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11-26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Nov 26, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Where pick up some really great ideas for some very cool things to do. That will not cost you a fortune in Western New York winner. -- love living here because of the people and are sure our shared a joint expert. Now that incinerated. Tom and don't Bogart that banks because of our shared. Heritage and experiences together out of that very well very well. Ops note just to give a heads up. The one thing I have never been a fan of is is winter mainly because of the duration of winter. If there was only a short its summer I feel a lot better about it. But it goes not. And and on and on -- thank god at least to pass the time during the winter months we've got the buffaloes. The well least we've got the 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB -- so so far you're just joining us it's a holiday week so everybody's. Basically here's what's happening right now in everybody's -- you're already busy enough right. Do you know anybody who has an over abundance of time to do extra things. You don't. Everybody busy anybody busy. On a regular basis. You might think for example you might think that certain radio talk show hosts. Only work four hours today. That's not true. I really just working -- happens the rest of -- but it's. Even with that I run out of time -- I was -- that. I go away for a week. And I come home. And I had extra things I did do that wasn't planning on spending so much time doing as a result other things have to take second place. Or 100 place. The good news is the green mold is growing in my floors. Matches the hue of my. Walls perfect it's almost like a planet -- No it's not -- 8030930. Start at 3180616. UBE. And how do you rule. Have fun -- without spending a fortune in buffalo winter snow showing has come up today well what else has come up off. Making snow ice cream I'm still waiting for the recipe but the ladies that -- going for a hair appointment. Yes routine maintenance. Snowshoes picnic and snow ice cream and making things out of snow like a big car. Let's check and speaking of vehicular traffic not -- well here is. Here's the man who makes traffic like. Freshly baked brown every day. But Joseph still 32 degrees with a real feel a 32 degrees market. So anyway what a storm warning in effect -- breezy with snow overnight low 33. Basically. Depending on where you are anywhere from six inches to ten inches and forgive me I just don't see the big deal. -- ten inches is nothing. Seriously. For those of us who lived here long enough ten inches before a blizzard of 77. Ten inches would have meant nothing. The blizzard of 1977. Changed the way media deals with weather around here. Why it's -- Greek universal. And a lot of people got caught with their pants down which happens a lot more in this business many years ago but these are different stories. It is twelve minutes after six at WB EN. So well. Anyway the the last call and on the having cheap fun in the winter to make it go faster. Talked about building big things out of snow like cars big sports and stuff. Well yeah he'd be built a car -- no -- this gets. Which -- sounds like fun. What's your kids are at a certain age because there is that age where they're ambulatory. And you can talk to them but. Their bladders are the size of chick peas. In every two minutes they got a so that there can be no fun sometimes especially you're building something being. So in any event. Thank you mr. -- hold my former social studies to New York in my head forever now with the phrase in any event. I imagine something earlier. -- I wanna throw out here is that another topic. Summer well the topic of fireplaces. Erodes. And -- -- -- -- -- And this is kind of a new thing for. I'm bewildered by those -- view. Who think hitting a button. And having a fake fired. It's a fireplace. If I ever have a fireplace. I guarantee it. It will burn a real one. If nothing else global warming will speed up -- Because I believe -- I believe and throw. Man made global -- -- If global warming was knew. We'd still be covered by ice. So -- that done. Real fireplace as with real would -- or those fake let me -- up and start up here. Wanted to just open the -- no no don't do that that -- -- but sure it's. I think -- should every -- would any real fireplace god. You have to do it safely. And you have to make sure you get the chimney sweep in there. Otherwise you're just asking for trouble you don't -- -- and maybe the pushing the button thing is the way to go. But to me there is something uber romantic. I said Robert romantic. Pacific routes and times but. Now see if I were really German note QB. Because every time somebody speaks German recently Hitler I don't know. But. As I would say. I ever have fire place it's going to be a wood burning it I wanna smell what I wanna see smoke. I wanna be able to dispose quickly -- contraband in the house. Fired. -- is laughing yeah I say things sometimes just to mess with certain people. Dignity but anyway. I want to have fun in about above this fireplace that a romantic evening. I wanna smell the wood burning. I have that pick up truck dumped piles of wood in my driveway every year. I wanna smell the smoke I want every inch of my clothing and my hair and my body to be redolent. With freshly burned it would be a Roma. Sorry cigar Dave the general but that's even better than buying Cuban cigar. Alexander Haig. By the way it was what's caught smoking a Cuban cigar which news is being gold to all in the United States. And general -- it looked at the person. Who reminded him that he was smoking a Cuban cigar against the laws of the United States. And he said sir. I'm burning Castro's crops to the ground. -- -- my friends is some quick thinking -- it right there. That was one of his finer moments. Of the day President Reagan was shot was not -- controller. But. You can look it up on line unit you know kids there was a guy named Ronald Reagan. That's. They know I'm just you know I got to get a break and sometimes you know we -- so guys real fighter with real ward. Or let me start of -- Here's the button push. -- year. -- -- -- So are you a flavor. -- -- off fire man. I'm not so sure like the way that came out. It. No three on thirty start -- 3180616. WEB. He and on this holiday week. The only acceptable use. In my humble opinion. Of gas in a fireplace. Is to start the fire. To me that's okay. Because unless you know what you're Dylan if people sometimes can't start fires very well. I'm a master incendiary. Up Tom buy hourly endorses felony arson now I just I know how to build a fire well. Why some women actually kept me around for more this year as I can build a five year. The gas starter though I have to be honest. If I ever do have a fireplace put in. It's going to be a wood burning fireplace with a eight guests starter. Bat is acceptable. But those faux fireplaces. They can go to Dante's inferno as far as I'm concerned. Pointless pointless it's pointless. But it's gonna videocassette. Of a fireplace burning and turn up -- day. That's about that's -- used for fault fireplaces. Tall about natural for me. I'm just such a natural gone. -- three on my thirty start -- 3180616. WB -- I've got a topic that I thought about yesterday that I'm gonna whip out today. I have a topic. I have been thinking about. And I think that this is going to be OK you're going to be like politics today. If this works out is I think it's gonna work out -- bring it back for a longer period of time. But you're you're going to be my experimental. Tools for right now so. Basically what I'm saying is yesterday I suggested it but today. You -- me while I witnessed the we're gonna talk about the mob and what you learn from mob movies and your favorite mob expressions from the movies but right now. Winter storm warning -- This would -- warning of which I speak I haven't heard about this before. Breezy with snow overnight low 33 and tomorrow into tomorrow evening windy cold with snow. Bringing the total accumulation from this storm anywhere from six inches to ten inches temperatures falling into the twenties. The way in my life that up I'll probably end up with one inch. That's the way my life goes it is 641 at WB ENN so this anyway came up yesterday. And IA you know I know that I opened myself up all kinds of out of context criticism. When I mentioned this. But seriously folks. In fact. The the buffalo FBI. Is gonna play. I know that I told you guys this before but I happen to know people. Let's just say are. Are or have been an -- Members of a certain Italian fraternal organization. Specifically a Sicilian fraternal organization. Which I also might add. At any moment in American history comprised like. Not even a tenth of 1% of Italians in America -- -- in America. So in no way shape or form am I demeaning those review of security on -- background. No way. You know that I'm you you know that I am an honorary -- parent. So I've this is not -- it folks the mafia. Organized crime is a much better way to phrase it. Mafia. Com. That's one way to say it. Luck cause of those struck is another way to say it but in Italian it makes no sense. It should simply be Costa nostra not like Cosa Nostra but I guess LCM sounds better than CN. You can do research on that if you'd like -- if you're really here but -- this not really relevant or Jermaine but. Long story short. When when I say it went when people say organized crime if you think those dams this billions. Belt. Organized crime in America. It's beginnings. Was. There were basically every ethnic group has its own organized crime societies for all intents and purposes. And what we think of as organized crime today. Which really started when the old mustache Pete's got whacked out was Italian. Sicilian. And Irish and yes Jewish. Absolutely. Huge players. In organized crime at its beginning in America. Huge all of those groups. I learned something like I've learned so much. From studying up on this stuff. Learn so much. There are so many parallels. Between success in the real world. And success in organized crime. It boils down to Burris. As long as your -- given the dollars. You're golden. You stop bringing in the dollars. You're gone. That is a life lesson from mob movies and for mob history. In fact Johnny sect told the guys this certain story in The Sopranos. About a certain guy who. Did something you're not supposed to do in that world but they gave them they gave a pass. Because he's bringing in a fortune for the bosses the minute he stopped. Making money is when he got lack. Same thing in the real world. That's a lesson to be learned from the -- And what is your -- but what is your favorite mob but movie lines or season. I know my audience and I know you guys are into this stuff as much as side. 8030930. Start 930. And 1800. 616. WB EN we will break. To remind you I drink a hundred ounces of water every day. Back. Yeah I do. Trying to set via set the musical theme for the next part of the show I'm using you guys as Guinea pigs because if this work. No that's not a double entendre adult I'll go there now. Look -- an honorary one so you you just you know. Goal -- goal. Are you guys is getting picked it because if this works and I think it's going through very very well how to bring it back for a longer addition. But if I don't I audience and I do every time to bring in a local author. With a story about the buffalo Bob -- The fall goes off the I mean ratings. People are fascinated by news that. And by the way a lot of the people who fight organized crime. Mean they hate the fact that they they see these guys is being glamorous and glorified. When in fact there are thugs with nice notes. But they're two way you get ahead. In that world one is to be absolutely social -- psychopathic killers. The other is to be cagey and Smart. And keep your head below the shoulders of the giants. As I mentioned yesterday. Big Albert Anastasia the lord high executioner of murder incorporated. Ended up dead. While getting a shape in a Manhattan barbershop. John -- ended up dying of throat cancer. In prison. Pretty much a forgotten man. All car I don't want that. His lasting impression on the world. The New York Post pleased. With his body. -- -- restaurant he was betrayed by the way by his own bodyguard. Can you imagine that being betrayed by somebody you know and trust. Unbelievable. I'm sure it happened everybody at one time or another then you look at Carlo Gambino. This mostly little Fella. Who out fought everybody -- -- fight them he out -- them. He never spent a day. In prison -- Why. He was -- headlines seeker. He didn't Wear the flashy suits. Look at vetoed database. Tried that insane act. -- about a veto Genovese electric and of the guy with the bath robe who shot fracas fellow. Opening the chip. Many of the -- got. Let's go to Tony Williams built on WB ENN. You work on it you've got a media favorite mob movie or mob expression or wisdom you learn from the mob. Okay -- first -- first real mob movie. Article. Could walk in his career. You know it wasn't the time out it wasn't the first real mob movies but murder in court. Or on the water. I'm not counting on the waterfront. Don't forget the public enemy. OK. But. Sure ones that get into the bigger but -- Jimmy -- All -- -- -- those older it will be much. -- not talking about. Our -- now we're just pick in -- who got pepper but I'll I'll let you had your say go ahead. -- -- -- Great movie we're cooperating made before -- -- -- -- -- and that they seem to try that window there's software park hotel. Being guarded being hunted by what you want PD cops. It seems that will be. -- Well you know. It and your boy you're entitled -- your -- You certainly are. But you know that most people have no idea what you're talking about when you talk about murder incorporated I do. Yeah. Our Tony banks. You know some people you just have a dialogue with the matter how hard you try. Murder incorporated folks. What he regal. Front it was an organization. It was headed up by Albert Anastasia. And basically did they hit it's for the commission in New York City. And the guys who were connected all over the country it was a -- of killers. Now people think that murder incorporated if if a wife wanted to get rid of her husband that you go to midnight roses candy store in Brownsville. In the Brooklyn. And order -- hit it wasn't that the candy store was a front imagine that a business being a front for something else. I'm sure that doesn't happen anymore but -- She is -- and optical in my throat but in any event. These. These guys like Pittsburg bill Straus happy my own. -- realists. These guys. Were. They were some of the worst mass killers. In American history. They didn't even know the names and times of the people they -- They. Were on a salary. They were vicious. Mindless thugs. And they murdered for a -- And what the gentleman Tony was talking about and I wish I could edit dialogue -- but it was like notre -- elephants to. What he's talking about is. The wheels came off the way a murder incorporated. The murder squad. Organized crime essentially in America. In the 1930s and -- early forties and others are great book and I've recommended that before. On this subject written by Burton workers. An assistant. The day in the Brooklyn. Who was -- one of the prosecutors. Against the people in murder incorporated. Now here's what happened. Ellis. -- other guys in the mobs murder incorporated they skated on everything. With which they were charged skated once they were connected once they were -- -- and they skated. And of course the mob has a code of silence Dakota secrecy. But what happened ones. Able -- Lewis. Got somebody hit him all. That that the cops were on his take on his that it. And here is what happened. Another inmate. In a dark -- New York City area prison. Showed. Burton Turk gets the DA. Assistant idea showed circus the bullets scar. He plucked the bullet -- -- put in to him out with his fingers. He knew it was shot on campus about shot doctors always good for your help. And pull it out showed circus this car. Wild and a legal document. And once this guy. Talked about witnessing. The murder incorporated boys shooting him. And killing his friend. Guess what happened next. -- Rel -- One of the murder incorporated killers. Said his wife then to talk to the DA the ABA. And the ABA went out. At mrs. relish his request and talked a breathless. And guess what. He turned a stool pigeon on all of his old buddies in murder incorporated. He broke murder incorporated. Now here's where the corruption comes. This is where the corruption comes. I mean I I could go on and on about this and obviously despite what -- and so far I think you know on the BSE I'm not looking at the Internet and just. Talk about a wanna know. In any event. -- -- Testified. In court. Against his old buddies. He was holed up. At the half moon hotel. And Coney Island. Under guard. By the new York city. Police officers. It was at NYPD here we're we're and YE a New York police officers he. Was under guard 24/7. And guess what happened. He became the canary who could sing it but couldn't fly. He went out -- ago. And they can -- did this story about how he was trying to escape. First of all -- Ellis had no -- ago. He would have been a dead man know he he could ended up and hold on Iowa and they would have spotted. The long and the short of it is corrupt cops on the new York city police department were allegedly paid anywhere from 100 to 200000. Dollars to either kill. Or allow to be killed relish by drugging him and throwing him out of the -- That's true absolutely true story about murder incorporated. And there is a book with the same name murder incorporated written by Burton a circus. And it's and I read it every few months. As you might be able to our Turkish is spelled TU RK US. It is a must rate. All of my street. And of course as I alluded to before. The choose -- then as I alluded to before. -- get a little tickle in my throat Albert Anastasia. He beat the rap. Lewis book call or did not he ended up in the electric year. Pittsburgh bill Straus. And two other guys ended up in the electric year. And murder incorporated. Was broken. And I always love hearing from people from Brooklyn. For whom these stories bring back real life memories of these terroristic thugs. -- storage -- true true story. Murder incorporate the multi I think was OK I didn't think was anything special. I didn't wanna get into a debate well what the first mob movie. Fairway is James keg and the public enemy Paul Muni the original star race. Mean all those pre dated murder incorporated -- I don't know few decades. 645. At who's ready at 938. WB yeah I mean I know that's out it's -- -- Tony but -- -- he got a criminals are you himself and I'll give it right back. I don't like other people play mice our game. Makes me feel like they're on the right there -- -- all coming up somebody's thoughts on god father three. Which is to movies like the sabres are pro hockey. -- -- -- -- And all life as we know it on planet earth will be banished by the storm public vanquished Tom. -- that would be the word thank you mr. word -- All right 8030930. Start I'm thirty OK tonight at about that before 1 AM as I'm listening to this I will crack myself up. Does that make -- a bad person. -- saves byters I even save the spider the size of mount at. In the Dominican Republic cool spider which are taking a picture -- us. Expires. They server role in the universe and Ali you're -- WB and the and I would like to know what is on your mind. OK I'd rather create no movie was. It's not -- I'm off Somalia I'm tempted to hang up -- new just for saying god father three I'm I'm considering you heretical. Britain and giving and getting. I don't know what you're thinking. Paul never let -- absolutely. Patent. -- that your child. And I thought I was about 81218. And. -- Did you were you a bit of The Sopranos. I never want to hear it. Yeah not -- -- never watched it. I've never seen it -- If you like the godfather movies you will love. The Sopranos one of my favorite scenes ever from The Sopranos is when Tony and fury oh drive by the FBI surveillance van. Oddly enough it was like get a bad imagine using a ban for surveillance. And Tony flips off the FBI guy agent -- funny scene. I disk I learned a lot from that scene anywhere you go. Well I don't look at that makes written and let the soprano. And I I'm not -- I'm not given you a bum steer and in a weird way. I have to tell it you'd also love deadwood. -- -- I would put that -- they are out my Christmas list. Pressure. Well you know what I'm almost tempted to do is by you was set but a little strapped for cash right now have run into some unexpected expenses. -- -- You will never go against the family again. Yet. So all. I'm sorry it. Our and let him constantly and carry -- Poll. You know what. I don't care if you if anybody thinks of a mystery that for saying that I have learned. As much from studying organized crime. And from watching the movies and the series as I ever learned at UB. Yeah I heard you say that yes yes. Because -- the real world man. -- basically elsewhere engine is dead -- equivalent of Tony Soprano. I -- yeah. Say yeah. Tolliver is the equity Tolliver is the equivalent of bill. -- Yes I'm sorry it's not derby -- like no -- like you'll bring it up college basketball players and be saying. I have no idea what to talk. The only name that have familiar is Tony Soprano but I didn't get it like excited that -- -- reflect that I can't wait to see. Have you seen a Bronx tale. You have that I you know I don't. It's got Eric -- -- really that I. Disappoint you but I just discovered Al Pacino like. Maybe five years ago. And so I saw him and what our faith segment on a yet -- -- if you I'll hit movies -- You know watch the godfather movies. And does not really yet been that's really the only aren't. Movie yet but I can't change. Well you -- you know what well. You don't exist to please me you or your own. You are you're all of -- person and as long as you're getting enjoyment out of it you know go with go with the creator and enjoy your. But you know I had but they don't hit me not by blood to come across bloody you know Latin TV I was -- flat shelves. And don't forget to go back don't forget to back that to go back and watch the old time movies the -- earlier Tony said murder incorporated I don't think it's an especially memorable movie I really don't. But go back and watch James Cagney. The public enemy it. It's a little bit -- -- Paul Muni scar face a very controversial movie when it was released. The -- Alpa -- scar face. Yes I did I -- seen the there was a document scary I didn't -- yet. They get a document carry out our original air base. Well yet but they say actually I -- to Staten and the -- a little ears. Roger go to enjoyed it's gonna open up a whole new world Korea. And I would suggest -- and Turk is his book murder incorporated as well as Carlson pockets SI FA KIS who used to work at the -- expressed by the way. The mafia encyclopedia. And I'm good like that Larry. You appreciation for the act. You know what I've learned I learned things from every. I learn from others mistakes I learned from other successes and I don't care if that what world they come from you can learn from everything in life. Yeah I actually never let them know what you're thinking and -- it -- All right -- thank you thank you very much. Yup I love the scene. Gina and I it is often. -- -- which you freedom. You broke her. But there's another great one from from godfather one. You cannot talk to Mac. Product of does -- then I would ammonia and then when it. -- I don't get the music and a ten seconds market. Thanks guys great show as always will be re run at 10 o'clock stand by for Sean Hannity thanks to Joseph -- thanks to Kelsey. And two words. That will be you will play. No yourself.

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