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Bills-Falcons Preview

Nov 29, 2013|

John Murphy & Mark Kelso

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up a live line now it's the Buffalo Bills game in Toronto this weekend the morning guys. Let's -- on the falcons' top team in the NFC last year thirteen in three. This year just two when nine does that mean their dangerous this weekend or is there -- not an issue here. Order order premier -- Older children seem appropriate play well it prepared me for interpreting their -- the -- it to give it. Amnesty champions are in worse here especially -- -- and they've been hit hard by injuries -- what -- left tackle would love. One it's a wide receivers in the game Julio Jones. And I think through age of the person they are so key pieces are both our -- the offense -- and and secret like that occurs to me to be they're bigger so weaknesses both side line maybe especially you know -- -- There -- people ever make plays the quarterback Matt Ryan the -- and Tony Gonzales. These are plate making doesn't know Linda. He -- their primary -- and there is terribly -- right so they're clear thinker or an indictment got. You know what sports so that you'd expect from 290. MR PJ Emanuel played well a couple of weeks ago about Stevie Johnson and Robert was it looks like both are going to be back on Sunday. How much of a boost will that be for manual on the offense. Create more opportunities offensively no question about I mean Stevie could escape the line of scrimmage and Robert who has. Amateurs really count -- mature beyond his years spears and in his rookie season -- really. Really mature patterns and understands how to run them routes and because -- a deep sense of background of their creates separation from her. Is quarterback hit that ball and so on and it should be certainly should be an added advantage and they obviously don't have the weather factor -- -- Up more -- in Toronto but. But expected vertical stretch as well I think -- you know last week so the previous game. Carolyn Markey is carefree couple and part of the reason that they're so he was able to get creative does respect Cromartie was -- interest -- -- by the fact that. The virtual second year you know it's a big placed on the field earlier in the year they were a little bit concerned about that in the playoffs and each it would go to him. But they're playing and not -- just they quit. Would it be that we have been given them and then and when they're up the last scrimmage get an opportunity this could stretch the field vertically didn't let that it is a tremendous value. -- -- up at the unit when that stretch and then again now and again as in seismic run the route to little bit more effectively social. Should be good -- productive opportunity here until that. John the bills looked great in their last game but never really got the running game going do you expect CJ and -- to play a bigger role against the falcons. You know Eric and throw the major issues with the running game in the jets' game was. That the jets themselves you know are strong run up front that Steelers report that the -- -- them also pretty solid defensively upfront. But I think it's maybe the key for the -- today and I think there were able to run the public interest defense. But just that you know they give up a lot of York democratic get that stop and give up 130 yards. Per game on the ground and that support is about what to do beverage for -- on the ground strokes. I think that's the best way to keep this thing going to keep the momentum going to keep PG minerals corporates moving forward if they -- Strong running game. I think book that he -- incredible benefit from. Every good bye week an extra week to wrestler. -- your knees and ankles in Mexico I think I look for big game for local projects this Sunday. There's a chance here the bills could go up against may be a weaker quarterback mark Matt Ryan has struggled on the road eleven interceptions away from home. Is that something the bills' secondary could eventually taken advantage of here. Put the pressure -- that I mentioned earlier they have their offensive line it is kind of it is not been very react coordinated and unified this year -- a lot of trouble with with -- punts inside and and I think that's the problem is right not really comfortable and lobster country -- and Jones well. It's it's it's interesting to see where he wants the pro football they're minus eleven that's on the -- reasons. That there that there record is that or want to get so far this year than they can't and they instruments and you can't stop the run and almost -- the leaders. It's their thirtieth against Toronto aren't their yards given up per game in the general and literally ran for 73 so when you combine those three things and and I think even glance with a book that previous game went. And -- Atlanta played New Orleans and actually gave New Orleans or litigate game write stories that I've had in it and more so many years. You spent an awful lot this year I think that's. What has that made his performance supper a little bit and subsequently his performance suffers being as a unit supper. John five games left bill next four against teams below 500 including a Miami team built -- already defeated. But also a Tampa team that's really hot right now feel like the bill's chances of winning at least four of their last five. -- over -- federal courts that are but because you know prepare for their trouble with -- but the schedule certainly they're a well or electing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it's worth looking at the final flight to gain he says so in the respect that we know that everything we wanted to accomplish and don't -- to put them. But it all does start with one week I mean nobody really likes figure that but it. Figured out winning all of these play out scenarios about -- projections don't mean a thing in and you know they've got to expect winter of yours so. To say go win five borrower or five I think due -- but -- activity that we hadn't seen Buick yet they're capable of doing it. Hum their opponents would indicate that they are capable of winning for the fight but until they win another game you know it's hard to envision -- intercepted 12 in a row yet this year.

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