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12-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Dec 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's not whining it's supposed to make you think -- much are at an earlier. You know I came out of the closet while ago as an ABBA man. And on Saturday January 25. There's a group is gonna come to our friends at the -- -- theater in north title one which is about as close as you're ever gonna come -- -- -- lives in person. When they sounded like. Age and that I dug up a sample of this cover band it's called a rival from Sweden. And -- you've got all cued up for it. All right now the audio isn't the best year I think it was done on somebody's cellphone but again the idea that these guys are really really good. They're better than this. Get better. And so -- I'll be there on January 25. Is lawyers and you know back to normal all that kind of stuff a rival from Sweden yeah baby. All right it is at ten minutes after six at newsroom. Yes I said I'm going to ABBA cover band tribute concert. Half I said -- Well what else do we have here are going on. Or get the health care thing that's big but let Brad wants to talk about the New York governor's race. The spotlight. Because that's where we've been boasted that just that I thought we got more for -- that we do right now. What are DiPietro is a cellphone ran out of batteries. There's always a chance and it happened. There's always a chance that. The -- Here's Brad in East Aurora IWBE and they've -- that Donald Trump for governor are you on board. Well I'm not Carl Paladino but I can't tell you what he would play. It would say that he's still angry and still disruptive. But he supports a change by it all right man Smart and -- business. It's better that what we don't give it a try. So you know that right that thank you thank you very much you know he thinks that is Carl what's good I don't. Carl might be busy elsewhere has been a Roger Stone is in town coming -- political insider Andy's gonna book signing. Tomorrow night on what you wrote which basically says OJ as JFK it was a murdered by LBJ. LBJ was the driving force behind the assassination. Would surprise me yet for college but and again. I'll have to read the book to figure out exactly the claims made by mr. stone. -- -- You know I'm kind of got a -- down here -- I thought for sure we'd be hearing from our guys and everybody went into left mute mode and how much you wanna bet the minute they get in the something else that suddenly everybody will call. How much you wanna bet you wanna bet dinner on it. Okay. -- Get to what I wanted to get to at the beginning of the program before the photograph of the DiPietro and Donald Trump went up on. I'm -- DiPietro who's website shall we let's do. All righty. Righty I don't wanna do the toy show now there's not enough time. I wanna do the -- I wanna spend more time talking about toys not today though because they'll do the same thing than they did yesterday I'll leave -- -- -- league and that'll leave you -- Leisure time is too valuable for that. This is what I've been wanting to do it. I don't wanna talk obamacare percent. But I do -- -- on a scale of one to ten. How happy you are with your current health insurance coverage. I won't tell you bet on a scale of one of the other about a nine. With my health care. Now please keep in mind that. In this business in this industry in which -- work. You always have your contribution to -- I've never worked for an employer the picked up 100%. Of the -- here -- ever. As far as I can remember. I've always wanted to be gangsters dude dude do you know I'd go from rags to riches. -- the beginning to get those. You're missing but as far back as I remember. As far back as I can think even I was a single with no kids got. It was always partially my -- was deducted from by the employer appeared. And then the older I got and we have two kids on the plan naturally I have the family plan. Top that's where we get this -- serious fun. Sounds it's fun. And at this point given the complaints I've heard from other people about what they're going through with health insurance I consider myself blessed. A small fortune is deducted from my paycheck every month and everybody's everybody else's year. There is a yearly deductible that must be met. There is also. -- -- -- sometimes a significant open date force -- should be for certain medications. And for seeing certain specialists. However I'm willing to take the hit. Compared to other people know who don't have health insurance. Because their health -- got canceled. Why don't more people that I ever thought I would. Who have been advised that. Calendar year 2014. No longer are they gonna be covered as they thought they are gonna be covered under health here. Thanks to your president mr. Obama. The -- the sociopath. Like you play to keep playing like Kiki dug up of -- -- -- the law. It happened with your current health plan. I'm with independent health. And every time of the contact independent offering question. They've been there every time I've asked them to review bill they've been there every time I've needed something special they'd been there. And I can't argue with anything I mean if you're asking my customer satisfaction level with that independent health that would be it can't. Seriously now the plan our employer chooses well that's gonna have to be like a nine. Because and I know what they're trying to. They're trying to keep premiums down. And they're trying to make sure that those who used the system the most are those who pay the most -- what that but that's fair that makes sense to me. And unfortunately. -- of using an awful lately. Like the last year. I don't -- to complain. Because there are people who are really going through hell right now. I am thinking of the Miller family in the west Seneca commemorating the one year anniversary of losing Devin made that that's real life that's -- that's something about which you can cry. I mean when I hate when I think about my life it's it's a piece of cake compared to -- But the past year has been difficult that kept up to date and everything going on it's it's nothing serious it's just a whole bunch of little things that all I get. All I get I -- probably the only person in the world to have to have rabies vaccinations. Along with increased brain fluid. Up pacemaker. Ever got a syndrome. All within the same year and a half. -- a constellation of medical oddities. And I wouldn't have it any other way because that's the story of my life. I've -- one of the most un unbelievable. Lives ever that if they ever had to do movie about it nobody would accept the movie because it's too unrealistic. Are at a go to Jason. WBE ends are -- -- kind of an evil laugh by just let it. Jason era -- I'm a close second or here -- entered daylight and I -- and I have no health insurance I have a pediatrician polite but I do barter work for. And I have everything that you care that I ever need her -- I love having no health insurance I mean if people actually pocketed the money that they expect not health insurance. And actually in that but it they it would never even have any idea I. I might that was another gave up an -- -- and speaker she got -- like natural remedies and I sweaty it's not like I'm at colonial over. I picture Elop but the oil that you had in less than an hour and it takes you can cost you nothing to actually make that stop. All I mean I can't kill every umpire -- bacteria knowledge and my family and I've found that about. As at more than a cold for more than an hour and a half and I shared my own the either rheumatoid arthritis pain rashes and infections. I'll be careful Pelosi now you know you're actually entering into practicing medicine without a licensed territory. I don't charge money that the different. -- -- -- Does there have to be an exchange of money for this to for this to take effect. Yeah I mean basically I can't be able to get operational automate it that they like that they do it that I'm not you know what I mean and there's never been any item back. From anything and I -- a lot of people are being -- people are being forced to buy something -- the other war in Iraq that can paparazzi got it back together again and third period. And you can get -- they're very good at bat when it actually comes to curing ailments split picture. Nothing like a big commitment already at that -- that you don't hear -- anymore. A well player causing quite ready for example media referenced that they believe me. OK and that is all good and fine as far as the health insurance but. What do you -- Talk about saving money that -- -- not spending and health insurance what if god forbid. You go in the doctor and the doctor says hey Jason you need you need to have a pacemaker put in. And I will tell you that my pacemaker cost me with the surgery everything cost between 23000 dollars out of pocket but independent help put up about sixty grand. Now -- happen to have 60000 to sit around. To write a check up. Yeah quite -- They can but never really ever go to a doctor I've probably never know that I would have been need -- -- -- and made it killed one day and whatever -- like. -- I'm the only extra thing like that you know something I got a car accident and it caught me on her grand of people back together. I have a very different ball up the scene and other people. I think you're credit score like it's -- now I really feel I'm sorry I don't use credit. I have people -- call they get money the next day without having you know do anything dealing with banks are interfacing with. So tonight it's called six for five a big. I don't like to deal with those guys. I'm like that importantly than that -- have much earlier -- them a contract that people never read when they excitement about money but my point is it is it your don't really. Don't credit score than anything other than just an imaginary number which I thought I noted you get a creditor will call you you you really feel like we did that -- Are you ever have to -- -- -- -- -- you -- I was really hoping you get my credit score down the -- -- who populate that and they will never bother you again. Because -- -- the whole argument right there. And take it away the only power they have but I don't really view it by that I mean I I edit -- -- by. 135 dollars -- make. For that and I couldn't believe that you know I felt like they'll add that I began following more natural thing. And it's people actually I contractor people. 45 now what to degree between France forty. 45 at -- I'm thirty. WB in my cell phone went off I thought it was a maybe Carl Paladino or. David DiPietro -- Somebody who should know better than to send me text messages when I'm on the year. You know we process you know you. Let's go to the back and a silver creek so anyway Jason cell. You go to a hospital but he reported fifty dollars for tetanus shot obviously I had to think this ridiculous. But if if it weren't for health insurance and paying into the system. Then I must confess to user that. I would probably be. Now working a second job or making withdrawals they didn't plan on withdraw. -- but I very edit and I would have never even known if that was about it -- condition I would have never known that I -- you know I mean. And are issuing and that's a lot of people and a culture life. But it didn't really look what people are standing on that health insurance and what people are going to be spending. It is a complete waste of money I mean you're not getting the results you're supposed to. -- -- a contractor I were tiger out for five years and your house got worse instead -- better which used to hire me now. Yet doctors work people for 51015. Years they didn't pills that end up getting them sicker with more side -- needing more pills it's a never ending cycle. -- bit there's there's. Managing -- a disease there's managing and treating a disease and that there's curing a disease made some concessions have to be managed IP of something like diabetes that is a manageable condition and it does require long term therapy in some cases insulin. And regular blood testing that is a manageable disease. What else is a manageable disease session go to Mercer is a manageable. Disease with diuretics and if necessary lumbar puncture. There are diseases that happened kubert for example won the last time you saw somebody walk around with crutches from polio probably never. No more people -- polio from the vaccine that actually spreading it. When's the last time you saw somebody walking around with a polio Boris. -- receive it when I was a kid I've seen him in years. -- very true very true I'm just -- like for example vaccines for example. If people actually went to the web site of the manufacturers. And look it up I mean they look up to -- ought to and the Internet before they buy something. You know if people looked up and cnet's -- manufacturer says. 38%. Difference senseless people and by the way Amanda bleeding out of your I think from -- I mean really we can take this thing if you do that you only had a re 8% dip and then people. Right now I would take leading out of my eyes and and is compared to what's going -- thanks very good thanks for the call -- -- by the -- there is a a cure for example many I forgot to mention it to it's called merrier. -- Well if -- -- I say that there are not there is not a place. That there's not a place for alternative modalities. I'm a big believer in biofeedback and a big believer in meditation on the big believer in positive attitude. But even the most positive of attitudes is not to amounted to much if you're dealing with a rapidly in the past the -- to. It's not gonna deal -- not help you if you got told today that you've got -- -- a cancer. I mean an attitude yes but ultimately that's something that -- you know it's got a very high rate of 02. Com some his legacy some diseases can be managed others can be cured. But it always makes sense to look up what you're taking. Because there are side effects. -- an example. Comedy if you take a -- is -- -- probably to me and the other guy and Western New York with his brain fluid that. So. Here's what dollars. It helps to take the fluid. Out of the break. But long term there's a chipped it increases the risk for camp is now. So the choice I had them it was okay you want -- relief from the headaches now with the risk of possible kidney stones later. Or -- wanna go through the lumbar puncture every other month. Now LPs don't bother me but it's a little much as my employer to. So everything has a possible side effect even good food can have a side of and certainly eating in the Dominican Republicans haven't side effect which I carry with me to this day. With the tape worms can look like under a microscope is that they were. Would be. -- -- Stay with us on -- news radio about thirty WB and how happy are you with your health -- I got to -- -- 1010 out of ten for independent health nine out of ten for my overall satisfaction. The I I wish I -- that the pace so much but compared to -- I feel like I'm blessed. -- you know I. I've talked about pulling something out of blogs nether regions buoyed -- -- -- I -- you guys a curve ball you're probably expecting. You're expecting the stones that I without Jeff wrote call. Now this story be behind the music the stories I was gonna do what one. And it and iron and it. And then at the last moment I called an audible and we did think as a brick instead. Just say all right coming up at 635 are you happy with your health insurance. Are -- that that's pretty simple question I. There are very few businesses that don't sponsor me that I will rave about independent health is one -- -- independent health everything they say about the red -- treatment I have to -- Bay bay they meet their promises. They keep their promises I've never felt let down by independent health at all. And I -- I would recommend in the pen and help anybody even without being endorsed it complicated for the endorsement. That's how happy I am within -- -- -- seriously. Now as far as the health care in general that I. I'm gonna give and -- -- and not because I do tend to pay a lot of a lot out of pocket. But given what I have verses what many of you have on the ticket -- I considered blessed. Now let's go to Bob in Clarence. WB EM Bob hello. There are coming I get you shaking your frustration at this plant guys. -- these these kind of conversation here. First of all it's totally false the people got Holyoke from an injection immunizations more than for transmission -- ridiculous because we talked. Did he use the words more than transmission or it is simply say that that some people got polio through the vaccine. No he used it was somewhat degree or more greater whatever term what the implication was that the destinations where the problem just like the people that autism. Blame it on and get. It's absurd. Okay but thank that we proven at all. It's certainly -- polio and so it kept our street are part of the 400 dollar -- -- technician to -- the contractor. Really ceemea. It's -- only come into your house subcontractor plumber. After 5 o'clock trying to weaken or whatever they charge and -- relate -- win this guy when he first -- the -- -- walked into the Mercosur was probably got a tetanus shots. -- appointed doctors and nurses and all kinds of -- of people they're they're most of whom are union. -- expect deductibles simply outscored union did not union to what decrease of forty union -- it -- union. But importantly I was so I think people are available at that time in -- doing -- -- more of a more critical position. Good technician out of course that shot alone which is what he's implying of course I would expect that -- that the major price the thing you. The doctor -- -- if you use your body temperature dorsett kept chicken guys I started something has been. Sold tickets will be at least they got portable Africa and -- is specious and can give me your people what they're talking about. That it got malpractice didn't you know go on and spoke were so. What do you think the tetanus shot what do you think Bob -- you -- -- -- shot I should cost 475. Bucks look I know it's not a fortune do you it's not a fortunately but for some people that two weeks ahead. Money but he -- put it shot itself about the whole thing that they hot water Cape Cod. Sort of -- but it -- a thousand box. -- so you it would have been shot itself about the whole think walking with a brick in order hot so important port city which he they're finishing out. With nurses actually all of the attendant things around at different Japan before you wanna go to walk -- clinic where it got his love to compete for a box were I think. Thought they would get them had a laceration -- Are unsure about it evaluated the body. Our immediate antibiotic given or whatever he knows. When I was between big shot whatever but it all public -- suddenly it was a debate fortunate 5% shot. Just not. Was there anything else not you are is our call it retired doctor Oprah diet treatment correct. Yeah okay but we're very important sub specialty and anybody who's ever hurt a foot there will swear by the values of the directory I might I might -- Bob. -- The -- will will it's not it's not good when it turns black and starts and neck -- ties is that. Yet in thanks so. Thank god it's not doing it but anyway. I was gonna ask you about the was there anything else that that guy said that made you just that absolutely furious because they know you to be a man of strong opinions. Well that the -- Ilyasova I don't need insurance paper morning after or whatever shall put so once the through the woods who were. As a gimmick the world doesn't. I can't because spectrum of diseases that one can come across it's so great debt that silly notion that they -- protect myself and that the value of the notre view of the young or this stupid or else they've done it before -- -- to protect yourself against he's probably the -- it happened. And if it's not doctor bill can you when you beat cancer whatever they're just sold many procedures I've ever again about the union part of this. Well we haven't memorized and the guys put in his debut union electrician the -- delivery truck in the eastern -- person that nurses union -- There's so much money they want to have a reasonable wage. That the moments. Scrub the floor and actually during your bad. She's -- in eighteen bucks or more direct CIU or whatever so there's a lot of things around is yet to elect to look at sort of cost of health -- Is that doctors without the focus of the talks but you'd have a lot to do with -- You know pop up I don't begrudge him I think you listen to -- long enough to know that I have a lot of friends who are physicians and I know what you go through I used the David doctor I know what you go through I know that residency is nothing less than living hell. And I know how much time and student. A student loans and how much effort went into it I don't begrudge a doctor a big salary at all they've earned. Well if the second but given the apple puts in patio does make it 300000 dollars a year pouring concrete. You're going to be -- 2000 guilty uploaded to YouTube is more symbolic I don't people -- people reopened sub shops. It's ordered most doctors the people they -- the -- take that. Even talk show hosts. -- -- -- -- -- The story of the 2012. A -- career as 9/11 and recently some time. Finally my love life actually but hey Bob if I got your email. We do see an X ray of my tell just for just for blanks and giggles. It really OK I get -- in Galveston in the X ray of my tell. Because he needs to see how badly banged up a moron can get his little tail so problem and put John hold. And what's really funny what's remarkable about this is I ran into a lady at wegmans has Regina. That woman wegmans. Had the exact same for the exact same old broken in the exact same way except I think she tripped over her husband's music stand microphones there and it was just it was like one of those moments you just had to be -- All right you know three -- 930 also the copy of the X rated the Bob -- I don't want free medical advice but I just great ideas that you might get a kick out of it. That's when I broke the -- has more on. I hit a rock. I thought Iraq was gonna come out the back -- -- -- quickly to the right and then broke my toe on the Stonewall I built with my own two hands and some of them are still thousands of our surveillance cameras you'll never know the difference. As people of about two -- everlasting should. In the words of Sosa too young Tony Montana don't like with -- Tony don't you ever tried to like me. Here is. It's -- matter -- In my over the top. Just a little bit yeah just a little bit security's important. And I can spot. Like that surveillance that's a good. All right let's go to. I mean I'm good if that is a real good. I think a call or should I. Keep people whatever so the world will not come to an end I do 48 re. We're gonna let's -- -- 48 and let's. You know asked Bob about alternative modalities because I will swear by using a constellation of approaches that deal lose situation -- Bruce user are on WB are you happy with your help here. Well yes I actually I am health and have you with my health care I have independent health and well I'll hope to never have to use them. All but I can have a I agree with also plans to callers to a point. All. I know when you go out to -- your insurance and don't hold that shot thing I know. Everybody get their cut everybody their piece of the -- I can be helped cause that much money. In the previous caller before that I forgot his name now he was talking about what you would never know if you were sick. And there's I think there's others who solutions out there as opposed to lock in mainstream. Big pharmacy that's out there all I'm sure you've heard the guy named Al Linus Pauling. Mr. vitamin C himself. Exactly he said. Every chronic disease. Is linked to a vitamin or mineral deficiency. And I'd -- that very true that everything calmed down your. Like your body chemistry I'm reading a book -- the total book of fiction I'm totally -- -- it with the that's called. It's called dreams from my father by Barack Obama. Or close second this book called how to cure diabetes. So does this address so what we used to refer to as juvenile diabetes or older people diabetes. This includes the whole -- if it's a cure all of not a cure all you have to do the work you have to read the book. I can't put the -- down 400 pages long. And everything is backed up. By the medical community. But it ignored by big pharmacy and the and the and the people are driving. The whole insurance game. Well you know I I don't know what to say because I am not a position I have experiences with a lot of different things. I am very open to alternative modalities because I will be damned if my life is simply going to be senator around painkillers I do a lot of deep breathing I do a lot of meditation. You know I do a lot of stuff that is off the grid of conventional medicine biofeedback thank you mentioned that one point all right so. -- -- at the the idea being. That you have got to be your own best advocate. For your health and even though -- read something on the Internet you didn't go to medical school. And I always try to lighten things up when I visited doctor and I say you know I'm also a physician I read up on this on the Internet before I came in just -- lighten the mood. Exactly public stated our polity and expressed. -- first one of those. -- all right yeah I state cheaper places come up. Right all right well. Yeah that was my my my biggest point right there. Again yes -- Specter thanks for taking the time that -- my job. Have a -- night. OK yep YouTube polity and yes -- and expressed no one on trends that I think that. No need to stay there all the fun stuff takes flick takes place at my house. Effective so much fun it attracted an audience for one. Sorry. There's some things that I just epic ever let go -- that's one. That's that's one of them. -- I -- -- argument I'm like. Let's go to joy oh Joseph you're on WBE and. -- -- -- -- -- The topic -- Betty -- like that I see -- point two till the last two color can I heard arguments from our side. You know people say that. You know they pretty how much money clip and we care plan everything in my community that -- definitely healthy -- is that. I like I happen this year and very very much I rate now that the -- -- each -- it's going to be pitching actually independent out. -- January particularly about the two world and I don't know if anybody earlier -- -- talked about that but I hit a high deductible plan. -- with a high deductible dynamic company had a hand. Premium. Anything month -- month which is wonderful because then it's. Everybody is going into you know my account now in about where I think that money every month and I don't. -- -- I don't -- that and then my company get. -- flex spending card which they actually put money. Though the company is wonderful make it a thousand dollars -- EU and the high deductible at 3000. Well you know under Obama every year that flex spending account that you can put aside for medical bills tax free goes down and down and down and down usually between me and my kids usually last a month. Yeah in the and we've had the went out for a fight ears and -- We hear exactly what is on her heart -- in we've been there. At I think that in the that the ball well. Haven't made any packet -- -- I -- -- -- but it might. The -- that any any year. In Japan. Premium with the way. My health insurance to people like you're an adult you are putting -- -- -- hours and the only here plants. And he usually. Really light. And I like a couple of -- and British. A country what it would -- at the formula authority did what the Pope air. Because that. Ability. -- That would be hurt by the customer because now I didn't argue that 3000 dollars a year. There and it. -- that when you're quite right next to. The -- too I don't know. -- -- appointment. To do something for the week. That'd be content and educated didn't -- Because that -- -- the and you meet -- I don't particularly with money. That you see -- -- -- actor charged because people need to Nintendo -- complain about it right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't think that the company would have or can't you imagine something like that. Wouldn't it and making. You know the content that health insurance more competitive you'll keep that -- The price of coverage. Like he couldn't believe. How -- health insurance -- An amateur but that. A timeout joy joy to take Brett take a breath Joseph I have time. After a breakthrough talked to her some more -- -- going to be -- they joy you know what I'm sorry but I got I have to go but he'll -- a great caller I say take your breath I'm just be in a putts OK I you're you -- awesome please please call again. Not now again. All right thank you thank you very much as she mentioned Quest Diagnostics or spent many an hour. And a little known secret about me I have the black girlfriend. At Quest Diagnostics on young's road in Williams she knows who she she she's she is my -- She says she is my milk. So. In the people expressed are we dropping -- nice presents for. Guys enough ladies and I love you anyway I'll still keep coming our -- 650 a WB yet. Well I must tell you this is a totally unplanned shadow because I think seriously. I had got to do the health thing all out. Well most of today and -- DiPietro and the ultra think that appellate in my lap that was going great that we can't wait and wait and waiting but apparently. Apparently a big DiPietro is on the airplane like in the Twilight Zone with it over Manhattan and vacancy that dinosaurs opened below the plane. I think that's what he's -- Twilight Zone -- could be wrong. Problem. That's exactly what they get in the Twilight Zone in the go ahead and whoever to go back to 1939 world's fair based on that flight. I'm decide these things happen in real life don't marketers. Thanks to Joseph beaver for a superlative job after control once they gain and to Chelsea -- straighter. And banks that most of all these guys for hanging out with this for four hours today or however long he could spend will return it. To borrow from him seventh on Hannity is actually it was two words. No yourself.

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