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12-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Dec 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Work on 71 and hopefully he'll keep tuned to let me on the drive home. 50 at WB -- you're just joining us one of our local assemblyman Dave DiPietro not to be confused with that Rick DiPietro will be NHL. Dave DiPietro has had a meeting that they would Donald Trump to a half hours of launch with Donald Trump you're trying to get -- to run for governor next year against Andrew Cuomo. And I'll find out for you if you think this is a good idea. I've heard worse ideas but I still lead the know more about Donald Trump where he stands on the issues that are important to me now as far as Ben Carson it. Caller earlier said he retired. From my Johns Hopkins on his all the web site. There is a no reference to his having retired from Johns Hopkins. So either the caller was wrong or bad -- website is wrong. But what it says here is he has directed pediatric neurosurgery. At Johns Hopkins center for over. A century. Over quarter century. I've got to say over a century that makes it what held little doctors but it makes no mention of his having stepped down resigned from the at that position. So I just wanted that it's a huge issue but I just wanted to point that out I hope the doctor Carson runs for public office Sundays -- as early sixties right now. But it's part of New York politics I I think that publisher Hillary Clinton you've got to be part of New York State to fully grasp. What you're up against the power structure up against which you find yourself. You really need to the I think rooted year. In order to be successful governor or if not rooted here certainly here for more than a couple of caught on -- Hillary Clinton. It is -- ten minutes after five at WBE and -- -- -- find out from you guys if if you think. Donald Trump running for the president I'm ready for the governorship of New York State is a good idea. And I I still have some question marks about his real views on gun control. His views on analyze say. And his assurance that what these office he's not gonna change his views again. Because that's the big issue ahead with -- not the not so much to be voted for gay marriage but that he said one thing and then did another. That I thought was disingenuous. That's the thing I had the problem. I would have voted the same way as he did but I would have told people up front this is where I stand up I don't discriminate against people for whom they love. I can't do it is just not in. Which amounts are sure came up right where you but you get the idea. 8030. Thirty start at 3180616. WB -- so who'll. Is going to be our next governor of New York staters -- Lancaster Michael. All -- you're on the year hello. At Vegas Mike held on for an hour just to just to say that. I'm sign reading what he said and I think he's attempting to the effect of hop hop com. That I could be wrong. So is that Donald Trump the man now put another a text message to a date DiPietro. When we last spoke with Dave. Which I would have been. Well let me just check my cellphone here it would have been -- about 424. We spoke with so at what time his plane yeah he's either it's easier on on approach to buffalo or just getting off the plane. Depending on when the plane took off from JFK and if you've ever flown to JFK you know sometimes the wait in line can be. Somewhat that on the long side of -- what number they were for take off but. Presuming that he still in the ear all the -- get a message from us one of his friends say he was kind of surprised it was David DiPietro about the rapidity with which I had the information about his meeting with Donald Trump. It was up on your face gives -- -- FaceBook its now I do. And it was pointed out to me by somebody else and that's why did the topic today. See now I don't know what to do because part of me wants to move and other things in the part of me wonders what we can do it but we gonna do part of me wonders what we're going to do when that they've DiPietro lands and touches ground in buffalo in -- calls. So do you have any choice. Do you have any leading candidates. To be the next governor of New York State are you pretty much anybody but Cuomo ABC. I've pretty much anybody but Cuomo. But they've got to pass a certain litmus test with me. They have to tell me that they believe in the constitution of the United States and every one of our rights that was spelled out. By our founding fathers including the Second Amendment. And that they have to have a working knowledge of the Second Amendment. And they have the promise that the NY safe -- Will either be overturned overthrown or the state police will be ordered not to enforce the act. -- the state will not litigate against lawsuits against the act. Which would of course require a different attorney general other -- -- Letterman who believe it or not is to the left of and global probably the collapse of Bella Abzug all of resonate from the past where -- where did that come out they that happily. Yet she was happily longtime congresswoman from a new works and actually -- autographs and we're all known as count on as quiet studio. 8030930. Is the -- -- start at thirty and 180616. WB EN. Those -- -- phone numbers who should be the next governor of new York and at what issue. It is the issue for you. In my issue something that the state governor can do something about from day one is and why say. Something a candidate can say right off the get -- is I will not enforce this law actively worked to overturn this law. To me this law is invalid and unconstitutional. And I've got an idea. If any emergency session. If -- area and basically that's what this -- if -- message of necessity. Can be issued putting a law in place which by the way has already been written they were just waiting for a tragedy happens like -- promulgate it. If I'm elected. I'm going to sign a special order. A special order a special message of necessity. That will do away with -- today in much the same way as it was probable game. They're gonna get my vote. Absolutely positively. And it's that important to. And you know why it's important to. I don't think spell out the in -- -- throughout this -- to Europe but is at least Davis. Bet many men in many women have died over the years in defense of our country and its constitution. We've been pulled from the get go that we live in the land of the free. We've been told from the get bureau that our. Constitution. Enumerated the rights we are guaranteed as entitlements. The first ten amendments of -- constitution collectively known as the bill of rights. For the first time ever a government body. Issued its -- call charter caught its corporate charters say this is what people get robots. Unfortunately somebody comes along like it and -- ball swimming in the blue blood of dead school kids to get a law passed. Under a message of necessity. And your constitutional rights go right out the window. And if you're listening to me right now and I hit home with you economic and points with you. I cannot urged this enough. I know you're busy and they've got a million things you gotta get done again -- their myself. But please take the time to register to vote. And not only take the time to register to vote but make sure actually do vote and make sure that every gun owner. Every firearms in two -- every lover of liberty and backer of the constitution. Also registers to vote. So we get this fall league in group global Bologna out of office as quickly as possible let it be one term governor. Don't let him metastasized. Anymore that he already -- It is up 56 -- at WB. We're awaiting David DiPietro. The assemblyman who just tablets with Donald Trump -- short time ago. I think the real amazing -- Joseph is hot -- make it from a two and a half hour lunch with Donald Trump to JFK. You think trump helicoptered event. Because that Manhattan traffic Christmas season. From the trump tower to the airport. It can be somewhat. Ambiguous what tiger actually arrive at the airport especially with security and everything else you think you got a chopper ride to JFK. I'm just I'm just wander around I got to ask him. Helicopters are cool fixed wings are better but helicopters are cool you wouldn't -- a helicopter. -- -- way to fly but I'll do it up on it never -- what it looked too complicated the you guys in Nam who just you that you could fly one of these in your sleep got question because I eat what I want somebody flying a chopper. Honestly I I don't know the first thing about how to do airplane yes. Chopper now. But the best players all open cockpit. You've never been in an open cockpit plane you've never lived. You need to feel the wind you need to look over the side and see nothing between you and the ground. You need to be an open cockpit plane once in your life. All right we're actually talking about not open cockpit planes and aviation we're talking about who the next governor of New York State should be shouldn't be Donald Trump I've read previously some of weird Donald Trump statements. And he has done about faces on a number of issues over the years including abortion. Including gun control. -- he was a gun control advocate eleven years ago now he says he is against gun control. For those -- you visiting from Canada he is against gun control. I like to interpret because I like to be multi cultural with these things. All right let this get back to my FaceBook page and see what is happening bigger. And I have to go here first and then go back to my FaceBook page because I also posted a question about. Whether you have also changed your views market. And on key issues over the years. Donald Trump -- change some of his views over the years so by. Did you have a holy crap moment that forced you to change your thinking about an important issue I'd say epiphany but then I start thinking chocolate. Ensure that meant that it just sounded funny to me at the time I wrote. -- just look at the comments on this mr. miles please cooperate all right. Yes when Clinton was impeached ice. I retired from a good company but damn I need and want to work again. Carl -- -- cosmos. Now or only my outlook on other people has changed my outlook on other people and how I treat them. Bully people. Judging them we're treating them as less than a person just is my cup of tea anymore unless they're tyrants in power or outright bullies themselves writes one of my pants. Is he really erotic. New York is poised because of the NY state fair issue to make a real change in government. To elect people that represent most of the state not just downstate New York City. I want to return to Western New York retire but I won't under current circumstances and I'm not confident that anything's gonna change and the trump story is not helping my confidence. And somebody else says it's important to keep an open mind. Well very few people actually responded to the question. Which was have you changed your views on the subject. And it's interesting because I have actually I think change people's views in some cases on firearms people within my own family. I think have done about pace of firearms and the Second Amendment thanks to my education. Because obviously they all know that I'm permitted them licensed. Under restricted. And they've asked me questions about guns and this goes back many years. And it's to the point now you're never gonna believe and I'm stunned by this myself you're never believe who now has shooting as a new hobby. And actually -- more than a couple of agrees we've lost in the past the hour but if you're not the temperatures will rebound again. Were rebound a game if you're on the other side of the border or shopping from the other side of the border and we do appreciate your business and your patronage your spending your dollars in Western New York. We are 030930. Start I'm thirty and 180616. WB -- by the way I've not yet issued by a happy Chanukah greetings so happy Chanukah to those who view of the Jewish faith. I keep the pilot nor the put it up in my window. As a symbol of support. And I always forget it's always like the last thing I'm I'm thinking of righted. And I leave right at them like all I should about -- or Sunday someday I will light ago. I don't like -- house. Is that weird. Two house fires start with candles I don't trust myself with fire were sharp objects. But I was talking about who's gonna run for governor and you'd like to -- run for governor because one of our local assemblyman -- DiPietro had lunch with Donald Trump today in New York City. Last we heard it was taxing down the runway at the JFK don't know what position his flight was in for take off. But today he assured us that the minute the -- -- gonna tell us more about hobnobbing with the rich and famous but I started talking about changing views. Within my own family about guns. The least likely person to shoot in my family. What is notice that I put that in the past tense was my brother -- Now if you -- -- If you know Dick you know Dick is is a passive guy. He's not passive aggressive desire and he just passes. He wouldn't hurt a fly. He is well. He is not a violent man in anyway shape -- -- he doesn't have to prove his masculinity. But after listening to me and other family members talk about the joy of shooting. The joy of shooting animals I don't not the joy of shooting people only the really bad guys but the joy of shooting. To compete with yourself. My brother -- finally a couple of weeks ago was able to get together with friends. And fire a -- For the very first time he received the proper -- I won't tell you with whom he went shooting. But let's just say people who really know what they're doing with weapons they gave him instruction. They told him what to do. And I'm afraid that my brother Dick is now hooked on a shooting. Yes he is the latest victim of my education as to firearms and how much fun making -- What handled safely and appropriately. So -- do my part to convert my family one by one now most of my family is either pro gun or has guns. I was the first I was the trend setter after my uncle -- the award winners. But my breath I mean we're even going to ever but he hasn't been pretty much you know we're a work program. We're not we're not punters were just -- And I'm happy with that. And I'm thrilled that my brother actually now after all these years I think he finally gets why guns are fun. Why guns do not equal murderous rampages. -- guns are fun hobby. And the most important -- -- up by the way is the one you all we're the ones you all. Now the ones I -- I know all the little nuances. I know older little lip targeting errors and I adjust according. -- No you're gone. No you're gone and no safe handling of the gun that is important marker for the 22 rifle. You got to know how to do it safely. So did welcome to the world of shooting. And now hopefully we'll get quote a lot of office like and say that over and over and over again. Odd man. I'm sorry. Out of the closet as an ABBA fan I make no apology whatsoever. Eight others -- -- -- gonna come to this is not an -- but there are sponsors of the show on the radio station Riviera. There's a group is coming -- in January. And all on VH one of my regular listeners alert me to appears just pick up and but that's called a rifle from Sweden. And I wanted to had a chance to see these guys a couple of years ago. They're the only officially but sanction to cover band for all the some of the same musicians -- after playing are in the they're gonna be coming to the Riviera in north Wanda I think in January. I asked to embassy. And as long as I am feeling up to whipped up by that point I will always going to be very short injuries were against it went and seized near the center of attention. Gonna do a real quickie it's all kind of introduction but if you end up. You have to see a rival from Sweden because I want to tell you something if often never reunites. And I don't think they're going to even those are kind of whispers couple weeks ago that they -- might. If they never unite this is the closest you're ever gonna come to seeing -- seriously. I've seen -- I was blown away -- the best characters I've ever seen in my life. Everybody's laughing -- in the control room. Yes I'm a man and yes apparently went to the Dominican Republicans Dominican Republicans lost some chromosomes. Anyway so rival from Sweden at the Revere you -- if you love up if you miss these guys you're missing out on a huge tree. Plus you'll see me in a suit which can happen. 535 WB Ian I mean it's bigger -- be treated like -- got him a little like John. Anyway. Very different story different kettle of fish we won't go there so up. Who all I just set up and a text to Carl Paladino when I cannot read the text they sent word for word. It basically said hey blank knuckle you wanna come and play on the year about this trump thing. At 533. PS I invented that word blank -- so we'll see affect our whole. I don't -- well enough to know that he probably that is bottom up or will weapons but the minute he sees that word coming on his cellphone. By the Lake Charles as -- Britain and I was at Brigham and Roger's style. Who believe it at the Richard Nixon kept on his political insider -- don't think LBJ was behind the murder JFK. And he's going to be exciting tomorrow night at the -- new place and main street. In Williams -- you know I thought I was supposed to be -- a couple of times and both times I have to beg off. Because it is stupid thing which predated the trip so I'm. I gotta get there I know I gotta get there. I'm glad to get there it's a beautiful isn't it beautiful place that -- real -- job on it and it was really -- joy. Watching those review who built that you construction guys it was a real joy and pleasure watching you guys bust your humps in ninety degree weather twenty degree weather and everything in between two way he wrecked that building. Really wants it witness who looks like you're on the inside. All right it is at 537 at WB Ian how they asked Carl what he thinks about Donald Trump. Possibly running for governor and if that would be good enough for call. Because Carlos -- look if the Republicans -- immediately wishy washy. Candidate who does not properly articulate the views in which I believe that I might just run as a conservative. I'm of the opinion that Andrew Cuomo represented such a danger to freedom that he's got to go. When I say he's got to go I mean electorally he's got ago. Speech that's what I'm talking about he's got ago. I can't wait until somebody beats. But really it's up to the Republicans. And -- Yes -- Republicans or anything like that national Republicans we can certainly count on 812 more years of Andrew Cuomo. Let's hope the state Republicans have their act a little bit more together then do the the nationals. Also I have a call out to lead -- DiPietro who did have been at launch today with Donald Trump. All the other guy that I suggested there a joke because I'm kind of holding pen. Because we spoke with that -- DiPietro via assembly men we spoke with him. Boy a little over an hour ago. And I'm not sure exactly when his flight from JFK took off. He did assure me once -- touch ground again in buffalo that he would be available to us I can only presume. That he was a little bit further back in line were the taxing for take off. Otherwise he'd be on the ground by now easily from New York City. Provided he was jet as opposed to prop. But even now we should be all you with a prop. And I love like props by the way I'm certain -- dash -- are cool airplanes I would fly once every day of the week if I could -- no answer while we're stuck it out right left and center yet you don't think it's holiday season their joke. Because I got this great topic I got great people with whom this week but now I kind of feel like of this holding pattern. All right let's try this approach them while we're waiting. Force somebody to earn your vote. As the next governor of New York State they must blank. For somebody that earn your vote as the next governor of New York State they must blank and your job is to fill in the blank. And I've already articulated this but I will. Re articulate. It is vital to me because I believe it's vital to freedom. That Andrew Cuomo gets thrown out of office on his behind. It's vital to me the techniques and tactics like messages of necessity which really aren't messages of necessity. Are done away. Even though I've probably used the same technique just to rub it in Amber's face when I as governor would use a message of necessity to do away. With NYC just rub his base because sometimes I play dirty. I don't like to but sometimes I have to do and I do. I'd rather not but sometimes. You must do. To me the governor of New York State who's gonna get my vote must. Absolutely must. Actively be against analyze it. Not just outside not as a facade. That not as a sure rod -- But as. A genuine human being. All right let me I'm just wait for -- -- guys in a note that a sex for you because you wanna call -- but you don't wanna get nailed that way and when my guess call. So -- -- give this like five more minutes joke and if if this seems like it it just is it gonna happen today. I can give him some of the things I was gonna do anyway so we don't break -- Lola just figure out how the how the dust settles and when we come back. We will get them back into this topic or will open up another one because I just. In the words of the kinks please don't be anyway please don't keep you waiting so tired tired of waiting tired of waiting for you. Ray Davies will -- philosophers of all times. Was really embarrassing last night and I'm glad nobody figured it out is I had to go to renegade and a but yes -- and com. And I realized it was for myself that we can frightening aren't 540 -- understand. 545 at WBZ and what it is yet. Don't know what it is that that will -- it all figured out in the meantime. 100 ounces of water every day as per usual I'm aware of the dangers of dehydration. Yes yes. All right well for are all waiting for. Today. Yeah. A year. To stuff. -- Jong anybody remembered she each and strong. Also appeared at the -- Here. Joseph that was well before your times or you're not if it is right or your head don't worry about it OK let's go to. So sit peppers or two man. Signs that -- By bringing back memories for people my age you better believe there is. -- not to be confused with Paul -- -- the attorney -- you're at WB EN -- All right. One issue I think I am I'm totally with you our New York State that the much but I think one issue that. Yeah it even more important in baton and everything else and all -- a line. Politician could never probably get elected if you -- and not that this is positioned but I think he needs to be open to the idea. That New York's state used to be split into. I think that that's the politics of downstate and upstate are so polar. That. Nobody ever going to get the government that they want an upstate New York longer and -- catch the city. Well yeah about eight to ten million people in New York City some -- the -- actually legally here which boggles my mind but. The only problems I agree with what percent. New York State in no way shape perform resembles New York City and vice Versa and I say that with a great deal of affection for New York City is I think people realized by now I -- New York's. But politically I don't like New York City in the released. However if it were to be split up it would have presumably to the United States senators who would no doubt be Liberal Democrats making the senate even easier for the Democrats to and take over. You would have to democratic senator notable. Well we've already always choose so I think that would give a couple extra. And good point that that content like Rick Lazio I think. I think that he's. And what about for New York City. And certainly more than -- better for the conservative side of the -- up. -- some of the other issues that are important deal breakers to you because right now. I am all about NY safe and that's why I want -- ball out of office because I don't like it when people. Basically -- over a document that many many people have died fighting to preserve. I'm underperform with -- New York -- that's got to be about one. Point deputy other and other candidate had urged brought. I think you know one other reason I didn't vote for Cuomo but wanted to say that I thought maybe it would be a good thing if you talked about. You know getting our deficit more under control I was really excited about that even though it. He's kind of doing it I think that reducing government spending would be and other than where -- -- would have to show that you would do a lot better job. Well I've I've said this before and I think it's worthy of repeating we don't have a an income problem in the first day we have a spending problem in New York State. And unfortunately it's gonna continue because even now we do we don't even have the Cadillac of Medicaid we -- the Rolls Royce with the Lear jets of Medicaid. It and I'm not look about putting down people were on Medicaid I know that some of you have legitimate situations. But win your health care is better than my health care and I worked for mine and I pay for yours there's something rotten in the state of Denmark. I think sure you know trump would be far better -- Cuomo. You know he maybe trying to the track he extra and Republican and I'm -- super excited about it but that they came down on them were to Cuomo like your previous start that a vote for him twice. -- -- idea I hear you all right thank you are Erica appreciate that are exploding New York State in two. What are -- cedars another topic right there I would love to see that. Because if Irsay says two Democrats in the senate the rest of New York State and sent to Republicans were libertarians to dissent. Every -- and -- it out loud. It's the way here Carl still waiting to hear from day. Not year. Here is on the west side on WB and hello Dan. Well we are. Always awesome dude always out. He and ordered a halt for somebody if not callable on. That he I love that we have you know period. -- salute the democratic. Organization. What you will also under threat. -- What do you. Or. Book club -- anyway our roller are hard ball all or are we. Video. Know what -- that you think it will probably all the what they're able to poll. In places like -- it was. The body but. In. But what. -- -- -- you know ten years Republicans in congress there are complaining about a one -- I'd like. It was surreal. It is coming from. I'm. Well. I think. We'll stay the numbers are up about what you thought. Two and a you know I mean every now and I'll say. It went up like I keep running your own people and well you know -- You know what I hear I hear Dan I hear you I hear me I'm talking to myself right now because I feel the same way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Vote for all the better in the Republican primary. And salt and I'll always remember. Bush -- whole McCain. It will run you all guys who disappeared during the and it -- part of your campaign. It -- slow down the progress really want to end up. Also what Republicans laid out your state. I'll put -- that lead editorial. The politics here we might well. He had for so you know manipulate it conventional vehicle that. The Serb authorities here we tried it or I'll I'll bump up. Well by the Conservative Party also needs to figure out who it is and what it really wants to do what does it really wanna be conservative or is it gonna nominate people like -- Byron brown. Well you know what what happened at Portland Conservative Party who went -- -- -- -- -- Little say they had a Conservative Party well -- -- I'm just there and the under most of brokering meridor. So vital in the liberal parties when you get enough signatures for -- that there's -- -- and then that. Working and we started up -- place. You know so that conservative record decided to try -- it all on site. All of these conservatives want to encourage. Buttons. You know we would wish for more all but it life. Amen brother amen Dan one of one of the best phone calls all day I I hope you buy another foam well. I don't know I won't mention it. That would just get out of fallen. Our brother I gotta go thank you very much great call great points guy knows his stuff I'm very appreciative. 8030930. Hopefully we'll hear from Carl or -- DiPietro. Before too long. Because -- could find out more about this -- with Donald Trump from the vitro. I'd like to find out more about what Carol -- thinks about Donald Trump from Carl Paladino himself. And I just and in very very fun text message in which are called him a blank -- and it's exactly the words you're thinking. And he loves me and I can do by 56.

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