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11-27 Beach and Company Hour 3

Nov 27, 2013|

Home Break-In's

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We -- W -- AccuWeather forecast cloudy windy and colder tonight we're gonna get a couple of inches is nobody looks like we dodged a bullet because a lot of the other parts of the northeast are still getting hammered. It is Beijing governor what -- about security there were three houses in -- burglarized. Two of them Ron Miller -- third was on Philip drive they had this in common their doors were not -- And I'm thinking no matter how nice and neighborhood you live in. And no matter how nice your neighbors are. It's a good idea to lock your doors as I said maybe I go overboard but I lock him during the day there always locked it from working on the back the front doors are locked that's just the way it is the garage doors not left up all the time we see a lot of people. Their garages open all the time. One would assume that if they forgot to open the laundry room door I forgot to lock the laundry room door. Somebody would have access to your house and what's in the prizes were stealing probably a snowblower army via. A law and more all kinds of things kinds of equipment tools not to mention the cars that are in there. So there's there's lots of things that are available that would be entrusted. In his -- it would like Salem. And so you've got to secure them. Your home your car and in person. And though let's go to -- finally Judy has in -- -- in Hamburg journey you're on WB yen. Mario and I'm Judy give me your thoughts on security. Well you mentioned earlier about personal security I can contribute to that topic. And now while we have two children who are now in their late thirty children a little kid maybe five -- seven. Are around -- they were old enough to play out in the neighborhood but. That really -- enough to be totally on their own. We gave them each and again -- felt there was a strange -- around their neck. And if anybody. Did anything that if somebody can't approach generally -- would they would vote to blow the whistle and I -- And now another thing we did when they were all there. And school age -- -- -- -- -- to and from school. It did anyone ever expected them that merely amounting to get they have that to pick you up from school. We have the only path forward. And he noted that you like syndicate head -- effort initiated it never did happen but they but the deal like they would say the present. What -- Catholic. That's Smart guy about bats and that's aware that that's Smart that's a good -- good thing to do what I think you're a that you thought that out and very effective I'm -- -- thank you. I I always tell a funny story. Where in my younger sister was growing up when she's sixteen years younger than I am okay. When she was growing up my mother and father taught her the same thing that the last caller talked her kids. You know you don't you don't get a car with a stranger. You know anything like this -- -- you know but mobile mobile. Well one day Sandra much younger sister miss the busts. And so this guy of his car pulls up and the guy driving -- as you want a ride to school. And she ran into the house because she was afraid. Except for the fact that the guy driving the car. Was my uncle Harold. Okay my mother's sister's husband we'd all grew up together but she was told not to get America argent and Democrat that's good. It's nice to have our white topic for a while the whistles a good idea. Absolutely good idea I think we've we've covered the home somewhat. And we've covered -- somewhat most of them have alarm systems now. The the other the personal. A security is important through. I think have you seen. How many people kind of walk through life -- their totally unaware of what's going on around them there's a lot of people like that to me the greatest tool you have. To -- to secure. Your wellbeing is awareness. Are right if you're walking out to your car. Aware as anybody standing around your car is is does anything look unusual. -- like that. Are your hands full of packages make sure that you have. The key in in one hand and if you have a got a card that has an alarm system. Make sure you know exactly where that is for your thumb so that if there's any problems you can just hit that. And you'll instantly have an alarm going off. But a lot of people cut -- little -- a bit more advanced than we are in some ways. A regarding this because they've they've understood long time ago that you don't leave your purse just dangling there that you guys secure those somebody can just grab and run. But the bottom line is that oftentimes. People are just thinking about something else especially this time year. They're thinking about selling something else and not paying attention. If you if you're going to park in a parking lot of a mall trying to park -- if it's dark. It gives you more -- gives you more of an advantage then approaching a dark car. As I said keep the keys in your hand don't have them in your purse or in your pocket we got to dig through to find them. While you're still on the store and you're about to leave the store put him in your hand no way the alarm where the panic you say either panic -- usually -- -- I'm nowhere that switches and hit it if you need to and because what happens to is you read about these muggings and things people show up. At the last minute just -- -- gonna get in the car. And they come from between cars they may be on the -- that we can see film whatever but they're usually alone they'll do it impacts very often. And this -- just be aware I know that even when I leave the radio station. If I'm going out to my cars -- our cars over there. I surveying the whole law rejected all of them because I've ridden motorcycles for a long time I always look for an escape -- OK okay if somebody's there where we're right guard over there and this and that. And then you just keep going to get a card game and what's the first thing you should billion. Lock the door first thing very first thing but you'll be surprised how many people get in the car you've seen him do it. If you're a mom you'll see him do it they get in the car that the doors and -- -- meanwhile though for the package. And get the marriages ride and look at their hair and get the cell phone out but the bottom line is. The doors are still not locked. That's the first thing you should do when you get in your car is locked. Do war. Tony you have anymore rope a postings of baseball please Jimmy says my 107 pound Rottweiler -- And white TV you won't get out it's like a roach motel. You're injured damage and I got a -- out while -- and seven -- And that's a lot of -- -- I can I don't get him angry guy that's he gets angry when he gets angry so what Austria and there. Well let's go to mark who says dogs and take no prisoners attitude. Okay -- dogs are very effective. Either to attack directly or to alarm you to give you an awareness as I said awareness in aspect whether. It's personal awareness. Or in your house being aware of the doors all locked. Is there something amiss is something changed what's different whatever. And and if you do the right thing if you really feel that your -- call. Police we come back. It's not salute to some of our callers under Israeli and I'm thirty WB were asking about security in the reason or asking is because it was in the news today. And I also have an article by MacKey Becker from above windows handling this a subject. The burglaries there were three of them. -- them more on Miller and one of them was on Philip drive in Amherst police no one of the burglaries on Miller occurred about 5 AM. Because the burglar was -- confronted by somebody who heard him come in the door. The burglar then fled. The lucky fled because you don't know what condition the burglars and whether there. Arm not arm -- not poked up in the two other cases the homeowners awoke. To find items in their homes out of order or missing. That means of the burglar was in the house while the people were sleeping that's scary. Because they didn't lock the door. Now there's a possibility the burglar could vote commit another way. But odds are if the door is open that's pretty much the way they're gonna -- so I'm I'm strongly suggesting. Lock the doors seems pretty simple does not know a lot of people don't. And for home security alarm systems are great. Dogs -- grade. Things like that anything that -- Lola I help you give you a little time give you a little lower. A wiggle room indication that. If you're going to leave for a day or so -- what did you leave the radio on leave it on the newsreader at 930 because we have conversation. Here we have voices. Which means that somebody was walking by your house. They would hear voices instead of music and they might lead them to believe someone was there so that's all helpful there car car alarms are almost every cars -- -- now. And you can -- a lot of different things first of all matured church when you when you said that means it's at credit ago. Also haven't your -- coming out after shopping or just getting in the car make sure it's in your hand. And if you have a problem that the alarm system the of -- the red button there might say panic on it at that site you've got a little chance with something like that. Individual person all the best the best weapon you can have for individual security is awareness know what's going on around you. Yes Tony you mentioning about the pinnacle armor on the car and its parent has a great idea. If someone cannot afford security system but has car in the closed garage in hears -- -- something suspicious. Press the alarm button and you keep -- -- the alarm goes off in the car that can be enough to scare someone away X. An idea that's an excellent idea and its. Keep bureau keys right on your nightstand so you know world where they are also a good idea is keep a flashlight on tonight Stan. Because oftentimes you stumble around and argue don't wanna put the lights on maybe. Because that would just illuminate everything for a burglar coming and I just make sure you do that. Personal blow on personal security. This isn't for everybody I have a carry permit why you ever cared permanent. Because I carry and I've been shooting on my life and I know how to shoot and I know where the gun is and I know how to take -- and use -- if I have to use that I hope I never do. But if I have to I will. Plain and simple. And -- just say this. If you have you know. If five if I'm gonna get mugged I would say that you got to bring hate people because the first 7 am going to be the last seven now. And here's a clue I usually carry more than one magazine that's just the minimum you know be over number seven. So you don't wanna have eight god knows -- Andrew Cuomo would come and say bad boy image haul you off to jail but you can have seven times what everyone. Aren't it Israel and I Israel 10616. Under through six SR 930 let's go to Kathy next Kathy you're on WB yen. I ending -- yeah. -- diplomats say first of all I -- a lot of people -- America I wish you weren't all in the yesterday you very much and well thank you your very sweet we love you I'm glad you're listening now. You're probably. Perhaps a -- here at her home from work anyway you hit it there. What you said about it elsewhere because. I had PE here's what you see people as well. And -- topic on the -- well -- an actor out there -- and -- sidewalk where there there little outward. It's probably like to PPI numbers -- not aware of what's healthful and analyst at tackler. I mean you're seeing at all the the story acting. If you take your child out there should be brought to your child he should be -- and a couple -- -- -- importantly Gary erupt I need to be was. That's well said and and then when you go out of a car it's the same thing if you're on the so far you've got to make sure the child secure and also gonna keep and I know what's going on. -- -- don't do it all the same way you know some almost due to the middle of the afternoon with the sun shining so it's not gonna happen at night you can't get a false sense of security you've got to be prepared. Sure -- I would thank you thank you very much. A guy almost all of it well you know it's not dark out so. Burglars are gonna come in. That's not true they do come in in the daytime all the time. And you have to be alert for that you have to be ready for that also if you approach your house. And deference is suppose you've got a garage and the garage. As a door that goes into the laundry room which goes in the house. Suppose you're you're at the garage door opener and upn and the laundry room doors is -- don't go in there. Call the cops instantly because you can believe it that way call -- police when in doubt. Called bullies. As as long as it's factual and actual and you really believe you're in danger call the cops most of the time you know are going to be able to handle it yourself. Some of the times you can't. It is Japan's martial arts. Martial -- good idea might buy you some time I wouldn't depend on it though because you don't know the person attacked you has more advanced martial arts. You whip out your great belt and they whip out their black belt I mean yeah you gotta know what and he but it'll bide your time. And could help you very much so martial arts is very it's good exercise it's good to know gives you -- sense of wellbeing but don't don't get cocky because. Well what I Witten didn't see any since I do have a martial arts background. What I'm told to practice and so I hire Chuck Norris chuck he stays at my house and I feel fully protected no when he. I would use martial arts except that would have -- summit with my legs. And there are. It -- and the neighbor you know idea I'd like some protection William with my leg in case of trouble. I wanted to work. But that -- other one thing they'll find out the great equalizer. Is a fire arm if you're trained if you are licensed. If you are the right mindset. If you are solid citizen that takes safety very seriously. It can be a lifesaver. You don't wanna be a cowboy -- wouldn't you definitely don't want out of cash begun around just showing the gun is somebody isn't I was -- often know more about guns and you do probably. They've only been raised around guns and probably have one. A somewhere on their body but it is a great equalizer as. Race so many people of we've been on talking about a over last year then have gone. If the -- let's say they're going to range have so -- just -- the -- mean first of all what you have to recognize is. By going to the ring -- by getting a permit. And going to have arranged which argument handguns now basically. It's it's its first let's fund. It's fun and as you get better -- it you start doing better a target shooting and things like that. You've got to get a great sense of accomplishment if you have a carry permit and your carrier and there's a certain amount of feeling of security now you should get cocky. Because there's no guarantee. That this is a get out of jail free card for you but is better than not having it and if you have a carry permit and you think you might need that. Kerry aren't our -- and American rifleman. But it is probably carry permit as you don't have a would you when he made it. So the best way to have a -- doing and it is that it was viewing a native. Those great words of wisdom -- really Yogi Berra I'm telling you as butterflies and when no -- you've got to play. When you can snatch the pebbles from my hand. I will be back after us. Backward region coming up -- be -- -- -- a good point to me he said -- he's he's online right he's looking at all the pictures and things people are sending forward. Ali's pictures of people showing -- snow on their back deck or the snow in their driveway or the snow on the shrubs. We don't snow you know look out the window we have windows so we know what it looks like in your backyard but he aren't thinking this I think we keep people off guard. You have any pictures that you took like in July. Around your pool. You know if they don't have a time stamp on them send your friend that picture and say. Boy I know the weather is localized but. We're not getting much here and you know sitting around the pool maybe barbecuing. That would be nice instead of -- same -- pictures that everybody else's -- Is -- order your picture unless you're sending them a Florida something. They go to your -- no one house and that's unusual never seen apple now so you know like my idea so you can send us some picture. Bikini shot and how you're taught that's sad and send him -- because he gets lonely. They don't straight out on Israel wanted to and its excellent excellent acoustics -- 930 security. Let's start to. Trucker Canelo trucker tenure on WB -- -- What's important Tony by the way -- not to seat on a sort doors just sort of living your house and secure Bluetooth. -- went out. Thank you Greg good advice stronger again what what do you think about the security what should we be looking. Like that subsequent stop. I got okay -- you are now that certainly do it is now when you but he gets a bright idea that knows soccer can't -- your -- I don't do this -- when I was younger. -- -- like to -- my grandmother relative that always have security systems at their house that they Graham. Or scatter relative to the regional site for William because. You don't like about it is it that it might freight -- and -- -- -- know the difference may get stickers. Anywhere that says it's not -- -- security system more or five wells our flag and security system and they -- your window -- everywhere and it would your house -- let's think it's looking or else they don't know how you like these clips with the car. Never -- -- securities is little wet blue lights -- -- support -- quarterly party would blink read they only eat battery and a huge -- That's because of -- if you look at the window of cars oh systems are alarmed many times it will be a flashing -- that's good advice a trucker -- because when -- as I was assigned doesn't say something like at me or ace or some obviously phony that. Two record and -- figured -- very -- you know what you need for a alike the the horn on my alarm system of the house would wake the dead today but you need to kind of hard and I had put in my -- Remember the diesel horn the truck -- as a -- which is a real truck. Diesel hard. Number what I did the Barbara burns asked who's also did it to me to Barbara burns who was our news person there now works for the US attorney. I was walking in the parking lot minding your own business. And I came up behind her driving driving my Hummer Cindy had gotten me a Hadley diesel air okay. And when that thing goes you know OK so she doesn't pay much attention to the traffic. And I school came up behind there. And laid on the horn. She could have been in the NBA -- jump that high she could have dumped -- durable and that is she still remembers that every -- -- -- -- -- remember that. But that that's cool yes -- army and air and as a somebody posted earlier is good idea. If you have a card chances are. That you have an alarm system keep the keys on your nightstand in your bedroom. So in case of trouble at least you could hit that and most of them will reach almost any place in a property jewel on the ponderosa -- And you hit that in the as the alarm system going off right away so that's a good idea -- -- cost you any money I highly recommend. Alarm systems. Let's go to Jerry in Amherst area on WB -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- thought you know one thing is mostly in the back of the boat to abandon it. It would -- nothing. In this case. The other thing is that we talked about the you know blowing whistles and heaven -- noise awakened up -- neighbors when you're trying to get those sleeper whatever. I -- with -- -- -- -- -- get a minute you know pep boys and all these plates and and it's a thing to put on your you put on your steering wheels. It's you know you just it's -- -- -- hit it succeed you can rocket if you want but -- the other entity just put it that whenever you go out to put that we Iraq and Iraq. Now what that looks in the window when he sees it it's made a tungsten steel. It's like the club it's like -- Exactly what it is club a little widget that that opened a window. And if he'd been -- in the -- with any thousand -- note this is tungsten steel battalion led break given by the time let's stop this open somebody's probably gonna say you have an added day. That that's good that's a good point because it is very tough still -- -- uses the club if you need to I'm glad you suggested that thank you. All out one thing got a couple of those security shows. But combo shows I was told you the fair about -- last resort. Weapon okay. Is that my uncle -- Reynolds. Advice to me when I was going to. School in Boston. My days ago occasionally when we could scrape up enough money. Go to -- a Celtics game Red Sox not many Red Sox. But occasionally -- to a and my uncle last me. You know he ever -- about walking the streets of Boston. And I said no not really -- for not exactly sure and he said well here he said. I'm gonna give me some advice. If you think is going to be a problem which not really sure. And you have absolutely nothing. On mute to prevent yourself you don't have -- pocket knife you don't have a baseball bat you have nothing aren't. He said and this was before cellphones. He says here's what you do. He said you can take any paper. Me he could take a couple of shades of the buffalo knows you could take this regular paper that dialogue is prime whatever just take it. And what you do is you fold. Real tight the new -- that again real tight. If you can be near a third hole real tight and and you bend it like that you put it in your hand and that thing is like a rock. And you can use it to come up somebody's Chandler down on top of their head but that thing is like like having a rock and -- now Tony I showed you that remember the first sellers at this. Even a single piece of paper could hurt somebody -- you've got to be aware of that kind of stuff and you can get in nobody in charge you were carrying a weapon. When last I know. A newspaper. -- piece of paper or post or anything like that is not illegal to carry but it will give you an opportunity to have some shot. Of getting out of the situation. We'll be back for the final segment a lot of people on on the line -- once and tell us about security on news radio 930 we RW the man. I think his hair is doing a retreat is going backwards and and and it's getting little thinner now as opposed to his wife Linda. Whose drop dead gorgeous always has been always will be just a wonderful person. Her airports that tournament so I'm just saying that it must be tough in the house where. One's person hair is going out the door. And the other -- still -- there I'm I now works. Well those kids confinement where rounds here all these hours and a total of one time. It's 5:20 in the morning. And Rob Lucas and I the only -- working together more racial want to -- and I see him do this. He takes his hand on the side of each on -- side of his head and he does this with -- -- here. While looking in the reflection in the glass and -- and I said don't. Doing that forum only one year I mean I wasn't doing that from may. Like I hope Santa likes my hair maybe like a little better like this see the advantage of having nowhere. You know the worm -- very -- looks fabulous if you can get. Beneath the -- Okay let's go to Paul shall we follow a cell -- involves a good idea you're on WB and call. Yes. I would been listening to you about dish. Home protection -- right and so forth and right. She that you people side arm. In your nightstand and is accessible it's accessible and I believe I'm an honorary pistol instructor. And one of the things you said was so about keep it a flashlight and so on so forth are tactical light tactical it with a stroll you know okay. Another thing. Most people that practice. Shooting and -- Really don't ever practice and neither lol later no light situation. And I recommend a laser. While Bel Lazar is not only effective -- psychologically. Effective. If somebody sees the laser coming toward him they don't wanna be there I can tell you that. If I mean it talks with general. In -- Lola situation is still see the -- that now. That you know -- that the lasers that's where the bullets going. Yeah exactly exactly and that's all that you know if somebody that's nervous. And shaky. And if you can't see their on site and act on its useless. That's stroke and you can retro if your card gun didn't come with a laser which are probably didn't you can retro and fit almost any gun with a laser -- Iraq. And that's that's excellent I -- -- that you're busy good teaching classes -- people how to get their permits because this is an active issue right now in New York's. I've got a couple. My did my mentor. Is big but. It's an ultra short you know -- talking about juror and so. It's just you know -- -- people need to practice they need and they need to understand their rights. On and it. You're not higher and carry on number. If you look in the magazines the armed citizens. Page. First thing I read and really has is the first thing I ever. Very you know it gives you an idea what goes on in this world in this country. And these little ladies what they're 22. Rifles that how they protect themselves. Yeah and and more and more women are being attracted to -- of learning how to shoot your temperament and the one aspect of shooting that we don't talk about two budgets. When -- learning it's fun to it's fun to do recreation certainly the better you get the -- Project take and then of course -- protections always an issue but it's a lot of fun of if you have any interest. You hook up with somebody like Paul get to learn how to handle a gun properly get that license and enjoy net. Scariest a lot of people. They've been make a lot of noise you gotta have something -- but beyond that I get something you can hit something with. And you'll feel law very comfortable thank you follow laser -- thank you it like a laser site. Nobody wants that red green or whatever color -- it's going to be on their forehead. On no you don't want that and you see it. -- is some movies have been very dramatic showing matter of obviously there they're doing for dramatic purposes but that laser cuts through anything. And if you if you are going up this there isn't somebody suddenly there was that dot. Coming out of the bedroom door on the other side of the bedroom door USA feet don't fail me now whatever you have you can keep an anomaly in on talking about. 8393. Go 106692. Visits are 930 let's go to Hank and Lancaster anchor on WB again. Good party's litany of -- -- Yeah it does come across an FBI statistic that says. There's a break you already getting into this country every fourteen seconds should. A startling statistic. It's certainly has because you would think it takes a lot of nerve to break into our house but they've gotten -- that's where the goodies are so that's with -- gonna -- I've mentioned this statistic. 85 year old friend of mine. And I've said that I'm do you have -- protection in euros each has no I don't need any. Well what ear protection why do you restore security as well. It got dark -- comes to admire how he doesn't know if I haven't gotten and that's my protection. Well Egypt in Texas then why there's so you have agree on him because I got you gotta know that in order in order to scare somebody job you really have to know -- -- going to be prepared. To use -- thank you Hank thank you very much. Yeah and Texas. Let's see if there's a breakout of statistics just for the state of Texas when I went down there one of the first questions. I get asked the news director are said. I'm here I worked in Dallas Fort Worth OK IS and director jewels that are listed them -- and exchange down here. If somebody doesn't move right away nobody home except them like they do in New York he said are you kidding me. He said you look in the back window most of those that trucks. Everybody has -- -- so you don't that you just don't do that and then what you also find is that they are I think. I know I think anecdotally certainly and probably statistically I should look it up is that the amount of home break ins and in Texas probably less than most states simply because. The assumption is that of eleven Texas your gun in there and you know audio as. The question would you recommend someone who doesn't have a -- or maybe they just aren't comfortable around guns. Even to have like an NRA stick or something like that I'm windows around there. House well that's always good that's a tough question and I'll tell you why I never put in -- stickers on my truck you know why because people will assume that there's a gun in there. And I never leave my gun in my vehicle never ever ever. But how's it might be different the NRA I think you'd be better off putting the a burglar. A sign up there even if you didn't have the alarm than you would and in our -- because somebody was really called up may say that's right can steal some guns. And guns are readily transferable on the black market so is the kind of thing you don't wanna say hey. This guy's got an. I would rather have something else but the key is. Don't think they don't have the nerve to do it they not only have the nerve to do it build it okay. We'll have a nice Thanksgiving I'll see you back here on a Monday. On news radio 930 we are WB.

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