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Medical Marijuana Use Helpful

Dec 5, 2013|

Wendy Conte & Paige Figi; Pt II

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The state assembly holds a hearing in downtown buffalo today City Hall 10 AM to consider bringing medical marijuana in New York State. We are talking about it this morning Wendy -- is in studio she's an Orchard Park mom who advocates for medical marijuana to save her daughter from seizures. Page figure is also here she's a Colorado mom in town to testify at today's hearing. -- it back up with you you have medical marijuana in Colorado. What has been that State's experience with addiction rates once it went into effect is to more people on the streets start smoking. No no that and that has been debunks the whole addiction theory of the gateway drug. This is less addictive than any substance can be addicted you know food anything this is not an addictive substance -- in my own child unseen in the 300 patients retreating. That they actually need less they don't need more more more and they get tolerant to it actually can come down and dose and you glass and justice -- it. And again you mentioned earlier the marijuana that your daughter is on. He's not the kind of stuff that a high school kid would buy and the back -- smoke on the street. It's not that street marijuana it's also not what we're familiar with as medical marijuana typically this is a very very low NTC like I say it's considered it would be considered count it falls into those numbers -- less than point 3% to AC. No potential for abuse and -- Psycho active. Wendy you even were telling us you were not on board with this at first when you first heard about this very. Right because I didn't know. The correct information. I -- is thinking I do not want to give me my and I I do now on -- her high. What to expect. I did research ice CNG group. Special. About Charlotte. Read the papers. Red just Childs. Information and became educated. And this this will save. Anti drug educators across the nation for years and we would go back -- Nancy Reagan have been preaching the idea of just say no. I understand that both of you mothers are saying it would be good for your own child and what your own child is taking or would be taking. Is better than the stuff that's on the streets but to either of you have any concerns. About the societal message if it's on the streets if kids can get it for their third -- seizure issues. Then isn't that saying the war is over that that marijuana is acceptable and sold in stores and so on if you see a snowball effect even if it's approved for your kids you see it having a broader effect on the population in the way we perceive marijuana. I don't think it would have a negative broader. I think alcohol is more dangerous than Carolina I think that we're just talking about epilepsy. And I'm seeing my daughter the other other symptoms the other side effects the other. Co morbidity is with Gervais and that this is treating accidentally like her appetite or sleep behavior. So I I you know and again like this that this particular medicine with no potential for abuse I don't think it's -- and CNET in Colorado. I think it's getting now. The dangerous street marijuana the tainted. -- -- pesticide late in street drug and it you know off off the market. And people are asking for this to be this highly tested medicine there we're doing starting clinical trials this is different than. Then typical medical marijuana pot shops where does this there wanna come from. The Stanley Brothers are a grower in a business owner Colorado and they just started. You know we're treating cancer patients that's how they began and they were messing around breathing and they were breeding down the TC in the plant. And bringing up the can have a dye job and that's the that's what we think it's working on the seizures the TH CE. While and it works on a lot of the other side effects and it's it's positive it gets a lot of bad rap. Being -- the Psycho active part in the plant. But it actually made my daughter seizures worse the hired TC but I do think it's necessary and small amounts. But the cabin style is what we are seen working on the -- that's but it seems to -- thought these children. Describe your interface with your family practitioner your doctor how does that work. You know there -- all on board they chart our progress if it's a federally funded institution like Children's Hospital they can't get involved they have liability policies so they can't really get involved they're not signing for the red cards -- Collins Colorado. But they chart the progress they're very interested in clinical trials we want more research. Some of the members on the different hospitals in Denver are now running -- clinical trials. And that will be in charge of that so we -- we just want more information in this is just the next news seizure. Treatment it just unfortunately is a schedule one substance when he -- reread your doctor on this. All of bomb on board just their hands are tied -- -- to anything. And to help right now. So -- up all of a matter very favorable for.