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12-5-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour 3

Dec 6, 2013|

Hour 3

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- the engine company has had to be sure live at the SP CA for the tenth annual us BCA radio out of that two day event this year. Two days today and tomorrow. And so in major elephant we needed in an expedited fashion. And right now we're at 48 were a little short of a halfway mark. Via the goal if we get enough angels for the animals and that enough would be a hundred by -- A -- foundation will donate an additional five. Thousand dollars. 873 SP CA what does it take to become an Angel for animals. -- a commitment of fifteen dollars a month for twelve months. Puts you there and they'll they'll take your carrier credit card it's very easy and only charges by the month fifteen dollars a month for the twelve months. And then you help with get to the goal to reach the 5000 give us a call and they'll let us know that you wanna be part is true. But it be before I continue on -- just wanna say one thing about Donald Trump I know it's a little out of sync here. When their target about the visiting trump to see if he. If he would run for governor let me say we have how hesitation. He will not. And I'll tell you why he won't OK Donald Trump is regarded -- go from. He's regarded as a superstar. A superstar business guide now he's had his setbacks by -- by enlarge the art of the deal you know -- book. And everybody thinks of him as top of the mountain superstar. Businessman. He will not run because he would not be able to take a loss. I think the only way you would -- trump run. Is if you were running against somebody where there was no question he was going to be them. But the thought of Donald Trump losing an election would hurt his business in measurably. Because you think of the team that came in second at the Super Bowl as a loser. You got it it didn't matter how good they are to get in the Super Bowl. They only -- one you care about is the winner of the Super Bowl when it comes in second is a loser. Trump would not take that chance. You know they've been after onto a run for. Our president and what he does -- he's a really good publicity strings -- long strings -- a long strings of alliances well. Meanwhile but he's not gonna get into race that he doesn't have locked up. And if he was running against Cuomo it wouldn't be locked up. So as as tempting as that might be to try and lure him into it you're wasting your time as far as I'm concerned you are wasting your time. He's not going to do it. Okay put that on today than ever comes true flip back and it doesn't destroy it. 8030930. What 8061692. Through six and start I'm thirty. If you wanna talk about delivery drones you wanna talk about helping animals 873 SP CA we've got 48 we need a hundred to hit that mark. And let's go to -- -- would be a Madonna in buffalo Madonna you on WB yen. How are you know I am good to do you have to -- you Lyle. I know I meant -- in the afternoon the wind and I can ever tell you yours regards thank you what do you think about these delivery things. I'm gonna play effect and I just totally agree with what you thought about the rock star of the business world. Donald Trump I believe he never would crunch and and no offense to mr. DP keep it or others. Anybody in the business world would grab -- and have lunch Matt -- sure that they don't okay. I'll I watch sixty minutes on Sunday I do every that they. I thought that -- the craziest idea and -- -- and here's an -- I figured that being described it not been better to do it and actually. I think if this series with Andy I think adding. I think hitting is likely had since I've already -- -- ordered from Amazon a few times I think about three support were brought. And they've been great terms. Helping me keep costs down and they delivered beautifully I mean to mail back to three days later I got the book I ordered an -- Armed and people anyway mortified pound each at all. And now they've got their fingers in every pie in retail used to be just books CDs and dvds that was -- and now they they sell everything. I guess and you know like I told this screener I wanna say that. My first impression was it was entertainment second impression with the fact that's what we have some unemployed people in this country. And to take jobs away from people. -- is is really really -- that situation and I believe that is what the company will end up doing taking jobs away from their current arm. I'll workers and I can't imagine how they'd be saving money I mean I don't know anything about drones I really don't. Well yeah I've felt we had a parakeet. We had a guy who drives for a trucking company earlier say he thinks that's the end game to that Amazon wants to bypass. FedEx and big brown and all that. And do their own delivery system. I just question because I don't know -- the of money side of this. Keeping a fleet of drones active I don't know if that's going to be much and manned. Be it you know be able to I have some -- -- direct them to your location. I don't know that I'm -- cheaper. It's the -- the -- and what we. I want that would insurance says I'm Curome you know I'm just wondering I could they'd have to have why you have to have liability insurance. And plus I would assume upkeep on drones would be. Very expensive they're pretty simple machines. But if they're going to have to be precise in their electronics. I think it can be very at a very expensive proposition. I -- a great thank you Madonna always good -- yup you go back. Very good though she misses me now switches -- very nice caller where fifty now OK we -- at the top of the hill where at fifty. Now I'm looking in my watch. We've got. What about 4748. Minutes left. For this hour we have to get another fifty in that time. So basically we have to do a little bit more than one a minute I think we can do it if you if you call now 873. SB CAA. This would be the time to call because we would really like to get that up 5000 dollar donation. From the hide foundation. We have to get to a hundred. Angels for the animals in order to collect that I think we can do it we're at fifteen now so that means weapon we went up the hill. Halfway up now wherever the top of the -- we got to get to the bottom of the finish line which is another fifty. So it's not be easy but I think we can do it call now let's get to a hundred before noon because I don't want only parents sign off and give this over to Rush Limbaugh. Without hitting. Somebody -- without hitting the 800 mark. Or give us golf will be back with a mortgage company from the SP EC day. Excessive WB and AccuWeather forecast mostly cloudy breezy and mild today a couple of showers and a high of 61. Tonight mostly cloudy and cooler little rain mixing with some snow changing to snow accumulating according to an -- 31 will be the overnight low mostly cloudy and cooler tomorrow with a snow -- in spots a high of 36 Saturday times clouds and sun. With a snow flurry followers 66. So where we are going to Wear on track to make it remembers that we neither one a minute to we signed off. And it looks a little burst there which is go where it's 66 which means we need -- 34 noticed how do the math in my head. Brilliant. 66 now so we need 34. And we got 37 minutes before we sign up now you can still make a contribution after that certainly. Even during Rush Limbaugh feel free to call this number. But when I leave here today though I'd like Philly where the satisfaction of you have they gave us a goal it was a hundred and and we hit it. -- prior thank you she's. Issue as a reason to donor to -- issues and an Angel for the animals -- is challenge going on to. Twenty dollars. On ongoing. We're. It's the -- can't quite read the writing here whoever -- is now -- -- thank you very much for your donation really appreciate it. All right where 66 now let's get 200 obviously. I also like to get a pilot's perspective or some who flies. I'm sure that these drones if they ever happen would be kept out of air space of airports. Commercial airliners fly away to either be drones be a problem unless they're coming in or taking off general aviation. Not really sure. But what about regular helicopters. Not the delivery drones which look like helicopters. But helicopters are flying very low. And you've got a lot of news helicopters you a lot of business helicopters. I wonder how that would be affected because I haven't seen anything. -- tells me how high the drones fly on their roots I would assume or not. Flying July they would have to be high enough so they don't crash into things. But I'm not really sure what it what would be right to 68. Okay 68 were making some good progress here call now and a -- -- that number let's go to our friend Cameron. Who was voted -- like a man most likely to shoot down a drone in Pendleton hello Kevin. And your your reverend Eddie Holland Ghana. Said the had a very great disperse this perspective of that. What a boat PO I thought. -- technology. Was something that it that -- turn it from a excuse me before and -- military BP which private in the prairies column. You know -- at a price that right now since we already. Q&A week technologies. To hear you reunions. And I'm and so analogue enemies -- -- that. These other folks don't cartoons appeal and so it's right and the price sort of purpose. Get in your mighty dollar they can profit. I think it opens up the possibility of -- -- get in their hands of people who speakers and let's look at the -- goes for example next thing you know what -- two wars we can see. You know you know crying bourses in drug cartel leaders -- out the competition and seek an artist but you rituals -- Absolutely. In fact an earlier caller who has. A home version of a drone says. He sees these drones. Fitted we have cameras so they be able to guide them specifically where they wanted them. And if you first off you mentioned drugs the drug dealers have to make a lot easier for them because they don't physically -- have a presence anywhere. They could just have this package delivered drop down to a certain location. Even if the cops were waiting. Unless they know senate make approval of senate it -- be very you're a difficult to -- to prove so it would really make the drug dealers jobs a lot easier wouldn't. Yea yea definitely definitely -- and I would forget. If it was our men -- as it gets in Arctic -- -- it up. We've just sort of rating. It makes it much easier for you know or people write it mongers who -- -- spoke of a way to meet you know enemies don't bear. Well you know what happens every time every time. There's an advance in technology. It it becomes an opportunity for spammers. People who want a scam that technology. And I'm thinking -- like hackers always looking to scam always looking try and find an edge somewhere. These drones would give them an enormous field to work from on how to get the deliveries. Sent to a different place how to him -- how to disable them if they wanna do. Issued him out of the sky electronically. I I see a lot of problems with -- Oh -- -- we don't what our government exhibit no sanity I shouldn't be concerned because they mean. We got security we shouldn't you know our all our government runs a website so at at. You know yeah that. Good point that is a good point -- government can't even do the website is go to Amazon so maybe Amazon could do a better drone. Replied I think you'd -- and they -- very much. Yeah I mean that's something to think about certainly 69 -- 69 right now. So ago what 31 when he 31 more and we got about 33 minutes so we we've is that the ratio a little bit better in our favor. But we've got to -- a major -- 873. As PC -- if you like to be an Angel for the animals if we can get to a hundred by known. You just make a donation after by the way whether we can get it done by known. Fifty bucks a month for twelve months they take -- out each month so there's no big hit on your charge card at all. Angel for the animals were led to a 69 now we get 200. The -- foundations as well throw in 5000. Dollars very generous obviously care a lot about animals. And -- so we'd like if that number give us a call 803093018061692. Through six there are 930 point are about drones. With the 873 SP CA if you wanna make a donation. This is from mother Jones. Dana labels and and Matt Connelly for mother Jones all it could take is an effective drone destroyer. A hunting rifle. Laser weapon laser pointer for -- to be watching your movies wearing your slippers and making movies with your blender. Amazon claims that by 2015 it will be ready to -- delivery drones in US guys but America probably won't -- And that could be right okay Chris you have a posting on FaceBook please. Yes I dude this is from -- says two things can and will go wrong with us if something does -- -- -- going to be responsible to buyer and a seller liabilities going to be a huge concern. And what happens of rain or snow ruins the package. Well that's you know I thought of that and if anybody's got a it's sending a package that has a monetary value of the tie. Will there be special insurance because with the technology you know there's going to be glitches. Question no it's going to be a challenge to people who wanted to a defeat that technology. And say the package gets dropped on your front step or something. And you're not home and it -- and it ruins it or gets covered by snow or somebody steals that. I mean does he when -- -- said there was a lot left to do he wasn't getting. A but he certainly whet our appetite for thinking about it this is the stuff we see on the Jetsons that we didn't think would ever be possible. We'll take a break 873. SP CIA. That's the number call now please call me for known before I sign off on like -- that hundred number where it's 69 now. And if we don't get under we're gonna get 5000 dollars more from the -- foundation. We're at seventy whom we have to get to a hundred. Before the top of the hour before -- so that means eight when he days. We need 28 and we've got 25 minutes so we need about one a minute. -- -- happens -- -- time we sign up to get the goal set for -- by the -- foundation. We get to a hundred. W 5000 dollar bonus for us so it's trying to do that show only 873 SB CA. Meanwhile -- bring out our pilots feel about the possibility of these drones. So let's find out let's go to Tom and buffalo is an experienced pilot -- you're on WB yen. Cynthia are you doing today it's like -- call me if you have any questions I can answer. Some for you. I thought I love helicopters and spent a lot of time down in Dallas and a jet ranger and I I understand that because I know how low they can fly. Would drones present is save their. The FAA is looking at 7500 -- in five years if if everything goes according to plan which usually doesn't. How would that affect helicopter traffic -- special traffic co authors and business -- -- -- whatever. Will be a logistic nightmare first of all were there. As far as flying lol I mean that is the old can be tied by anybody and that would be the ground. Seoul. Take off landing the big thing about drones as a small camp seeing Nancy. In in aircraft we have transponders which transmit altitude and identification to the radar screen. That's a pretty high requirement -- very few people aircraft are all about transponders except in the sport clips. What. This -- there you radar station and tell you you have traffic there at 2 o'clock so high privilege in this direction. And when you look at new column you know now about transponder. And there's such small cross section -- in the gulf to commercial operator. That's that's a good point and some of the things I'm thinking about his. There are places in America where there are no fly zones where nobody is allowed to fly at certain times or maybe even all the time. I wonder if the drones and I'm just wondering could be programmed to avoid no fly zones I mean -- he would have to look at pretty simplistic hero avionics. Just small package which -- I don't have a lot of experience -- That is very true. The the problem is. The biggest problem is there any business but it's an alphabet and anybody and it does consult values sure liabilities. Per person -- about 13 the cost aviation aircraft parts whatever it is -- liabilities. What little little inscriptions on Barry baker takes so long the only child. That there won't. There will be around for too long -- afford. That the logistics all the small things flying around. Wanting him to things you know. Causing Havoc. I don't Robert do -- was really indoors but I can't see an effort. I never thought I'd never thought I have in the military application of drones which is different but. Are they guided. By pilots or people trained to guy drones and other words. Would they need this many pilots to handle this situation or debate just train people who aren't pilots to handle the drones. These the small drones in the field the -- -- The your countrymen that goal in special forces they've -- pyramid and practice they get a computer they set up within. It's sector and sometimes in the -- They had that thing off from there -- look at the screen seeing what's going on so they can be trained. Do what to do that as far as the bigger -- Politico were flying overseas. There are some pilots. It'll qualified pilots affordable -- wolf it's a requirement I don't think so it didn't train people. Who do have to fly the drones there. All right well thanks and now ID as you know because I've mentioned many times on the air I love helicopters I said if I were rich person. I wouldn't care about a plane I get a helicopter. What's it like flying helicopters all those years. Stop on the hearing I got. -- this is terrible. -- I I would say you -- couldn't say bad things about it -- for 45 years sort becomes stupid music. I don't like it. So. It was very uninteresting. Like did for you in Vietnam and Jesus Ramirez served an AMOCO. Then you -- a martyr Forbes accorded few personal sort -- your -- -- with the national current course. Political and civilian and also for many years and now. It was explained it was explained to me by our helicopter pilot. That planes want to fly helicopters don't so you know it's like a motorcycle you have to pay attention when -- when -- piloting a helicopter. All the time. There's there's only a couple of aircraft that are certified -- part of them that would be helicopters or other -- that you have it's different realms of flight and different forces -- But -- economic helicopters in the air which you know -- well well one more one more thing your and if you want to fly. I can get jobs. Oh really okay I'll tell you why I'm gonna put you on a whole movement and -- if you are gonna give a contact number to our call screener. I would most appreciate because I I did a thing when I was programming -- station in Dallas. We did a promotion and we had a jet ranger helicopter in which we took two people by helicopter. To Vegas for New Year's Eve and through the Rose Bowl in the rose Fareed for New Year's Day and I flew with the pilot -- -- pilot myself and to people who. You already dropped all the -- it -- double locally it is fabulous. It is so good as you can see everything on the ground it's really call. -- I'm gonna put John hole what went on court. Yeah welcome right to carry out. Saying it is it is wonderful -- orders aren't over. And okay all gotten and I call screener if you could get his contact a number of forming most appreciated. It Austria and I 3018061692. Through six and start at 930. If you -- wanna talk about. Amazon delivery drones that would they're talking about whether they're feasible whether we're gonna see -- not a weathered the pipe dream. The other number and the real important number today and tomorrow would be 873 SPC. Day. That is if you like to become an Angel for the animals that would be a commitment. Fifteen bucks a month. We're twelve months in the SP CA does great work and you know that. And they take the fifteen out each month so it's not like the whole thing is that once and so it's and it's. I think it's reachable by him by most standards so fifteen bucks a month for twelve months. Now if you are an Angel for -- animals and you make that commitment before noon today it will count. Toward a 5000 dollar challenge given to us by the Hyatt foundation. We have we have Underwood got 72 now so we need 28 in like sixteen minutes so now it's getting tight and if you're ever going to call. I would love it and I appreciated if you call now. Okay 873. SP CA week that we can process that many. About it's going to be a little tight it's going to be a run to the finish line and I wanna finish as the as the winner having hit that. Properly look at it will be back with more live -- and company there were asking you -- do you think. Delivery drones like -- appease those talked about from Amazon. It's just the pipe dream as a publicity. Is the just getting a lot of of free ride publicity for something it's never gonna happen. Or is it is it possible will be back. After this. Visit WB and accurately forecast mostly cloudy breezy and mild today a couple of showers -- 61. Tonight mostly cloudy cool rain mixing live and changing to light snow accumulating according to an -- of 31. Mostly cloudy and cooler tomorrow with a snow shower and spots -- 36 Saturday times clouds and sun with the snow flurry. They just updated the number X 85. So that means we have fifteen ago. And about ten minutes all right. So it's going to be a tight squeeze but I think we can make it we can certainly handle fifteen in in ten minutes that's not a problem at all. I just want you to go if you're going to donate at all. During this the radio on I would appreciate it if you would do it now. 873. SPC AOK. It's a commitment of fifteen bucks a month. For twelve months that'll make you an Angel for the animals and they take it out fifteen dollars at a time so it's not a big big hit but gratefully appreciated. Do that -- it we can hit that hundred number before known. All right Chris we have a couple of more FaceBook postings on whether these delivery drones from Amazon or we're gonna see delighted today or it's justified to him when he got. This is from -- he says I love new technology new ideas of this is pretty exciting very but I don't see it taking off here in America I can see you working in developing places like Africa. Not to deliver packages but maybe to drop off medical supplies to remote villages. That's a good point of that also think about it like that you -- -- idea gives you another idea. A what about doing during catastrophes. Though like floods and things that we have here. What a good way to get certain medical supplies are things that you know that the drone could handle. Into the people in the you know go to the water may be up to the second floor. It takes time for books and things they get there I think that that that would be a good application to a medical application okay. Bad I just wrote down 87. So now we only thirteen Mark Cuban government you have another -- groups. Yes this is from how he says I really love this idea but I think the infrastructure to run a program like this would have to be huge I think it's gonna be too big of a task. I'm questioning because I don't know the money side of this what it would cost to keep a fleet of drones flying. To keep them mechanically sound electronics on them is gonna have to be super wizbang. Kinds of redundant systems. And or shrinkage wreckage another words not crashing but people who either try and capture drone shoot it down who knows what I can I can see him. Down in the is as south land. With people just using them is you know exporting plays. -- and comes to drone bang out of the air America. After -- see that happening. All right but this is a FaceBook. Posting from the USA today this is from drones six that are. Those of us in the industry so this is an industry perspective. -- seen this coming just one aspect of a whole new world of applications for commercial drone use. Talk to realtors -- photographers public safety officials. I hope the Federal Aviation Administration. Can get whether it and not drop the ball when it comes to writing and enforcing the new regulations regarding drone air space. And commercial apps so obviously if you're in the drone business and I would assume some of the signs that. Drones -- battery is. Yeah very excited about it because you see more than just that military application. Another please Chris. This is from Steve -- is the biggest thing I worry about his people messing with the Easter residency kids potentially shooting at the more people trying to tamper with them when they land. Yeah I interact that people do a lot of dumb things with the aircraft they try and shining laser lights into the pilot's eyes. They've many times trying to interfere. With the normal comings and goings of airplanes and this would be too tempting a target for morons. I think you would be very tempting for mormons are trying to either. Scramble up the brains of the drone. Or bring it down with maybe Leo a laser or brigade now a shotgun depends on how long they are. So I can see a lot of people trying to. Trying to get their name in the paper for their fifteen minutes of fame. And it would have to be really tested extensively. I think before you saw it as a -- a regular part of commerce. I here's another a drone FaceBook entry in the USA today looking at the amount of resources needed this type of service will be more expensive than ground delivery. To meet that goal every Golan -- we'll have to be dedicated to a single package for round trip it'll also need maintenance which won't be cheap. Making them tough enough to deal with vandals and the -- at weight. Reducing payload and range. They won't displace many drivers because most people pay the higher shipping costs and that's a good point. I mean if you think about it what's the difference between I mean I assume and some emergency situation. It might be worth about what's the difference between. Same day or next day. And twenty minutes what are we absolutely have to have. In twenty minutes. Short of you know an ambulance. Not much. OK we're up to lower at 919. Allowing -- nine mark. And we've got a little of Florida half minutes so we need to a minute. Getting down to the last the segment here to try and make that hundred goal. I think you have another one of I'm not mistaken congress. Yes this one is from Joey says I love the idea and I'm just not sure how well it's going to work right up to that power in the drones seem like to be a big problem but if it doesn't work out. But it also puts him delivery companies out of business while that's we got a call earlier who actually says trucker in the may be. Delivery trucker for FedEx or -- or UPS or something like that that's what he thinks is the end game. Four Amazon for these notes and Amazon. Is he feels they wanted bullet they -- The kind of run around traditional delivery way roots. And do their own. So it might be if it's cost effective. McKiver mine when you're loading up by a tractor trailer you can put a lot of particles -- it. And it Parcells at a cost so much to run so much to -- so much for diesel so much for the driver. What you're divided by a lot of packages I'm not sure if that how much more they would have been charged forward wrong delivery. That would make people say comment on come again because I need that package in twenty minutes. I mean short of pizza delivery where it's a sudden impulse today about a pizza -- get it and even that we'll probably take longer. To make it into deliberate. But the -- probably not going to be very viable because this sizes and things like that so I. Well I don't know I'd like to see I like to see him proceed. I don't see it as an evil but I also see him as an opportunity. For bad things that happen and that we don't want. Criticism from wired. The truth is that no one. Who buys discounted merchandise on Amazon today we'll have a delivered by drone. As such deliveries won't happen for years if they happen at all it's not just that the technology is enough of the task yet. It's just that the federal regulations prohibit such flights over populated areas. It's the drone delivery doesn't make economic sense for Amazon -- never makes sense unless the company completely overhauls its operation. Drones for Amazon at least today -- about owning the future there about owning the Cyber Monday news cycle. I -- that was achieved with great success thanks to sixty minutes and that's the that's the thought for a lot of people. 030930. As the number Tom will be using today when he is here. This afternoon Rush Limbaugh will be next keep in mind even though rushes on him and where I'm here to remind you. Then all during Rush Limbaugh show you're certainly welcome to call the number because the phones are man. And though we'd like to think as a matter that -- thank the people who are sponsoring. The phone bank and that would be -- so door and hardware. They said here's a 101000 down to dollar donation we want to sponsor. The the phone bank as I said. Tom will be here this afternoon we hope you're generous with him -- this is only a two day event. This year instead of the three day event so it's compressed a little bit but we wanna make sure we have the goals necessary. To support this great organization. As barber -- told -- executive director. They have thirteen. Volunteers. For every paid staffers here so people here are here for a reason they love animals and you do too. And that's why we've I ask you to call will be here again tomorrow morning at nine. On news radio 930 RW the.

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