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12-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Dec 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

930000. Now everyone understands -- WB EM I don't know a few grand. Caution couldn't play. -- -- -- thirty WB -- -- we're broadcasting live from the FB CA serving Erie county please note it is not the -- count the SP CA it is the SP CA serving Erie county and like the point that out folks because BS BCA serving Erie county does not receive a single penny of money from a the government. Because -- and start accepting money from the government. Everybody's cousin suddenly decides they want a job -- experts animal control. So in order to be independent of government the Erie county. Lot the SP CA serving Erie county. Does fundraisers like this and by the way I. That of this debris well this one of the securities and I support other than a private individuals that level do quietly which is why just about -- -- -- Up but in any event at we're gonna be here until 7 o'clock tonight our goal is to make great radio. Now -- already and then our other goal of course is to raise money for the FB CA serving Erie county because without. You guys seriously it would not exist at end it folks this. This place the FBC it wherever it is going to be located in the future right now is that it is bigger road in the -- -- the -- And this place really is a beacon in that in the animal welfare community. I don't know if people outside now I'm looking -- you brought it right now she's pretty hot. I'm not saying that I'm not saying that professional. -- yeah prevention. Right so what did you -- here and it it it -- -- me. That I need to give the phone number out for you to call. If you think that's hot 8737722. Is the phone number 8737722. Is the phone number. And that you know miracles happen here at the SP CA. Which is really. Moreover now that I'm exaggerating I'm -- -- a terrible. Now I -- belief belt out on not using hyperbole but certainly not comparable. But basically folks you have if you let an idea of how well respected the FBCs -- -- -- used throughout the world. You'd be astonished people from all over the world study this organization and what is done over the last 25 or thirty years and they say. How we get our shelter how -- we get out or animal welfare organization to run. According to the standards that have been determined by the SP CA serving -- county that had been executed by the by the way liquid that's not a better than performed. By the SP CA serving Erie county it is thought of very very very very very quietly and folks that's you know. It would not happen without you and that's what we do that radio every year. Because that we all believe city beach believes very strongly in the species -- in Erie county I believe strongly in the BC serving Erie county my father was a notorious tightness that type plot. -- guesses what to expect. The only charity to which every day when the FB CA serving Erie county and as regards Richard -- all the way to the bullet in the back again. But joining us now is the director of public relations worthy of BCA. Serving -- county and that is. Gina Browning Gina tell us about the radio tell us about the work you are hoping to achieve here today. I you know like you said this morning I think the community was really innocent and today. The phone arena suing people excited we were all very excited about it we pulled together it's only two days this year though. So we really do need people to calm land to Dana Tamara I'll hopefully today and there's so much going Manning you know like you know I've been here a long time. Temperature since 1990. And I am on the heels lost. I yet -- you detect. And amazed you know we have different stories we have different incidents is going and different programs and of course an expected to back -- and a lot of it and share with the community. Every so often not a pilot intended to your -- and I I sit here and taken pictures and right at the programs. Every so often I'm startled at what we're doing and every so often does something that is just so amazing that impresses me so much here reminds me out all over again when I'm doing him. Well yeah I mean let's that they expect I know you personally quite well and is that right -- and -- -- I don't think Fred was up like -- -- -- a walk over -- the over the captaincy of the -- So I -- All but what was gonna say though GB is seriously. The work that you guys do. Is truly astounding and one of the things that has impressed me greatly. Is the way in which the FTC serving your county we talk about miracles happening every day. You guys are doing a lot more with veterans that I have ever seen any SP CA do everything you know my feelings about veterans and that's what my -- it causes. You -- the grand daughter of brave man that was killed in action. You know World War II retention its only a buffalo we've all heard that tape. Man tell us about some of the things you're doing with the veterans right now which this money is gonna help support. There is an incredible program this is one of the programs to which I was referring in a moment ago. Call -- patriots have been doing it about two years. And and it's you bringing that RNC you know not -- because equity situation is completely ready to face like the ending completely ready to a societal. They have and -- with some of the animals and -- shelters some of the animals are not ready in this kind of environment. They're quivering in the neck of the panel are seeking an cage. We actually bring in veterans and we train and to training animals and to socialize them we train in an enrichment behavior. And the parents can and is there are starting to. Work through whatever they may be facing you're helping the animals and just to this kind of environments and I don't know how else to see that it's a beautiful program -- it's amazing to watch these animals out of yourself even more amazing. Is to -- some of the veterans who were working out of their -- men and women of all ages. All ages all races all creeds all colors with one common bond and that is having worn the uniform of the United States of America -- having done their part to keep us as -- as we possibly can be. These are dedicated. Loyal American. Patriots in the coming here to the SBC -- your county and it is a symbiotic relationship as most good relationships are. The pets gets -- the these dogs get the socialization. And veterans get a chance to chill out a little bit let you know like we're -- but. You know it it's tough and I know that scientifically is -- little bit. With high stress people will post traumatic stress disorder and that dealing with an animal under the right circumstances. Actually help. A veteran or somebody who's been so terribly for all the ties by situations like I -- these snipers and all the other thing you have eroded to Afghanistan. And and Iraq not to mention which chronic diarrhea. Of course well he's an -- that's been a fact the workers at its biggest time. Well he did little we find happening here and -- -- -- how working with the animals and building very close relationship that the animals but these -- Some of the veterans have a little bit of trauma. Assimilating back into your society any trouble relating to people want all of a sudden they have. Almost on a second family here now they have people may have a -- madness and accountant and and -- relating to each other and there there helping each other work through -- and helping each other start dealing with society and it's not easy to try to make me -- it's -- -- these -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that you can -- -- this -- what I -- -- about an America that's incredible relax -- -- -- the public. And we invite parents to command take part in this program and seen it it's -- mountain make a difference. But -- I gotta tell you something this is I think the best opening segment we have ever done. Up ya know it is and it and I am so happy that I probably see -- these are tears of joy and thankful to us on behalf of the veterans I didn't serve as you as well though but. The -- and I know you are. Also. You are as keen on veterans as am I. We had a chance to -- -- colonel frank. Down and then the -- republic none we have yet to meet some of the great veterans and some special ops guys from. Let's just say over there -- and that they've got some you know they've got some special duties they've got to do that I received -- the most special ops people. It's very good in a special -- people. Anyway I want to thank you Gina and we will let talk to you throughout today and again folks the phone number to call. Is 87377228737720. To make a donation to the SP CA serving Erie county and fifteen dollars a month for twelve months make you -- Angel for the animals and folks do your research the FBC serving your recounting it. It gets the top ratings problem. The organizations that study -- to make sure that the you know executive directors and walk through two million dollars a year you know and a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce and in this the FB CA. These these guys' salaries on the budgets here artery I shall we say. My -- yeah. Can get -- out -- it -- I mean you've turned out six figure job to -- here and you stay here because you enjoyed being part of miracles in fact when you start talking about miracles party want to thank Smokey Robinson but the other parties they can Jefferson starship Joseph -- -- -- I thought we're gonna have Jefferson starship miracles here. But I guess not all right again it is. -- twenty. Yeah it was vision for leading punch. Talking -- Tyler yeah. HL draft. Are right there that was that was an idea gone very very badly. Are right gee thanks a lot we'll see you soon. We'll we'll keep harassing you want to exit thank you very much. By the way. By the way any products in the area it's great shots right now and it's bigger road to see you know anyway it is that crap 8737722. That is the phone number to call. To make your donation the FB CA serving your recounting 19 minutes after 3 o'clock right now -- -- -- -- on scene engineer Julie Bieber. Is -- -- the station Chelsea's your call screener and I just ahead guys do -- they've DiPietro on the line. Not yet -- it well are right I tell you what to do the AccuWeather forecast. On the WB Ian for today. We are looking at 88 cloudy sky and colder conditions we'll -- It's gonna get -- don't enjoy this war too much or attempted the almost were shorts today to the SP CA but I recounted or I should say rejected that decision and it went back on itself. It's gonna get colder the overnight low tonight 32 degrees tomorrow cloudy cooler with some snow. Showers and 36 the high and Joseph right now it is what. 550. -- news radio 930 WB yet. Let me know DiPietro called him because they DiPietro as as you probably know we spent a lot of time talking about -- yesterday because he was in New York City. Meeting with but Donald. About. Getting Donald Trump to run for the governor's office here in New York State. We're able to talk to -- for a couple of minutes ago before his plane took off from JFK but as I suspected. What happened is -- DiPietro cellphone ran out -- Jews that's -- he did not call us when he landed in buffalo after the approximate the fifty minute flight from New York City we're talking to him the plane was taxiing I didn't -- -- -- on the year for obvious reasons because of avionics and electronic interference with the control mechanism of the aircraft so clearly. We would like to get an update from date DiPietro but who says he's going to be calling him up pronto and -- this would be a great time give them bananas and other stuff so -- now or never. With it before you do -- it backwards because that there are some of the things that need to be talked about today as well. We're live at the FB CA serving your recounted -- the web site on. On which you can donate online you or SPC a New York why old you are SP CA dot org. And a reminder fifteen dollars a month for twelve months make you an Angel for the animals and I always like these might as an example quicker as the my father as far as I know. Only gave money to one surety in his entire life back I notice you only gave money to one -- his entire life of that was because BCA serving you recount if you think pats don't make a difference in people's lives. When my father -- basically in his last leg and that the right. When he was second. You know look I I'd joke about my father. It in the you know his passing away but you have to understand that if you were here he would be laughing right along with -- thank you got the six -- that you from my dad. So there will -- those last -- who. What it was his last legs you know the one thought that kept him going the one thought that kept him going with a chance to see his beloved this -- at all. The other thought that kept him going was the memories of his favorite cap of all time mr. body. Now both of those cats were adopted from right here where I am right now at the SP CA serving Erie county. Seoul a very close familial connection there. And do those I think those animals kept my dad don't -- unconvincing as -- captain -- -- probably a year -- longer than -- ordinarily -- -- because he had something to which he can look forward yet. Other than family in his wife my mom. You know he had these animals that he just fell in love with my dad was never kept. And then after I became a cat and my dad copied -- yes he needed a role model. And and then he became a cat man. And just the thought of my father sitting on the couch with a cat from the SB CA on his lap when he had a lap. I on his -- it is just it still makes me smile and it still makes me laugh. Because here's a guy who would say. Robert we're gonna get a cat out what we're gonna get a tetanus house and next thing you know there's a cat in my father's legs and that he would never relinquish control of the family feline. And -- been a number kept from ESP CA we've we've adopted. Over the years you're my parents adopted over the years I can't simply seemed content. And it's it's really weird. I don't go looking for my cats they just they find me which is bizarre -- you've heard history of Atlanta a million times -- Glen park -- -- bill back in 2003. And rhetoric before some big Columbus they hurricane hit I set the -- and out here so the rest is history -- has proven to be the perfect cat. Well -- he wanted to say just a great great great great great kitty -- Haley can out of the other hand is somewhat disturbed it should probably be confined it would it with the -- with a lot of panic. It is -- hourly on WBD and and that we are awaiting. Guys I cannot see the call screen so you're really gonna have to help -- factor as far as. As far as I can't do anything about 11 guys I'm sorry I don't know what but what I expected to do here I mean. -- take it to the -- I I don't know what the same light that calls even on hold because it does not. What to do. I'll wait for -- DiPietro to a call back. And I give us more on the Donald Trump -- let's use elements. -- for a date DiPietro called back and it if not then we're just gonna move by the some of the things Sunday in the absence of that mister DiPietro. It is power away from the SP CA serving Erie county were located and is bigger road in the town -- tunnel Wanda. Those have you been stuck in traffic you're stuck in traffic on the 290 for any -- the time you've seen that old church over there and can -- -- well we're not all too far from the old church. On as bigger road of churches part of the cemetery were near the cemetery anyway the big cemetery. But we're past that and -- -- bigger road between. Let's say military in the river if they give you a better idea. -- bigger road -- bigger road -- bigger road that's where we -- Physically but there were always virtually with where you are your SP CA dot or. 325 at WB -- we need to break and if mister DiPietro is unable or unwilling to join us we're gonna get to some of the things here on WBE. Yeah. Okay. -- put -- -- Browning all of the the bad music we're going to be playing today as a musical bumps and we agree on this one Paul McCartney. Wonderful christmastime is a song that should be outlawed we need to declared Jihad against Paul McCartney's having a wonderful christmastime simply having a wonderful christmastime any song with even the approximation of those lyrics needs to be expunged from the annals of human history to -- on the same page. Now was speaking of human history. Will -- -- -- new governor of New York State will it be Donald Trump let's go live to assemblyman. They DiPietro who this time yesterday it was hobnobbing with the lifestyles of the rich famous and Donald Trump. Assembly but thanks very much for being -- I we lost them. While the shows up for great African beginning all right 8737722. I mean -- There's somebody swear words -- like views right now but I still lead the money 8737720. Twos and number you can call. -- two make your donation to the SP CA's serving your county will try to get -- DiPietro and it doesn't work this time I got to move on I'm sorry but he's had ample opportunity and if that we just can't work it out we can't work it out. You know what I've done I'm done done I'm not I'm not spending any more time -- this sorry Dave but you know you had a chance and that I just cannot pull the show anymore. He's a lot of CM. There's there's nothing in my culture. I'm here. All right Dave Bob thanks very much for being -- I I appreciated it much. Eight thank her every eight you know why. You know he's proud of your ambush near future I am I won't have until everybody I'm -- -- don't. Well I I proclaim the -- proclaimed the brilliance of -- every single -- there it's too much noise. It. I proclaimed the genius of -- every chance I cannot tell us how this meeting with Donald Trump came around. Another assemblyman from Chester -- -- you're in Iowa -- we are the two most conservative assembly. Members. In Albany and we were talking. During the session and then afterwards over the summer has been running around trying to find who -- -- candidates going to be for governor. On the Republican side but also. Who can win. A few months ago we're just talking about it there at a dinner in. Throughout Donald Trump we started talking about it. -- We just started making the rules and make a phone calls and getting to -- people. And -- Michael Capuano. You know you know social viewed you know -- people from Roger -- and that -- that you know trial in it's. I I missed I missed what you said there's just too much noise here I'm sorry I just I can't hear. You got you gotta go back and Donald Trump and I I lost you after that. Okay we we we made the most with a number of -- people. Michael Capuano from buffalo. We're very helpful because you know Roger Stone with a friend of Donald Trump's. Is people -- bottom. -- he actually called I respect mr. trotman said he wanted to meeting. With myself and Mike Capuano and don't know it. The end we -- getting ready for the meeting a couple of weeks ago when they called again answered you know it's you know it's. If you're serious can bring some other people and you know around the state and we did actually we actually make some calls to some other people. And we got some other elected officials and -- hire plot political people involved and we all went down yesterday. And mr. Well on the united Donald Trump say one way or another whether he was even interest in running for governor because he saw what happened to Carl Paladino. You order and I happen at all or I don't know I'm glad you're gonna keep lose in the return. On this. It's -- -- expressed any interest at all. Yes either. And what he did was acting like or just want you know. And we got from all of them dial up there and -- -- -- And 510 minute meeting parties actually volume is going to be utilities. And that's it for ten minutes turn into a half hours. He has very pointed questions. And we do you think about over the holidays -- when reluctance on mr. trial GQ time you know to think about what would present over the holidays and what we're left on your mental -- excitement about oh where. That he showed what it would mean there are a lot talked you guys. Well. We've we were meeting they should don't talk mr. Padilla so two pretty good. Well obviously with with Donald Trump you got a name recognition you've got the ability to self fund but they you know they've bottom line is he's just another rich New York City multi billionaire has even been west of the Hudson in the last decade. Sure he's been all over the country he's been you. Memories -- about presidential trying and suntrust yup understandable you know what argument. So. But. For us we're looking at a victory strategy here and in -- Donald Trump he's a name brand but himself. He crosses over lines nobody looks at him as a as a politician as a Republican or Democrat we don't have that moniker he's. He's got healthy you know average people like -- Most people like him and we feel that against someone loses Shirley then. I mean spirited as Cuomo. The exact opposite problems affable and business acumen we think he's a good -- and we you know we we want to go that we that we went out there aren't. I would put our best foot forward yesterday and the fact that he wants to have another meeting -- didn't just tell us was you know it's -- start. Well. I gotta tell you bet to one of the things that concerns me all of us who won't take any role in public life where it -- -- the media and and writing editorials -- doing opinions or use politician you know we all will change opinions from time to time. I know I haven't certain issues and so was Donald -- specifically on abortion after years of being pro choice he is now. Pro life work you know anti abortion on demand I think would be the best way to phrase that. As far as drugs. He does not personally use drugs he says he's in favor of but legalizing. At least -- And making it to taxable which certainly caught my attention. I mean just because I find that the interest in concert simply because of that reason. Also. Regardless. Back in 2000 he supported the so called assault rifle ban now he's against gun control so do we really know we're getting with Donald Trump. Well you know what. And I'm a politician number on the dry cleaned it I've seen too many politicians certainly a bill of goods I think the one -- Donald Trump brings. Is independence in a business acumen. And and as we all over the well over the war in this state in this country and the moral issues and -- got the right my moral issues if you ever want him to go. -- -- -- I want someone that turned the stayed around. That's going to be lift all boats. Bring -- people. Out of poverty in the I don't see it was formal I don't hear what the Democrats -- Q what's going on in you know opening at all. I don't see a game plan and mr. -- I'd definitely -- the game plan definitely knows how to do that and match you know we need to bring this state debt from number fifty out of business wise in that's. You know that sort of the social issues we -- Goal would go on the board -- went mr. trump and something that I I like that business acumen. A settlement date DiPietro is -- this this time yesterday he was -- he was all washed in the glow of Donald Trump is that actually is probably the JFK -- giving his boarding pass to somebody but -- as it did they -- you from a trump tower two to the airport -- just curious. No but I lost a national leaders. And joking with Janet Cooper limo ride in Egypt in the mail left and amounts to seek C invested into the Texas. I took -- 52 -- to actually. Own hole and now open. My friend -- -- to be -- you -- to Manhattan you can do it for thirty permit them. Anyway. It is it notes are now while the other number 8030930 were talking with the settlement date DiPietro but his efforts and others to get that Donald Trump to run for the governor's office and 2014. What the state of your relationship at this point with that Carl Paladino and be careful because Carl is like family but that also gives me the opportunity to call them all kinds of things in the text messages I sent him. Any laughs. Carol I -- Carol. Your relationships finally wouldn't be where I'm at about Carl -- so you know there's there's not a problem that may affect. You know people ask -- -- what about Colin what about it during emotional when we (%expletive) this up. Three months ago in the summer and summer you know -- what little there was no means going out there right now it's not even. Holidays so we won't get in that -- purely mr. -- Kyle. A lot of -- in Florida and we this one you know will slow this 12 and one of the -- would. It would gain any traction so the book a flight to anybody I love that that get the Republicans. And and and I support all of them. This was just one of those things we we got a passion for and we want associates it would play out. Well obviously. Sometime when you wanna be a real celebrity committee has BCA talk to me and instead of Donald Trump would continue with your thought please. Well I just want it to -- the picture I have. I didn't altered in such a bad hair day I'm getting a lot of comments people go why did you go to the same barber system. Why do you you and I. No control. All well always gonna comets -- monitor everybody -- my shoulder late blocks that's all I can tell you. Nobody ever comets hitting -- my FaceBook page about my long here and my Brad -- like looks and dissent. Now as far as Carl Paladino. Where is he on Donald Trump does Carl Paladino believe that Donald Trump is conservative enough. Two. Run away with -- -- to do away with the notion that he Carl Paladino may run as a conservative. All our child I don't know that but we were so early in the game if you know much much -- Foresee the future months from now you know. Maybe you know of that that would be something in order to be talked about who got together with everybody you know without all that well. That's so well above my pay grade that's something those -- Okay Barack other okay Barack it's above your pay grade. Nice nice well played your pay grade actually Amanda presuming it's more than 725 an hour but I'm giving it. I I'd much -- January 1 well. Anyway. I I hope that I mean here's here's what I want Dave I want the person who is going to be able to oust this lunatic governor we have right now. Who is gonna turn some sense. Is that -- Now somebody who is going to -- -- some sense of sanity the state government I definitely think Governor Cuomo is it is an. I I don't just think that he is 888 crazy I think he's certifiable lunatic in every time I hear him. Well I'm used. -- I listen to somebody I think ought to be institutionalized. And I think we we do the same governor of new York and one that actually response to and respects the constitution of the United States as well the New York State human rights law these would be the Second Amendment in New -- straight. But I am 100% with your time have been to Albany Alan and I and I've told you -- and it's the most dysfunctional place I've ever been through. It's corrupt it's grabbed it -- the halls you can just walk in Albany, New York you'll you'll -- It's it's just it's not a good place. Then there's number because Shelly silver and a number of other legislators up there on the Democrat side sorry so it -- Democrat from my. Nothing ever changes because they don't allow it. And it's just it's it's it's just. It's going to be changed that have to be changed since I never thought that our government would that they had until you actually get them home and get get involved and and jump into what was it like I -- and it's it's it's might be changed. Yeah I didn't remember Ebert long hot definitely got out of all the media after the rally. -- objectives that I agree with you. David I -- thank you for joining us sorry to be -- so early at the beginning but I just -- all -- issues here and you even see your call on screen so I didn't even know Revere and I was there to get kind of pissed off. I'm Paula I apologize for that I'd just that it's. All right Dave I'll buy you a it's -- buy -- -- but I just have a club -- All right thanks very much a supplement -- DiPietro joining us on the WB the end. Already gang seven exodus here master control he babysitting my control board now so I have steady -- -- volumes. 8030930. Is the ball leverage on the ear. And we're gonna get into a lot of other things now Laurie -- wants to comment on developed for a meeting with that mister DiPietro and others. But I need to take a break. Now also. Before I break I wanna point out of this as a courtesy of my friend Carl Paladino because -- post that a couple of beatings it is new plays and mainstream Williams -- both times I could not make it because of let's say intestinal nastiness and well yeah I mean we wanted to say they have issues. You know it's it's pretty bad when you go to the drugstore and get gas at them for yourself you don't -- -- -- anyway -- Too much information rights every yet just a little with that much OK so anyway. It like what you're actually get excited Rite -- with a buy two get one free wipes I mean -- know that at that point is pretty much over for your stomach but. But I digress. -- -- has -- up here. We were gonna get some other things here as well on WB yen. 8737722. With the phone number at which to make your donations your SP CA dot org is the website fifteen dollars a month for twelve months make you an Angel for the animals and we've got a lot of things we're gonna GM in today. And we've got a special challenge coming in effect we start that now. -- -- all okay folks let's do this check this out. This is awesome I'm so glad that I -- late -- your girlfriend once we have a challenge from seventy bank. If we get 100 angels by 6 o'clock in the tea -- will donate an additional 2500 dollars so if you. Are one of the 100. Angels for the animals contributing fifteen dollars a month for twelve months. You are going to help us as well -- at the FB CA. Generate an extra 2500 dollars from and that the bank personally I think Charlie banished to the throne and his Villa in France but I don't know Charlie and I've never met him. He's like a mystery man in the shadows I know people who know Charlie but. That's that's you understand the French -- would be nice to the incentive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The good people with John -- been around a long time that's why I -- John -- for all my heating and air conditioning being anti trust and that's why I've been talking about John -- for over twenty years -- on nonstop but for over twenty years so you think given problem. Where you furnaces on its last legs give John Locke a call don't wait until you wake up freezing this winter in Germany at incentives and tax credits available from Linux in National Fuel Gas natural gas bill. Your best energy value called John -- At 8946408946400. Right now at 350 let's find out how to drive in two your poll is going from work here is Allen here. It's still other problems I'll restore injection about seemingly slowing it down a little bit more traffic on the thruway westbound. If you go past the 33 million down to who has won nine to India through eastbound -- a budget deal volume at the moment. And having problems getting a downtown and -- united still doing are right there about a twenty minute delay though at the boosted queens to bridge coming across into the USA. In that Armenians in America Amanda Miller Harris don't we call it. And AccuWeather for two days the rest of it anyway it will be a cloudy -- a mixed with snow later on and showers and 32 of the overnight lows or whoever that is the freezing mark that the degree were closed right now. Still looking at fifty degrees 5050. News radio 930 joining us right now. Is -- person from one of my all time favorite places and that would be the buffalo dental group. And it is that doctor -- -- -- joining us that -- it's good to see you tell us about what you guys are doing at the Buffalo Bill group to help out the SP CA's or injury -- I think it's remarkable. Thanks Stan I'm. Actually you where having a special the whole month of December and even into January. UConn and brighten your smile by lightning and you can -- EST CA a higher percent of the proceeds go to the ASPCA we get nothing. And it's a 199 dollars. And I've also noted that I'm looking at different challenges here. And anti bank and I -- presents a challenge we've donated a thousand dollars today. If we can get another. You know fifty. Angels we got we will gladly donate another thousand dollars -- -- we're I'm we're happy to do that really I love the I have two dogs in the SP CA I I will go nowhere else to get my talks. This being corporate radio that's gonna have to be clear to our upper echelons. Element. I just have corporate training module on the line. All of it and but that itself is -- to view and Albany treatments is generally take got. -- it's easy you common. You that we take impressions of your -- we make these trays that intimately fit your teeth they're made for you. And you take them all and usually with a week to do it's it's extremely easy it's very easy these days. And I think it's a great way to make your Christmas happy and also support the SP CA. Well I think -- great 199. Dollar yes lightning offer from the upload group with two occasions every single penny of what people's then amp -- -- will be donated to the species are at a fraction not half but are now read that 101. Job obvious PCs are absolutely happy to support the Huskies now as a mine were certainly you know obviously grateful for your support and you guys at me smiling again just a little by closing the gap between my. -- Well thank you. That. It. -- -- that's unfortunate war anyway. Doctor Butler thank you this is going to be going until the end of December. And in -- married and shiny new year where it. Now that gentleman with his -- earlier that halt distinguished looking young man is very Robby you know and he would be -- individuals with whom you need to get as far as the challenges I'll -- that out not to be you know it's gonna tell that that's above my pay rate. I thought right I can authorize these things that I'm happy to. I'll talk to Larry no problem doctor Butler it is always a pleasure and -- -- group. -- -- -- -- -- -- Whoever is 63412346341234. For the buffalo group were in there need be in though been frozen for 314 years people. It. Is that 354. Or excellent among Austin Powers jags beat thankfully it went like that bastard. All right now. You hit. It. Off let's go to Laura and Clarence on WBE and layer the arms -- Lori LO. I get it and I was hoping to catch the ability you know the firing on top but. Actually was an update DiPietro was. I guess I I apologize I apologize. But secular home knowing anyways I was wondering if we now how mr. trump. Inspect fields about. Mr. Cuomo. And New York is really down stadium just interest in how he felt about him. Well yeah. I think personal personal feelings aside I cannot imagine that the Donald Trump. Would be terribly in favor of Andrew Cuomo and is so overall politics as sports specifics of what you're asking. I don't know remember. Donald Trump is not even made a commitment to run for governor yet he's simply in the exploring it phased in quite frankly I've seen this movie work during the presidential campaign and it is not beneath Donald Trump. To use other people to advance his own ends with publicity. Yeah that's what I was thinking on the -- but I would definitely vote for and and I get that one quick question -- the comment yes. I don't mean it found -- but with the problems you've been having. Amateur and. All I don't Laura and I don't know that Johnson by. All right -- Laura thank you but I'll handle that -- I don't let's just say the Cipro is my new best friend it's like music. 356 at WBE and it is. I don't wanna go bear a I mean if I if I tickets there's one thing that I can control the conversation but if somebody else does it becomes -- out of my control and rather uncomfortable. I will simply say that my lower GI issues. Have been ameliorated the considerably by -- which tells me a few things about what I contract. However in that they predate the trip I took to the -- republic otherwise known as the Dominican Republic. Some additional testing is at three we'll have to be done probably January. The figure out exactly what the hell's going on with. But you know it's that no big deal. And if it is so as you know. -- world goes on the symbols to rise in the morning and the -- will still said it mightn't. Little fairies will still be traipsing through my -- and my neighbors your little theories. It's. 357 at WB Ian.

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