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12-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Dec 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right and it is -- away -- news -- 930 WB and its hourly and it is a we. We are weak it's -- Wednesday it's already that week it's company. What. I like going to the dips in theaters because in some of the ads they show via the Campbell as walking through the theater and you think he's gonna say it's -- But instead he tells people to show off their cell -- a anyway very creative use of -- Campbell. And I've attempted to say something related Campbell's but I guess I'll take the high road. It's hard work it's that liberal form habits have no -- -- -- now. Local assemblyman David DiPietro. Met in the New York's. With Donald Trump. It was DiPietro a whole bunch other people meeting -- Donald Trump trying to get him to run for governor of New York State. Now we've also heard rumblings the Carl Paladino may be interested in running as a conservative if the Republicans nominate somebody who is a -- to do expect. The phone number. Is 8030 -- Carl didn't use those words publicly but luxury thought them. 8030930. Start -- thirty and 180616. WB -- not to think wolf Donald Trump as a rich guy what would it be governor for everybody wants prestige everybody wants power everybody wants. Everybody wants what they don't -- And get to the level of Donald Trump. How -- billions. Would it take to make you happy. After awhile material secret after awhile money doesn't mean as much as it used to when you didn't have. It doesn't mean as much as he used to when you didn't have. At Donald Trump has been very wealthy for a long time I assure you it does not give him the thrill it used to give. Like that not like that I know people with tons of money and paid just it's just a part of -- does that make them happy all. Thought this a million times if money major happy everybody Hollywood would be normal. And I think we know that that is not the case. I think Donald Trump would want to run for prestige. It's a feather in his cap it's something new he can do something else to be put on his tombstone. In -- multi billionaire real estate mogul TV success governor of New York. And history is replete with examples of people who also had money. George Washington I believe was the first American billionaire. And yet he served his country. Ben Franklin. Was financially well -- He served his country not in elective office Ali might have been elected and accountable congress I don't remember certainly wanted to signers of the declaration of independence of driving force behind the constitution although is really James Madison's baby. But -- I digress and to try to give the example that people through history with money. Even though they had the money I've still got involved in public service three up at the Roosevelt some time. The otter interviewing Theodore Roosevelt the fourth after Wilcox mentioned many years ago. And it was a -- what I mean you we have no idea. The Roosevelt. Truly a great -- controversial American. He. We look at the Roosevelt now many people and say boy word of those kind of president -- And even at the time he was alive. Theodore Roosevelt. Somebody once said if you. -- you must remember the president is about twelfth. Which I often used to characterize myself. But he was a man with untold wealth in comfortable money for his date yet. He did some pretty onerous jobs assistant secretary of the -- Not exactly a top order job. Police commissioner New York. He was in New York assemblyman for awhile at the Roosevelt -- one of the things that I really admire about him. Lot of people don't notice but we're talk about rich people getting the politics like Donald Trump and why they do theater Roosevelt when he was a member of by the state assembly. On the same day his mother died his wife died. I just what you imagine that -- maybe some of you have been through that with vehicular accidents or whatever but. The same day he lost his wife and he lost his mother the two most important female figures in his life. They both died on the same day. And Theodore Roosevelt persevered through that grief he went out west for awhile. He. Then you have -- a presence back -- You know therapy and packs all we're a long way off. Yet Theodore Roosevelt overcame the grief. End up by the way speaking of grief. I don't want to point out that. Some people with whom I've become friends over the past year and effect well before that. This is the first anniversary. Of by the accident -- Orchard Park road. And we're DeVon Miller the young boy was killed. And they're gonna have a candlelight. Vigil in his honor. Tonight. The first anniversary of his -- pass it. The doubles a jury be DeVon arch angels will have a candlelight vigil in his honor 6 o'clock at north wood elementary school. North -- in west middle held blue and gold -- in his honor. And I know that. The family would appreciated if by you can at least just sent out for here to DeVon and Devin lives on by the way. It alive because his parents. They gave the gift of life to units. And you know what. There are people walking around right now. For whom the named DeVon Miller. Is a salvation. Because today our city. They are enjoying life now because of the contribution. Of Evans usable parts that were made. By Evans family. And those people will forever be grateful for that decision. It is a 450. Donald Trump or Andrew Cuomo Donald Trump Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo. Who will get your vote I should say will get your vote. I will vote for anybody but -- Paul. As long as there against and -- safe and as long as they are people like consider generally on my side I'm looking for 100% agreement. Except and -- straight. Because to me that strikes at the very core of what it is to be an American not just a new Yorker but an American here is -- west Seneca and west on WB and hello. -- -- -- Well I'm a registered conservatives and I don't believe -- changed but if you can't conserve land have I would hope someone a real conservative would primary. -- yeah I just don't believe in. Giving the -- to someone else who just want to use that it the run for governor not to win but just to be a bomber. I think Donald Trump would be a formidable candidate. -- I think it would this week Powell from running. He's not perfect view -- I I think any libertarian candidate because there against NYC. But all know I just I pray to god that. Some other conservative says no on in decide the primary and that he shouldn't just get -- public debt. Well -- -- with you because I think that this election is so important I don't want. Eight and this is gonna discuss not awful but. Andrew Cuomo to me represents so much demonic energy that. I would actually vote for a Republican and certainly a conservative if they ran against Andrew Cuomo and I don't want anybody getting in the way of. We -- and and by the way -- donated to his father Mario Cuomo so how how much against them is he really when he donated one of the most liberal. Politicians that New York State ever Mario -- side that's why don't think they'll be but the real conservatives it's hard to vote for someone to donate money to Al Gore. And Brian Higgins. And that he that he supported those Liberal Democrats that Brian Higgins in in particular is never voted against Obama. And yet he's received money from Carl Paladino. So I just don't believe the conservative he conducted the -- an and it's not saying these conservatives they constantly. Put up. Little insert him immediately Blair well he got conservative that and he's a liberal. So it slightly against -- billion I don't believe -- conservative. Well do you think Donald Trump -- because I honestly don't know enough about Donald Trump politics because he's that whoever they think before I don't know where he stands on a lot of issues. You had a good broker he would be anti Obama I know that but in in New York State he really cares sticker with the politics Lackey he would. Single handedly. Well to this point uphill into global he has kept. Gambling illegal and it spent and donating to politicians. And keeping any gambling confined to reservations. So all I think that he first he put himself he's -- out of trouble for Dow dropped just like -- -- be a -- -- -- -- you know. My question -- for -- Thomas for Tom were all in a week we have to be personals. Absolutely but -- -- -- campaign saying that he was against people play in which that's exactly what he does otherwise he thought Al Gore was good candidate in the dot. Brian Higgins was any doubt Mario Cuomo was in if you think that they were good candidates. He shouldn't get any conservative or any key party vote at all that they support. Of course they're they're also I have to say the west people can change people can see the light people I mean I've I've changed and a number of issues and you call -- flip flop or I guess that would be accurate for example abortion I don't wanna be on abortion. Why did I do it because information led me to change my mind that I was on the wrong side of the issue. I agree I'd heard guy aggregate visit with you didn't need someone there. -- make up your mind about Al Gore Brian Higgins in my article all balls I mean they never pretended to be conservative. He didn't need it to do what -- if you do it then you really don't have to bring themselves. I have more than two brain cells last I checked -- I have 66. Remaining and functioning. And that's about it. All right west interesting points I'm glad you called we did you under any circumstances vote for Andrew Cuomo. God no god -- -- lead that. Market but -- it either in Pataki would not make the cut the calculus you know could be out well well. And -- -- to he beat the unbeatable Mario -- also don't forget about their two. As -- course you once said politicians have a limited shelf life. And I can't I don't think that Andrew Cuomo shelf life has been long enough yet for him to what simply lose by default to somebody you know a fresh new face. But stroke although I don't wait a sidekick was and no ratio and said that he's gonna get the presidential that it will global he's going to be Hillary. Going to the psychic. And and and I'm gonna be going out with Angelina Jolie tonight to. See what happens first I gotta go west thanks for the call. All right entries at the guy I asked to call him. All thanks for -- I don't care Joseph I don't here I think to -- the second somebody's on the line. Are coming up I mean that the milliseconds somebody's on the one effect before the full range as you tell me who's going to be calling if you go to your jobs here. I'm getting with Joseph beamer. Right now. Now to assemblyman Dave DiPietro on WB and that they thanks for getting in touch or got your text number -- mine forever tell us about this launch. They are saying they can't we cut off to a single model plane or just checks in JFK. And -- borders then so. But the meeting went great with a look at it for about remarked I -- to build OJ. That we're in Albany what you're trying to figure out who we could I guess it's gonna take on the group formal but beat a -- victory strategy. Came up with. But trump would be. -- you know won't be all about nuclear launch we actually controller and who -- the start -- launch. Is -- on Iran. You do it. Didn't say Kirk caught -- five minute meeting. -- And meeting in -- We're -- about it that -- time commitment does demonstrate some interest -- -- -- as much as I wanna be selfish and talked you -- you go to Albany -- -- buffalo. Well when you touched down in buffalo could you call us again because I don't want to interfere with the avionics and they're gonna tell you to turn off the phone and minutes ago up at an electrical. Our Lola ballplayer Raj could trip to -- -- when you're in buffalo and and our thanks -- -- guy I don't wanna mess around with I mean how what I feel it. You -- FAA investigators said the plane went down because somebody was using a cell phone to talk to mr. hourly on his radio show that would be not a very good feeling for me to carry with me the rest of my life. I'm sorry that was probably over the top but Dave Dave will call us what he is on terra firma once again in buffalo course JFK could have about a twenty minute wait I'm via. On the taxiway but anyway I just try to be considerate. So Donald Trump met for two and a half hours that's not just the launch. With that David DiPietro and others in the New York City and -- is on his way back to buffalo right now on a flight. And that we will talk to him again once he grabs whatever luggage he's got Andy is back and his cell phone you know wouldn't be an issue on the airplane I don't want him to do Chuck Schumer. Chuck Schumer -- wants. Chuck Schumer. Was sitting next to whether she was sitting next to Kirsten Gillibrand is puppet and -- cellphone and a flight attendant said you need to turn that officer. And he kept. It she said sir you really have to turn that off. And Chuck Schumer -- keep -- -- Republicans say women you know binders filled filled with women affect the Republicans -- all. And yet Chuck Schumer turn around -- -- bitch. That's what our illustrious senator called a flight attendant for doing her job in airline safety. And yet he'll be elected and reelected and reelected I daresay if they were -- middle aged Republican had called a female flight attendant a bitch. Now that would just be more evidence that the Republicans are in -- out to trample women and put them back into binders. Itself fortunately for coming up more on this what do you wanna see is next governor of New York State -- Donald Trump get the -- We. What. You. -- You know I've I've got HBO on demand. And debate debate Perry there showing our re re showing the -- problems season by season and down. Just what well I selfish about these things -- tragedy that James Gandolfini. Because. If -- did that brought that -- back. I know I know they never were going to -- it's like you know it just kind of liked that feeling of closure. That you know something you're really like is never gonna happen again like the -- John -- got murdered. You knew there would be -- Beatles reunion. Well maybe there will be eventually but but not. Up on this earth anyway. So that's why -- decided whether it's on my musical -- to all beamer is at the master control so I looked up Donald Trump let the issues. If you're just joining us if you go to my FaceBook page global war on disparate. However local assemblyman -- DiPietro. Has at lunch today with Donald dropped two and a half hours launch. My goodness that's a pass after a passed for the ages. Of course is there were. At this launch I can almost imagine half naked servant bringing out the grapes and feeding them to Donald Trump one after another. -- -- -- I know I've female I should point. That makes them appealing -- all right. So anyway I. I decided to look up Donald Trump on the issues because they DiPietro wants trump to run for governor. And I here's what trump has to say about some of the issues. On abortion. I am now pro life after years of being pro choice. That's when he set in 20118. So he is gone pro life after years of being pro choice. And I have to tell you that I have going on in the exact same direction. I believe there are times when exceptions should and could be made. But. I no longer believe in abortion on demand. I believe that it ought to be an option in cases of incest and rape. And basically under any circumstances. Where the physical or mental health. Of the mother would be so jeopardized by continuing the pregnancy. As to merit termination of the pregnancy. Mean that's something that I definitely could sign -- -- because I happen to believe. And I don't think this is even worth double that life begins at the moment of conception. Think that is exactly when human life begins I don't know what else could possibly begin if not then. Donald Trump on the budget and economy. In -- July 2000. This is interest. Four years before it happened Donald Trump said prepare for upcoming crash bigger than 1929. Well it didn't turn into the Great Depression but it easily could have but Donald Trump knew that something was fishy. And he said that. Prepare for the upcoming crash bigger than 1929. I'm New York City rent control. Well who cares. Doesn't affect any of his listening here Donald Trump also wanted as of 1999. A one time 14% tax on wealth. To a race national debt. You know what's really -- in 1999. Our national -- was nowhere close to the seventeen or eighteen trillion in his right now you realize that. You use this wouldn't even if I don't even know that this would take a bite out of the sand which of national debt and 14% actually advocated 1999. On civil rights. Donald Trump. In march of 2011. Is not in favor of gay marriage and does not want same sex partner benefits. Now that's going to be an issue among the younger demographics because those who were younger. -- ten bit with some exceptions they tend not to see things that way. On corporations. 80% corporate tax would create millions of jobs. Donald Trump on crime. Capital punishment isn't uncivilized. Murderers living is uncivilized. On drugs. Donald Trump says legalize drugs and use tax revenues to fund drug education. Amen amen amen amen. April 2011 and a predatory of -- -- said he does not drinking is not smoke nor does he do drugs. On education. Teach citizenship stop dumbing down. Hall. I happen to believe the doubling and the dumbing down of America is part of the master plan to destroy America because -- drama miss informed citizenry. Is. Easy to manipulate. Or ask your question. Went totalitarian takeover or invade who were the first people they kill. The so called intelligentsia. The people with a brain. Even those people who thought that they'd be just fine. Once the people for whom they were subordinate takeover. That they often find that duplicity comes with two faces. Donald Trump on energy and -- No cap and tax oil is this country's lifeblood. Jobs will slice -- -- slump until our lifeblood oil is cheap again. There is enough natural gas in Marcellus Shale for a 110 year supply. All right it's incredible how slowly we're drilling for -- what Donald Trump has to say. -- Donald Trump on foreign policy. China is our enemy there bilking us for billions. When you love America you protect it would no apologies. By 20/20 seven tsunami China overtakes US as the world's largest economy. And there's more by the way on this I'm just giving you some some background on gun control. A lot of my audience cares about gun control. Courts in my audience gun control is decline is keeping -- -- yet steady and not shaking grip. And making sure the target is -- properly. And gently. Gently gently squeezing the trigger so you hit dead center. Dead center body that's our idea of gun control Donald Trump on gun control he says he is against gun control. He says Democrats and Republicans are both wrong and draw on guns but eleven years before he said he was against gun control he was far. Because he was for the assault weapon ban waiting period and background check. Say well yeah yeah. So now he says he's against gun control. In July of 2000 that he was for assault weapon ban waiting period and background check out the red flag them. That is a total red -- them. I mean there are many more quotes OK from Donald Trump I'm just trying to get an overview. Of his positions. And I will play in this unless he absolutely positively unequivocally says that he will overturn its chief executive of New York State and like say. Man. He's not getting my vote. Mean that I will that I will go third party that I will go liver Terry as a as a protest vote. But for right now I think it is that important that we get and -- out of office. And I think analyze it is exempt indication of why he's got ago. Because anybody who is willing to take the constitution. And Clinton's himself will be in place that is not pleasant. Maybe some -- -- but a place that is not pleasant does not get my vote. So as you look at. If it isn't -- ball. Do you want to see as governor of New York Donald Trump. Carl Paladino. I think Donald Trump is more likely to win. For many reasons name recognition is huge self funding is huge. As Chris Collins. How important that is that you got to campaign properly. You've got to realize as they pollute as a political campaigner. That sometimes. The last Tuesday the better off you are. That there's no point in if they say in the country kicking -- fresh turret on a hot day. No appointment. There's no point in saying something that is gonna automatically alienate people -- these are still the advice to Tim -- gives me every -- -- -- an attempt at. But seriously. Donald Trump has many abilities. I need to know more about his positions on the issues that are important to me and you. Before I can say hey I wanted to run I wanna -- -- to be governor of New York State. Are are you sold on Donald Trump. Now Carl Paladino. -- -- -- love -- but I don't see a much different result this time if he ran that that he got last time. Our Karl is an acquired taste in fact some people of Western New York. You still haven't gotten a taste or it you don't like it. You know we tell week we -- each other. We want somebody was going to be a structure. We want somebody who's gonna tell the truth is racing. Of somebody. And we castigate them for telling the truth and not -- not being Lima. I think his campaign Carl's campaign last time was was badly run. Our Carlton needed somebody desperately needed somebody. To keep him on the straight and narrow. To keep him on message. To not allow him to lose focus. And not allow him to be drawn into areas that were no wins for him. I really think. That. Almost all probably would have won. But it would not have been as lopsided as it turned out UB. There's a lot of sand. I think that. -- Is best understood here. And I would I NC -- at some point. Run for congress. I'd like to see him at some point run for. An office in which he could do well and prove himself other than the buffalo board of education. Because I don't know anybody any one single person who's ever gonna turn around the buffalo public school system. Establish a track record I don't know again folks I don't know exactly how much -- want to delve further into politics. I don't know. He has basically said if the Republicans nominate some knob he might run as a third party candidate on the conservative line. Donald Trump reopen the idea. Yes or not why. Over Andrew -- And again I get back to up Donald Trump on gun control. The year 2000. He was for the assault weapon ban waiting period and background check. And eleven years later he is against gun control. So whether this represents a moment he had an epiphany if you will. Where he changed his views. -- idea on abortion. And a person is entitled to change his or her mind. Person is entitled with new information new facts a new way of looking at things to change his or her mind. It 030 thirty start at thirty. And 180616. WBE. Well. All right so Alia be careful there where a lot of people liver on their hope everybody turns out to be okay. AccuWeather for 2 days and this evening or cloudy and breezy is a shot in spots later on the overnight low 44 tomorrow we're going to be up to 58 degrees it will be breezy a couple of showers and right now believe it not for 51 it is 53 degrees at WB -- Yeah not hard to take -- Arctic at all. -- giving you some issues that Donald Trump has issued his proclamations upon. And now I call upon you to tell me if or Andrew Cuomo against Donald Trump organs that. Carl Paladino. For -- let you would be voting. And today it is essential we get and pool ball. Out of politics as soon as possible as governor of New York State that demands a lunatic I think -- stark raving mad to be honest -- And I wouldn't say if I didn't really believe. 803 don't let thirty -- 3180616. WB. CN. Via phone numbers and another thing out here for you which kind of ties into it because I mentioned the -- changed his views on guns he's changed his views on abortion. If you don't want lady on a big issue like that. Be honest with have you done a one day on eight core issue with you because I. Absolutely positively I plead guilty to having -- a flip flopped on some big issues here and there in my life. Because my philosophy is whenever I hear a better argument that what I can make whenever I get facts that are better than the facts I currently have. Then if reality forces me to change your view point I will change your viewpoint. I never close my mind. Let's go to day dole in that Cheektowaga dale WB NL. Eight time let it made of their communications -- -- -- safe anyway -- sounded remains to be seen. Well we -- know. -- body I would like to see factor that in part he run for governor New York State particularly do pretty well about -- we think. Well you got to convince him to move from Johns Hopkins up to New York State to run for -- -- I'm sorry go ahead I'm sorry laughter. -- Were. All right so we'll have an unemployed black man. Because that's that's -- that that's the media will portray -- I guarantee. Well surely well yeah oh sure I think -- he's against. All release spending on welfare and you know our life I don't know no background. You know I do and that doctor Ben Carson is absolutely positively a phenomenal American I'd love to see somebody like him as governor of New York State. I would like to see him or become president -- the United States -- that that would ever happen I would offer him twice what I -- it. I think in the -- would be a good ticket for president. -- don't know which when I'd like CB president. Well it's -- mind. Knowledge doctor Ben Carson has not expressed an interest in becoming involved in New York State politics about which lets face it he knows absolutely nothing he wouldn't know Sheldon Silver from Carl Paladino. Yeah had a stroke held a seat -- throughout become our secretary of commerce. If we got a Republican president. You know what secretaries of this secretaries of epic that they just don't do would form because it all starts with the top it all starts with the philosophy at the top. And if you've got a president who is. Not in favor of capitalism if you've got a president who believes that there the in equality of wealth or wealth distribution is something in which the government has to stick its teeth I assure you that every one of his department heads are naturally gonna follow the theories advanced by the Marxist in chief. Well. I would seek out problem for president I think he could squash or a jury and I don't think he will. Well probably so I I believe he's a bad loser. I don't think he would want it to anything that he's not sure he could win it. If you get -- -- You know it's really a shame. If I mean that's your analysis of him and obviously that philosophy if it's true has done him well. But haven't you learned bill in your life a lot more from your failures -- you have for your successes because I sure they'll have. Castro but he has a very. Very witty guy and -- -- into law a -- I mean I would I OP front -- I'll definitely vote for him. But I don't think he put it that -- a couple of times for the presidencies -- I already thought about it and -- -- Yeah yeah I think he backed out because I don't think he exceed the key achievements. I don't think he likes blues. Well the war -- or Donald Trump just may be a tease he may just be playing with the PH drove in the other people at -- -- for lunch today just as a tease to keep his name out there summing -- -- enjoyed. People enjoy kind of playing games like you know cat and mouse got to go thanks. All right for 56 at WB yeah.

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