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STAR Re-Enrollment NOT A Good Thing

Dec 6, 2013|

Jim Hoffman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

James Hoffman is with us he's a real estate broker with hunt real estate he RA there are some concerns about the New York State star program he's with the status -- a little bit. James thanks for joining us this morning. You're welcome I don't have very great ledger here talked to me about what the state is doing with the star program sign up this year. My understanding is I've talked to the state a few times is that they are requiring every New York home more to re register. For the basics star program. And my understanding is that they are trying to. People that are look at the living in Florida. And they're claiming is we live in New York State they're getting the star program. And they're trying to clean that up I'm not -- Florida to -- in general it's -- try to clean up the start port was literally trying to do in order to do that. You're stating that they are gonna make everybody re register. For the star program. In order to do that. I was told that they sent out 2.5. Million flyers. To all homeowners in New York State. I never got one personally the reason that we found out about it in the board of realtors. And notification on a daily news and that's what my wife saw that we courts -- that -- register for the star. How many people do think are affected. Well at all they sent -- 2.5 million flyers -- that doesn't include the people who bought a home this year because they have to. Applies for the start program and that doesn't include the people who never applied for the start program which I find my in my business but somebody at least every two weeks. I hear that the never signed up why I don't know they're throwing 500 bucks -- -- -- -- get five dollars yearly. So you're hearing that there's a huge amount of people than. That I have not yet this year signed up and they probably could. As of November 22 according to the State's 34%. Of all homeowners have not re applied for the star program. So you do the -- and that could take two and a half million homeowners which is probably on the low side. And multiply that by 34%. That's 850000. Homeowners. Who have not yet re applied for the star program if you multiply that times 500 dollars on an average. Per person. That's a windfall for your state of about 400 point five million dollars. James do you think -- at their might be. Part of the state that it may be would stand to gain by not reaching some of these people. I'm not in a point any fingers but. A that's a great way to not -- people and take 500 bucks and our pockets kind of in the back door of the way I look at it. And that's the amount -- each person how much to people stand to lose by not signing up as a 500 part. It's between four and 700 dollars at least that's locally in Western New York I don't know what it's like in New York City your Rochester have no idea but I know locally. Depending on the school system. I believe Lancaster is like 482 dollars and we have some of the parts of Western Europe and a 700 dollars. Now it's easy to do you you said your wife is the one that. Realize that you hadn't done it I mean talented take. About three minutes have been saying the state had said that. You know there are people charging money. To have people goal in the re apply well I took the bull by the horns myself I am really on a mission here I think this is ridiculous what's happening. I have personally sent out over 700 post cards to my client and friend. I have called over a 125. People and if -- owned. I have -- 125 people like probably left messages for. I have also the fighting the people I spoke personally he would have the masses there. I have personally found 47 people that did not know or have not yet we applied the star program. And the lady called me yesterday he thanked me up indulgent thank you so much. For making the phone call I called sick to my friend of which -- did not know they had every applies to during the holidays -- my friends 500 dollars I want to thank you very much Mick McCall I get a warm -- these. You know that's a good thing. All right mr. Altman thanks for joining us this morning good stuff. Well I thank you so much for having me and everybody worked together the cheaper money. James Coffman has a real estate broker with -- realistic ERA.