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McKinley Mall Black Friday

Nov 29, 2013|

GM Jeff Ohle

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jeff all -- as the GM and marketing manager at the McKinley Molly joins us now on the WBM live like good morning sir. It. We're good Tellme a little bit about the kind of traffic you've seen this morning have people been out their for the door busters this morning or has it been spaced out into the early openings yesterday. Well I think it that a little bit of -- I think it's you know we opened last night about 8 o'clock it's probably stirred up a little bit slower than. What. Well maybe some other retailers would have liked to have seen but -- -- did bill. -- belt -- nicely. And by 8:10 o'clock. There are parking lot was for and we had several shoppers in the it -- the source in the long. In my conversations with a couple were the managers that the -- there are very very pleased with the way things were going so. And now -- this morning we're we're still say you know steady stream first commercial. I think it was a good thing. -- -- little bit earlier. Jennifer where do Black Friday shoppers seem to head first as they drift into the parking lots of an inside the mall. As of four electronics -- clothing and toys. Well I think electronics and clothing you're you're you're too big two big items -- a book report and I think that that's what. What I saw last night were so. That's -- it was a very busy but. As well as such as economy and cheers and some -- -- other retailers like American Eagle -- they're so. Lots shoppers. Much effect -- system and that's the key. You know that you look for is to see what. If people are buying and if they're they're leaving with so with fake and and that's what we -- so -- a good time. All right Jeff thanks for the update this morning. That's Jeff only the GM and marketing manager at the McKinley mall and blazed out.