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Medical Marijuana Helpful to Daughters

Dec 5, 2013|

Wendy Conte & Paige Figi; Pt I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get into it this morning and with two -- studio -- they're both moms -- Wendy county of Orchard Park page Fiji from Colorado. She's here because it's legal in Colorado medical marijuana and we'll look at her side at the stupid both testifying in buffalo today at this hearing. On allowing the use of medical marijuana. Wendy. Let's start and and get in your story about your daughter and a telling listeners what's been going man. Well first seizure was it two months -- after her first initial vaccination. It started out is 820 minutes stay at a seizure. At that point in time I didn't know what these seizure even why is. But then. Called 91 on data to ER at children's. They said okay perhaps -- -- seizure after the first set vaccinations. It seems to be a typical -- starting point. After awhile. In May have been like a month after she had no seizure and then it progressively got worse. It was. She ended up in the hospital. Over seventy times -- Children's Hospital. Seventy times seven times she has been integrated. Perhaps over eight times. She hit a permanent streak for a year and a half. She has tried every medication on the markets. And we actually get it's imported in from Europe. Talk more about that part of the process how did you reach the point where you said pot is the solution. Well. She's eight and half years old now. We have tried everything and she still his stately seizures. We belong to -- a support group that directly support group so we talk among everybody around the world. And then we -- Special with -- Charlotte's a few months ago with doctor Sanjay cooped up. And then we start researching it more and saying this could be a possibility in New York did you try it does she do this now. It's illegal we can't we cannot get that strained pitching means. So right now she is still and these heavy sedating. Medications that are not controlling her seizures. Part page let's bring you into this page Fiji's here from Colorado where medical marijuana is legal. Your daughter Charlotte separate sounds like something similar I don't know if it's the same but and tell us about this and and how you. Found it you know waited to treat this with some medical marijuana. So is it can feature Reyes syndrome isn't -- than ninety disorder intractable untreatable. -- you're gonna go through all these it's like -- active medicines. And -- then sometimes you make it'll honeymoon period pollen and a get a break and seizures but they don't come without very very negative side effects death. Seizures every seizure drug Charlotte tried in the same -- same thing. Costs more seizures that was a side effect of her her medicine anyway so we Charlotte was five that we started and -- Had failed chip in on every Ned bytes -- year's world. Diet she's not a surgical candidate she's so she lives and of light at 550 seat today. That's 12100 a month is about she is having beat Argentina gigantic seizures she had lost all of her skills. She couldn't talk hockey do anything hold on hold and I -- with. So we signed to do not resuscitate. Broader Halloween last Madison had nothing left to try and I live in Colorado which we legalized medical marijuana so. I had people coming and telling me you should try this it's been proven in 1949. There's actually a front page news articles thing. It marijuana -- care a role for in epilepsy care and make quickly pulled that headline a 101949. We know illness for very long time. But I guess that information just wasn't reaching me so act that we had reached the end of the line tried this. This this campus and it is in Canada citizen medical marijuana like we're familiar with it has no Psycho active effect so the plant has bred. So that the teaching is so low that it's considered count actually there's more TH senior -- cooking oil or your tenth seed. Supplement that you put in your salad then in Charlotte medicine actually named after Charlotte's web. So this medicine I tried it. On her didn't she didn't get high and it stopped procedures instantly -- first two week she went seven days teach history from the first dose. So it was you know is pretty miraculous that's one anecdotal story now people are like India having to come leave their state their illegal states. And travel to Colorado and to try this medicines that we have now 300 kids on Charlotte's web. It's not like collective hi can have a guy off load TH C -- and Albert studying reading clinical trials and where. We're seeing an 85%. Efficacy rate and features -- -- is amazing it is and you're testifying in buffalo and justice dynamics -- coming to explain that that this isn't working system and Colorado are nonprofit so this is medicine that's affordable. Each child is taking care of one at a time when that line. And so it's a totally different system and we sent this whole thing -- the people are migrating here if -- comes in she's coming to Colorado splitting your family house. She apparently the medicine cannot cross that imaginary state boundary so where so not only get a medical refugees to come to Colorado. They now make -- leave.