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11-27 Beach and Company Hour 1

Nov 27, 2013|

Danny Joins Sandy for Hour 1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- like to thank Tom only for leaving us and -- did you -- -- Tony you know I really appreciated because you see we have miles that you have to put in the cradle when you're not using it so it charges. And he left a note explaining to those of us who don't know how to -- miles properly. How to do it and does so I'd like to thank him that now you see there is the charging mechanisms if they're processing it in about four feet away is the miles. Let's see if it works when you -- Did you do that just to be mean and no well yes you -- it's alleged the most of the house and kitchen equipment runs under the refrigerator and be done now is askew by the way by the way let's let's not assume that. Mr. hall of fame and everybody knows who I'm talking illegal yet -- you all I have you know people recognize if you want a tractor. Org or those your America earlier this out. What is it it's not what this Stanford here Sanford -- and inflate reported engineers have Britain's I hit. The Stanford football game -- Brian Hill are okay here's who's here I got to get control over sugar. -- by the way Tony. -- that will work right four feet away from the charging station well it's one of them won't want to disappoint around the net and in his house not as Myles wasn't fully charged. You know I'm talking about. Is that foliage I like would not be worth living I'm just say. But anyway -- Danny never visit there -- -- -- in Everett there and he's his claim to fame is he's in more halls and than any -- and -- okay -- -- true how many -- and five. We're gonna drop that one. They live in -- hockey hall for pleasure hockey puck. There's a picture of me and you know why you would not hold up -- yeah this is game. Weigh in on -- like Gerry Meehan that sharing him okay flipped upside down is that was facing the ice is -- up in the air. I was in the back -- with my son where there. Most of your picture was involved nothing and say you just happened to beat him -- the -- what is your picture. No I don't like Jerry made him. And I -- of Jerry Mahan goes upside down I don't wanna be -- grim -- it's only in the post about the present and wrong -- -- -- ever this year and -- accordion bill is his best friend which means that I don't have a lot of respect it and -- but all I got a lot of his report is Dennis George he's a quiz master in Gaza a great job on the shows and got another show commentaries abroad but before we talk about the show I I want to ask you. As Marines preparing the usual Thanksgiving feast. Pizza. -- a matter of fact. Yeah that -- get expertise in the roster quit the job so. You can go to our. I know what we talked about -- Cooking skills heavily you know we shall we that. Because it wouldn't. It's like I got a call you know relatives only nuts out I think I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm with you at exactly. They need each announcement here you know it's you know there's any change now -- an adult the little the little. Nobody -- That's bound to Cindy's the 100. Hour week thank you hang up your memories of that what you want to provide okay you're okay I can ask him -- the next week. Autos and always that's -- report -- you have behind a moron lol yeah I definitely feel that. At the time you know -- makes fun of this but I remember the time -- called and he. Thought she was having like some kind of a medical emergency she didn't know where she won and then she described her surroundings it turned out she was in the kitchen. So that's why. Actually folks I want thanks Andy because he has become so humbled now he's an all too well the -- been nicer memory than it used to be -- -- -- is that. Four different times this -- what it's. Well here I don't know I don't know how I am. Eloquent and use that one and I don't like it or not a lot like that's. No there's not okay. He said Iowa was a very attractive war room -- -- been hit in the face. I said her face was on fire and they put it out with a -- Come -- at least get the joke right. And some others. No obvious that he had the last time in that respect and like -- you -- -- -- You know I. Always used topical humor and sometimes Robert Mueller changed. -- a moment. I as a topical lotions and now the last time I saw these guys work. Which this is not part of it was that checks and it was it was sold out -- -- in Iraq general good time. And that they do unfortunately to a buffalo road show in which -- Danny never rests on his laurels you. Never know. Yes here's a dime. And and night I do have laurel you don't have and -- I have to remove. And plastic ones with a and you're the master he does all the work. The quiz master does all the work he gives up the -- is yes all the questions he keeps the show going people love the master and you have. -- -- Accord was Dan's friend and because he wants fix the one more for Dan Dan drags them around to every appearance. And that's want it known that I -- -- -- on more repair and on talk about. So to tell me what's happening so wanted to start you're right. And is. -- this Saturday at regent 7 o'clock and game I've seen it's it's a fund raiser. Four I think its -- grove they keep up -- and yes it's you know and we know the military is important to us no. -- keep up the -- for some Vietnam war veterans passed away really is a great great fundraisers. It's a good a venue because everybody that goes widgets as a good time there they wanna have a good time and they do it. It's it's amazing how hard you especially you work on the show. -- I've added some new. Richard Butler. And now saying all. Haven't opened but if you don't then I'm sorry you were recently two. So beautiful. We're gonna keep that between us -- that he can agents hey hey. And she's seeing you all know he's breaking into song and you know -- Yeah it's okay again thank you can't see it. But ratchet Alibaba roadshow Christmas edition this Saturday. Would that ever the court and bill would who has mastered -- -- George here's what's going to be there to food. If it was good to move out should have always got. I can -- and brought it to me thank you beard. You know that was embarrassing day ago thanked him. We had a good run multiple. I don't you know Letterman Letterman I have to put the word fun on the post there. I don't know just. It -- -- this gaining his name's Andy yeah they did OK there is spelled and wreck that was a pretty well. And they have to -- five and on the poster now if people go and they don't have. Fun they get their money their their money back and so do that a prizes. And so the -- -- just as Sony epic welfare area. This. Doesn't look familiar. Was this an -- Have a different is that it's between now and do. One hangs -- until -- -- when last I heard. So who is -- -- that the younger. It's. A wonderful individual -- he has loved Enron as long as he stays on -- no problem. Tickets are available at -- checks. Or actors hardware. And it's 15 bucks and it's going to you're gonna have a sock hop now wedeman I was realize that. I didn't see anybody in Sox know they -- because these people there -- little more sophisticated. It. Yeah -- and they have to see your commercial yours you're hearing -- commercial and. So I he's sex. Up sex again knows the sock hop on and it's those comedy -- -- you you found it necessary to put fun and comedy on the on the coast we want to know exactly what to expect an equation or not he like your show and nobody ever knows what it's hard. Does a great job in personal thing does policy here. And I remember. Many years ago a daddy used to great job before you learn that accordion bill could be. Are we come back images -- a couple of I've got some creatures in the hot. It's an automobile tribute for the two OK now we gonna bears. I'm expecting that -- an old friend of mine he's the godfather of my daughter went. You know -- -- disease have. Great skills don't mean to. -- -- -- -- -- I'm kind of. -- -- the show are you are right will be back with the -- company should. On camera -- mentioned people. That -- several months ago. There was program called the giants the buffalo broadcasting. And which. At least two of the people in this room were and it never. Myself. And -- -- and on a WB BZ several times and they've gotten a lot of requests usually from them myself to repeat it. And so will be at 9 o'clock on Thanksgiving night. On WB BZ TV. The that the giants vote broadcasting with a lot of -- To a big time. Us showed up and immediately lit a cigarette. It doesn't have a -- -- and you go out and we tell all this individual he couldn't smoke smoking -- -- I thought it was gonna go back to North Carolina was not happy and I -- put his head between them. Okay people I don't know the address of -- checks it is 1748. Clinton street its iconic -- if you are from that area you know we. And the food is good and everything so let's get this straight now it's this Saturday November 30. And in Everett. According embryo -- quiz master data storage. -- beer fund to some because -- will there be fun oh absolutely and prize this on the poster it's as on the poster it's a sock hop. Because people can afford shoes. It's comedy it's going to be a lot of good stuff and -- build this upgrade is or up it is an. -- Made me feel comfortable and you know he he does the same -- Like when he said funny thing about President Carter a -- and that'll be 25 box again. I'm probably more to get out wants to do with the -- tickets are available at rejects are actors. In calling to threesome entity that was -- aggressive we can we checks is 1748. Clinton's. As a hospital because anyone -- the largest US -- her first. Danny -- let me speak our. Dennis George bishop is built around and it's George OK I'm just telling you right now this you know Danny tries. He tries you know he needs a little comedy assistance from time to time a punch line is whispered into his -- things like that that statement. -- I just wanted to say that you -- of listeners can write this week he or any have a problem with the -- are all big problem airmen aboard but I thought that because this is a news talk station you'd be where they have a similar problem real real tragedy happening in Vancouver with -- maravent -- -- -- -- probably -- smoking -- He was smoking salmon and salmon were -- and -- mean. It gets Afghans. Don't you said Saturday. At Betty was sitting -- Marie this morning eating -- -- -- Thanks for him and -- who smoke and some movement in Chicago yeah just miles. What we come back at his charges that it would see. Here is -- going to give me and -- and -- and I after it that we have to have full disclosure probably throw with the it was a good quarter. I'll look back and just get a shot out the answers and hope we get it portable stands as the hash -- anything. You can imagine what his honeymoon was like. And -- put a motion detector in his bedroom trying to get the money back when -- never wanna -- -- back after this. I want to Beijing don't have settings page on what Dennis Georgia was master and then never. And the the original show which it was a sellout this is a repeat it's going to be this Saturday. We checks is located at seven in 48 Clinton street from seven to 10 PM because Danny has to be bitterly. You stop by and you see it's gonna be honest jealous that I get -- 90. I'm jealous -- nicely loan. It or afford user before being here fun and prizes thome was a professional is gonna -- Some comedy here and there are spotty power system so those guys budget to a quiz show is going to be there to. Honestly if you wanna see who seriously a lot of -- -- ago with a lot of action. -- what happens you -- an -- -- -- -- I've box -- but as a result there are some a portion of the proceeds will benefit heroes grove. And that's certainly good cause and the tickets are available that we checks or -- hardware. -- two threes and 200 OK now the quiz master that is George you're going to give Dan annihilate. -- I don't I am here. Answer some questions -- and I got torn in each -- to score. A judge your game is going to air Tony keep the hours and go back and forth that somebody misses -- changed you're gonna start to -- Dan Maloney failed stuff start Woodley and score heard yet any amateur can be a model of -- tell me who makes it or -- over the years model. -- automobile ready who made eight Catalina. Cattle -- -- -- as correct in the points are you ready CAD who made a comment. I concede the comment. Haley. I I know the answer is ANC. Now import and so I would not give its Mercury I -- our game who may want to regard. -- -- -- -- -- -- The corn -- catch -- I just a moment that -- while. And nauseating made a -- That was viewers got to -- -- -- who made it Cordoba Cordoba was also. Dodged with corporate you know it was Chrysler Chrysler carnal mind robot that the English to and to score on. CAD who made a -- compliment. No not. It was the American voters you know Studebaker students and I got a break from Greg made a -- Yes Studebaker. Was American motors that's it would have an egg and I and I got -- -- built -- who made him ask him. Harris and I see it I'd get him to moderate. Lottery it was Mercury is correct. You Tony it's obvious reason -- these are easy. Or simple. And you made this gain. Quote and abuse and yes go read and -- Often because he's -- I'd be like when and where it. And I I could -- but it's still it's funny as I did see the car concede the Biscayne -- trying to -- -- what -- -- And I don't want to go and I'm fortunate as I do. I'm just. Gainey who made -- refugees. Rent was cheap cheap very good. Very nice Sheen who do that this night. 800 attempts. Toward home. Made what tempest tempest yet was. -- and I got I've got a dot -- Pontiac is correct and who -- -- -- I love it when you talk. I think nothing is it yes it's not close at this point -- yeah let's let's go to different topic. Does this experience that I do. I'm sure to be coming back eyes and give you a group or a solo artist you give -- their first number one hit out you know that's. First number one your very first -- the Beach Boys what was your first number one. The Beach Boys. You played her -- over the line no one drive that with the first one of the first number one. We Rhonda help me on incorrect was the first yes. Serves or she servants of our economic -- the first were high. I get around I get around around around around here I get around I CD what was the -- What was it gave her from these first one. Battle over Mark -- over. Which is no and you feel like -- -- oh. First word -- who bought these sailors. Over. And over what to -- time over an Anchorage which -- -- for number one hit record. Both the advocates for Roy Orbison -- now. Known for were is running. French scared very so what do we do your listeners because that was his first record could remember the first one was on his during what was I was -- first number one hits on what was Hartford hotel posted its -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- will -- -- -- -- But others -- for snowboarding record. Whose love and when I was home -- -- American government have to be. And and -- and yeah. Well about the title comes around eventually. Yeah I'm trying to help. Make up the first look at the department -- -- disposal. Unless you ever have to make a vehement opponents in the summer and so that's -- -- never favored group that PG what was your very first number one record. Your -- pretty that's easy messages don't know undermining. You know that that wasn't for them didn't even go to number one program but it. It was a word Howell. Wow wow how can a game at a -- actually I'm talking about change instead I got a lot of one. You can hit a Thanksgiving I will have a thanks I wanna look can -- want to know. You liked the movie is a miracle on 34 street it's starts at Macy's commuting of the beautiful. Actors that Natalie was. She played the Garber who played. Beautiful actors are -- Marino. -- either the mother of the daughter. -- very much healthier that way as though. I didn't want to see these guys in person are you don't go to -- checks -- say -- died from seven to -- -- -- markets its revenue and 48 Clinton street. Has a lot of fun really -- -- -- one thing. -- your website where you can actually play games and stuff and I know -- -- -- and you know you outlined it. Because. He knows me OK I was on it okay and it was exactly up. On that. It's not that I'll put something rude as an answer okay. But I can't put some rude and sign this into just what's in the end they all got a reply and it's not a pro it's. Does that mean I don't. Local -- pleasure memory dot com we've got it tell you are about to show what we do where we go that it just -- you do. And it's got to quit and her to quit your memory -- Tom let me ask you this before egos and nudity there is absolutely no -- -- When -- you -- let's try to stage -- Yup yup we checks this Saturday and like you guys -- -- a -- the thirteen hundred. Ankara or towards him I'm not really sure its 1995 seasons thank you for having. We'll be back at this. Because I mention it once while Manny and a and a quiz master were here a WB BZ TV is going to -- around the giants of buffalo broadcasting. Event which took place at the history museum. Several months ago. And it will be on Thanksgiving night at 9 o'clock so check it out that a lot of rug response after the Iran of Iran and originally like three or four times. And different places I go people -- -- sign that it was a lot of fun and the dead and everything is there stand Roberts is there are Joey Reynolds. Who I have the utmost respect for. -- Was there myself for John sure blow him seated that I leave anybody out because I was in some audio updates but it was a lot of fun. Andy get the here's some really great stories and keep in mind as you enjoy that show a near the stories. Those of the stories. That we could tell. On television. At the museum OK so but they're fun and that'll be 9 o'clock on Thanksgiving night on on WB BZ he still like it on -- version of that I will be fun to do it what a fun why don't just take over one of the -- -- of -- there OK okay emotionally go to kiss her star earlier you want. Yeah outlets are stars so they want built like Christmas music clinic you have been like that good. Are what else is going -- lots of things. At this you know looked to talk about this from time to time. On how adults ought to stay out of kids' sports sometimes because they got so carried away. This is not a lakeside Oregon. -- 34 year old man who was looking for the boy who elbowed his ten year old son in a football game. Is accused of finding the boy and punching his lights out. This is a 34 year old guy punch out of thirteen year old kid. Mark and I am group called them. Was arrested on charges of second degree assault -- that somebody out of control I mean you got to be got to get a grip on yourself when it's open and doing things like that in if I'm not mistaken each seat on the wrong boy they're really. Yes -- -- -- has been happening all of us special. What more young. We find the wrong ball wrong bull car and once special -- one border Joseph Webb have -- with that George Summers thank you remarks like football where three. -- -- -- -- -- That's right I Brad. -- Is that is the most close enough to the charger you know I think it's still a way -- you might -- like -- -- the -- -- I would just die if -- once. In army and because Tom Bauer of the note to be sure to properly seat. The miles on the charger. And you know -- -- figured out so what I did is put it. About four feet away. I assume that's within the parameters of the chargers know what I'll do I'll send an email to engineer NC you know just Albania make sherbet maybe get a feel measurement yeah okay. What else is -- Alec Baldwin has been fired. From MSNBC. I don't like -- how bad are things -- MSNBC. Fires Alec Baldwin. You couldn't get more left if you wanna do and that's what MSNBC as. Apparently. He had a an anti gay slur. In -- street and Connor and MSNBC says well we don't cotton that so Thursday as suspended him. But the only ended up doing three shows that was that. Up late -- Alec Baldwin you can go to bed early because he's not coming out anymore. He yeah he later tweeted that he didn't realize the profane phrase he used was offensive to gays. And he apologized. So while he claims it's it's -- lobbies got a fire notes fact that you're an idiot I love him as an actor -- really do a -- if I seasons -- make a point cinema movie called a juror. Which is just so good he's trying to influence a jewel Laura juror on behalf of the mob. And then he's their guy he's their mall. It and and Haitians and and Haitian -- I'm -- and it's a really globally and he's good actor and I like him in the commercials the -- but he. It sort -- can be. A good actor and an idiot. Okay yeah out at a full marks the same time which came to the folks. Earlier on those Jon and -- we're talking to people via via Turkey trot. About the big Thanksgiving race now USA Saturday as run a little survey here at the top four races that are held. On Thanksgiving Day you wanna hear them okay. Number one -- -- 191951. Runners a Silicon Valley Turkey -- in San Jose. As a as a number two on Thanksgiving Day ten K at Cincinnati 141862. Runners. Number three the Manchester Connecticut their road race thirteen 100416. And four out of the whole country past. The Delaware YMCA Turkey trot eight K. 121509. Runners. That was number won't well it's 121005 on nine and goes that thirteen fourteen and nineteen. Remember when we're talking maybe 44 length I mean it may be for how many consecutive ones they've run at all about this is number of runners running. You know two runners running and I apparently it is all about Katrina guess -- -- Working on the holidays I had to work adequate fill gas station. YMCA. During the Turkey -- while that was going on in that was really impressive to watch -- -- every policy that humanitarian up and whatnot and then when they started that is ours and it's impressive. It's a sea of humanity and -- usually involved with that too. And I haven't seen him lately as much as I used to since this shift change but he's usually down there and doing some MC work whatever so good luck. The weather is is going to be more decent -- we thought it might be. For growth Thanksgiving so you're running -- chew your participate in I've already run and I Underwood of course wasn't. I already -- I'd -- to grow big crowds all around long OK and that I like -- so much random backwards we're a good idea I went right backwards. So that's and I won't have to miss out and any thoughts are you mentioned that because people don't know my template for all we don't really know. OK let's pick some game stoning we got this game's first of all on Thanksgiving. We got three. -- -- -- Certainly not true we have the brain games on Thanksgiving. And I hope they don't get in the way of your meal. At 1230 the first game is Packers who are 55 -- one seem strange to see the ones not hockey and I you know. Other Packers at alliance of the Packers there are 551 and the lions are six and five the lions are usually a pushover -- you think about this year. While being that Aaron Rodgers still offer this game I believe so I'll go with the lions and they have two guys -- my fantasy team that I need. A growing alliance of -- I saw Aaron Rodgers who was trying to sit on an airplane seat between two fat guys discount. Not. I'm -- game reliance as well so we agree on that. Next game at 430 by -- some of -- all of already in and that will be the raiders who are four and seven against the cowboys were six and five. I need the cowboy he's in this game so I'm -- -- -- it's well I think Dallas will win yeah simply because there -- better team in their home. Although I don't like Romo and I don't like the owner Jerry Jones -- just don't like. But I I -- so far we've picked the same teams the lines in the public. The last game might be the best game I think. And that is going to be Thursday -- we get to see Michelle to foyer. Like her to -- me. Now I don't like any of them except Pam demo right -- resume. A Steelers to a five and six against the ravens were five and six food do you like. I'll come and go Steelers and undergo ravens. You know there at home I hate the ravens by the way even though. Even though or a race doesn't play for many martial law like this so inconsistent this year in but their home. I'm going ravens so that's the only disagree -- so far. All right so you've got the Steelers under the ravens. Because I don't like go rough ones burger anymore than I like the ravens. So this is difficult for me because Thursday is all fantasy football implications for me so I have to -- one way. I want -- -- locked up the playoffs and. Okay here a bit of the lightning round Miami at the jets Miami. -- to Miami to Atlanta at buffalo buffalo younger -- buffalo. The Denver at Kansas City Denver Denver so we only disagree on -- that the president has not been and go UB. Audio Jack. Especially UB that's that's right Friday 130 years and let's check out garlic product. Iowa go -- got something to talk about are your doors locked the windows closed. We'll be back talking about your security and what you do what you don't do what did you --

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