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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>12-6-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour 1

12-6-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour 1

Dec 6, 2013|

Hour 1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello -- region company and I'm sandy beach or alive the SBC this as the tenth annual. Radio on the SP CA ten years here to help the animals and -- like you to help the SP CA with your donation at 873 SP CA first abolish out out. We're dedicating today's entire show. To be healing of one -- walking. And hockey is the semi lovely husband of the lovely. I was sure that that's not good going and he's being ravishing husband of Brenda a -- from Brandon Spikes and he's had an operation. And he's recuperating now and he's getting all the ice cream in jail that he wants which is organized. And if you ever want to if you ever want to look at a show your manhood this would be a good time because. He he had a shoulder operation so each engine to arm wrestling I think that would be fun to watch as he screens and Reid's campaign it would be very nice we get battered and them hockey on the mend and we're sure you'll be up and about before you know it. So here I learned a valuable lesson today the first thing I'd do when I comments of this remote is go to where the cats are. And that's the left vision coming and now I don't into my -- -- yet okay I don't over in my briefcase yet I go to where the cats are. And there's some beautiful cats here and some really. -- cats but every once in awhile. There will be a special -- And that you know. Should be would you and you should be -- this community. I saw a cat in the -- -- two and a half months old jet black. The spitting image of my beloved ninja OK now I have two cats now. They're all Bengal cats Lucy and Ethel while -- then -- -- pictures on our FaceBook page and any time date. We've posted lots of pictures of the Lucy and Ethel. Thinking a lot. OK and so I let the cat room and I came over to set up the broadcast. Get this and that -- analogue and make sure okay. Wasn't gonna half an -- when I decided you know I'm gonna do. -- take a picture of this committee. And us senate to the board of directors to find out anything from -- if indeed this -- should be pursued as a new member of the family. So I'll take a picture of -- I got my cell -- out went back to the cap room. And that was gone. And a half an hour I -- half -- cat was gone which probably means that that was adopted no I didn't talk to any of the any of the wheels here to find out. You know it is the cat out the door yet. Is there any to -- -- because whoever is gonna get this cast a lot this -- I'll take my place in line like everybody else but. It's so easy to follow -- and that's just the cats than dogs of the same thing. And so I just happened to -- adore cats are like dogs through but I really really adore cats but in that half an hour. In the half an hour McKinney went from take home to where -- -- the cat go -- a a not so I learned a very valuable lesson. What I want to mention which I think is so important before this broadcast actually officially starts is the death of -- Nelson Mandela. To say that Nelson Mandela was a great man would be understating it. To say he was an important man would be understating it was a magnificent man. And did so much and gave so much and didn't just talk the talk he walked the walk. He little long life he died in 95 but remember what is it like 27 years about life. It's been in prison. He believed in what he believed and and I was willing to pay the price Ford. And I am I'm sad to see it was his passing but I'm happy to acknowledge as we all have. He's great impact on everybody around the world this is not just limited to one area this is everybody around the world. A but I did find something disturbing. When it was announced that now and Nelson Mandela had died. Came as an emergency in a message on my computer I was already on my computer. And as I drifted over to FaceBook. I found on several young FaceBook post yours. -- didn't really care that much. They didn't think that was that important they didn't know who we was they didn't know what he had done. And it is to them it was more important that the in the new video game is available at this -- via video stored in the past -- Nelson Mandela I find that. Shocking and shameful to be honest way. But every once in awhile we get a human being walking the earth. That sets an example -- sets the bar for everybody and he said the bars ties -- ago. So sorry about the past Nelson Mandela he's gone believe he will never be forgotten. I what are we gonna do it today we've -- -- raise some money for the SP CA so the first thing I'll do for the first then many times today is give -- a number. It's 87377220. Which if you if you go to call breaking you -- about. Eight some injury as the CA. Call and make a donation of any kind. But if you would like to be an Angel for the animals that is a fifteen dollar donation for twelve months. Now here's the story I was thinking about that they put on your charge -- I was thinking about about this and this is a great idea -- -- it was suggested to me I thought this is a great idea. If your Christmas shopping. You know -- always have people regulars are they're so hard to buy for how many times that we heard that right. While most everybody loves animals. If you make a donation. In somebody's name you can put on your charge card. But the acknowledgment. Will go to the person you're giving as again. I think we'll make a great Christmas gift 20 for somebody to note that somebody else recognized their love for animals and were willing to web two buys them. And Angel for the animals by making the same donation so you'd -- that -- -- put the donation on your charge card it would be fifteen dollars a month for twelve months but the acknowledgement would go to the person receiving the -- so I think that's a great idea I'd like to see people take advantage of it we'll take a break now will be back with more with beach company. Excessive WB enact the forecast mostly cloudy and much colder with some snow this afternoon little or no accumulation. Some snow accumulating according to an inch in the southern -- and I have 36 snow at times during the evening accumulating according to an inch or two except. -- before and ski country and a low of 25. Snow flurries tomorrow morning. Otherwise breezy and colder with times of clouds and sun 129 and Sunday some sun. Turning cloudy and cold and -- thirty as BCA radio -- that's where we are the reason we're here is we're trying to raise money to keep the SP CA financially afloat they do a lot of good work. Some of -- you're aware of some of you may not be aware of but it's extensive let me tell you that. Please call now 873 SP CA and -- you can donate online to. At -- SP CA dot org. And Chris I think I'm getting -- In my old age because I'd love cats and I like dogs and I was even. Looking at. A Guinea pigs. Usually. Have both down at the end okay usually am not attracted to rodents. You know -- talk about but this that give it was you know he was drinking -- a little straw. And I have you ever had a a juror bowler Guinea pig or anything like that. Now we have some mice and now -- -- just make a lot of noise around it we'll all hours of the day. That window where you run as fast as can't get nowhere. And it's starting to squeak because it's getting old so now it's and it's constant squeaking it's -- here it. It's so noticeable that I don't even notice it anymore what you should get a cat now leave them in the cage. And what's expected exercise as he tries to catch up with the mice on the field it's only bring that up we have three cats and the one yesterday was doing math okay. Just standing there and every now -- that it would poke at the -- you very slowly. Usually I'll look at fair I don't know that to be honest would you do differently to and hamster or Guinea pig a juror bowler all they'll look basically like to make. But this this was the -- because that's what -- -- right on that. And it was kind of fun to watch so maybe I'm being attracted to rodents more now than I used to I don't know how many -- of the road and variety they adopt out here but. It's it's nice to see that they have something for everybody right here. Well you know that we have a winter weather advisory for the sudden you recount in southern -- until 4 AM up to two inches of snow. Thank you for that information a -- would get away feel like prepare for this week. I'll buy tickets to see the trans Siberian orchestra and that's going to be Monday. December 30 at 3 PM at first -- percent of the value of 75 dollars 6449875. Is the number to call now. General contest rules applied tickets are on sale now -- tickets -- com. And a dollar off each ticket. Sold will go to the lymphoma society of Western New York so that's certainly a good cause it's going to be good concert. And though we'd like you to call and -- Buchanan if you can win the case against -- updated weather from all set to go. -- now here's something going on and to be honest with you. If you just look at the headlines or you just kind of casually. Acquaint yourself with this story you go wow okay no harm no foul. You really think about it. I want you really really think about it it's annoying. Okay and it's one of these things where it's hard. Hard to be totally against what I'm gonna tell you. Because in some ways it makes sense. But there again we're taking all the fun out of our society we're taking a lot of the joy in exchange for. The usual political correctness. Blob blob blob blob law. And also this story of an indictment -- -- and -- until I get ready to do that this story also takes a little bit more of parenthood. Away from the parents and hands it over to the schools. Whether it's the teacher whether it's the prince of low whether it's you know the school board whatever. And to be honest review I thought the education system in this country. Was set up to educate. Now you might make the argument that what they're doing now is an educational experiment I would say by sucking but joy out of some parts of childhood. Is no way to teach them. I am what I'm talking about is. You know ahead. No cupcakes. If they part. At the highland elementary school in derby okay Christopher Walsh made that decision Christopher Walters in charge. And he said you know why. There are just too many cupcakes here for Christmas of her birthday parties where it must we must eliminate that and have healthier snacks all of -- blob blob blob blob lot of -- okay. So I'm enough arm that Ahmed zone and -- picked up the paper this morning and I look at Don Asman guest would -- on as and his aides in the Carter. Christopher Waltz he says is the greatest idea. Kids are too fat let's more healthy and blah blah. What they forget is something. That the concept. Of celebrating your birthday. Is supposed to be. And it is supposed to be fun. And what you eat is supposed to be a treat. It's not supposed to be. It's not supposed to be your everyday diet you're not supposed to do it three times a day you're supposed to do it once a year. On your birthday and its call to treat when they take that away something you really. Really enjoyed. For the sake of its not good for you aren't you sick of hearing from people were telling you what's not good for you. What the hell what we have parents for. We have parents who were supposed to oversee that and this is dropping by the way. This isn't the mean streets of an urban center near you rule where kids are sent to school without breakfast this is derby. It over. But one we come back I -- do you view all the information about this that I'd like your opinion. The pro side could be -- looking out for the health of the children that's part of an educational process and what's wrong with good health. And you know it's cumulative we hear on how we're not supposed to use the earth. OK we we have the float -- we shouldn't even step on it. We hear how we have to save every building that's ever been built with a preservationists. We hear about the obstructionists or against everything. Nothing is good enough for them nothing fits the parameters that they get their piece of the pie and now we're getting people who. Who wanna take the fun out of a birthday celebration by taking your kids cupcake for crying out loud. I -- and they should have more important things to do them but apparently they don't. So we come back I want your opinion as the what do you think misses this is a fabulous idea -- I think we should get the kids lard on their birth ago. I would take a break I sound like I might be against this equipment. Looking at a very large guy Dominique a large boy Obama runs. I would take a break we'll be back -- more than number 873. SP NCAA. I. Davis -- whose name is George. Anyway it is a major company -- -- at the SP CA the tenth annual us BCA radio thought we would like you to help out by calling 873 SP CA. As I suggested earlier I think it's really good idea if you call and say you wanna be an Angel from animals of fifteen dollars a month for twelve months. They will put it on your charge card. But if you would like to make that a gift to someone else they will send the acknowledgment card to that person as a Christmas gift. So I think that would be terrific you know we have a lot of people are lists or hard to buy for many times have you heard that. But tell me somebody who is an animal over the wouldn't appreciate the donation made to SP CA in their name. And that's that's what I would suggest they yet they put on your charge card of fifteen bucks a month for twelve months and they don't charge at all once it's it's month by month by month. And so that's your donation. But the acknowledgment card would be sent. We two was the person you wanna give it has got -- -- that it's a great Gregg nomination. I ever see what's going on here first of all I Wear and an aero where. Too many people sticking are noses in the way we. Lead our lives we've got all these experts -- experts and everything that I think when it comes time their experts are really nothing. Especially with pending. If you think about it -- being used to be pretty straightforward and and most of the kids turned out OK and a few of the kids didn't and that's just the luck of the draw that's the way it is and then we started getting all of these experts. All of these people on Phil Donahue show and later on Oprah whatever telling you the way your mother did it. And the way you're doing it all wrong got to do it this way. And those so what happens this they get involved in in raising your kids -- when we talk about -- systems like especially in urban district. Where kids are sent to school without without a breakfast those who provides breakfast. Without a colts over the radio and TV stations have coat drive and book drives and scarf drives and food drives and all of that sort of stuff because is not being done at home. And so we can understood some on this but now it's gotten down to education. Now the teachers are making child rearing decisions. Beyond education. Now the argument could be made that this decision down and derby. The no cupcake for your birthday party decision is indeed an educational decision. I would say it's another meddling. Nanny that we don't need quite and simple and I would like to say you know we're also in an era where. People say things in the initiate things just because they sound good and they look good and it doesn't matter if they work. That's almost secondary that they work I wanna get credit for sounding good sounding caring and making sure that my name is attached to it. All right and now what we have done in derby is a principal named Christopher -- who decided you know I can't serves many obese can hear. Now I don't -- thinking that maybe you could have something to do with their rear ends glued to the chair in front of their video game. Or their lack of up playing outside. Or the lack of any kind of exercise. I don't know if that's ever cross his mind. So the way he's gonna fight obesity is no cupcakes. This -- and no cupcakes own. Pretty soon they'll have a picture of a cupcake -- with a red circle around it O line through it. Because he wants to fight obesity isn't that swell you'll probably be on on on a TV show and he'll be interviewed by. By anchors who are patting them on the back for doing such a swell job I'm thinking he's just first of all. He's just taking away another decision made by the parents. Okay saves you take away the -- so the kid doesn't have a cup -- so the kid had yogurt instead. -- like yogurt yogurt but forget that Jordan said he goes home. You gonna look oversee what mom and dad prepare for a meal for. Now I gotta make sure the kids out exercising. Well I gotta make sure that the kid as regular healthy. Check up to the doctor oh. Pilot is as far as I'm concerned is a show business let's see what Don has been things. At. -- -- husband wrote a column today that article I'm using by the way is from the Buffalo News from yesterday Christopher Gordon and Joe's lived. -- -- -- -- Whatever his name is they wrote the original story and now husband wrote a column about an IQ has been. But he is egg occasionally gets a little over the food food top for me about. He says Americans are a little too fond of apple pie. And doughnuts and cakes and pastries and cream sauces and milk shakes and ice cream and cookies and other foods that taste good but are bad for you oh. Don don't you know that everything you like is bad for you haven't yet caught on yet. You know you skiing and it could be bad -- could end up with a broken leg. I mean everything you'd -- -- is bad for your everything your life is bad for is -- what else is -- Judging by national test scores American kids aren't getting smarter but they're getting larger and then there's trying to make -- educational point there. Christopher Waltz took a small but significant stand against the obesity epidemic. This school year the principle of highland elementary school in derby. Band cupcakes. From -- last birthday celebrations. You know a birthday celebrations supposed to be about fun. Celebrating somebody's birthday in this supposed to have a tree it. I don't know of most kids would consider yogurt a tree nothing wrong with -- yogurt as as that I like and I I eat yogurt but it's hardly what I would call a tree. And then Don says the kids can still party on. About with fruit and low sugary yogurt. Follow yak kids loved that you know they'll remember that birthday for the rest of their lives one small step against overeating one giant leap for common sense. Kids from have kids form habits when they're young said the principal. We're trying to help them form better habits audio from the long to that home. Let's get some are okay if parents don't wanna bother right gonna give him help -- Mayo will show -- that we're drawing a line of cupcakes. It'll be a cupcake wars the fact there's a show on TV called cupcake wars Iowa we come back I'll give you a little bit more of his opinion Don has been -- been in my opinion as we don't need no stink and principles. Look at after the health choices of our kids -- pay a perfectly capable of doing it ourselves and if you wanna take away their cupcakes. I mean it's there again it's it's awful flow there's no substance show me one study that said this would -- -- -- older of the difference. And and I might listen to -- it 03093018061692. -- -- -- -- 930 are you OK with this. Now some people probably because they're happy to hand over any kind of responsibility -- kids is somebody else. But I think most people can say I'm perfectly capable of making sure my yeah my kid is a fairly healthy reasonably. Otherwise you're going to be living and see the rest the life will be back with more would be and company SP CA radio on 873 SP -- if you like to donate. I know so we'd -- by the way I meant to mention at the beginning of the show. -- yesterday it's just as we signed off I mean I wasn't signed up ten seconds. When they came and updated the board and we hit a 103. So we made it. We made yesterday -- make it again today okay so the -- and family foundations -- was a 5000 bucks. I give a call and and be a part of that first hundred to make that possible. 873 SP CA let me a couple of -- quotes from Don. -- has been nugget to calls which we have there. He's happy. That the Christopher Walsh highland elementary school in derby says no cupcakes were your -- they treat. At the party because you kids are too obese and we want you to have healthier snacks the suggestion might be yogurt or through. While Lottie Dodd I have nothing against fruit -- like I've nothing against -- -- like yogurt to. But it's supposed to be a birthday celebration. It -- went out of liver and onions for crying out -- these are kids. And I understand. That you have to watch your diet but it's going to be more than a cupcake. It's going to be a comprehensive package and and that's that they're doing this just show up for show. -- now in in Edmonds column is one sentence that makes me want to barf. Okay and I like Desmond and he's a Smart guy this makes me wanna vomit. If watches cupcake van alters the bad snack habits of even one kid. It's worth it all get me -- barf bag would you please our read that again how many times that we heard this core -- If watches cupcake and alters the bad snow can habits of even one kid it's worth it. Classroom birthday parties rocking baked goods are just the icing on the cupcake. -- celebrate it was sugar tradition extends into every job is building. Folks typically don't bring in a basket of apples to share instead a box of doughnuts a cake or a plate of cookies. Well yeah -- -- it's called living. One thing in this and other principal talking. One thing we can control is teaching kids to make healthier choices. And -- -- making case teaching kids to make healthier choices you make in the choices -- them. Allowing them any choice. While set where backing up our words -- our actions and if you have anything left to bar here's the last sentence in the column. Call it a blow for motherhood the flag and fruit cups. Now. Let's go to studio like the idea and let's go to -- nick and buffalo and -- on WB yen. -- morning and be accurate idea. I'm so you're -- like an -- that you -- -- article this morning. And minutes later you are covered this story I bite you were so happy that you do we you know we gave -- a voice on the other side now and you know read that article and him saying who want to have a couple copter with an apple just doesn't go to get. Apple I Apple's ruled out but not just an apple -- you know everything is. You know in that article that the -- to get so be it will be we liked him. Years ago point five years ago. That we go to jail -- Hawaiian punch -- Cooley with the you know there was no problems back then why don't they put it to the sort just like -- pointing out apparent. Sitting on the television. But apparently nobody. I can't I guarantee you nick when your kid when I was -- We were out playing and our mothers had to call us in and we didn't wanna come and you were having so much what we weren't glued to a video game. Spirit absolutely so for these people rating you know we have flag that we're gonna pick the world more unstoppable be easier more. -- I'll let you know that you could -- racial everyday of the -- and you need you got it on the way in the back that -- not a problem. And for these people these principles of quality education system and you know. You sports -- kit that you're very grainy and her needs and out exactly. Who have dropped its just ridiculous. Our I am what viewer nick and I like your passion thank you very much guys if the principal had come -- say you know we have an epidemic of obesity we went to -- -- -- So his order to do instead of his cupcake van he said we're going to allow an hour of day. Of exercise and fun. Exercised except dodge ball that might be dangerous and certainly did not a jungle gym because they have fallen we don't have rubberized based make sure that they don't hurt themselves. If he if he had to come up with an innovative plan for more exercise. Now now come on board -- -- that's kind of what -- is special it's fun. If it's fun exercise run and around like crazy people 100 we all -- it and it was fun and -- -- and worked off the -- we have but the problem is not a cupcake the problem is that there's no exercise now the most exercise you get is using your finger for key stroke. That's about it. So I wanna hear from UH 03093018061692. Through six hour 930. We'd you have -- announcing it like a few minutes early the Harrison family very generous donation. We made yesterday with a 103. The last the last posting was a 103 so we made it and I don't wanna get below that today so we need to get up to a 105000. Bucks and remember what I said makes a great Christmas gift. If they put on your charge -- the acknowledgment card can be sent to the person you're giving the gift to. Everybody is hard to buy for everybody is everybody loves animals wouldn't it wouldn't they love to know that you thought enough of them to help the animals in their name and that's what the SB CAA does this is how. This is how they've earned your trust over the years so you call now 873 SP CA we got to get to a hundred by known. And the cinema Bob will be here at 11 o'clock here and we'll be doing -- -- -- and hang in there.

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