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EVA Black Friday Boutique Crawl

Nov 29, 2013|

Ashley Smith

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right here in the buffalo area we have another guest on the WB in -- on issues actually Smith communications coordinator with the elm wood village association. We're going to be talking about -- village Christmas shopping actually. Good morning. Now we want to get folks thinking about shopping a local local meaning those mom and pop stores. Specialty stores like are featured on the elm wood village strip. I guess the Black Friday boutique crawled is one way to go folks to shop there tell us about that. The plaque is that he called Greeley about promoting local shopping experience. We're very lucky to have a very healthy business district in the -- challenged. And it's important to know more about parents and the beautiful place to go and get in the holiday spirit. A lot of the local boutique to participate hosts specialty sales that you don't just have to go to malls to get a feel. I'm looking right now you website where some of those are itemized for those who who can't find it right is quickly open it up at WB and dot com but summarize it for me. What kind of discounts are people are offering to get them on to the almost strip instead of into the mall. We have or hours that are calling my homeland from 9 AM on the new. At a lot of boutique or you won't get as large a part -- job that you might get going to wanted to big Black Friday in a big packs failed. They didn't get 15% profit -- or heard Fareed. They'll also be serving hot drinks you can get and I organic tea or hot chocolate to walk when it. An urban drag him by lining get -- one actress. It's really great to come in and -- -- local businesses to get to. Some jittery atmosphere acts you'll have great conversation that I want right there to help you find a great gift for somebody. Actually for folks who do a lot of shopping you know they are hungry and they elect to stop and have a bite to eat what's offered -- me -- and villages that as far as that's concerned. Well don't want pillage of a lot of great restaurants don't have a lot of great cafe it's. So you're participating in the Black Friday -- -- going to track in one of five participating cafes. And at both campaigns there are also partial Troy cast -- the -- stop saying get a five dollar pact with the free coffee. It's interesting seems like some of the big box retailers have moved from Black Friday than Thursday. Now I know a lot of the small businesses have small business Saturday but you're getting the jump on that is there a corollary here. Probably really again my -- says it's all about promoting shopping local and about the experience. So the Black Friday that he called don't give a little bit of a jump on small business Saturday but if you don't make it out today if you're too tired and you need to go home and nap. You can -- it throughout the afternoon or you can come out again on all the Saturday. Actually for all the members of your association. Good luck today thank you for joining us this morning. You're welcome Ashley some of those communications coordinator with the elm wood village association it's all about shopping deal with village.