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Black Friday, London-style

Nov 29, 2013|

Larry Miller

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Early store openings on Thanksgiving have taken a little bit of the luster off Black Friday traditional Black Friday here. But the event has gotten so big that it's actually jumped over the pond. And they're starting to celebrate Black Friday for the first time. In great Britain and they don't even celebrate Thanksgiving when we do let's find out more CBS news correspondent Larry Miller is with us on the live -- good morning Larry. Good morning actually black Fridays from where this for the last few years but it's picking up steam in Asia quite -- -- we don't have Thanksgiving. So -- yesterday and today. Our work days nevertheless of those stores are cutting prices up to 70%. And the people are out in force. And now Larry did this story is that opened on Black Friday or did some stores try to get -- heads up and other retailers. By coming up with a hard to pass some deals the day before. Well no I think most of the -- start today. But again all the stores are open this is not a holiday here. So. The what one of the biggest exposed leaders in this. We're setting the pace is company quite as done as does owned by Wal-Mart. -- wal -- come over here and Rand did over this period of time as there's 350. Superstores groceries as well as every other appliance and and clothing and that sort of thing. And debt as is going to have a half a million products. Will be carrying what they call unbeatable. Prices. So they are opening their doors early this morning at 8 o'clock usually it's about nine. Have Britain's bought into this are their lines outside these stores when they offer their door busters. Well not not quite yet again. Black Friday actually turns into. Black Saturday and even black Sunday. Because of the the work week so then. Monday is describe this mega or Cyber Monday. And that's today that. Most all online shopping is done. And last year Amazon sold. For instance 41 items the second -- met Monday. So. That's when I guess the the online stores start getting. Getting active really active even in the world wildlife -- getting into the act that are asking people to adapt to adopt a black rhino on a black. Friday so it's spreading all across and it's not just the UK and the Brazil has I've been reading. Taken up Black Friday as well. Now you mentioned a Wal-Mart do is in Britain now. But they're called something else. -- as -- AS DN. The supermarket chain and -- number of years ago Wal-Mart bought it. So wal mart's been running that operation. It's again not brand of Wal-Mart except for this weekend. What you know here early yours says seems all the shoppers skirmishes the fights to pushing and shoving. They have a little local Wal-Mart stores and I am sure they have and another story what is always -- Wal-Mart we seem to hear about is -- any different there. We haven't had that yet we haven't had to yet but you know -- There was a survey out. That I reporters on this morning and British survey in the suggest that more than a quarter of shoppers sort of suffer so called. Sidewalk rage -- he's meant rage here. They can't get through the crowds they either blocked by a door murders and people who walked three. Three abreast they they also don't like families with strollers they find that aggravating to because they wanna shop and they can't get into the stores. So there is apparently a spike in blood pressure when they find themselves stuck behind slow Christmas shoppers. Larry you mentioned Cyber Monday that's something of course we celebrate over here in the states is -- at least observe in a bit of a backlash to Black Friday. There have been over here in recent New Year's small business Saturday the idea that you don't go to big box you go local in your own neighborhood. Tomorrow anything like that growing over there. Well there's some big stores are company -- John Lewis switched planes to rule never knowingly be under sold. There have been a big sale but that the one of the difficulties with the the local -- London -- British communities is that the with the global high street to main street for local shops have become. Mort chain oriented. It's become very expensive to open the stored between business taxes and rents so you have a lot of main street's -- streets. That are. Of shuttered shops if you will so. We're also getting more. Shopping malls big shopping malls and not treating this serious every traffic. All right interesting stuff Larry thanks for joining us. That's CBS news London correspondent Larry Miller.