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12-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Dec 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well we gave -- a good shot that we failed to generate the 100 angels for the animals by 6 o'clock so 2500 dollars. Is back on the table it's gone it's gone forever. Only 45 angels. We needed a hundred only 45. We do think those of you who did a -- -- agreement -- -- kind of view. Unfortunately. The economy. As you probably it is. It is going great guns I -- is wonderful retirement look at the American economy and the genius behind the 8737722. Is the phone number at which you can make donations -- species or injury -- 873772215. Dollars a month for twelve -- makes you Angel for the animals I'll be here until 7 o'clock or until -- -- My head explode one of the other. 8737722. Is the phone number to call to legs get through to make your donations -- BCA serving you -- Counties. All right so what we're talking about. That this medicinal marijuana. Meeting in buffalo today and I think that what human -- you have the -- -- -- before another human being and Craig were candidates to be it legal so there kid can get relief from seizing. From epileptic -- -- that from. For all kinds of neurological. And physical disorders absolutely. Amazing that in America 2013 we still have been at this argument. -- you think about everything now is taken for granted. Homosexuals can get married now we take for granted now that's something that never would have been the case speculate sixty's never have been it never would -- We have essentially the abortion known as Obama you're never would have happened but it happened. And now when something actually makes sense. While we legalized or. You know suddenly I keep hearing all -- -- or -- -- all -- say not since I've been hearing for all of my light. And I am just so sick of that do gooders. Really. You know other than that of folks respect -- -- produced him. The reason a lot of people the reason a lot of people. End up on drugs is because they have mental illnesses. But. No they don't know they've got mental illnesses and their parents or people around them just haven't figured out yet. So what they can be self medicate -- self medicate with Tuesday's topic it would pop these self medicate with any deals that get their hands on. And they are looking for that answer what is gonna make me feel better. Well if we had a better mental health system guess what. A lot of the present problem would be taking Europe and a lot of that drug problem would be taken here because -- instead of trying to self medicate with street drugs people might actually get. Drugs that -- beneficial to them in the -- biochemical relationship with themselves. I just did this idea of it and it pot is a gateway drug all of my job folks. He's using common -- how many Americans have used pot. Living Americans have smoked pot at one point or another in their lives would you -- the third. A third let's just say a third of Americans living today have smoked pot that means that a third of Americans ought to be Coke addicts -- heroin for -- you see that. Well we don't see that. This gateway nonsense it all depends where you start out from if you start out with a preconceived notion that -- pot as the gateway drug you can make. -- seem like the gateway drug if you start out with a preconceived notion that. Alcohol is the gateway drug. You can have alcohol -- major gateway drug you can formulate these results depending on the perspective you take overall of -- But I don't by the propaganda I don't buy the PS anymore. Encouraged about smoke potter -- anything else but to that your body and able to do with that which one ability. Now -- market behind the wheel when he messed up that we got a problem just like we do with alcohol. But I am so sick of the of you know those who call ourselves libertarian on guns (%expletive) about you if you still buy -- to the pot argument. If you still buy into the war on drugs shame on you because you're inconsistent. You were being very very inconsistent if you want freedom with your guns you should let people have freedom with what they choose to put into their body whether it's pot cocaine a cheeseburger or she's too little or whether it is a whether to -- that hole. Let's start treating people like adults and what you try to. -- determine the quality of something you might be buying or selling. Why would you rather have something that's regulated that is controlled for quality or something that is aren't regulated and may be filled with rat poison -- so. What would you rather have. I. It just it naughty to me. Again in so anyways we have advanced vaults which they devolve as the society and yet we still have they have. This stupid argument this stupid discussion every years ago about pot. Folks the drug war is not going to be one. It was won by. Too many people enjoy getting high with -- substance of choice. It hasn't worked that it -- drug war has not worked it will not work it cannot work. And let me just explain once again why that is the case there is no more tightly controlled environment we're gonna find in life than that which is a state prison. Everything you do -- state prison has control from the -- which wake up until the ball which you go to sleep what you eat. What you eat how you eat all control by your warts you'll find it more closely raid in -- than that which you find in the state prison. Now you would think that Americans have an environment that's the ultimate police state it must be drug free. Pop pop pop rock if they can't keep drugs out of -- -- you wanna tell other how we're gonna -- the drug war America. There's too much money at stake folks because illegality. In the -- world benefits from the world let's quit kidding ourselves. And other go to another read here about isn't it interesting how America's heroin problems started again -- right about the time what did Afghanistan. And tried -- -- the Barbara the -- -- the Taliban is an interesting. That's a coincidence that -- campus and yeah let's ask -- -- badly about that coincidence. Let's go element here today let's go to that that it all old John again -- were that you on the line to. You you believe that because were all tied together with health care costs that. That you should have a say over what I put in -- my body. Well I think I think it at least we have played very well well well I think is. And they are where we really have freedom and I am a lot it was a -- my -- and where I can. I added the opportunity to think it's stupid and not have health help. Insurance where I had -- freedom to make that decision. I don't think -- said that you that you figured that -- here. Which is what about body and that the freedom to make stupid decisions unfortunately that's not -- -- who is that the America we live it. We had people take care of people -- make make that decision you know. I here right now in the regular knowing what it was -- is that. I I I know that you know. I'm an economic cancer and she needed. But it medicine how -- -- -- -- they prescribe her a drug called mayor knowledge is based. Awful into the extract of marijuana. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Year ago on -- now but -- order -- So but I I know -- and in California. I can go to doctors say I I don't anxiety or need I need to smoke I knew what marijuana. -- It's the -- we're moving toward here in New York. You know I don't think it's right that. I would be in the opener and that I think I took the drug -- I need -- idea but marijuana so solid that the paid to that. It's -- government health care you can marijuana for their anxiety to smoker -- I I don't want to be part of that. Let me use that lead to big. I don't know -- what's the difference well what's the difference between whether -- smoking -- for anxiety -- taken -- or but lacks the theater -- appropriate -- whatever the hell they're called. Why wouldn't -- I don't get it great but I'll look at it I got. Timeout -- like you just I mean look and I say this with respect I'm not calling you stupid Richard ignorant. You don't know you're not you're misinformed ill informed. Right because there's no difference. In fact it probably cheaper for somebody they used pot to get their energy level now if you will or to. The sensitized themselves to the irritants around them and boy have got a lot of right now. But but anyway. -- there a lot of people aren't actual that a lot well credibility of the you have a big daddy drug. There are people who are under airline and didn't huge difference so I'm not in the not that ignorant that you began by at all. I don't -- well well you you failed to explain yourself properly then how do you know these people and our current excellent Heidi you know that the early on an excellent -- you know the ones on -- While I do so I -- -- a dark and not only -- name and equity. Want to I would never want to name names but I mean it's to be that you're pulling out these selected bits of information what you need them out of your arts. For whatever they appoint you say always have a light of this and I know that. I mean it was so we're not here really feel I mean if you wanna bring health care costs down the best thing you can do we start eugenics program in America by weeding out. -- genetically crippled families in America and making sure that they don't reproduce it will bring your constant. But I I think -- the Palestinian case. Mostly I think you know we wanted no matter who we can make our choices and obvious problem but -- -- in -- -- And I think it's always gonna make America we lived in that. But it's not -- -- this matter is that -- it's it's moving. Police and America but it also. Computers but we're back compartment airlock out by government assistance now tired. And I cannot work I consider all -- -- that -- -- in their -- make it into. All right John again I I kind of think you're inconsistent but I really don't wanna spend anymore time talking -- I'm glad you called -- note thanks very much. -- -- I don't know exactly were from where he is coming and folks this argument and tell him. I I'm so spot on what I look at the future the next big debate in America is not going to be death panels it's going to be over eugenics panels. They call it that they'll call it something else looking at the keeping health care costs lower. And what true it will involve. Genetics and go back I will predict this write another go back to go to look at every family line. They're gonna see what family lines have the defective genes you know the -- making -- pacemakers when you're 49 who want to give you cancer when you're 32. And they can bring health care cost now by simply saying you know you -- -- -- eight did you hear your family your genetics your your line has a propensity for insanity. You're a line has the propensity for cancer diabetes. You name the disease and they could say we're gonna bring health care cost down you were no longer allowed to reporters the only people we want now are people without any genetic stain. In them. Am by genetics and about -- -- racial I'm talking about something that is physical. Some families are cancer families some -- some families are diabetes families you know this amount on anything you don't know. And that argument about keeping it -- here across down. Just you wait and see my friends you wait and see what it's going to be like a few years there will be huge addicts except they'll call it something else. But is always it's for the good of the collective in the good of the state well what the hell. They just want a bunch of good little minions of follower report. Let's go do -- -- traffic here Alan traffic it's Alan traffic with Harris Allan Harris with traffic on WB Ian. Well get this up onshore tonight he west. By the 99 Nina available right area are left lanes closed because of disabled vehicle. In the back over the -- -- west is now going back to about shared Internet and he's going water tower. Not doing too badly at this point mainland of the through is still been busy in an accident earlier in the ninety west of Cleveland drive was over on the right side. I was in Cleveland driver in the 33 getting a downtown a pretty much is cleared out at this point and really be -- on March have a command malnourished -- correlates. AccuWeather basically hope you enjoy the fifty degree day today because will be in the thirties for tomorrow but does that again mother nature distant BT's vials were shorts to work today but I area. I realized that it be sitting across the the room from a but he SBC volunteers and I did one did not wish them to think that an animal escaped. It is. Well sadly out of it notices that are popular to recommend the FDC the -- intervals. I mean they've got -- -- they've got the wrath said that they're the pet rats that got the the hamsters they've got the Guinea pigs but they put the journals and hiding every time I come here I don't know why what the hell. All right let's I get back to the calls on WBBM. And say hello to. You. Our next caller this is Greg in Eden online what a -- hello. Greg going on soon. Come across all studies. That was done. Marijuana in the Netherlands. When armaments on to win every when he was in the last few years well. Few years is a reason but go ahead. Well let me let me guess it's that it started with marijuana and hashish in the the became drooling cocaine addicts after years correct. And you know their effects on about. Especially on young teenage brain as opposed to real holder -- You're still in development been here. Thirteen 1418. Years I. You're there you want okay you want to honor what the drugs do them that helped -- keep kids in check like our Ritalin and those drugs that are supposed enhancer attention span. What do those do for the brain. Yeah I'm not talking about just. I am the I am bringing that up because you're being very selective. Everything you do or put in your body is going to affect you in one shape way or form there's no getting around and nobody gets out of here alive. You know you people. Leads search seriously what you want you what a perfect world you want a world where everybody looks like you Mary and Johnny Sunday and everybody walks off to the white church every Sunday morning -- everybody does dinner with -- of mayberry because it's a real. -- -- the real world my friend. While all of them -- -- let me finish my mind oh here. They found that attitude of people it has ever -- on another -- had high respect planet that's about it. And then 13 because of this sort of playing chemistry imbalance. Well as psychotic episodes. Big. How to more frequent local and they found that. I'm Italian I. That's gonna tell -- public opinion which talking about the study can say one thing let's face the reality let's put this to the acid test that I can take -- -- from 1967. Let's put this to the F detest -- what that guy said is true. 13 of America should be psychotic right now. Well 13. And if everything this guy this that was true I don't expect a third of the country to be completely eight drooling mess. Course I know for whom they'd be voting. But they'd be drooling mess that's the test right there folks open your eyes look at your comments cents. This while this study showed it to 13 of the people who smoke pot we'll have psychotic episodes. Really and that is to the exclusion of which other variables genetics what else they eat with their nutrition level is. Sometimes I just despair the species and how how gullible people are -- propaganda just it's amazing to me. You know Hitler said the if you wanna make -- -- really successful tell the bigger -- that big allies to possibly -- it was right. By the way can donate to the SP CA 87377228737722. I you can donate online your SP CA dot -- fifteen dollars a month for twelve months makes you an Angel for the animals. And 8737722. We did not -- our goal. Of 100 angels by a 6 o'clock so unfortunately we had -- wave bye bye to 2500 dollars that was unfortunate but. We do think those of you who have -- contributed to the SP CA serving -- recounted because without you we wouldn't be here. And that they wouldn't be here and just imagine a world without the SP CA's serving your recounting would be like a world without little Mary -- censure. Yeah okay. Woman is seen as -- person -- -- -- It's okay. Yeah. -- anymore I can't take it I can't take. It sure wanna put out of I'm sorry. That also is a horrible horrible horrible song it's bad is it -- Thursday. Bob Dylan and blowing in the -- And that -- two innings 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB Ian. To think that it would take their team and have a habit and talk show about what the parents to get relief further suffering children. By medical marijuana that they think that I could go to church tomorrow in -- -- Nixon. And as another man. And I can't go to a store -- week or you can't it was Stewart bye week in a supposedly free America it makes me wanna puke. It really makes me want to vomit up my guts to be frank with you. This it's this how how much longer are we -- consider a green plant to be a felon. I mean really seriously. I go to Jamaica a lot. And I'm sure that on any given day half the Jamaica's -- And and it may seem perfectly happy with white folks public. Until we get rid of his ideas that were immortal. Play these folks. You're not gonna die you're gonna die at some at some things we all do I will you do. It's like the book everybody -- everybody dies for kids -- write that book at some point everybody dies because none of us get out of here alive. None of us. And I don't see any need in keeping a pot marriage want anything else illegal. I believe in freedom. Freedom was our American legacy is our inheritance as Americans. And the idea that alcohol I can buy as much as I want and nobody thinks twice but god forbid all I -- I was caught with a joint in my car when. Low they probably sees my car for me pretty. -- for a project that probably fair way to say that the money I had my pocket along with the joint was somehow part of a criminal racketeering enterprise. -- problem. They throw Rico statutes that they take my car they take they take everything they possibly could. I'm exaggerating perhaps but not ruling by the way aperture asset forfeiture is a joke is well. You know in America what -- that they most basic legal precept in America what is it about you notice you are innocent until what proven guilty. And when they take your assets and they -- before you wouldn't have been convicted of anything that stretch he was even remotely fair. That it does that strike is -- even halfway decent. Well but yet under the guise of the war. They started on that -- that a lot of good well well well done and that was back during the era of Reagan. And in you know he should smoke we've beaten because he's he would have been a better president here is certainly would written some -- -- Let's go to Kevin in -- on WB -- bounces the silly part of the show odd. Kevin you're on a lot. We'll take some power -- Today extracurricular cop I would the -- -- on my -- -- here. So whole. Legalizing need not legalize it it's kind of a joke think about the fact that nowadays people. Processed food period incredibly happily -- by the fact that fact that bank victory -- it's like helping them and apple or an error but it's still look bad marriage and lets advertisers for children. Now all of a sudden we come into play so bad. What about the amount of processing and needs to -- pharmaceutical pills that are so good for us. Or if they want while a bit I think it's great pharmaceuticals. Europe today is -- -- So parochial whenever parasite -- bacteria or anything else was in my gut for the past two weeks alleluia alleluia. It was yes it was used as the position ordered it to be used that. So -- bash big pharmaceuticals. But you know as far as the processed foods you know what you you make such a great point why is it yet maybe. Why is it started is that a supporter walked back. Are now totally distracted why is it that people like that the people who. Who are the -- against. Marijuana and legalizing it. Why I get the feeling it in their refrigerators. They've got more chemicals in their foods or processed crap. In their foods that anything you're gonna find one. We'll look at how big athletes to -- presented. And whether you go out to a big advertisement for big names such good company. And promoter not it's something that's sixteen delicious. They're not necessarily saying the nutritional contents are evaluated -- is only so much nutrition to be found -- -- davis'. Exactly exactly so. It there's no sense -- really continuing there's just. Argued atrocity that spent undertaken with the war on god. Just because is being used for somebody who's either medical or recreational. Why you have to be involved in that person's pocket what's behind my closed doors my business. You know I'll let you. Okay thank you for being the second best caller today interrupt you because -- point needs to be emphasized. Your point definitely -- to be -- say what you just that again. -- -- -- But you said something else. To audience that. Well let's start -- short term memory loss. What I said let's talk about short term memory loss now. Short term memory. Age. -- a page exactly. But look I I hear what you're saying loudly and clearly. I think you've made some great points and I'm I'm just I can't begin to tell you it. That here I am you know thirty plus years of my career and I'm still here in the same preakness arguments that I heard 35 years ago and it is it is I. I give up. Well some of on the young side of the spectrum I looked in my early twenties and I feel what's going on. I see the detrimental fact that the idea is trying to invade my first. There's that's going on behind my closed door. I was born in a country that was designed as. Three because of the fact that people were tired of having everybody open their opener. Now all of a sudden what is my businesses no longer my -- it doesn't expect. Well idea I could not to agree with few more we may have some of the people who who disagree and and that's fine. But only mine is right just let's keep that in mind. They'll have to its most importantly remember for me to -- it is only my opinion matters in only mine mr. All right thank you -- ma -- magical. -- folks the the the marijuana and debate these crusaders for good and decency and virtue. On the world is filled with these people you know fifty years you know we're going to be they're gonna be right at the pot smokers at four all. They're going to be right next to -- -- at forest law. Well maybe not right next year but they'll be closed five. Again the fatalist about things but. You know we have this in in this life -- certain number of productive. Filled with awesome this year's. They're called the forties now there called back -- -- called her a bowl years. Enjoy yourself you only get one if you only live once you do not get a make over in life there are no do overs there are no Mulligan it's. And you have to decide in my opinion what is right for you with everything you do with every that you decide to put in your body. I don't eat chicken wings -- hate chicken wings meet twice a week chicken wings and many more can't stand the things they grossed me -- they Steve me why. Because I realize all the things that agrees and and I'm just not that I try to eat much healthier. As far as drugs. As far as drugs that are now illegal. Folks who who who is benefiting by keeping drugs illegal. Who's benefiting. By inflated drugs it inflated prices people are paying for -- who benefits you'd like that it's only the underworld drug dealer pit but the purple Cadillac benefiting from drugs. Really. Now it could be your -- -- like it could be your neighbor in -- or it could be that nice baker down the road from. You think they're not benefiting at some way shape or form where the auto dealerships don't benefit there is such a nexus between the legal and the illegal. The face of Minnesota product you know care shall be paid cash how they got that cash all you -- is they got the cash they want to deal they get the product. And if you think that the drug economy does not support the American economy I'm sorry but there you're deadly wrong. I do not advocate. Anybody. Taking any drugs these are things you have to decide for yourself aside from myself a long time ago. You have to decide for yourself. And your business what I do. Any more than my genetic there's structure is any of your business. Because you know a -- to look back at my family history which I don't quite well. Tiger that when they do start eugenics to bring health care costs down by weeding out the genetically defective at least my will be one of the first to go. And where were you start with me holy -- I got to constellation of medical -- that would boggle -- stuff. Think that. Obama wouldn't look at me and say well look at this is a chance to kill off that line of that line of humanity. And YouTube of course. Single myself out. 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB at this recent era and you're you're covered up better at and wind is supposed to bring it over there might -- -- -- volunteers at the SP CA are bored out of their skulls waiting for the phone to ring. They've only got me to entertain and they'd much rather be talking to you 8737722. 8737722. You can donate online -- SP CA dot org. We need all -- -- people to donate fifty dollars a month for twelve months that will make you an Angel for the animals 8737722. Let me. Company's interests of these phones -- for these volunteers. We excuse me we. I've got to hear from people -- know the economy's tough but if you can please do even if you can only donate five dollars even if you can only donate ten dollars that's five. That's cool it's totally okay it's hopeless addict. -- a word from the eighty -- -- while miss that but the first guy of the officers at that you want punch about I do on WB Ian. Are all right. All by the way Roger Stone is in town by Carl Paladino. Has brought -- don't have to write a book signing at Carl's new join in mainstream Williams Bill Weir I think he's gonna give me free penthouse suite but I might -- -- wrong when he said that the free penthouse suite. Maybe -- free subscription to announce I don't know exactly but -- now -- -- not workers -- all right that -- -- quickly is with us from the SP CA -- injury county. And Gina I was kind of disappointed today I gotta be honest with you the angels for the animals I've I've never failed as badly in my life. It's. -- it's been tough I think of what's happening is. I wonder if people realize that there's a disconnect -- -- -- -- people realize we talk about these amazing services that we after. We've -- and donations to make it happen when people had family members. An hour in nursing homes or hospitals and that's PC dot he's there visiting. Q we alien holed from -- -- to -- the person I cannot be real life it's their donation is -- services like a possible. When we talked about positive patriots it's donation can make these services possible. We need do not receive any tax salaries as stated earlier warned that power on. -- ASPCA or any other incorporated SP CA we there independently funded. When people don't name. Any CD and -- market in buffalo airport common downers passengers say they see him at hospitals NEC. People coming in these veterans coming into work with these animals they know that aired donations made it possible. News where usually when I see dog -- Puerto run the other way. But that's another story all right well you know we're gonna try to do better for you tomorrow -- electric down today I feel like you're really -- today now I each night. Now well I did and I failed. You know I know I -- but on the other hand look I understand what we're up against it work against a crappy economy. No matter what the media says that the crappy economy we're also because people luckily if -- -- -- here in a month so we're up against an awful lot. Thank you mr. Obama are. You like but he plans. By -- keep doctor and received -- -- 500 dollars a year I was an extra hundred dollars a month you're -- working all our -- -- not because it's going to Social Security I forgot I'm sorry. All right. It's there we will drag you into my political world how old you know seems -- -- After an -- saying what they I'm going to be beat out earlier on the floor just stab me. Ordeals fellow. -- later aren't catwoman outfit. All right you know three on parity is via phone number Joey I -- -- until 55% of his games played. All right -- go to a market -- more on line one mark thanks for holding its -- -- Well I'm so over and find it would pass the drug test but what's up -- the. And it's one of the first thank you for everything you do in the premium for the SP CAMI bill later also. And I hope someday you guys do this for an anchor on -- really be an expansion as well. Well I I have learned in life to take on one project at a time enough to get scatter brained and scatter -- enough. Well we give your bad move music -- anyway for the show because their love what you're talk about the topic I think it should be with Whitney Houston I will always love -- But I -- Always fared the worst song thank you thank you -- I. I -- you're gonna say you know -- good mind wings. Melanoma coming -- that the that human words but right vehicles equipment on Pernod. But that the gentleman that called earlier about the teen age you inhibits learning of them. Smoking marijuana but -- of fourteen and 44 now and I continuously. -- -- -- You learn and learn and earn over a 100000 dollar a year and it's not a legally. So it's only what I learned by what I've gone through that I can get to that. Kind of income you -- any -- politicians more or improper. I listened to his interview I will never ever vote even -- it republic. No clue on what's going on your norm across the -- And I -- and more. -- no -- little town are the walked any corner and get whatever you need marijuana why is gonna -- -- where apparently our earth. Well play I. I hate to say this but with with one phone call I can pretty much actually might pick a couple of calls if I were so inclined I can pretty much tried anything. Where I can find silence -- as I could fine I mean you name it I can find it one phone calls all these two phone calls maybe. But I don't go down that road with personal -- are prepared I came out and. -- tax money and -- you know -- what people live their lives and but I think you forgot something when you're talking among marijuana. The plus side the short term memory loss artists but recreational medicinal yes we've sort of jeopardy here. All. I wouldn't have any experience of that you you tell me that marijuana enhances the sexual experience. Well that's what I experienced and and -- -- but women that are you know encountered in my circle. IA had no idea. I know that click OK and does not. I hear that there's some guys who use it regularly callebs that nevermind I can't go there a kid go to. I gotta keep it on the high road at 655 get out of here can undergo -- gone with you. Thanks guys for all the phone calls I won't do it got to try to Syracuse nickel or noise free environment for tomorrow show. Because I really try try to focus on way too much of during the course which -- if you were able to donate thank you very much if not hopefully we'll catch up with you tomorrow. On WB Ian thanks to Joseph be replaced Chelsea you've made by proceed with the music. And I believe we've got a hockey game. We've also got the Sean Hannity coming up followed by beat that brilliant fellow on the radio -- yourself.

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