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Buffalo Black Friday

Nov 29, 2013|

Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart President John Kavulich

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Black Friday is more than just the malls and shopping for that really cheap TV its stores in the -- -- -- village for example offering discounts today. At its other alternatives to the big box stores to. Let's bring in John Cadillac from Niagara hobby and craft -- Cheektowaga good morning John. How is this state different for you. Black Friday isn't our busiest day because most customers will go to the big box stores looking for those electronic deals. And then they use Saturday and Sunday to begin to create shopping experience to begin to create. That family experience so they're not running after something but there. Walking through a store enjoying the atmosphere enjoying the music and. Starting to look for what's gonna bring families together. You know for folks who've never visited Niagara hobby. John it's toward trends and accessories model airplanes clarkin at science kids. Raising slot car competition. -- traps puzzles doll houses of how to books is there any thing you don't have. Well we you know we -- discount every day it's. You know being a locally owned independent business. Is a challenge the Internet is a challenge. We were all about the experience and what we try to do is stay within a range where we're not gonna compete with the big box stores. And we're gonna have products that are not disposable. Products that. Our trans generational products the grandparents can do with their grandchildren and parents can do with their children and children can do by themselves. So it's all about. You know bringing people together you know about traditions. And we're seeing this year a. A movement away and it's interesting because I think grandparents are driving this. Where they wanna get their kids away from that video monitor away from being in the rooms up by themselves playing video games. And doing something whether it's. Near the exercise that comes with flying a kite. -- chasing after a rocket or its slot cars words it's the the proceeds of the trains or learning about science. But it's stuff that they only can do together and we are seeing -- 88 change or are they going back to that which is terrific. That being said talk -- -- a little bit about the trends within that are you seeing products are things that are. Popular now that weren't maybe five or even ten years ago. We are seeing somewhat of of a -- back. You know the last ten years we've seen a generation you know move to electronics. Some of the products that we have you know they're the electronics they have today were the same electronics they had a hundred years ago. Some have updated. And we are seeing you know more. A. He he returned to traditional type gives traditional type of products where and we can interact together. And it's not just in sitting in front of of the television monitor but it's actually doing something creating something. Showing something learning something. But I guess what I was really asking is. Compare same model trains to I don't know scrapbooking what what within that range is the rising the rising product. I think for costs we've seen that a substantial increase this year with signs related kids. Ethnic dolls were one of the only places in Western New York that focus on that type of product. Slot cars seem to be coming back you know back in 196162. My father road racer -- Donna Bailey avenue. What are the first -- car emporium since two years ago we put a track now we have three largest one of its kind in the US. And we're seeing more more aware grandparents in the grandchildren parents and children parents by themselves kids coming to do that. So we're you know we're seeing C a trend toward a group activities. All right interesting stuff John thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you and help everybody comes in either CNN -- alive reindeer beginning this Saturday. Every weekend to Christmas. All right very good John that said John Cadillac at Niagara hobby craft market.

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