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12-4-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour 2

Dec 4, 2013|

Hour 2

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elliott back where vision coming up sandy -- -- talking about the national conversation about whether cell phone should be allowed on airplanes so I'd like your opinion. Would you think that's an okay thing to do it serves some purpose or just be a pain in the circus. And also where should they be banned he remind that we can't use the cigarette model as a good model for cell phone simply because. The cigarette model while ago was a condition on health concerns. Another words secondhand smoke things like that they were health concern. Having somebody annoying on a cell phone is not really a health concern analysts are considered. Mental health concerns so it would be quite the same but my first. The first thing I would like to see our cellphones. Banned from performances. In other words there you go receive the symphony orchestra and negotiate a rock show whatever but if it's a performance. You can view is okay because not all performance is loud raucous he would know that others some you know some quieter performances. Maybe things you would see that -- wouldn't have allowed decibel level and somebody's phone is ringing and they're chatting on the cellphone so that would be my first. My first. Something throw in the pot there was total is on Grand Island leisure on WB yen. Expanding I don't think I'm I'm what do you think about flying hands being able to use your cellphone. Well I got back into the stretch but I don't -- and I eleven. And when -- I think it's smugglers out of this country and -- you know that everything doesn't get caught. I PG and somebody else hit -- -- number and within each yet located on the cellphone. I would take just one following a lot bigger and -- somebody blowing up a plane I really try and frightened that you that your. So you would you would not want ads and not because of inconvenience or annoyance but because of a security reason. And why the -- you think about it one of the comments are starting to emerge now about the use of drones to deliver packages. That we -- runs on a sixty minutes. Is the security concern from that we've all the drones flying around. -- is saying some degree and hijack one and put him explosive on and that's what people are talking about OK that's that's we're gonna mark that down as a security issue thank you Liz thank you very much. I'd like to know for me -- what do you think. To me. I would be more concerned about the I don't even like to sit next to somebody on an airplane that's chatty. In fact if I'm sitting next to somebody on an airplane is -- I pretend I'm asleep. Much as my wife used to do during our honeymoon a -- that's right picked up I don't know but are just pretend. But I would never I don't like to chat on airplanes. And -- get off the airplane I don't like to him Chad in the terminal and I especially don't like to chatted on more. At work I don't I'm just not a chatty guy and for our guys there's not a guy to have a talk show it's me since the sometimes it amazes even me let's go to Nancy in Morella Nancy you're on WB again. Thank you for taking my call and -- I -- that the that -- -- motor transportation that I recently went to New York -- on the train. Including our people were using herself all it was such a total annoyance. One talked almost nonstop from -- Florida Albany. The other one got on almost in Albany and almost New York City until -- -- Lot of people got up and moved and I I need to obsolete because it was just they like you said earlier. They have no clue how loud they're talking and they think that that's the most important thing. And it was just. Not because -- the close of proximity of people on a plane there is no way I want -- seat on the cell phone use on a. Yeah you can't step out on the wing and get away from a I understand I think it's very rude when people do that and especially when people conduct business. On the phone and an even at that trivial personal stuff. Very seldom. What I say that that that's okay because it was important enough because most most at -- not. It's not an emergency it's just something you wanted to do and so that's two votes that nothing against that thank you Nancy. Thank you very much as she mentions of trained. Here's -- I discovered. Well I was on vacation I was I was looking at some truck and train trips that it might be fun to -- on a train here and there. And because I -- like train travel member took a group of listeners. To the starlight express -- from San Diego up to Seattle. Up the coast of California was fabulous. Train travels fabulous. But I a couple of short hops. On -- on trains to save would be more funds it would take a train there. Definitely you would be more fun -- flying there about would -- more fun than driving so I look at the prices not a cheap guy. But those -- prices are -- state. They really guarded just surprised me I know some people who've taken the train to Washington. And Cleveland and places like that may -- the trip. But I pricey little pricey and thinking all right they're not talking on cellphones during a flight you are you -- -- -- where should they be banned. I think my first nomination is in a performance situation say go to Klein hands and you wanna hear the music. Or is maybe it's the spoken word performance that's the last thing you need. Is some moron on a cellphone or even letting their cellphones rang and because everybody's got. Everybody's got their own personalized ring tone which oftentimes does not fit the atmosphere which is ranking. So you got to really be careful of that and but when the last caller. Talked about those two people were on the phone. On the entire train trip. -- that fits into the national. Mode right now nobody cares. Who's behind them nobody cares about anything except themselves. I was that a bank the other day on Dallas say which one but I was at a bank -- not my favorite banked -- where I talk about how good day. OK I was at a different banks and businesses -- is a teller. And there's a guy who was being waited on by the hour. Yeah just shooting the bring these non banking issue goes out and about the is talking about that happened on the headlines I expected them do you know drug -- to video or something. With no concern. About the fact that there was a line of people waiting to see that one teller who is a was waiting on customers don't care. And did you ever go to the post office and I love our post joblessness Trish the dishes there. But the they forget that there's people in back of them wannabe what are. Migrant. Season a couple of nights yeah she was -- lies Owens on the music and blob blob blob blob -- it ought to be rude but you're thinking. Is this not a place of business. Shouldn't we -- it's nice to chit -- a little bit but you don't need to go on and on and on and that's what happened. People just don't care used to be that way with tolls. Well we have more -- there. People are always surprised that they were entering -- told a barrier. And they didn't have the money ready. And when they did have the money ready they missed the basket and you know they're usually Canadians we're gonna target we'll take a Greg will be back -- wanna hear from you. Should cellphones be allowed on airplanes -- -- day so far nobody thinks they should be for various reasons. Where should they be -- we'll be back after this. They Sosa WV and AccuWeather forecast mile with clouds and bright sun a shower in the area again this afternoon high of 48. Are there cloudy breezy tonight with a brief shower too low 44 but temperatures rising into the lower fifties. Mostly cloudy breezy and mild tomorrow a couple of showers and I'm 56. And Friday colder -- variable cloudiness perhaps no shows and I'm 36. For and a spot for bagel Jay's. If your if your -- -- may I recommend. The classy -- goat cheese bagel person also sizable flying -- it's big it's big and it's really. Of the problem is if you don't get there early in the morning they're gone I'm just telling so that's a personal recommendation from from sent. -- were asking about the cell phone conversation now it's being heard nationally should they vote would be allowed on airplanes. Because there's no escape -- in the airplane or in the airplane -- here's somebody. Babbling away on their cellphones. And where should be -- and where should they be banned my first suggestion was performances. You go to see a musical concert or whatever they're not all -- So that it would Jesus be drowned out some of them are so often and I just don't think they have a place there. My other my second suggestion is in this seems like a no brainer church. Whether -- for church servers are wedding are certainly fuel anything like that. Shouldn't have been remembered Byron brown had a bill that never got anywhere and no guns and church icing on cellphones insurers because so rank the most opportune time. The -- say I guess is in the way that event and an avid at somebody's a goofy cellphone rang. I'm not not a not very appropriate okay. Let's go to -- first Chris gave me a couple of Facebook's and a mangled vehicles. This is for -- she says I really hope cellphone use is not allowed on planes -- wanna hear all the chanting there's going to be no order escaped from a I can't stand the thought of listening to nonstop nonsense -- four hour flight it would be mad. You could do. You can do what -- -- on Saturday Night Live remember when they do -- Saturday Night Live news update somebody would be reading and there was -- somebody's sitting next of them would be going am am am I you know make faces and all like I said. -- be kind of cool if you just marked -- the cellphone user except this could cause problems as they have the land and suddenly. The TSA comes in hauls -- off the plane so that perhaps wouldn't be a good idea what -- you -- -- this is from -- he says that -- myself phones on planes for years nobody's ever complain to me I think small screaming kids are much worse and cellphone use but you don't have much choice with small screaming kids I mean you can do the best you can to quiet them down soothe them whatever. So you got a kid's got a kitten advocate has to go to the acted as a go with you but. Phones are optional I mean -- of view being in -- you know brain surgeon on call. I can think that 99% of the calls to probably be answered. Or or or initiated after you've landed let's go to land in Hamburg when your on WB yen. I -- Andy how are my mom. And cellphones definitely should not be allowed on the plane because I think it's gonna lead to an increasing either herbal. And or physical confrontations. Because people are just. You've got nowhere to go out. Absolutely right that's what I'm afraid of -- and you know there's so sensitive now on airplanes. Where if you listen these at the wrong way bill -- land the plane and an alternate site haul you off so I think that's a good appointment. And I can give you very good at it wealthy an inappropriate -- a cell phone book and I work for a veterinarian in the -- around. And we actually had a quiet confidence. The doctor came into the room to examine their animal. But clients stayed on the phone -- a whole entire visit and the client actually shot the gap there. When the doctor went to go talk to. While you're shooting. Although I'm -- at home we actually ordered online. I support up in -- waiting room and an all our patient room. Please turn off all cellphone. Are you really you really have to I know when you go to the movies there's usually several reminders. To turn up the cell phones. And in more more places we're seeing -- Good point good example thank you very much. You're you're you're just simply don't need them there usually the conversations are trivial. Usually they're not important. I understand texting. Because it's quiet. I understand it usually -- especially if you have just a little -- alarm you know little or something like that. All numb and I think I'm crazy all right and I'm just telling you Chris I want you to tell me if you think I'm I'm crazy aren't. I think that and and I don't wanna sound -- -- George Noory fan you know like I see extraterrestrials. Were -- You know I yes I was swear you are brought up to Mars where they examine my -- -- none of that stuff great. You know we have a choice. A sounds to alertness on are on -- are iPad or iPhone. And you know here's a new texts coming and here's a new email coming in. Here's a call coming in and we can change them. And and some are very popular and they're used a lot I race will air. That they are inserting some sounds that we're very used to in our electronic gadgets into commercials on television. Because what it does is as soon as you hear it you think wait a minute did I just get a text that I just got an email because I just heard there the -- of the sound for it. And it was in the commercial I think it's designed to put him in their -- pay attention to commercial now that sounds goofy and I'm not ready for the cope with the ties in the back yet. But I hear it I want journalism -- if you -- That's actually happened to me I'm I'm Steve cook David CB ever ever actually thought about it but there are numerous times won a lot going on or I'll think I hear the cell -- you know and it's not silence like this elegant sitting around. You know by myself now -- and when I hear it I hear it when the TV's on a recent phone there's nothing there and I think recited I must be aired there yeah maybe they are putting it sounds in America. -- you know so advertising is illegal. It's not allowed a by the NAV and I think by the FCC okay the civic the subliminal advertising means. Say somebody's reading a script in the background. Just briefly would be key word or something it's part of the subtext. They're not allowed to advertise like that but I'm thinking by inserting some of these sounds that you used to hearing all the time into commercials. Your ears perk up you look at that you look at the set maybe you're not paying full attention and suddenly you're you're watching the commercial. And I thank them if any of you are going through that -- few here are sounds like they're coming from your TV set. Maybe I'm not crazy but maybe I am hooked on my hearing isn't the best. When you spend as many years is I have a playing playing music that loud levels that's a UN that's saying. Why could you repeat let's go to Pete in buffalo -- you're on WB yen. And he let me -- Turn out. Yeah yeah I get it did get to a regular phone instead of the yeah. It's not a speaker -- -- a lot about them. You know I've I've been not been any communications business for all my life and I'll work in the -- radio radio communications business and I know quite a bit about. FCC certification. And when the radio is such as -- cell phone which is a radio. Is qualified for the it's gonna be qualified by the FCC that has all kind of kept the dark and get that step of the FCC approval. Debt debt that's usually based on a small sample of devices in a dark in actuality. When they're producing millions and millions and -- have these cellphones. Let it just took manufacturing and power to -- these things do not all be -- requirement. And so that's the big problem. In the yacht certification process even though after the -- says. They don't interfere. They they couldn't have done enough testing only testing that is going to be balances when they -- -- haven't airplane crashes through the community. So you think that a bunch of people using -- searching for towers and things could interfere with the avionics of the plane okay thank you effect PO OK thank you -- you're right and -- We'll be back tomorrow would be -- company news is next -- call this awful -- -- we'll be back after that. Elliott back with the Beijing dominate today's on the Dave in my bubble -- vs a thirty dollar certificate to be applied to put Sonia. In less than it was just fifteen bucks the plan -- Sonia offers. The -- but Sonia offers beautiful arranged just beautiful arrangements a healthy fresh cut flowers. There custom designed to major our exact needs not just some button here your exact needs these are your exact needs and that's what they constant -- for. Go to WBN dot com and click my bubble approach -- guys that was suggested of going there may be you don't. A lot -- among your friend's garage. Yes were you going I'm going to the plan to and I'm going Christmas shopping that's where I'm going I'm sure they have a lot of cool stuff. Are aware that Beijing company and we're looking at the fact that people are talking now about the weather cell phones should be used on airplanes. I know that seems like. An awful suggestion. I think the argument can be made all our especially on long trips we say well I can play games. I can listen to music -- you know within ear -- I can do that. -- look things up by my appeal of those views and work -- it's not gonna bother anybody but on the other side of the coin or those who want that considerate. That they want him bother using an ear bud. And they'll be chatting away -- Matilda over absolutely. Nothing okay because they just wanna use the phone. And that can be annoying I -- I was screaming kids are annoying enough but at least you have to deal with that you know -- much of a choice. With a cellphone doesn't have to be on so I'm thinking if given a choice. Short of an emergency at an urgency Obama -- into your airplane you can't go anywhere and help anybody. You might give some advice on the phone but I'm thinking that maybe cell -- should be turned off. On airplanes where should they be banned and so far I have nominated. Live performances. Because we've got into the hands of thing now where everybody thinks if they go to alive performance. That the rest of the audience can hardly wait to hear what they're going to say or the noises they're going to make. It started years ago when they started recording. Albums. Oh up from concerts -- the entire concert would be -- pressed onto an -- so people who would bear would go. And -- -- -- -- record may not pay it's coming up right now where I go. And it doesn't. -- wasn't the same idiot to stand outside the rope line on The Today Show okay the exact same. -- there are times when I wished they rope line was electrified. But unfortunately we don't always get our wish. But but -- during a live performance your phone should be off. Because some live performances. And you wanna get into the moment you can do it if somebody cellphones going up. My second nomination is church obviously god is more important than your cellphone. And I don't want it's who you know get up to the pearly gates and their check -- listened -- him. Johnson and Johnson. And those a church service crews that you would you call we get police escort the sabres game. Gonna gonna purgatory for awhile. And just a little while because had not done that boom instant access to government. We can't work out so you gotta be careful the third thing and they warn you all the time now. And it's good because you don't really hear much of it anymore at least not to those movies I go to -- going to a lot -- ago on this new -- Which is something I love to do a -- the most. They should know I should not be in the movies. Yen in. Crowded enclosed areas your cell phones should be. Quiet it should be Marcel Marceau quiet should not hear a tweet a people or anything else. But we are so hooked to our devices now we find it necessary an -- I don't consider myself. Hooked on this stuff. But if I left the house without myself when I go back and get it it's only happened once that I can remember. And the same thing -- my iPad because -- a lot of stuff in my head that I reference every day. So. I would I would go Baghdad I think we've we've become hooked. On the technology. I know some people. Said that they even shop with facetime. If you have facetime on Europe electronic device. That means you can talk to somebody. They can talk to you when you can see them and they can see who. Where they're sent to the grocery store or something they're looking for something specific they're not sure so they call it home. And they hook up facetime. And they actually show the different articles and that's. It's useful. Purpose to it but not on a plane. And maybe not a -- performance or church or the movies Chris says you have a couple of others. Book -- -- yes this is from Rory he says I think cellphone should be banded during funerals I was at my mother's funeral mass and somebody's phone actually -- the priest. Turned around and ask the person if you wanted to answer it was -- -- all that's awful that moment and you know your. Uranus on your you're dealing with grief and somebody's phone goes off wow okay that's a call from hell. What -- yeah. This is from Terri sees as people act like they're going to melt the -- on their cellphones. You can't be without it for a few hours somehow we managed to get to our destinations okayed for years I for one hate the cast and beeping uranium ever released phone. I don't wanna hear their conversations on planes either -- -- Right away we you know you kind of make fun of people who can't give up something you can't he can't -- those looking at a but I wanna ask you could you give up your cellphone I mean I think I've seen people shake when they thought they you know they left the house without it. And not only cellphones and ipads and iPods. But even in the car as the cars all have no movement now the most of them. Have all kinds of -- more electronics. In the average car today than they did on the on the moon shot I can tell you that right now without without question. And now some of the electronics are getting more complicated and more difficult. Especially with some of the foreign cars where they have a master. -- -- dialed something in and punch it down and drag it over and whatever. And it's not a not a good idea to be involved -- what you're driving. Now. Police cellphone that the cellphones but the GPS stuff we'll talk to you which is very nice especially if your -- And voice recognition. In phones is really fun and if you have a really good time. If you're alone in the car and your board. I hit a voice recognition and they will which usually female voice will ask you questions. Talk rude tour say bad things because she's not equipped to answer bad things she -- she'll say pardon me. And then you say it again OK as just a me at a little higher decibel level next thing you know smoke comes on the dashboard but if there. It -- through a long boring drive. We'll be back with the with the -- W wanna hear from you where should cell -- be banned. And should cellphones go out on airplanes and giving her horror stories I'm sure you heard him just as I have. Blah blah blah blah blah this. Right now what -- supposed to tell the governor wanna talk. It's -- WB and AccuWeather forecast mild with clouds and breaks the sonic shower in the area again this afternoon high of 48. Rather cloudy and breezy tonight with a brief shower too low 44 but temperatures rising into the lower fifties. Mostly cloudy breezy and mild tomorrow. But a couple of showers and I'm 56 Friday. Colder variable cloudiness for some snow showers and I'm 36 if I had the governor right here the first thing I'd ask him is. Are you really want the sexiest man alive I don't believe it I don't buy that for a minute not even in that one age category -- was. The president I'm not gonna have a subject I just wanted to vent for a minute the president's having a speech today guess what he's talking about. Income gaps just watch tomorrow. The big strike on a -- workers who want fifteen dollars an hour. President today will reveal get right back to class warfare welcomed the CEO makes six times more than the person at the window at McDonald's. This is the way it goes with this guy never never hands. Okay and it's one mine one mine shaft to another we're gonna get strong now one problem. And to take your mind off of something else he throws something else out there and that's what he's doing today. So home shameless just shameless bringing people further apart every single day and every one of these features. I'm just about something. Less obnoxious and that his cellphone use. Let's obnoxious and the president I think when the president speaking you should be allowed to answers. And I think you have like a wild ringing ringtone to something you know -- yeah. I'm maybe a marching band -- Something like that. Do you think people should be able to use cell phones on airplanes. And -- they've been saying that the question is. Whether it interferes with the avionics of the plane obviously if it did. It would be -- -- no brainer now they're saying now it's going to be okay above X amount of feet. And I'm wondering if you got a plane full of people -- wage cut their cell phone trying to call and many. And they are all searching for different towers I don't know I'm not electronics expert. So I don't know if that would interfere with a plan and but I'm I'm thinking. Just on good form alone just on and keeping civil -- that's out of the cockpit and out of via. Of fuselage of the plane. That they shouldn't be on Twitter in the USA today. Room. Plumb Bob. Says I'm of these names as governor implore mob of one or Bob does that is a plumber what event plumb Bob. I love powering off my cell while flying it's relaxing. Let's keep it that way. And others don't need to hear your conversation -- -- -- about that one. Next one notices from burns. VR and easy. Imagine three babies crying at one time plus rap music played loudly. Of flight I wouldn't wanna be on the and I think that's true because I do think crying babies is perhaps even worse. There having a cellphone on their however we need. Crying babies. For the continuation of the population of planet more than we need somebody shedding aimlessly and mindlessly on their cell phone. On another road if you go one of please. We do this is from -- she says we are already sick close enough to allow an -- these planes now have to listen everybody's phone conversations to this happened me once report take off I asked the person if they could just tell another conversation a bit. He got about the -- way to sit next to each other for a few hours it was horrible. People always get miles -- now I see here's the problem. It used to be in this country that you had to earn an attitude. Okay who gets an attitude maybe your UFC championship fighter you -- have an -- be our goal you know Warren Buffett. -- you haven't attitudes maybe your concert pianist what you can have an attitude. Now everybody's got an attitude you have to earn one. Okay. The -- as an added to vote. The people are picking up these scraps of paper would be with a stick -- on the end of it. As an attitude that's the way to Rollins of the ads and in fact it's the constitution we should all have an attitude. And because of that if you dare. Try and have a civil conversation with somebody. Who is being obnoxious on the phone is not gonna get well it's gotten snot or he's not gonna turn you end up. You for bringing that to my attention you know I hadn't considered that. I've really learned -- lesson there are liable to get mouth with automatic gets worse. So idea I can understand that thought all right here is a here's another Twitter this is from EA Jenkins. I think the ban can be lifted but some girls above cell phone etiquette need to be imposed. Well yeah well I think cell phone etiquette. Where the -- confined area like you know like an airplane or anyplace else should take a presidents again imagine the one that Chris red. About the personal is that they're at a few Euro and then in the cell phone line. Here's one from army gnawed. -- updates -- I personally. Would not talk on my phone while in flight and I don't think others should either unless they're separated. You know human nature they'll abuse the privilege without the rules and that's true that's true we would have to have guidelines. And they they they kind of vote later and now we're cellphones are not allowed but as I said earlier we can use the template of how they managed to load the controls smoking. We have this smoking is a based on health issue this is based on inconvenience bother some things like that. Not on the same plane. Otherwise the otherwise wouldn't get it done cell phones on airplanes yes or no 803093018061692. Through six -- 930 you have another please. Yeah we do we have vol one from and she says flying already is annoying we -- media and an aggravation itself ones -- bring to this. Ever -- -- -- their cellphones it before and Amdocs is maybe it would be so bad but these people are always obnoxious. Absolutely right and I hate flying -- -- not -- -- flying part -- I'd like that actually and I've got a lot of flying. Especially when I was a programming radio stations lots of flying and -- a problem me flying I'd five years serbians know we won't go there. And that's fine but. All the stuff you have to go through I mean in reality it's three ounces on -- and so. And your -- take your shoes off. You have a bomb in your underwear course that's not the first however that. Boy it was nice to hear from somebody who has an official reason the last it. But now all of this stuff. -- it takes for ever and I told you in the last time I flew from Florida or my sister lives I -- out of Orlando. -- were Disney World OK and you had a just a ton of kids who didn't wanna go home. In the same airport. They wanted to stay at Disney right. You're out there these lines and they always try and soccer you would vote of the line. You go zing you go zag and you think OK to -- two or zags and I'll be there. -- wall in this. Anymore zags and zags in their villages in Ramallah once they play -- -- a little bit of time because they're afraid of civil insurrection. -- -- I just enjoying a civil insurrection thank you very much. We'll be back -- Maher will be -- company what do you think about people with cell phones on airplanes should they be banned. I say they should be banned -- live performances church and movies for sure your horror stories. And we'd like to enjoy them what you will be back.

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