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12-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Dec 3, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now interest my source tells me and -- that people hates. By Amherst high Amherst middle school are scouring the fields near there's burst on the scene scouring the fields and the treaties. -- here -- the suspect was apprehended. Now immersed. High school in the school on main street in in Snyder. If you look at a map you'll see that it's not all that far away from where the guy fell from the tree suspiciously on the morning several weeks ago which was on -- browser. So I kind of wonder whether there is some connection between the guys who fell out of the tree. And what is happening at the Amherst. Senior and middle school I have no official word not even an official rumbling. About theirs but I do find that interesting that they're looking in trees because that -- -- tree in Amherst police -- to think of victory. Not -- this is related I hope I open is hoping the guy and I hope they figure out what the hell it was up to. Because -- remember the the guy who fell out of the tree. Fell out of a tree very close to eight hit. And a -- It was a -- grandmothers epic but in any event. I don't know if there's a relationship but it wouldn't surprise me if there was then again it wouldn't surprise me if there was not. And I'm always looking for connections between things in fact. Before the police even said anything. The Joan diver murder. I pointed out the anniversaries. Of the bike path -- killer. And I pretty much set on the year I think it's the same guy days before the cops. Publicly admitted that yes it was the same guy. And I'm not saying I'm better than the cops mean it's easy for a talk show host and it just say things without any basis in evidence to other than a -- So I'm not faulting that the cops at all please understand but I was on that story like white on rice and -- happened. So it would surprise me nor would not surprise me. If about what's going on it in Amherst right now is somehow connected guy with a lot of the tree because no this watch a guy who is willing to climb a tree. To you know. Goal -- people. If I'm Rebecca person I'd be doing it by a high school or middle school. So I wonder if there's a connection. So far ever cops are mute. Even the ones I know -- mute. So hopefully we'll find out exactly what led to the chase and -- the description of the suspect matches the description of the suspect in the falling from the tree incident I don't know I've not heard -- thing. But I'm just I'm holding open the possibility nothing more than a possibility. And nothing more than that please understand now if you're on the -- you've kept pictures or videos of what happened earlier today. Please feel free to send them to our news department newsroom at WB EN dot com newsroom at WB -- dot com if you have pictures or videos. Of the police activity by Amherst high in -- junior high and main street in Snyder. Which happened around 3 o'clock this afternoon send those pictures newsroom at WB EN dot com. So while -- and I thank you -- doing that. What -- the majority of -- tree guy. What is one EF six and one half dozen of another Chelsea had you an opinion. Chelsea has no opinions on anything. She is I have no idea which LT politics. She I have no like Chelsea is the mystery woman and I think she likes it that way. I think Chelsea police that are not in my off their life I like the mystery -- I like living in the shadows I think it's got to plot. But that in any event we left Chelsea and we love -- and everybody associated with the program even myself I'm often in love with myself. So I hope that they. They issued statements and because that just like about this why would be looking in trees. Why. That's just not usually do that without a perfectly good reason to look at trees. But Joseph is writing something down. Now looking in fields metal detectors yes. Looking in trees that's not usually SOK. Without a perfectly good reason -- a tree. It wasn't all that long ago the guy fell from the tree -- break -- Again I'm talking out of my nether regions. I don't know anything I'm holding open is a possibility so in case it does turn out to be the same guy I can say -- I told yourself. It if it doesn't you'll forget I even senate the other works. It's called media. Anyway it. I wanna think of my sources in Amherst for a contributing to what we're talking about on that front and it explaining the locked out. Will be got a lock yet against at the schools. All right we're 030930. We've been talking about Russell Salvatore in his desire to be in two wounded outside of his restaurant. Others -- memorial park right in front of Brussels and already there are several memorial there. Somehow I've missed them probably because I drive there in the dark and I'm usually looking at the traffic circle ahead and I'm a more so there's that. At but. I think you know what repeat our call what do people -- -- about. Very complaining they want what's. Or when people call and runners. Runners nothing of value of connectors this opposition like me except -- it's a much clearer okay. So -- anyway we talk to Russell Salvatore. He called into the show about an hour ago. And I have no problem just real clear. I have no problem with Russell Salvatore being entombed -- outside of his restaurant in that memorial park. I can't think of a more appropriate resting place for the remains of Russell Salvatore. And I hope he gets his wish I hope the Lancaster board says OK Russell mr. Salvatore we gradual progression. So I have no issue with that whatsoever. I think Russell Salvatore -- a special -- I'm probably the unofficial president of the Russell zealot or fan club. There probably is such a thing I don't need the extra responsibility right now not at this point my life but. I think the world that the man and I hope that came through loud and clear and he's done more for more people that I ever will in my entire lifetime. And the only thing that concerns me -- concerns on behalf of Russell -- not speaking for him but when I think about the words in perpetuity -- trustees'. I just I know how the tide of time marches on. I know people are forgotten I don't even the most noble people are forgotten. I give you the name Fred -- does that mean anything to you. Fred Douglass Frederick Douglass. Yeah I came here before it was -- -- I stole these arms extol the legs from my masters Frederick -- great American abolitionist. Now horse really mean anything here. -- in -- Nazi time marches on. During new flavors of the day or new trends. So one of the things that history teaches us is nothing is perpetual. I don't care what lawyers say doctor contracts I don't -- we're trustees say nothing is perpetual. Okay governments changed laws change regulations change rules change. So I am always leery of those words in perpetuity. And I think I perfectly good reason to be because to me in perpetuity means until the crack of doom it doesn't mean over the next 200 years or so. But. And that's not intended anyway anyway issue perform as some kind of a slight a mr. Salvatore men for whom I have far too much respect. Through to do anything like that and it's believe me it's it's genuine heartfelt it's real. I've spent a lot of money at Russell's over the years and myself and on gift certificates by personally -- people were always very very happy that I gave them Russell certificates. -- It is a sixteen minutes after five at news radio 930 WB EM have you given any thought. Any comedic thought perhaps to the way you wanna say goodbye to the world. I have. I have I I think sometimes morbidly. About how wannabe. -- wanna be sent off. And -- one of the things that don't want I don't wanna be buried. Know that that's what you do with kitty litter now I don't wanna be buried Barry being Barry is not for me. So what are the options. What what are the options. Well donate the science where you lose control your body. You lose control of your remains in your probably -- and a period anyway at least some of you'll and a beer. Survey at all fell. There is reclamation. But I don't wanna be cremated that put the I wanna be cremated and I wanna be free to roam the earth. For this spread my disease everywhere I can't. Well not sure I wanna be put in the bag or ever. Illegal or whatever -- Tennessee. Who's gonna know who's gonna see you know put one of those little jet ski that jet -- things. Just keep things put that one of those -- for -- and life will be good. Comedy can. Regular topic can we -- let out. All right 8030930. Start 3180616. WBE and George Carlin used to say one of the blown up. That didn't happen. All right here is might in Cheektowaga WB at all like you're on hello. And aren't comfortable. I believe he killed himself that he not. Cremated important that it should. All. And rock commercial. And at. All. Well hunter Thompson was definitely. She had some issues I'll say that much thanks very much Mike. The first time I ever heard of of hunter Thompson was when he came -- UB in the 1980 to give a talk. And apparently he was not fit to give a talk about it you -- that particular night. You all well look who's got is this don't do we have this verified. Okay this is excellent now keep a -- I will have to break for traffic but I do not wanna keep this guy waiting ladies and gentlemen. Joseph I want -- answer this question here's question number one Joseph. Do you know what I see when I see cemeteries. I hope it -- theories out there. That that what I see. -- I you know I love you and -- dispensaries here folks is the top man at forest lawn cemetery. A place which is always been extremely kind and considerate and courteous to me at a place that I think is -- one of the best kept most immaculate and one of the most beautiful places in Western New York -- When you hear people like myself or. Russell Salvatore talking about alternative ways of being laid to rest. I'll -- for your mind as somebody who. Is is very it is a very great spokesman for cemeteries. Well I appreciate their common and the reason for my close someone had told me you're doing this and -- just flipped on the and -- in Herndon and -- you -- I have one answer you mention about horse greatly and Frederick Douglass. Of course Corey Lee has a beautiful memorial -- Greenwood cemetery in Brooklyn and is on their two words that they do as many as we do. And Frederick Douglass of the mount hope cemetery in Rochester. And he's on their tour and they do. So I mean I believe that. Alternative views that choices. The bottom line. If there is again. That's the cemetery. Can do and only the cemetery can give and that has been the great equalizer. For all. And yes I did hear you say in the there's concern about perpetual care but really time that you know wherever it for a 160 years and Tony. And I firmly believe -- YouTube that mr. Salvatore -- also consider friends is -- Smart. Generous man and I'm sure he's spoken to advisors. Both financial and legal and I hope it's certainly funeral director which is so important for people when they're beginning to think about. Probably want to be remembered that they reach out to the professionals and first and foremost -- -- and we can direct. -- I need to interrupt you I need to interrupt you because I need to get to traffic but -- wanna continue our conversation actually you're somebody I want in studio at some point for the 6 o'clock hour because I happen to think you're one of the most fascinating people in Western New York I mean that as an ultimate compliment about helping out -- him out -- one of my favorite people is called and and he is Joseph this bonanza with forest lawn cemeteries and you know Joseph just just on the same page your -- worry about forest lawn but I will tell you that some of the smaller cemeteries in which my ancestors are buried. They have really go on to pot. And that always concerns me in terms of perpetual carrier that does not apply to -- long because I think forest lawn is well above and beyond the run of the -- cemetery I think it is really an heirloom we have inherited and which we will leave to future generations -- the importance of talking with one's family funeral director about arrangements for the future please continue. Well they've been -- pursuing their time because it is true and when you speak about smaller cemeteries. Understand that it wasn't until 195151. In New York State. That's the let's state legislature promulgate rules and regulations and statutes the start of the state cemetery board. That oversaw cemeteries and at that time. Started requiring cemeteries to provide for the future through a transfer from their lot sales and to a perpetual care count. So prior to that 1951. There wasn't any real legal protections and people who were in the cemetery. Often and still today volunteers. Did their best for as long as they can. Religious cemeteries and likewise have their own statutes and regulations that they have to provide force so I can't say. That with absolute certainty. If you and I you and your listeners would leap forward another 150 years. And stand at one of those cemeteries and you're thinking over any local cemetery and see it in the conditioner -- to bigger -- better. But I can say this. Many people not mean many people toil in the fields everyday whether they're paid staffer volunteers. At cemeteries across this community. And they do it for war on the main reason. Because the promise. Of remembering. And not forgetting. Is one of the things that give the human condition. A place within this community and we look out for each other Tom. Cemeteries really aren't there and you know and so I wish mr. Salvatore the greatest -- -- trust that he talked to Smart people he's -- Smart. Genuine interest to business guy if you. I also wanted to -- your listeners to -- anything comes out of all of this discussion. Spend fifteen minutes tonight saying honey what do you think we should do when our time. But you know Joseph I've heard somewhere that nobody ever wakes up and says great data by Greg. Did you hear of what you may be. -- Return repeated it to its kind of meant to be a little lighthearted because that is the fact and their cemeteries all over town that tomorrow. Someone walked in their office and they never Spencer fifteen minutes to say. Honey what's right for you and what -- from the and mr. -- took turns doing that and I bet on your phone your comfort your show today. It's getting other people to talk about it now of course. I hope people choose a cemetery because that is protected by law. But I more than that truly more than that I hope people talked to each other about the profound. Gift of remembering I'm not a preacher to companies and in the Bible and one of the gospels that served. I have during holy week you always hear unlike the armed remembered. -- I'm like a broken -- The mission all cemeteries all signature. Is to put that day off as far as possible. Even one of my trustees. Who used to be the president of Williams also -- Mentioned his name one room edition but. You know he's he often talked -- you very valuable lesson in that is directory turns Tom. The first time when that medical professional doctor policeman turned students are concerned is gone and the second time. Is when the temperature body to the year cremated or -- -- -- -- if you wanna be cremated and scattered I hope you have a memorial at fort slaughter one of the cemetery to your chores. A -- the red jacket statue that's climate. But the third turn your -- Is the last time. Someone mentions your name. And the goal of every cemetery. Is to put that -- as much as possible. To even if it's a volunteer. Pushing them lower. And we're blowing by you or stone reads the main. Put off script third -- -- When I when I tell you that I I think you're one of the most fascinating people in Western New York I mean that and I've said many a time on the year that I cannot imagine you in any other line of work or in any other job. But being the big man at forest lawn cemetery and my crew is giving you an an which -- hold my crew either has or will give -- my private cellphone number and if you would text -- -- had yours I would love to set up a 6 o'clock I'll work with you in studio talking about. Talking about these very issues because nobody has ever brought the passion the over and the excitement to death and dying and remembering as you have and I think that that is a tremendous help I love you do and I love played. Thank you comment thank you for what you're giving the people buffalo today. And what point do -- to stabilize this. Line they're gonna give you my my private cellphone number and if you could send me a text align our viewers you will be in very good company. Right Joseph dispense with the forest lawn we're gonna get Joseph in Studio One of these days and a 6 o'clock hour because. If folks I mean I'm also by the way president of the Joseph -- -- fan club. Seriously and we have some great folks in western new York and Russell and the mr. -- -- to. Let's spend some time together. Is it different era in 63 -- the stones were at all you kept saying let's bring them together on an expensive time. Together and it's captured forever on tape. And I -- tell you something that that pound for pound The Rolling Stones over the years have won -- grudging respect yes they again and -- sure they couldn't give a rat's behind but they. IE I would just like opera -- that song -- All right let's takes -- work calls I -- thank Joseph -- -- sporadically and through the program from forest lawn and oh. We're gonna work out of date or reason here at 6 o'clock. And taking your calls because I happen to think he is truly one of the most interesting and fascinating people in western new York and he just I. He's those guys who I think his purpose and why I really think that he was born to do that job. I truly believe that some people are just born there it's their destiny and I think Joseph is one of those guys haven't Russell Salvatore is another one of those guys sandy beaches another one of those guys are just people I can't imagine doing anything else but what they do. As for me. I could see myself doing a number of things failing miserably here is. In Amherst on WB and hijack. And I hate yeah that's looking -- your idea of people are now. Greater London transit road. -- -- -- you know. If we start -- auctions or a Clinton and anyone not everybody is this -- it's a special little oh what a -- like a. What others there's a whole bunch of questions that are is a graveyard appropriate -- transit road is is a mausoleum containing one body appropriate on transit road. According to Joseph -- if you own property you are according to state law allowed to be entombed on their property. So that's number one number 20 what makes Russell Salvatore so special. Is are you aware sir of the many charitable. -- contributions and causes he is -- significantly not just with token gestures but significantly. Not everything has been at -- restaurant if you time it looks pretty got a comedian that I think you're gonna put a lot of ornament to himself up and trying to wrote nobody else gradient. Now you know that we're not talking about Salvatore is Italian gardens right we're talking about Russell steaks and chops. So eventually you -- a lot of ordinary some little mascot here is that. Another -- the gaudy one is that that transit and Genesee -- the gaudy one. He -- rust -- there Russell Salvatore owns Russell's steaks and chops which is north of the previously named location. Yeah I'd been there an art director and editor collect the food you get -- -- -- cola -- per -- or something. See you know what I disagree I think Gary Russell steaks and chops is has great food the service is tremendous. And if you wanted to impress somebody from out of town. It's a great place to go you wanna impress your day it's a great place to go I think it's a special place it's like you're going to one of the -- -- Is that our political accommodation or destroy -- collection in the -- bathroom. I don't think they have ever been to the men's bathroom. At Russell steaks and shop. So. Awfully. Like all over the place I think you might be thinking of Salvador's Italian gardens. Now yup that's it that's the one -- all the lawn ornaments and all the statues that is the tribute to -- audience yes. -- apologize. -- -- it's not only for our -- Thank you very much and you know jackets it's an interest in question US -- -- -- have such respect for the man. And the answer is right now there are thousands of people listening to my voice hopefully. Who have had experiences with Russell. Asking for donations for a church -- asking for donations for the Lancaster if you boys club -- that they're very active role. In that boys club and has taken every active role over the years in that boys club those are just two examples. He's helped out individuals over the years. That I know of and I know that the idea of his wanting to be in tool and it. In the memorial park which you put up outside of Russell steaks and chops I realize that. To some people might sound like self aggrandizing. But. He is. Deep down. I think he's a very grateful man. I think he has never lost track. Of the important things in life. And I think that. Realizing that he is getting up in years and thinking ahead. -- really appreciate his his -- plant. That's for planning not poor play. Go to -- On WB -- daddy hello. -- If he loved to do something where people are going to remember ham. Can he even mentioned avenue today that he just doesn't army buried in the ground and and be forgotten. I think about buying would be for them to confront her. Force one where they have tours of the payment from the rich and everybody like that. And build a little -- -- cut -- restaurant. Where people can walk around and maybe you unlock and try to let. And Kerry would be rather than -- -- -- transit route if you -- it any impact and it. Kick me out a little bit. That doesn't really now I find it interesting because tastefully done I think it would be an enhancement. The roadside memorial were the stuffed animals get you know washed away and start growing mold and fungus I think for the most part they're very -- But this isn't a roadside memorial this would be an honest to goodness well done. I'm shoe were very or Nate memorial to a man who basically spent his life on transit -- between the old place in the new place. But I also think if you want to force wind and all the tourists and everything that they have. And they tell about so -- that people average people. And everything like that he would get more recognition and battery back beltway thriller loot of BM and transit -- and you know maybe from drunk driving down there -- compete and slamming until. Were some old lady takes a wrong turn and knocks the monument out of its foundations. I compare what about beyond camp felt very bad break and when I -- can't. It's that damn this thing how often that happens -- that I mean some people buy these cars where the break is were exactly where the accelerator is. The last time and most of them feel as -- she's Schwab ladies she's now now now now now thank goodness. OK but anyway I think and that that would give them more respect you would be in the -- very respectful place I know he latter force on. We elderly and I never -- to a -- -- until. I think that would that would let don't want all -- from a racetrack and make it like Geithner outlined China's menu in around the kitchen area and am so. I'm right there and let people recently and I remember Matt -- and I'm very respectful crowd -- you know we've ever going to be room. We know one of the things is though that he's also set up this this foundation. And one of the goals of the foundation is to make sure the government just doesn't come in and grab all of his hard earned money so greedy politicians -- and -- around the state with these checks pretending like they earned the money went -- -- money they confiscated from other folks. -- tax benefits as well and I would suggest that rustic seriously consider making some strong investments into the Tom Bauerle Future Foundation. I was thinking more like book and -- everybody's put in you know all of -- I'm -- not that are electric deflate after that just like us my -- voting. How -- Thank you thank you for the call I mean -- thought this thing stuff through and I'm sure I have no doubt that he's -- very very finest legal advice. But there's one thing even the finest legal advice cannot do anything about and that is the ever. The the ever pounding relentless beat of time. All right thank you very much mud happy here. In 030930. Well seriously folks think of all the famous people and you have no idea where they are buried. About. Hiram grant any idea where he's buried. Hiram Ulysses grant OUS grant. Yes grant's -- New York City very very well -- beautiful place along with his wife Juliet. But I wonder how many people go to grant's -- fully understand the impact. General grant had on American history in the civil war. I don't know that we have a United States of America today were not work. General. Major general. Ulysses S. Grant that's the name -- adopted. He was a vital vibrant important figure in American history is presidency was a disaster his military career was about the man was built the fight. He was built he out thought and out fought Robert. Meant I mean her brilliant people. Who have had these enormous effect on our history in our lives today. And Robert Healy receivers. Washington league college -- George Washington. Buried at Mount Vernon Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Monticello you prefer. On the back of a nickel in your pocket. No not the plastic bag the nickel here is little. Log on WB and Linda hello. -- have to god bless mr. Salvatore I hope we get what you want he deserves it to help a lot of people. And won't be normally went mad -- me. You know it's interesting because I'm imagining Ross know what Russell no longer being widows and driving into Russell steaks and chops and seeing the tomb. And not being fazed in the least by it but actually. Kind of happy that he's kind of overseeing things in a weird way. I hope they approve it -- black and apple had to do the same again but the. -- has -- ever done anything for you or any organization with which you've been associated over the. I think he might -- at. And they might travel as well moment what that apple what second period. And you're actually you're an American of Italian heritage. Its. I don't think we should loose -- that. I only go well with women who are telling. Deal. All right thank you very much. I'm like. All right that's a true story in life you're not half Italian I don't want 544. On the Alitalia the Italian women rock dissent. By just alienated every polish listener every Russian listener now. Every Puerto Rican listener that I just aggravated I'm sorry and I got the half Italian after the -- You know life. Speak is generally speaking and nobody's gonna objected to stereotype generally speaking Italian women of Italian descent. Take care of their man. Date that you've become the center of their universe. And if there's one thing every talk show host needs it's that. Complete domination of subjugation that's what I'm talking about. Kidding kidding kidding kidding -- it does is -- there's a fine line that are. -- taking care of him being taken advantage you cross that line. You went up in the trunk with your best parts and where they ought to be. All right it is. I'm just her negatives to it as well. 545. At the WB yen is that a deal breaker yet -- it to deal breaker absolutely sorry it is. Spot news radio 930 WV EN don't hate me because I think there. And AccuWeather for it tonight it will be out cloudy shower around late 33 the overnight low tomorrow milder cloud breaks of sun a stray shower 48 the high right now it is -- 39 at news radio 930 WB. The -- 552. Right now and this morning. They talked about it on Buffalo's early news and this afternoon were continuing to talk about a for right now that is to say. Russell Salvatore he does not wanna be buried in the cemetery he wished he wishes to -- and to -- -- In total -- In front of Russell's -- steaks and -- entrance road there's a memorial park you set up there and it's not one point five acres. And he wishes to be along with the various memorial is set up forever -- remember. Which kind of sales historic athletes all together forever. But I don't think I should mention Rick ghastly in the same room as Joseph beamer is listening because he's a big -- ghastly thing. Then again and I spent some of these show prep time I'd usually used to show -- watching Adam Lambert's singing with -- Gonna have some bad dreams tonight here's marsh in buffalo on WB and Marcia hello. It is -- slam. You know let anything get the most ridiculous thing yeah it would gainers in the in the war. -- -- the -- and I think everybody but I think in that. Elaborate -- why you think it's stupid. Well he he he -- something you know I mean you've got -- -- you don't really. I. Don't think that'd been great idea yeah it mildly. To answer. It. At the black in his. Well are ridiculous. I guess I wish I knew why with a greater detail you'd thought it was ridiculous. Open your dog has a strong opinion to know. I feel like what I did some. You know fundamentally where I'm here. But you're going presumably if you're going -- Russell's you're going in to have a fine meal or perhaps suspend the night. -- -- -- -- -- Why. Did it. You know. I don't know how you doing to get it in order -- Laura and you can -- it didn't didn't you know go into them that they do it. Yeah there. Have dinner in the mausoleum. You know the funny thing is with -- Salvatore he probably make more money that way as he does now. -- and -- certainly -- were certainly entitled to your opinion we've all better things I don't like the -- the roadside memorials you don't like the idea of eight of an ornate in a tomb. Outside a restaurant we've -- better things but -- Aren't you to thank you and your your opinion is no less valid than mine. My opinion it's viewed by -- -- respect for Russell Salvatore and my knowledge of what he's done for local charities and a lot of people who've been down on their luck or yours so I am biased as every talk show host should be. It's -- our in a thirty seconds. Thirty seconds OK so anyway that's we've been talking about today does anybody think this is getting too morbid. That's our song. Or should I say this for another show -- to do all that Tuesday that would be my -- much. Is her song you want play that your funeral. All a joke and make a lot of talks. See as far as I'm concerned there are number songs -- I don't have a funeral so I want to have a number of songs playing isn't being burned. Now Mozart's requiem is a -- An absolute must especially the beginning -- absolute mosques. And so is Rodney Crowell. Under is Rodney Crowell Mozart in the same league on WB.

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