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Amherst Best Buy Doing Well

Nov 29, 2013|

GM Tim Lundberg

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm the WBM live on as we continue our focus on Black Friday is Tim Lundberg Kim is the general manager of the best line in Amherst. -- good morning how Mario. Our current carrier we're doing pretty good what's the big item Black Friday shoppers want from best -- the. Well a lot of of that tablet. The tablet computers. And then of course. They knew it next generation gaming console her. Highly sought after. It's less than -- -- Xbox one. Contrast this year to them to other years you guys were involved in the earlier opening. Did that make a difference in terms of the big push or was just a big push earlier. And think. You went down. Need to sing a lot of people it's spread -- a little bit more we inquired at the same immediate technical -- when we open. Bush like it was a -- I think the same amount of people based on what we've seen so. -- security. Security to make shoppers feel -- what do you do the Irish through security people. We actually had -- And -- police now say that our location. And open straight through. I would have them we had them from when we opened yesterday street they're till noon today though. You our shoppers say. Do you see a lot of Canadians is there any way to distinguish between how many Americans you've gotten -- come down from north of the border. We have good a good shopping. Group of Canadians that definitely come to Europe I don't know how many what percentage of our. Over a river Canadian but -- good a good chunk of them actually. To him. Does best -- seem to have a little bit of an edge on other retailers because electronics. Is such a big item among shoppers. I I think so I think so -- the only place where he can yet you know all of technology in ways -- devices and have knowledgeable employees that can answer questions and make sure that. You get questioner and achieve the right product for your year -- track needs so I that I think we have had a little. A lot of people when they talk about Black Friday the complaint I think is that the door busters are only. Limited amounts I know some other big box retailers have started to address that. What's it to how does this shake out it at best buy. Do you have enough for everyone online or or does end up that more people on -- just means more traffic for your store but not ever -- able to get those those big bargains. Where you really good about -- what we should be handled lots available in stores check. I know that last night or when we opened we. We didn't have all the door busters cells from an initial were actually had a lot of steps still available. And then even if in the store we -- something technically it's still get the cuts are ordered it from one of our warehouse so. Convention accords on they're -- -- -- there -- but I'll probably out of school we had kind of stuff. Still available. Straight through past midnight. 1 o'clock and -- There -- door but here's we a lot of product available in the air and to offer. How many folks do you think of streamed in through your story in Amherst since you opened last night to him. Who. It's Leah thousands I have no idea on the exact count -- I assure you that you think he really got that more accurate up. OK but probably of large number of people sure Korea -- nice to talk with you and good luck for the rest of the day how long -- open tonight. We opened. Okay my friend thank you -- a very general manager of the best buy in Amherst.