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11-27 Best of Sandy Beach Hour 2

Nov 27, 2013|

Discussing Home Break-In's

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks all of you who emailed me yesterday. And by the way if you ever do one email me at Sandia WB and dot com doesn't get any easier than that. I'm telling me where we could find. Rain lamps they don't even make new rain lamps anymore my daughter wants a ring lamp for Christmas. And I can't just Mumbai one of most of the replies said that they were available. Add to -- eBay. So you could go go online and and I'd like to see one and you know touching it and make sure that it is what I want remnants central on line. But there were a couple of the local locations which I will check out and thank you very much -- that Persia. And I thought I might have to go public to find out where to find these things is about easily available callable in stores and on and make them anymore. But she wants once -- try and find a -- things never change. Now she wants a ring -- it wasn't that long goes you -- Cabbage Patch Kids. They -- complete. I do or did she want one now the Gaza or were they grow up fast on Tony you've got to real little ones one we'll know more about Christmas than the other one. Yeah ones already in effect he's been bugging me for the last. RO weaker so what are you decorate when we intact and equipment like double Decker yeah he's really into it not like he's blasted to operate in the Christmas she's already start with the music about -- Samantha does she just wants food and. On deck and jump on -- -- -- as good but thanks all of you would do who have helped me you know with the rain -- Story this morning on a news radio 930 or John Susan and I just shook my head on narrative because I'm thinking. What planet. Do these people online are. There seems to have been an idea but the raking in the houses. Near north French road in the town of our Amherst. Okay and there were three houses broken into three. Of the three guess how many didn't have the doors locked. Who said three yes that's exactly right. They broke into three houses the burglaries took place sometime between one and 6 AM. Tuesday to them or on Miller wrote the third was on -- drive. Police. And -- that one of the burglaries on Miller occurred about 5 AM because the burglar was confronted by someone who heard him come in the front door. The burglar then fled the door was open you've got. That was opened the murders are -- Larkin and the homeowner or somebody who is an house anyway comes down and scares a lot. The other two cases homeowners awoke to find items in their home. Either out of order or missing. Because ours were opened so that meant that the burglars were about how else. I'll lose homeowners were probably sleeping. And being burglarized and the doors were unlocked events. I've been a lot of places I've never lived in a place where -- left my doors unlocked as a matter of fact I can tell you this and I've never been burglarized. And knock on wood. But if I'm working in the backyard. And I need things from the garage the garage doors closed the garage -- not open because you can Andrew -- from the garage. And so that doesn't doesn't happen if I have to keep the grudge opened that I make sure the doors -- going into the house. When I've follow up in my driveway. One and as soon as I get out of the car click click click it's locked always lock it. If by as -- several more in the backyard the front doors always locked. It's just the way too Blase I've seen you know you drive around and see people -- their garage doors open at 3 in the morning. And it's ridiculous. So you've got to take some precautions in so I wanna hear from you what you'd do. To protect your life your limb your property what kind of some of the big word here is the -- word sick you are -- today okay. I don't believe you know in the old days people who lived in rural areas would say well you know we live way out here. Nobody's gonna come bother us and so we leave our doors open. But people usually who lived in a more. In a more urban setting always made sure their doors were closed well now it seems people are getting. Blase and that thinking in in nothing like record happened to them and I'm thinking that's that's a fool's era and also you can't leave any thing. That can be seen inside your car. That would attempt. You know somebody was gonna break into your car. Because I've heard about people breaking and for change that you keep in the ashtray. Let alone certain things like I pads or iPods or any any of Smartphones I mean that's ridiculous you leave anything like that out. Believe me in my vehicles if my vehicles were parked outside a it's locked. And big you look inside there's nothing that you would see nothing you would see inside the car why would you wanna -- the burglar. So I'm asking what kind of security today we may in my home first of all I have a -- security system. We have a job let's see who will be -- -- and that would wake up the dead I can absolutely tell you. The dead would rise and walk again when that horn goes off hopefully. -- haven't had the -- but it's on and it's on all the time OK so I have that. I'm also idea of a permit holder. And my guns and secure but I know where they are an off as I can get to -- And if I needed to I would not hesitate to use them under the proper circumstances. Soul I have the alarm I have that I also have. The attack cats I have to Lucy and Ethel. Who would go to Dave it would distract any burglar by rubbing up against his leg you know army and that's just the way isn't purring. And then and he would feel obliged to talk to Lucy and Ethel. And I would hear his talking and I get a gum out OK I would hit Lucy and Ethel but good luck to the guy. That's what I'm saying so that's all there. And in the bottom line is you have to you have to be aware you can't make it too tempting for somebody to pick you out as a target. You know you go buy some houses and you see just by driving by. What an easy target because see the front doors wide open the garage doors up or whatever Tony -- do what precautions you take you always lock the door. Yes would keep the doors locked and we have a whole security. That I am proud to see thwarted. Two would be the that's right you're caught you're you're economists however many outlets -- my garage and -- rifled through that and they would. Look like they were gonna break the back door down until we saw the stickers in the window and you can see. In my kitchen. You know the lights from the securities item so they didn't they left it alone and they chose the neighbor's house two doors down while bad for the security system does -- merges them -- Not stay at your house yeah so that was a group that beating -- and ours they got my neighbor right now see as a home security system. And I'm happy to report that the two teenagers that did break -- are going to be servant a lot of time in operas and. Good good we're -- I'm glad I'm glad to hear that. Yeah I I highly recommend home security system but I also highly recommend your code word be something you can remember. In fact it's funny I just saw a bill Cosby's. I use uses a standup Vietnam in thirty years well he didn't do at this time either he's sitting down but it's stand up sitting down. And he talks about not remembering. His code word. When the alarm system went off accidentally. It's hysterically funny it's not funny but haven't the bottom because -- Gonzales or like no nobody else and it's fabulously funny. But I I really highly recommended because I know the few times I've accidentally set off my own alarm system. I forget that it's armed and I opened something that shouldn't be open wallets armed all the sudden that phone rings it's like that. And I -- it's me the moron but that doesn't even work they still want an -- Even though. Even though I could convince -- -- it's my house. They don't take a chance and they -- -- mr. Obama called the -- of the electrical -- India. Which is god so I highly recommend the security system is that they're reasonably priced than they are not super expensive in their very good piece of mine aren't. Keep your doors -- keep your windows -- always. If you are armed make sure that you have access to your firearms would make sure that they are secure. From. From people who shouldn't have their hands on especially kids. All right so that's that's it for the day now another thing that I do which I think is is useful. Is if I'm gone away for a little bit I'd leave the radio on and -- on BEN not because I work at the end that's because the -- talk. OK if somebody or walking around the perimeter of your house -- guessing whether. Whether indeed anybody's home. And there's music on that doesn't mean much but if they have a voice they don't know. Whether it's the voice of a person standing in there or the radio and so what I do -- I was with the radio. It's very effective what -- house -- on team. Before we got married and we look at one house and I says turn to our our realtor said. I thought you said nobody was home your voice is in sight until I realized it was time -- in the head WVU top. It was was burglarizing a house you'll go to now he's essentially called -- that's good thank you for explain that. Yeah back thing because. They want to look usual with a walk around your property and they hear voices somewhere else. So I think the good part. About an alarm system is that it allows them to burden -- neighbor instead of view. If you if you start the preparation. You deserve to today's. Also. What we talk about security security comes a lot of different ways. Regarding your -- we kind of went over some things now what about your vehicle when we come back we'll talk about your vehicle we'll also talk about you know. As an individual and what you can do to keep your yourself and your house and your car and your truck and your snowblower and all the good stuff you'll love in life. I'll keep that from falling into bad -- hands we'll be back after -- burglaries. And that to their policy to -- on Miller wrote the third on -- drive. In Amherst. And then I found out that all three burglaries were committed because the doors were unlocked. I think it's on -- why would you be so Blase about your own safety and security. To leave the doors unlocked a police say that no one of the burglary is according to this article by -- Becker. A one of the burglaries occurred about 5 AM because the burglar was confronted by someone who heard him come in the door the burglar then fled. The other two cases the homeowners awoke to find items in their homes out of order or missing. Well you know that means -- and after they went to bed the burglars were in their house how creepy is that thinking that you are in -- -- -- -- And indeed their burglars in your house. And you wake up to find out that they -- gone so we're asking what kind of security you have what kind of security measures do you take. For the house we suggest it's certainly an alarm system. Leave a radio on -- leave it on the WB and with the voice so that people just casually casing your house will hear voice. And conversation and may think somebody's at home make sure your doors are always locked one of the easy ways to get to ripped off as your in the backyard the doors open in the front. They could come in and take everything that was valuable your house -- Levy -- even know it. So make sure that in the back to the fronts locked up. And basically. That's a good way to secure your house having said that next vehicle next thing would be your vehicle. -- most vehicles and well. That come with some kind of alarm system just make sure you doesn't usually although this can bury argued that. Usually the first time you hit the walk is locked the second time it sharp's when it chirps it means it's armed. Now that's most of -- some of them might be a little different. But just make sure -- make sure it's it's it's locked don't leave anything in plain sight. Lot of people very casual but even leaving. What we used to have more -- around us we will keep -- as triple a quarters but don't even leave change pocket change people break into your car. And or steal anything and that I hear that people lost iPods. Ipads. Because they were in plain sight in their car that's just dumb. That's -- you just don't leave that like there when your Christmas shopping. -- don't leave gifts in plain sight if if you must put him in the car before it can go directly don't put him in the trunk lock the trunk. Lock the car make sure everything is secure and then you have a chance. Are keeping the burglars away before we are getting too personal security policy what some people opposed to Tony -- usual. While we post things and sometimes we don't post them until just before Michelle. -- got tiger saying please explain and people -- answer -- one word. It's called a talk show. And I guess you can talk with one word if -- Mark Harmon or something on NC -- -- but we'd like conversation a thread of conversation. Hey what do you think this. What do you think that that kind of thing Tony we've got some utter one word and some that are. And we'll start with Robin says locks dead ball and my dialogue or good yeah -- -- forget dogs. Certainly dogs and they don't have to -- attack dogs. They just have to make a make you aware that something's going on they can be poor girls. Infected over at the -- breed I know something you don't know Matt and -- The pulled debris it was originally. Bred for protection yes I knew that those yeah even those of us and I know a little ones you didn't honestly it okay -- -- But yeah they were originally bred for protection now if you think -- that rough neighborhood manner. But it got me a total. And well. One brutal bit ease the bite my ankle one turnover and that it. I was hoping it wasn't the brutal about it warrior. And it is yes -- I sort of thought we forgot about a dog a dog would be very very helpful. Because even if they're not an attack dog they can alert you that something's going on at besides burglaries drugs have been known to alert you when there's smoke or fire. Or anything like audio and -- exactly they've saved lives many times so we were so we would suggest they via a dog is a good idea. By the way speaking of drugs the biggest BCA radio -- comes up next weekend not this weekend but next. Thursday and next Friday obvious BCA and we'll see up there with it it will be back with more security what you you know. What do you know to keep yourself and your car and your house and your kids in your possessions they will be back. -- Now that that that that I'll. Nothing Vermont and I like that. For just fifteen dollars enjoys a first class pampering from western New York's number ones along and he spot. As -- curious wants Fargo to WB and dot com and click on my buffalo perks no go. And that's that were asking about security. Is as we found out that. Three homes. In in hammers on mostly a Miller two of them -- Miller road. While I was on -- drive and what happened is they were all burglarized. Probably. Easy targets because their doors were on walks. -- find that just amazing. And I'd like to hear from you. If if -- you take precautions certainly what are they for your house for your car for yourself. Let's go to Linda lending Iran WB yen. My pleasure Linda didn't give me your thoughts on this. Well actually scientists say that I had my house burglarized twice while I was leading by it in the out that'd be Lilly's. He yeah I mean it's a feeling of waking up in the morning and in seeing that everything's -- up 40 and knowing that. You exit record in the house sleeping at the time and you know you fear like order I will and it would they would came up. They're very brazen and you don't know if they're all called or what kind of condition they're in and you don't know if you startled them of its worst. Then then not knowing their very at all I mean that's a scary situation where your doors unlocked. I am the first time they actually mistake I did forget to lock the front door so that was my own -- That second time they've found an unlocked window and -- and true and unlocked window. While and did they ever catch the people who did it. I -- trying they did and eventually -- baking in the house. Still that person sees everything and then all of the cars to really wow yeah opal and Mike -- we're actually. Still -- along with. Actors since cellphones and everything in the house. Wow. You run the gamut there the pain out -- and -- mean -- the -- came one. And stole the purses and wallets. And and -- this stuff and they actually that came back a couple of hours later all the cars. Well there are stories about people who -- -- home and they were being burglarized -- and of Ebola burglarized and head and food out of the refrigerator some guys are caught sleeping I mean these people have a lot of not a lot of not courage a lot of -- is what I'm trying to. Well -- that that nervous at home a hole trying to -- into the combat flight will. Really -- Remarkable so have you learned a lesson he always check that if a door or make sure of school -- before you go to bed. Lohan adored being in the windows night at a clothing and a lot to windows Cilic has really unfortunate. -- up the -- of innocence is gone we have to assume that the doors after the lockquote speculative to keep your doors locked. A -- imagine I mean it's bad enough to lose some thing. So we steals from -- but I imagine knowing they were in your house while you were in there sleeping and like and its edges gets. And your sleeping she's. Husband it was slipping to -- the whole family was sleeping the burglars came and some of them came in a second time. Oh man and then you don't know if you confront them. They are. Are they called up. Are they going to react by coming at you are they gonna run away you don't know and and it's a pretty scary. I think the first thing you do is call the cops. Absolutely the first thing is is to call the cola 911 and and get that done. And then take other measures measures after that but for some news or not he originally -- -- -- on your house while you're asleep Nell and I don't think being able to sleep after that. Knowing that something was in my house like that you know you know my alarm system the way I said it I even set the bedroom door is on the alarm system. So even if they managed to get into the house without setting the alarm system off. They kind of said bedroom door goes off. And so let me just tell you you don't wanna know what's obvious that door -- -- it -- Saying all of them I don't know ground and but yeah I if I if I had that happen the -- capital and a I'd be IB are not happy I would not be happy -- give me a couple more room postings please -- we have a couple of minutes for the breaks -- -- fit this one. In okay. Dogs that. We asked are you. What did you do for security for your home armed person and this is dogs and that's it well dogs are I guess the ultimate. A burglar alarm because they usually can hear anything's going on. And you can have your choice of different kinds of dogs you can have dogs that would go after and attack the person that intruding in their home. Or you can have dogs it will just -- you -- alarm -- Bark and there'd I think they're very effective dogs of any kinder effect especially bigger dogs with a deeper -- par via its offer India and you don't -- -- to argue Ottawa for -- -- follow for you ought. -- -- I don't think it. Innate -- -- aren't by -- place you'll never forget you know that's all right that's authority -- -- a manly thing you got to do. I give me another one at that not as long as the last one okay -- says. Ted -- dog ala didn't -- greats with regards to more into exactly dead balls are very effective. And and dogs are very effective and that's a good idea -- think about if you get -- or dead as dead ball. As can make a lot of nor if you kick in in the -- -- -- one of the reasons that I keep the bedroom door closed -- is by any chance somebody gets in the house. Then they're gonna have to break through the bedroom door and by that time the jig is up is that the game is over. It's time to call a for the burglar because it's not a good place debris. Will take a break will be back tomorrow Beijing company. On newsreader and I've certainly are WB -- we have a three how houses in the economy -- burglarized. And -- on Miller wrote a one on fill up drive. And the thing they have in common is the doors were not locked. I mean please I don't care where you live. You have to lock the doors. A tough neighborhood and not tough neighborhoods a beautiful neighborhood are not so beautiful neighborhood you gotta lock the doors you simply have to. If you're not willing to do that to protectors of the gonna put yourself at risk. So the first thing you should think about is is are the doors locked should be -- last thing before you go to bed at night make sure that everything is locked there's nothing open. But you drive it arrived on the road you see garage doors open when he borrows a day. And I'm betting that if that garage doors open probably the door -- goes to the laundry room is open which means or in your house I mean plays. He appeal more conscientious than that. Why it's a motion lights are very effective too. If you have a spotlights and put my motion detectors. Sometimes -- gets set off by deer and things like that but suddenly you know somebody's a casing your thousand Bowman big spotlight comes on. It it might be very helpful so with argue about alarm systems. Dogs very effective as we said. I have if you leave the house leave the radio on -- on BM because there's voices on that. A lights also very effective let's go to us Sam in Lewiston Sam -- on WB yen. I share impersonating. I'm I'm calling because. A little bit over the management -- country irrespective of -- the elderly and I worked you in the law enforcement should also. When I get out. Our work you know 1130 at night I can actually go over and checked out okay and right when I got there from Quebec with a -- or -- Do you Carter's old obsolete. When you're inside out there cheers German -- And that and that German shepherd and his a quarter. And there's growing and -- in wake up. And when I reluctantly I would. News though there are indeed it is my plants is just went. I'm sorry that was. Right during the best part of the story. Sorry if you're listening it was either your battery on her cellphone. I doubt if you're just out of a cellphone a towering I don't think that sounds like a battery thing because it just went. On Saturday that so -- his mother was elderly. A sound asleep and he is a law enforcement person. He's checking out as most of tobacco window open went in there her German shepherd -- the guy cornered and was growling so that that's a good sign. And now iffy calls back we'll give you the rest of the story but I'm thinking that. That was and uninteresting story dogs very effective. Whether they're German shepherds and they can actually have physically take part and take on the burglar or whether they're little teacup totals. A -- just make you make enough noise to alert you wake up and take care of it it doesn't really matter as long as your -- you know what's going on. Yes if you want to load to a couple more Wallace is this am surprised that -- flat out at ten. Well maybe who knows who knows what. How long ago I was in there a guy could have been and they're just ahead of the sun coming home from work. -- -- -- -- Let's go back to -- Sam Sam here on WB again. That's OK so you've -- the dog was growling and have a guy corner. Yes and and I -- You know. There is a good thing that the dog was that are it's also a good thing that I I haven't -- checking on her. Because it was like. Two months after my -- eventually. And it's weird because the person that they're broke and was a neighbor about three -- is now. And trying to -- what workers and knew what I did they know my brother did. -- kind of like. Be prepared statement that we. That's amazing to think that that you have to police officers involved and they still have enough guts to. To do that in the middle of the night though they're not short unnerve their short on brains but not on nerve. Right. Show what we hear what I hear. I think to myself and put a DP I don't know troops under Clinton -- portable home alarm system. In my -- a good that's good that's very helpful. And because her altered there's -- might be now I have a tendency while I'm working that you. Continue to check that out and -- career. And -- just because it's my emotional and I do a lot of people. While that's nice Sid did that guy get convicted that he gets arrested and convicted. Here here. You're you're were here -- -- your beautiful that's great well it's good that she's got a good son who looks after his mom and maritimes one really pays off like that thank you Sam thank you for that story while. So -- took cops. In the same family -- don't break into the house is amazing Estes here really as well don't get burglars a lot of credit for brains they don't have a lot of brains but they do have a lot of -- A lot of a lot of nerve most I don't about you know what most people would not walk into a strange house even in daylight if you were expected. And the door was open and they didn't know you have to do you wanted to do that right. Let alone come in in the middle of the night with with ill intent. To clean up the possessions or even wars. And great security. Is your neighbor. People to keep -- eye and your how do we don't like I told you about the my neighbor who was burglarized. It was another neighbor who saw the kids go into that house nearly kicked the door in and when it so they call the cops. And while the two were upstairs stuffing the pockets. With jewelry and and personal belongings. A Niagara Falls police were inside the house ordered the two wound McCain hands out on the ground and. He's called if your house and you know something's happening the first thing you do -- -- cops absolutely the first thing -- -- -- -- -- And then don't make sure you're not a target for them. And depends on your on what your intentions are after that. Maybe ages though hunkered down and and with the cops get there. If you're more equipped to handle it effectively yourself why don't always recommend that put it depends on what the circumstances -- Yeah another good deal with your neighbors helping you got -- clubs and things like that is. Is talk to them slushy or hey Jim I'm going to be a goal waved over the weekend can you please keep an -- and the house not expecting anyone to show up so you give them enough information where they can now look. -- neighbors. I don't have a lot of neighbors the neighbors -- great neighbors. And we all kind of look after each others -- we know what cars is supposed to be there we don't always know if there's a commercial vehicle where you know. A truck. You know you could wake up and I don't know 3 in the morning NC a commercial vehicle go by and think you're stalking you. Then of course you have to post it and come up with a thousand dollar reward but if if indeed that doesn't work for you make sure you call the cops that has to be the very first thing you do. All right and then. Don't try to be a hero of the police know how to handle it better than you do. I'm sure you have been a bigger -- and they're going to they're going to be your best bet. But if they can't get there fast enough and it has to be you you've got to make a decision do you make yourself scarce and hides of -- on -- -- Are you are argue properly trained and there is no a lot of questions too good to be answered let's go to a Jerry and Clarence generator on WB yen. I'm fine -- what's gone now are you today. It's a pleasure to actually got Iraq earlier in the night. 40% of the time. That's more than I agree with myself so thank you Gerri what about security -- that. Good police scanner. It. Scanners are are great I I recommend people get them because then you realize how -- a policeman's job is because. Especially depending on the frequency you program there are very busy and it's wanna boards evidence never stops. All right so you got a dog it'll help carry out the goodies but you got that standard to go to the -- -- thank you very much you hear about all the time. Anybody wants an education. Get a police scanner and putting and I'm sure there -- others were put in the buffalo police frequencies. And -- final with a real world's liken Hillary. Because it's one call after another call after another call your man with a gun. You know you hear all kinds of domestic abuse things there's a lot of things that are pretty scary. By all I always recommend first call the cops. First thing after that do you. Individually. Number Koppel from the FaceBook in the some Oracle's northeast as he attacked cats. -- yeah I -- Lucy and Ethel which will just check. The burglar to death. And especially. You know policy is is is fabulous she's beautiful at though is that you can take your eyes of Bethel it would distract the burglar made -- -- burden -- -- And you hear the noise and -- -- but three cat three at the matter -- a man as he. Hall OK not that serious. -- because when he barks or she barks. You know it's a serious dog and when you see a German shepherd. Your eyes suddenly say maybe I shouldn't be here illegally in god -- it's at feet don't fail me now. -- himself on Charlie Iran WB yen. Blows any first time caller. I got myself a couple people got two female cripples. They got a thousand Albright's. -- they're very very good with the children sleep with the children affect every night a goal in -- to get up to clock Morin to do this every night. Check on the kids. Medical -- that I had a really. It's your raising with the kids that's great -- -- had a very good. Very good document at a -- viewers up there also had to get a writer my insurance. Is ridiculous as this sounds there's a thing with the insurance companies in New York State called apple -- Now open these -- journalists like somebody. They don't cover insurance didn't cover the medical bills summer breaks your house. Birds as a visitor dog -- somebody. They do not cover twenty dogs Natwest a lot of it had to get a writer I -- sure. I didn't know that some of the insurance companies more comfortable with paying for losses in other areas but none of your dog bite somebody even of the Tibet now you know. -- -- even while on the ankle Reuters the world for the little ones that has been that bad chewing your comment. Right our eyes so -- the pit bulls but they don't cost extra as a writer I have to run -- you very much will be back after this.

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