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12-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Dec 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is -- -- on WBT. And neck and we're live at the FB CA -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot of it please remember these -- live microphone so -- a lot that your private conversations going up on the years so -- stay as far away from me as possible when I'm actually broadcasting because I've let it -- -- -- your conversation -- go out over the -- for the entire world here. On the Internet. -- this -- put out there you know. Believe me don't wanna do 24 sevenths surveillance on you Rebecca and Brandon after awhile you get it. Anyway it is ten minutes after four at WBE Amex and that we've got some migrate stuffed into which we're gonna belt when I was gonna mention earlier about Carl Paladino and his new place on main street Williams fell. And I wanna get back to that it's a funny how you can get distracted when there's a million things going on around you. Is. He's got Roger Stone -- to book signing tonight now Roger Stone let's just say that Roger Stone with such a fan of Dick. Nixon Richard Nixon that he actually had a Richard Nixon tattoo on his back at least that's what -- poll Andy's written the book. Basically. Is saying that they LBJ was tied up I've not read the book. But he's written a book about LBJ allegedly being tied into the assassination of -- president John F. Kennedy. It would not surprise me at all if he was part of the puzzle in fact there is some of his ex mistresses have come out -- said that. I think at least he had foreknowledge what was gonna happen. And not find it interesting that in dealey plaza in Dallas the vice president -- more security that -- then -- the president if you watch the videos are put on my FaceBook page you'll see these Secret Service presidential detail being waved off a JFK's limousine as it left love field. Waved off of the limousine. The person waved off was obviously following orders. That is so against protocol even for 1963. Obvious to me what happened. And -- frankly I think Lee Harvey Oswald and given a bum deal by American history and I think here a thousand years from now maybe we'll finally find out the truth. That he wasn't that the CIE deep cover operative. Nobody was taught Russian in the Marines in the 1950s. Nobody went to Russia to -- in the 1950s -- came back to the United States with a State Department repatriation. Loan and then wasn't even questioned by the CIA were debriefed for God's -- tried as a trader. Nobody did that. Oswald at every air the -- every evidence of being exactly what he wasn't. I Marxist. Yet the fact that he never got prosecuted for saying I -- renounced my citizenship I -- turn everything get over to the Russians and Baylor in the Marine Corps. The fact that he was not charged. After his return from Soviet Union during the peak of the Cold War folks if that doesn't speak volumes I don't know what else is that would in -- -- look at his associates in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. -- the -- knew for a long time like David ferry. Who use it was in my opinion key to this that to this plot against the Kennedy. Basically your Kennedy's death war which sealed with the Bay of Pigs and if you really want to -- level closer to the truth what happened. And I'm not saying it's not a percent true believe. But closer to the truth I'd suggest Oliver stone's JFK utilized say that because of the receipt of movies have savaged even before it came out. They were try to discredit Oliver stone's JFK. And the more you actually read about Lee Harvey Oswald and know about the Harvey Oswald. The more you realize what god he is he was so deep cover CIA lol. Anyway just say. Joining us right now is deep cover SP CA there is a relationship between the two organizations or someone told. Gina Browning is the public relations director of the FBCs -- -- county. And also the daughter Lee Harvey Oswald I guess which is really. I actually his two daughters were -- that they did interviews a few years ago -- we just want the truth did you know that now probably about art art things -- -- for the radio the benefit the FBC. -- don't know how to make a Segway between baton that's well it's you giving your best shot on now when you if you needed that -- like you did it all they had. And -- and you could say other than that mrs. Kennedy I was Dallas I should have known better -- -- different -- going all right I like Alec and saying hey let's play. This Norton it's. Hey you know it's going well we're still waiting -- monitoring and looking at some of Allen can't act hip and I'm -- camp that now. My feet and people. All right folks well -- let me give incentive to call let every incentive to call because if you've been holding on to that donation. You're gonna make. Fifteen dollars a month for twelve months that you could make it all one time if you want me that this that the that the -- -- fifty dollars a month and even regular one time donation becoming Angel for the animals 8737722. Is the phone number to call 8737722. You can donate online your SP CA dot org. And from four well from now until 6 o'clock if we're able to get 100 angels for the animals. MT bank is gonna donate an additional 2500. Dollars that's huge. For the FB CA serving your -- so the phone number to call is 87377228737722. I don't know -- -- going to be really close so. Right now but it stuck by its right angle on the way home. I might but I don't know I've heard things about writing -- I have anyway it is. You're just gonna be silent and it and there is violent not. I have to be professional that is -- smile I I can't say what I really by Eleanor your image and sound half smiling -- and cut -- while not to arkansas' and that by the women if you let your people by the way. Its -- and back then as he -- meatballs and the very -- with Italian ice cream desserts. I have had many many -- -- they are right so. 8737722. And we need people to call in to give more about the the FBC -- -- -- because without without you guys this place which shutter and then every time somebody said hey I've got a sick dog in the neighborhood well tough luck but he. Where they bring it into a basement shoot. Hopefully not well I mean -- -- without you guys what would you do well and similar situation and my day yesterday which is why coming up because we hadn't talked about the -- you're exactly right. -- a similar situation. In my situation I don't think as you go there just rule book judging by the calibration Buick and discuss its my turn to turn away and smile and nod and smile and nod. I was can't beat and we were here yesterday. To help. Well somebody needs. Already -- we will talk again very very very soon and yeah and that's what a deal. All right and I will -- -- aren't -- -- Browning with the. Species -- recounted. All right it is -- from the tuberculosis -- is that hourly from the FCC history Erie county if folks there's there's some nasty that's going around here is far is you know early early season polls have you noticed that everybody everybody you know. Is it some kind of -- you'll -- -- We've got to people workers has been at least -- the funny thing is I've among the healthiest -- -- -- -- ones there. Agassi yet at all all right now. Let's get into the the topic should be fewer and my apologies for it having taken so long number of things of Capital One way to delay in my foray into the world of good stuff. Number one. Number one number one number one Margaret good. Medical marijuana. I don't want to see marijuana. Okayed for medical purposes. I think that everybody with cancer should suffer with the radiation. I think everybody with cancer should dwindled down to match -- size. And about eighty pounds I believe the pain and suffering art noble I think it'll make the cancer patients a better person. Don't know I. I don't believe in medical marijuana known no not at all because drugs are bad in today. And medical marijuana even though it might allegedly give relief to people from seizures. And from epilepsy and from cancer and loss -- -- -- and and and not wanting to eat because a -- well this is good these are noble things that people with cancer and other diseases should suffer it's all part of God's plan. I'm being very sarcastic right now in case you don't know. Legalizing pot for medicinal purposes is enough for me policy pot and other drugs legalized across the board. Because it's not the government's BM business what you wanna do with your body in the privacy of your all hold any more than it's the government's business what you wanna have a six pack when you get home tonight and with the turn on the sabres game it's non they're business -- of their business than it staggers my mind it boggles the imagination it beggars belief. That here in 2013 I've still got a -- of people aunt and convince people about that pot. And -- me about pot. And the the analgesic effect it has on people were going through horrible diseases and I think it's a damn shame that we've got to go through a whole series of public meetings and hearings about. The medical marijuana. As if it's something new folks I got news for you if any of -- loved ones. Go through cancer and get -- ball I will be scoring them weed out the laws do and I mean good stuff. Because I want them to be as comfortable as they possibly can't. If god forbid one of my relatives developed epilepsy I would be I would be go to Jamaica every month making arrangements all of the stuff. Expression it either. Perot like year. This notion. That -- is good that somehow we're sending them bad message we're sending the wrong message with medical marijuana. You people just hop on African trade and go back -- 1948 would you seriously. Marijuana. You know the funny the funniest thing ever is I know and have known in my life. People in the medical profession nurses and doctors and you know it really is a -- That you have to talk to them off the record. About hey this partly helped with the radiation sickness pay as we really help with this pages partly help with this. And -- record they'll say yes. I hate to tell you the spokesman substances it's a wonder drug and -- -- -- encouraging people to to break the law. All I will say is that the day that I let a loved one suffer because of some stupid -- law written by men. With absolutely. No consistency whatsoever within the laws. There there's no way -- little ones suffer I will get them not only we'd a look at the number five this week periods I got a -- I mean I could find again if I want. 8030. Delicate fine because if I wanted to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know fifty years old women fight is nonsensical war on drugs since I was hit our coverage Robert Joseph Friday and Jack Webb and dragnet talking about. Well let me tell you something missing in all sounds good to start off with it reaper but let me tell you every teenager week on the streets of LA let me tell you that they had to list the native refrigerator we'd they have cocaine you don't like to look at a fourteen year old. Dying of an overdose of -- Something of myself laughing my ass off like yeah that's happened Internet. So this is nonsense -- that we're only talking about medical marijuana legalized the whole damn thing what way can we please get out in 1948 in my lifetime please. -- you're never gonna win the war on drugs it's unwinnable. It's unwinnable. All it does is lead to a police state. And the ridiculous and onerous rules laws into -- people stuck in prison on baloney charges when it's not the government stand business. Let's go to traffic right now and -- here is Allan Harris. They're moving right along still on the wave of the lion is up making up to nine he's looking good just check vote those cameras a second ago. Coming up via 190s are coming -- the 190s from downtown and when -- north -- many south in the Kensington all of them moving right along this points or twenty minute delay. As most recent coming across into the USA in WB insulin must have a command in my own -- -- calling it. And the war the war is gonna go way it'll be down 32. Tonight. As as -- overnight -- would say this ladies and gentlemen. That the war on drugs is unwinnable it has been since I was a little boy it has been since you were -- Middle Ages if you respect your 7580 years old right now why it's an unwinnable because people for whatever reason enjoy getting messed up -- whatever gets them off some people do with -- some people would -- some people do with other stuff like and don't -- now. I mean this -- alcohol is 100%. Legal just -- I don't. I -- very very rarely and we've we've had this conversation before. But it's certainly I'm certainly adequate to the liquor store every day and buying you know bottle after bottle of object -- were Canadian club work. Canadian club where that held that job for a or some of the fine Canadian whisky she's all right. Government get out of my life. And the fact that we're even evident that were even having to have a discussion in 2013 going -- when he fourteen a about should people who are suffering beat given relief by medical marijuana if you get these do -- morons. Like to gain weight dropped. There is no such thing as a gateway drug milk as a gateway drug theory as a gateway drug alcohol is a gateway drug. -- I'm sick and tired of people. Don't know what they're talking about pronouncing as if the drug code of the United States of America is written by god and a tablet of -- along with the ten commandments laws made by men can be unmade by -- And the fact that we got people's suffering across the country with conditions that could be treated. Analgesic -- with medical marijuana and other marijuana. It is beyond me -- even having to have this discussion legalize it for everybody. Case close. If we put everybody in prison small pop this week you wouldn't out of jail cells and America and half the workforce would be on the street. Let's there half the workforce would be behind bars for God's -- it's like something people do but they don't talk about the they pretend they don't do it. Who were such a nation of fraud and -- sometimes. We really are pisses me off. Like I gotta tell itself than that of all the people I know and I'm talking about lawyers I'm talking about the doctors I'm talking about you know low lights as well. But all the people I know. I would say the overwhelming majority into the 90%. Have used pot or still smoke weed every now and again so what are we gonna that we throw all prison does that make any sense whatsoever no. I always laugh when they say police found evidence of marijuana in assistant okay -- PHC will stay in the fatty cells existed for awhile doesn't mean your hot. -- you can -- TH senior it yourself for three weeks long after the buzz is -- Just like you can have your liver damage by alcohol log after the drink is -- your system. Even pharmaceuticals have been approved by the FDA sometimes. Go wrong. -- adds -- to see on TV hey the manufacturer of the recall of this product. Folks I'm just I'm so sick of being lectured to by the anti drug crowd I'm not promoting drug abuse I want to understand I'm not promoting drug abuse. But my god can we please just have a little -- in common sense in America. Can we please just looked at wheat and say hey it's been around for a long time it grows out of the ground why are we even fight Hingis. It's up to you whether your kids are gonna smoke or not it's up to them whether they're gonna smoke it or not. But why in the world are we even having to have this discussion should we be well past this by now I'm sorry but again. Joseph Friday you're dead Jack Webb your debt. Marijuana is not cocaine marijuana is not Ellis the marijuana is not the map. Let let let's quit kidding ourselves and for work to be at legalize all of them in -- for purity and tax -- All right it is but you know what -- I'm sorry that's the problem because a lot of people get rich laundering the money and taking deposits in as the -- Sorry folks are just getting off of my tangent 803 on -- thirty. Why are we even have a discussion about medical marijuana I think people with cancer and other diseases should suffer suffer until it hurts. I'm being sarcastic 8030 night's opponent thirty on WB Ian. Yeah games. Obsessive back it was the only. It's. -- -- Chris eyes huge big birthday. And and. Yeah. -- -- Bad music Thursday even though we're doing our remote live at the FB CA -- injury county -- criticize -- but he still has one more record and Oliver have. Anyway own old anyway our gang. I -- -- -- and an insult my intelligence that in 23 team we're talking about medical marijuana. Why it's all marijuana quickly stop that's for sure raid about we'd. -- Michael Phelps boy -- really hurt him I mean Michael Phelps Olympic gold medals -- win. And yet everybody just remembers the fact that in a long -- as well over real. All football players in hockey players are glorified salesman and we put that up bottles of of propriety and at all good things. That's the beat Portland by a long today that your choice. But like on I'm so sick little lies about pot. I'm so sick of this nonsense that when -- -- that we execute drug dealers we'd solve the problem. Now aren't well you know what that's the kind of world I don't wanna live if you look that way go to Malaysia. Go to China because I don't live in the second world I believe in freedom. I believe that what you put into your body would hurtful or pot cocaine and fails it's European business it's nobody else's business. Support -- history. It but that search warrants. Seriously. Government can't be your daddy the first rulers apparently these gentlemen we -- kids start getting into the teenage years is you have no control over them. -- -- -- -- But as far as that you're being supervisory over them 24/7. With that. Good luck when they blocked and people for the first -- fall flat on their faces because you so hover over them at -- of them absolutely no responsibility. Or no ability to make the wrong decisions even the world war. I'm sorry kids are gonna make mistakes it's what he would do political teenage years. IE it just. What I hear these mothers talking about the -- through which -- children of the lawn and the need for medical marijuana my heart to Leesburg. And my heart also leads for the number four suckers who ended up somehow in state prison because it's stupid plant -- never hurt nobody. That was -- an improper English to make a point. I can speak both got early and philosophically. It's behind while I can use barnyard or use university. Let's go to use our kids their language. Here is a bottom line one and Williams built on your WB Ian talked to are to be you filthy proponent of pot. Ramadan. Ramble on -- -- -- He Conan is -- Thought -- it's gonna be you do expect that are well you know how to handle it guys here's Tom Williams bill -- WB Ian Tom. -- -- that very -- legal back didn't I think. It was FDR. Original version is being EA to put this guy in charge of everything needed to open the. By the way Dick I call them before a live at the FDCA right now c'mon bouncing LOB a man. Anyway go ahead. -- -- -- It is unclear how -- -- man. He demonized by the by sit there by -- groups saying that blacks and -- and the reason that they were able. All yeah of course well every every black person in America smoke pot. But -- by the existence of the bureaucratic office. He needed demonized that they go after it not -- -- -- today through prohibition was legal. I believe that the drug laws as we know them today started IG's started so long ago. And hear yours and all but drug laws are you ready they don't work you tell me what is the most tightly controlled environment in America tell me what it is. -- -- Even worse at airports. Prisons prisons. Prisons now prisons are the most tightly controlled environment anybody could possibly live in. Who wants to say they're telling the prisons are drug free zones anybody. Now if drugs given the president. You can't keep them away for anybody tell all there's too much money to be made because illegality for god sake. Not what personally for it and smoked pot until somebody you know there could be out until somebody well we wish you -- it's absolute you gotta be careful. Because I -- what's going to bother me release a stop over candy bar and are still don't know well -- commitment -- yes -- data that is justifiable homicide by any account yes and I think that it was said that all the due diligence needs to be -- I'll. Article factory job trying to build renew peace bridge. Yeah. Yet she needs to spend the night with meters but this that are straight that's all I consider it because. Next year she's a little little job search is to loosen up a little. All right thanks very much -- -- I'm glad you called. Folks I get very angry about this topic because a face at the -- I've known in my life we acuity people who -- cancer. And another funny thing is and that. It's what you what you learn about people's true character and true intent when somebody they love is sick with cancer I would never named names. I I don't do that adult swim and that perhaps it's it's not what I do and that's what people confide things in the because they don't give names when -- shouldn't give them but. There once a a registered nurse right. And this knowing there's this young lady she was by the book everything. OK seriously Paul -- by the book. Now a close family member developed cancer. Be close family member started to lose weight at a rapid rate so what do you think -- propriety bit. She cannot got a -- week. Now why would you do that because it was efficacious because blocked. He gave her mother may be an extra couple months because she is able actually taken retain nutrition. We'll talk you're talking about medically using marijuana. Look. You do what you wanna do with your body I don't think it's any of the government in business next -- going to be telling how much sodium beacon avenue restaurant. Who. Next you're going to be telling you how big your big gulp it. Own. See folks this is creeping totalitarianism. And you've got to you got us you you just have to put your foot down and say no more. No more no more in the I was first call had much down here and it talked me face to face about it before you just do what you were Howard to go face to face against me. To say it you know. Radio tough guys you know. Radio that the guys are here is here's a guy I can't see that -- outlined three heavily in -- dealing with this issue for twenty years I. -- you're getting negative against rule on WB -- a line three mile. I Norton this is correct actually -- being yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And evil I had to go to I -- to -- have been ordered it ordered or go back to my high school that was one of the requirements that they need -- do. As it was -- answers period of time to try to make you go to rehab and you said no no no. Well actually do that would let me go back high school they wouldn't let me pick and schools shall we. Sorry this is this is laughable at. There's -- boring fight real -- year old guy who in the. -- article -- bigger than me. In his story years. -- who. Drug regard as there on when the smoke we did Eric's area broader problems. Group -- it will now include. And smoke. -- -- -- Explain their you know you're not apprehension but it's likely -- repaired my life and live a normal life. And these guys worked here of like the company. And support -- and almost. Job or -- a little bit we went it's oh you're you're expecting a hundred. Well you don't want it to me it it doesn't matter why somebody takes it additionally or recreational -- it's none of the government's business any more than -- at. Aspirin you take every day. It you can you can poisoned herself and aspirin well the face of it in my backyard that I have one of the most deadly plants in the world growing in my backyard just want relief from this plant ground up properly prepare specifically for the purpose can kill several human beings to -- We I'm not surprised I I I haven't cats they're being bland actually that. Is very toxic. Yeah because there were talking about the main ingredient and the well you know the rest but anyway anyway. -- -- but -- commercial point here's the point I -- go to what nursery. Let's just get this -- I don't nursery and buy a plan. That which is capable. It will grow leaves that prepared properly which is very easy to do will kill human beings. Yet they're gonna -- pot is illegal. Paced offense. -- -- 11 other quick point I don't mean to go up -- happen but you know these studies has -- a better hope we don't really Arab through. Pretty you know it's -- problem in the -- -- -- -- Coke addict beaten heroin addicts being built had been throughout. And we think it's did that does to these kids to smoke when they create a network of people who really. Well we wouldn't even be. Older people do what they're wanted to call. Always over drugs and I'm not putting down these older drug whenever people don't wanna do what you're basically creating and not work. Of drug users being you're putting all want our it would mean that the reduced its that are not help the problem bird while. -- -- we have here is there's a prob with your argument the you you you make your too much common sense. This is the problem you have to its common sense and I'm -- being sick of that do gooders. -- I don't think we've done it due diligence on this due diligence now look at any fifty or sixty year old in America today -- grew up in the sixties the -- due diligence right there these are people who grew up at Woodstock these are people who smoke that their entire lives. OK and you tell -- the entire generation was a generational losers. -- -- You know I. I'm sorry but do certain things irritate the hell out of me especially people in prison on drug charges. I think you take that money from drugs. You invest it in to education like we did with smoking cigarettes smoking cigarettes is not cool anymore it's lethal. The legal to -- but it socially accepted that's what you expect a problem like this you don't attack it. The way we've attacked it and -- wish -- got that's the operative and that pot he's at. I get a choice between Allopod heads and hang out with drunk I'll take the pocket every single time. Except to open. Do you know what I am I smoking in and enjoying myself I don't like to be around drunk people don't like your own. People and -- -- people I'm sorry for -- people are a holes I. -- like a -- people are obnoxious they're Puget list that they think they're being funny when they're not and you know I. Well organized regular guys smoke indoors in the news quite obviously -- like -- you heard of this story. -- guy smoking a bet going -- and going to a budget did not a lot of his wife. Well I I would suspect it would be I'm sure it's happened but it's far more likely that he beat the crap out of a gallon of milk chocolate chip ice cream and or -- All right thank you I'm I'm glad you called folks -- that -- what somebody does have some common sense in America today. And -- -- thank you thank you for the call I got are gonna move on your. Very Cuba back to the station it's 446 at WBE -- folks these hearings today on medicinal marijuana what a waste of time. What -- waste the time. We be special report coming up from. We have a special report coming up on WB yen we'll take the special report when I say the -- Nelson Mandela. What does it -- Nelson Mandela while he was a big player in South Africa for many many years -- in prison for many many years breaks along in the late 1980s all over the place on music video. Freeing Nelson Mandela. On Nelson Mandela is dead at. He it's been along time I mean frankly the guys that happened in in the best to help but Nelson Mandela the onetime south African president has died -- special report coming up. From CBS I don't know if Nelson Mandela ever smoked weed but it wouldn't surprise me. After all well I'm just say 8737722. With the phone number to donate to the FB CA serving you re county. Online your SP CA dot -- fifteen dollars a month for twelve months make you an Angel for the animals 46 -- challenge -- MT bank if we -- a 100 angels by 6 o'clock and that the bank will donate an additional 2500 bucks 8737722. Is the full number so area haven't. Now let us go to CBS and that an international story that has been in the making. CBS news special report on Pam Coulter. An announcement just moments ago from south African president Jacob Zuma. Or without medicine but he shot someone there -- The funding presidents. Well but democratic nation. Has to putts. Nelson Mandela the anti apartheid leader has died at age 95. He had severed from or recurring lung infection CBS's Vicki barker looks back at his life. South Africa's white supremacist government imprisoned Nelson Mandela for twentysomething years hoping to silence and instead he became a global symbol of resistance to racism when he was finally freed in 1990. It's. As a cause of national celebration then in 1994. Mandela was elected president in South Africa's first all race elections. Never a great. So -- did it got fifty mr. Obama. We are hey let's look at the -- Awful -- grandma Mandela's later years were spent fighting the scorch of beats I was imprisoned and Robert Ryan. Known as -- that number. Big yards on paper we're -- In -- -- with -- I passed. A viable. If he is was a tough life he didn't mind there is no easy walk to freedom anywhere he says. And added many of us we'll have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death and again and again. Before we reached the mountaintop of our designers to keep Parker CBS news. Once again former south African president Nelson Mandela a Nobel Peace Prize winner has died in this south African home at age 95. CBS news special report I'm Pam Coulter. A you -- -- 95 in this life you you did pretty well for yourself. And in services the natural course of things is as I've said before. 95 years old I don't know how conscious are cognizant he was during the final years but. You know whether or not you love them or did not love them at all. An indelible mark. -- human history at least in our generation. He'll be forgotten just as we all will look down the road. Let's go to traffic right now on and I hate to hit the put it bluntly -- the these things happening here is Allan Harris checking traffic. And it's time we got a lot of -- the -- line of the -- at this hour human dimension at the cameras up right now on around the at 33. It looks a little bit busy as you head down towards -- William busier actually. Now by the 190 area on the February at the moment. Tonight he's still going OK from around Sheridan as that was sentenced in the among picked up 33 outbound is a little bit busy at this point. The 190s also in downtown we're picking up the volumes that 19 in north area in WB insulin market have a demand and -- -- we call eight. -- -- -- Tonight cloudy colder. Mixed with snow later on the overnight low 32 Friday cloudy colder with some snow and 36. We are at what Joseph. 47 at news radio 930 WBE. And now we're broadcasting live from the FTC is serving Erie county all like gosh I'm looking at my board. Holy crap guys let me dollar. ID 86 and then angels for the animals. In the next hour -- five minutes or so or else they're going to eviscerate -- and feed my -- to the pigs here at the FBC -- 8737722. Is the phone number 87 they're gonna do William Wallace at the -- -- on me if if I don't generate 86 angels for the for the animals they're gonna have to cut costs which means I will become food. 873772215. Dollars a month can you do that for twelve months if you can't that'll make you an Angel for the animals and that right now we have a challenge going from seventy Beckett might get 86 more people to become angels for the animals by 6 o'clock. -- -- -- an additional 2500 bucks please let's make this a reality I do not only 2500 bucks sitting on the table and it more than -- one -- the -- 50000 on the table in the soprano as we try to work things out with ralphie after the big score at the drug -- place. Let's go to. Some were called shall we let's go to whose next Tuesday excuse next line one Jerry in buffalo. Jerry I think it's ridiculous we're still talking about marijuana like it's heroin or cocaine. You're correct. I've been where I was when I was in Vietnam -- Agent Orange was dropped around us and and Monsanto is still alone to produce products. That you get into your vegetable. Yes and the correlation or what played isn't exactly you're trying to make not to be a dork but there will be at work. On seventy continuous marijuana never hurt me I've never smoked a cigarette. And because it doesn't work is good but -- -- -- it's a natural grown product. They can grow your backyard. Yet they're still going after that make them mixed doesn't make any sense at all. I absurd I. I always laugh when I hear these reports and the sheriff's department helicopter spotted three pot plants growing in -- I think that myself where everywhere are. Our helicopter every how many hours of flight time need to 50000 dollar overhaul and we're doing at the -- three pot plants in Britain are you kidding me. If you're right when I was also might go oh very cool off. Could you know walk lunch things like our house in Vietnam they had -- packs of cigarettes to them which don't give up to my buddies but. Now so basically what it. What you're saying do you agree with me would disagree with me I think it's three and fifty years old with -- IQ that would boggle your mind I think it is ridiculous. That this country still has a just that basically as a hair up -- but a about pot and drugs and doesn't clue how to deal with the problem because everything they tried to do has failed miserably all it's done -- and that in just. Misery and human suffering in prison and records and destroyed lives. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway I had a neighbor who had a -- foot problem and. Guess you're simply a guy. When it but when she wants someone like our Jerry keep going keep going keep on I'm sorry don't well there you do not -- permits that are. -- -- -- -- Any racial anyway I very rarely agree with you put today do. Very rarely agree with our thank you very much I don't know why you would very rarely agree with me because I'd make this kind of sense of a daily basis I think circulating falling to the media misconceptions of the on the Internet because frankly when I look up Tom -- on the Internet I think because that -- able to several. It's slick and if I didn't know me -- well I guess I really am but still I don't like when other people say it. It is -- understand it 030930. Is via phone numbers start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EM yes I think the people with cancer and epilepsy and seizures. Well I think all of you people I think suffering and -- the sole. I think that it's better for you to be popped free -- to get relief from your symptoms through marijuana that makes a lot of sense doesn't it. About how that -- It makes no sense at all and though let's face it folks. If you if you choice between hanging out with a bunch of drunks and hang out with a bunch of people who just smoked weed -- talk about being obliterating by the way on week. Mean people like what it's going to be all like pop party first of all there not enough to read it was in the world. Secondly. Nobody does throw all light long of -- -- they do I sure don't -- people. I'd much rather be among the pot smokers than the losers and and upset about that 8030 my thirty WB.

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