog or cat. May be big gift would be from -- from their candidate to whoever you're giving the gift -- -- -- a lot of nice things lot of positive things with this. -- you could pick up the phone call 873. SP. CA. OK when we come back we're talking more about the principal. Of the high and elementary school in derby. Takes the position that cupcakes. By banning cupcakes she's gonna help fight obesity. One would hope he's got a grander ideas and the rest of -- educational experience than this because this is just silly. Will be -- -- would be you know. How impact with the SB CN radio's buyout worth thirteen now -- a little bit behind lastly yesterday's pledge -- we tried to get to a hundred by no no we made a 103. On the final count if we can get there today at the Harrison family or charitable foundation would give us 5000 dollars. That's a nice contribution it's a welcome contribution in the money will be used for good cause so if you would like to a big part of that we have to get to a hundred. Angels for the animals by known and it's at thirteen now civil slower than yesterday so let's let's get on the ball and get this done not wait for it to happen at the -- and and as we said if you would like to make a gifted donation. For somebody else's name -- you're thinking of book Christmas gift in the got a hard to buy for person we all have votes. Well why not make a donation in that person's name because when they charge it charge card -- it'll be from your charge card fifteen dollars a month for twelve months. But the acknowledgment will be sent to the person receiving the gift. So that's terrific everybody wins -- that everybody. Now down here and -- the highland elementary school. It in derby I don't know it is Christopher Waltz decides we got too much obesity in children aren't I think we can all buy that. But his idea to help solve it. Cut cut out. Cupcakes. -- beer leagues they have. During during a birthday celebration. Got to be honest review. When I was in school they didn't do that that we we had no birthday celebrations now apparently the person that having the birthday brings in the cupcakes so. They're twenty kids in the class mom makes or dead -- twenty cook when he cupcakes to bring -- Have Bieber video. But they're thinking that that -- is really gonna fight obesity is ridiculous that that's his window dressing. It's just that make people think I care if you're really care you would have thought more about it. And thought about how you could increase a fun exercise types of things. That would help obesity. -- instead of being sedentary and in front of you have video game when the kids get home. I get my little extra fun time in school -- -- you know we still run around like crazy people when I was in school. We can hardly wait to go outside and play it doesn't work that way now I think a lot of that has to do it. The kind of lifestyle -- kids have after school so the cupcake is. As I said that's album potter and cancer -- I give me a couple of FaceBook post because of people are -- getting in on this on FaceBook and on the phone. This is remark he says this is beyond ridiculous how about we take away their entire childhood what's the big deal to forget as one -- during a school birthday party. That's right let's put it must make sure all the playgrounds have rubberized -- -- of the kid falls off the jungle gym Google bouncy bouncy well let's not even have see saws are -- daughters depending on warrior. From what part of the country because one kid's gonna feel unfair because he weighs more than the other kid. Believe me I went through that was my -- my life. Nobody ever put me up in the air I put everybody else and sometimes in Toulouse. It's this the kind of life we're living we want kids that you raised in a bubble was sucking all the fun and joy ride out of it. I just don't get that I really don't. We're at eighteen now let's keep going that not knowing Chris ways. This is from bath she says I'm a former teacher and I think this is a great idea kids get plenty of sweet treats at home extra sugar in the classroom is not helpful and kids are happy with healthier -- the ones in my class loves carrots and apples slices the -- -- -- and criminal. Oh yeah. Okay nobody put you were in charge of the health of my kid now first of all who's against good -- nobody. Nobody much gonna be reasonable rational and have a plan that actually works -- I was. I I took some business courses. At the Wharton school of no less which is a very distinguished school. One of the things that we learned on on goal setting and certainly goal setting would be less obesity right. Is that the goal has to be achievable. If it's not achievable it's not a real goal OK got that. The bottom line is unless you walk around with a mall today and see what they have for breakfast before they get there. And for dinner when they leave and for snacks there or when they go to the movies or when they go to a ball game or anything else unless you're looking at a comprehensive. Program. That no cupcakes for birthday celebration is a ridiculous. Answer to try and help solve that one mark -- and I'll go to calls. This is from Cathy she says this is insane is that principle going to follow these kids home -- their birthday and make sure that'll be taken discriminate celebrate with their family. That's exactly right so the problem I have what this is not that somebody is trying to make kids healthier. But the -- of the vehicle they choose -- his ludicrous it's not well thought out and to me it's just designed to. What you know that I care I care more about you. So here read this carrot stick instead of this yummy cupcake that it'll be better for you I'm sure their kids love. Absolutely. So you know to me it's it's it's it's it's window dressing that's all it is. OK we are at 220 and we have to get to a hundred now I can do the math. There's eighty left there were a little bit behind yesterday's pace yesterday we made it at a 103 does that she has made the finish line in time. Today I don't wanna make it that close because cinema bomb monogamy doing -- show and I won't get as many opportunities to tell you about this -- they do now. So be sure to call 873. SP CA. The Aronson family charitable foundation. As 5000 dollars for us if we reach a hundred. And as I said this also the -- for the animals would make a great Christmas gift they'll charge your charge card with the acknowledgment slipped. Thanking you will be sent to the person you're giving the gift. This is a good thing to do you know anybody who doesn't like animals I don't I I don't know anybody that doesn't like channels so. -- thank you for the -- the SBC it will thank you but more importantly animals -- 92 we'll take a break we'll be back with more -- teaching company. The excessive WB AccuWeather forecast mostly cloudy much caller with some snow this afternoon or no accumulation. Maybe according to an inch. I and a high of 36 but we do have the National Weather Service winter weather advisory for southern Erie county. And the southern -- until 4 AM Saturday up to two inches of snow and sleet possible Friday with a possibility of an additional two to four inches in the advisory area overnight. And so that's that would keep you informed of what's going on with the weather right here. Meanwhile -- 28 and let's say I'm I'm thinking we've got another 6070. Minutes. And seven minutes we -- get eighty more a sign up so let's let's get movement with this thing 873 -- Gary. Managers came by -- Venezuela or so ago. Where carpet Benito. -- watcher of TV and don't know -- Everywhere Tony Snow okay we've got to get to a hundred by noon if we can do that will be very happy. And the Harris's family a charitable foundation will give us 5000 bucks. Meanwhile and Donny -- columns supporting principal Christopher Waltz of the highland elementary school. There's watch it it's were. Three -- a column. Put this one sentence okay and I just like everybody's good writer. You know he's he's very much a bleeding heart but besides that he's the writer. Except for yes I don't know did he pick this up red journalism schools. If Walsh's cupcake -- alters the bad snack habits of even one kid to. It's worth it almighty. God's. I wanna barf when I read that that's the excuse everybody gives. If non -- why person and is now five beds in Obey words that now. Now some -- not worth it I mean come on let's get realistic Unita comprehensive program. Look when may I. I used. Equal in my coffee. I have diet jello and I have jello idea I don't -- I didn't drive it soft drinks. They're kind I'd I'd do my best to be reasonable rational whatever but you -- your knowledge away from a kid's birthday party. By getting them on the of fast track to boring eating. I'm not saying they should be eating all while -- fast foods and sugary things. Budget is -- suddenly go Bloomberg now when he talks like this was give -- cupcakes and fight obesity. Let's go to frank frank you're on WB ENN -- -- Com distribution by Kimberly what's going on whether it's a government a politician or an educational one. The three hours of education have changed over the years. They're no longer than three -- they're the three -- of nowadays which is radicalism. Rules and regimental -- bingo I mean we're. We're turning into a 1984. Orwellian -- society. And I'm sure that this principle meant you know meant well cosmetic -- to look good but it's not just him it's also the board of education setting policy. What as a parent supposed to do to fight being right there. I don't think that that's really boy that's a good point because where the parents don't sign over their kids for the schools to raise them the parent has to be actively involved and and they have to work together. But the problem is the parents are being eliminated from those things in board of education's. Do you realize that in New York State. Not a single one of the board of education members are required to publicly answer question. If they don't want to. No I didn't know that and they should have through especially the board because they have oversight on the whole district. Yeah you're right and you know what is being eroded. One centimeter at a time it's not all happening at once but if you do a cumulative look at what we've lost his parents a lot of it has been taken away a lot has been given away. Clear and it's all it's all precedent setting the principal probably didn't realize or didn't think it through. Or the board of education members didn't get through it all looks good and cosmetic and fluffy and it's you know it's sort of been times. Statement of the year the most disingenuous. Statement of the year that or use an -- All in the name of safety for our -- Yup exactly that's how they do they do it was safety and health. And behind that shield is maybe Emanuel I don't wanna subscribe to way I'm glad we're on the same page thank you very much frank. That's that's the bottom line is like we had one woman called whose whose fine whether it. And I guess what you -- you have a right to be fun -- absolutely I guess if you're willing to hand over part of raising your child. Of a part that normally wouldn't come under the influence of the out of the principal. Now -- you know it's hard to make an argument against. Health. Or against obesity I mean you're -- are against obesity in favor of obesity can make those arguments we understand that. But the bottom line is some sensibility. And if you're gonna change -- have a better plan everything you replay should be replaced with something better than the previous you understand that. It's not a better plan to give up cupcakes. And think that that's going to fight obesity I'd IE I would challenged the principal Christopher -- to show me. One study anywhere in the world where giving up big cupcakes. By itself. Had anything to do. With cutting down the rates of obesity. He will be hard pressed into it he won't be able to do it because it doesn't exist. You need a comprehensive program if principal Walsh said. You know what we're going to open up an hour of the school day. Away from the books away from the computers away from the iPad we're going to exercise but not -- regimented just fun exercise just get your movement. I get I get to enjoy each other's company you know it doesn't have to be tough athletic competition just something. Something to get the human body moving and less sedentary. Because when they leave very they're gonna get behind their computers when they get home and play video games until mom and dad. I get home and and freedom whatever they're gonna freedom so if you're gonna come up with a suggestion at least make it something that has the possibility of working. Something that always works as the SP CA noticed the daughters. How smooth that transition was obvious BCA does great work and you know that you only know part of what the SP CA does believe me when I barber car on yesterday. She is the executive director of the appreciate she went into some of the other things are involved with with -- education and things like that so they have a big outrage and I think to remember is the SP CA has thirteen volunteers. For every one paid staffer there's their page that is actually small but they have thirteen to one of people willing to help. You can help right now we're picking up the phone. At 873 SP CA -- and become an Angel for the animals if you do that we get to a hundred by no it's going to be -- A tough spot because we're still at 22 we got to get -- The momentum going here. During the movie Schoen and right now give us a call and we're gonna try and get to the top of the hill which would be fifty. And then the next fifty or a little easier actually because you can see the finish line right insight. 873 SP CA call now will be back with a movie show after this.

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