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Tablets and TV's Still Shopper's Picks

Nov 29, 2013|

CEA Spokesman Jim Barry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next WB a live line guest is Jim very -- with the consumer. Electronics association morning -- It. We're doing well it's always fun to talk -- we've been looking forward to those what will be the big hop electronics item this year. -- outlook can be tablet computers as you might guess you know there's there's their third year in a row on our association's annual survey. They're tablets are the top of the list and to think about that that that three years after the -- that was introduced in 2000 intent. So tablets -- -- the problem I think if you and so a lot of bit. Ads or Black Friday in which is actually kind of morphed into November. Because -- of these door busters sales are weak or more. You'll see tablets and of course flat screen PP's you know those are very unlucky news that a big. Holiday gift or Christmas spirit for fifty years or so and they are. -- on the wishlists this year after tablets and notebook computers along with Smartphones. And a video game console also number five and number -- for teenagers emergent that. I'm number five for everybody when you ever think about the you know the average age of gamers is way up the thirties forties -- Many of us grew up playing video games going all the way back through -- on the chart and so forth and rates. New ones are really really sophisticated. -- players. In general Jim compared to other years as this one where there really aren't. As many new gadgets new technology being rolled out. Well in new technology I -- this year I mean the new version like the lights Eric parents or versions so. Lots of the difference Smartphones. The Samsung and and so forth the new iPhone 5. Some science city. But I guess that the brand new stuff is in that those video games and mentioned the PlayStation. -- from Sony and the Xbox one from Microsoft but we you do. The new newest generation of that -- from Nintendo was and there's this time last year. And that really late for these other ones for the Xbox and that PlayStation other than eight years since they previous iterations for -- in the street sixty orange there's. And it's usually about five years so it's been a longer time. They did both of them recorded they sold a million. In the first day they were in the stores couple weeks ago. So I think that's the real news saying that's a clippers just the case came players. That also that you on the Internet to lots of other things really are set top -- that -- stop. Like a cable or satellite box and that you not only. -- TV and games but also the Internet there are also competing now with those other things Smartphones and tablets which -- -- games -- the New Orleans. The other great. We're talking -- -- Jim Barry with the Consumer Electronics Association Jim we remember those flat screen TV news. A few years ago when we talked costing in the thousands of dollars range. Was surprised come down our folks looking to get gifts like that now because of the price. Well outright there's one part of it the other thing is we're starting to get into a or replacement cycle for flat panel CDs are numbered and your right. The high definition TVs in the first LCD liquid crystal display and plasma sets were introduced. I'm just about fifteen years ago and 9899. And Hayward 5101000. Dollars or more action now even. Not thinking about the door busters that your city the regular prices. HTTP start just a couple of hundred bucks so that and they will continue to come down the newest one. The next generation. Just arriving historical ultra high definition. Four or more times the resolution of our current ones. You'll see those in the stores those are the big screen -- those are the ones that are going to be. 345000. Dollars or so glad that you know two and away we know those prices come down to even. And other kinds of the year not only on this holiday shopping weekend. Jim you've talked a lot about gaming addressed the pricing there is it on the way up or down where's that stand. Well the new ones -- topic at the games themselves are they about the same. Yeah in the software that is they know. Game. Consoles. The PlayStation. War is 39 united in the Xbox one is Portland two -- about. From the previous iterations that Ford and an entity expects one though includes what used to be an -- -- That's great -- Kinect controller that your video motion and sound sensor. That makes you know the control you don't -- a wonder anything else. You -- follows you around so that's some record jester technology. At some will see a lot more of in other products in coming years where you the other. -- -- waving -- need to raise or lower the volume or change this. Okay cool always fun to talk with the Jim thank you. -- -- now they are due to Jim Barry with the Consumer Electronics Association.