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11-22 The Movie Show with Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Nov 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Me I'm paying. I may be it's -- you know. As the bullies always cinema Bob Mays added -- metro cinema Bob would be that would be from Hunger Games catching fire. The sequel to -- Hunger Games movie. Coming out coming out today. Well good swear on gas congregate very -- and it's it just makes sense that you wouldn't Thanksgiving. At that time of year when everybody's always Wear those who the pants off -- -- I'm the need them today you -- I -- in it about today on me that's right and I -- you'll need the belt. Just to help the button holed up at all. And a button on Thanksgiving and it really really push it's it's just remember you as I was a little Michael Capuano. Yeah actually movies out there right now my politics for a -- -- -- box of their -- Bob what do you call number one for. The dark world. In its second we did 37 million dollars it made a 145. Million dollars and ten days two weeks at number one. Did nine million dollars in early box office overseas so far 42 million dollars. Just in China alone and I gotta say I did go to the theater to check this movie. And sent out there and I was then. I was never so -- my entire life I had like four in. The the avengers film and all that talk about four or maybe it's the hammer maybe it's the shiny Breck Girl hair I don't know I remember even as a kid. When I would you know look at the comic books you know all stacked up there is everybody drugstore -- whatever -- I think. Spiderman floor areas with the shiny hair in his hammer in his little leather skirt and Wear the Batman I'm not so I. I'm really not interested but that's doing just fine. Number two -- that was that was the big box office news -- that we can. The best man Holliday thirty million dollars. A fourteen year guess. Between the original and the sequel. And the first film did about thirty million dollars in its entire run. This -- thirty million in just three days -- I think what we've discovered is that American movie audiences have spoken. They want more Dave Tebow. Our own Dave -- below of course is in the film he's in the the scenes that were filmed at the the Ralph he plays the part. Eager football fan all I thought he was floor no he's not -- not enough formal. No not at all -- certainly always -- like -- the. The audience for this film not too surprisingly he was 75%. Female and 87% black and all of them agreed. More Dave deep ball was all hype I think I am and those gonna be showing up. Either in the next Tyler Perry movie horror. He'll show up in the movie I've always felt he was destined to play what's that. The live action version of Hagar the horrible comic strip after they correct these rocket and then -- third and long hair -- hair but good weekend for Dave do you vote movies. -- number three last Vegas Robert De Niro and panels. I'll continue to do nice steady business number eight million dollars is now 47 million. At number four. Everybody's favorite Turkey cartoon free birds did another eight million it is now for two million and that number five. The money machine that has absolutely no sense of taste whatsoever. And grandpa presented by the Jack -- people another seven million dollars. It is now ninety million dollars and the budget was of course. Only fifteen millions that's that's good that's the sort of movie that's studios say hello miles yes indeed more of those shots. Yes you while you -- You were busy and I was I love going to movies on on vacation because moviegoing -- Exactly. I saw a lot of films but I'm gonna briefly talk about three of them are we going to talk about the ones. Where you use student little boot -- you it's a quarter dollar knowing now an MD and those slide went up but I know that Saddam and about that one only good if I figured go full body -- all those yeah. Deployed on -- home and were made. Our first of all I would say the movie twelve here's a slave is a remarkable. Movie remarkable. In the fact that while we talk about slavery now it's brought into politics a lot. Now we know was a bad thing we know was an evil thing but we didn't realize how vicious really was because anonymous hero obviously on the planet what was happening. But you see this movie it was not. -- and gratuitous. Way. It was done enough factual -- and it will leave you you'll leave the theater like you left the theater. When when you've seen I don't know movie like -- Now it's that strong it's very strong I I I saw the film at. Showing four for critics earlier in the week and I was so. Just overwhelmed by I thought again over the weekend and I -- -- to proceed and what things that really does separate this movie. It is and movie about slavery that we've seen previously. Amman. Is generally about people who were. Either either pulled into the situation from Africa -- more into it. This takes somebody who and that is what -- he was he was living. Up north he had a wife here definitely he made a good living as a musician he was respected within his community. And he had that all taken away saw it it really is different and that it it takes a situation at the beginning that. You know white black. Rich -- whoever you can. Identify where and then. Just show you what we would be like if you were thrown. Highly recommended it is obviously very happy be prepared for but be prepared for good cinema. On another film that I saw and I saw these two. In two consecutive days. Was the Robert Redford movie all is lost. Was fabulous he only has like two or three lines of dialogue. But this is the best I've seen read heard in years and years and years. And -- he certainly didn't make them up to be the glamorous than 1960s and a robber reverend looks like Robert Redford today. But I've never seen a movie would as little dialogue that can be as powerful as the general. Situation of that home is constraints but god the the votes he's. He's a loner and he obviously has a few bucks because it's a decent size yacht. He wakes up in the mornings in the Indian Ocean and there's a great. A huge. Cargo container that the launch of which obviously came up with a ship. Which you're crashes into his boat and so he has to repair of a vote. And goes through all kinds of bad weather problems. Obviously numbers radios are working and it's him surviving this. With no dialogue is like two lines of dialogue you would think. I'm not ready for a silent movie but. It's a good movie -- it's also unusual films that use. That. Physically -- and -- or. Actor of his -- -- seventy knowledge CR ha. Yeah I -- I saw our Las Vegas which you just mentioned would -- an -- and and a and the crew. It was fun and you know we don't always have to see earth shattering movies we can go to the movies for fun and that's what this was. It was just fun they had and outstanding cast. That the lines were funny if you're expecting a message for got -- you know gonna get a message there's one minor message in there I guess. But basically you'll want a fun. Movie that you can really enjoy and talked offered few days. And box office -- this was filmed in Egypt. And agree to a great reviews on that from the critics for the most part. And opening weekend certainly was an enormous but this is one of those movies where word of -- Kevin -- is keeping it. -- rolling in that people who we're seeing it. Are liking it and rather than going the trajectory of most movies are opening big and then it's fading quickly. This opens steady. And is just stay in there are more. The moving along I thought they wrote for me I have this thing about fu -- names and to me the most -- full name is Madison. They hook up with for Vegas showgirls. And he introduced themselves and two of them -- -- Madison. I was. The only one. They got the entire -- that Charles and I thought it was fabulous so that was that I saw a lot of others but those were the main ones I saw -- -- nice thing to deal on go on vacation. It's going to be a sloppy cold we is that we can't go to the movies to test our our Cuba sure Anthony Hopkins stars in marbles new full -- film. In 1991 restoration of Stanley kubrick's Spartacus. And Hopkins provided the voice in the deleted scene four of them deceased still. Who -- Hopkins -- In the Spartacus restoration. Did -- provide the voice for Charles walking. Laurence Olivier. Or Peter used. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not a missile and stuff on stilled his own -- and -- his own it was a the -- -- believe that's it should when he did some that are valid through November 30. Funny thirteen point five dollars and W -- -- pizza pub and grill on those foreign transit. No expiration date total value 43 bucks general content rules apply will be back after the movie shall cinema Bubba and me sandy beach. Movie IQ question Anthony Hopkins stars in marbles new Thor film. In the 1991 restoration of Stanley crew -- kubrick's Spartacus. I am Spartacus. We know you're not Vargas pins provided the voice of a deleted scene of then deceased star. -- -- Hopkins. Are doubly in the Spartacus restoration and that would be. Laurence Olivier and he did a -- workable job you would not. Guess that it somebody else was for writing his voice acting Hopkins does an impeccable Lawrence -- -- You know it's funny -- some people like you know -- good impersonation. I didn't have a lot of interest in him as Jimmy Fallon. And their remote yeah you online and you're in a new Google Jimmy Fallon limitations it is not good and he does he singers yeah most people don't do you know how many people say hate. -- we do -- Neil Young person. Actually EU is very he's very itself big bodies hitting the big screen today the Hunger Games catching fire yet. -- this is and some ways many people have looked at Hunger Games -- -- kind of taking over for the twilight movies and it's based on. Very successful teen young adult. Novel series you've got a female protagonists it's a fantasy. Situation. But on. There's -- from man made the movies come out around Thanksgiving every year just as with the twilight there's one key difference. These these are good. All right that's nice where's the twilight movies. Are quite frankly in my opinion some of the greatest comedies that have ever been made in the last ten years or so. These movies stand up awfully well and the actors who are built around Jennifer Lawrence of course. Tremendous actress. She is. If you've seen her. On talk shows Hillary and interviews. She is about as non -- through. And actors as you are going -- and she won the best actors to Oscar. Last year for this year for silver linings playbook. But she is one of those people that things acting basis of leeway for grown people to make a living by its happy that she's able to do -- If you sorrow on David Letterman this weekend she talked about water. -- Problem this week with having to go to the hospital because of and inflamed appendix future she is going to be rushed into surgery. But as it turned out. It was just extremely severe gas yes she's she's sort of if that let your hair down in a big way and she's very very strong in these pictures they take place. In -- futuristic. World in which. Young people. Representing various districts various. Skates in the country per say. Actually he go to battle. Two. Represent. Their areas that kind of do this instead of war. And -- -- for. Absolutely nothing that's right but as a but. This felt because the last one was so successful everything is stepped up a bit now. And as far as the special effects. And the action sequences are a lot stronger quite often when you get to a sequel of a franchise such as this and this is number two in the series of four films they'll be doing here. Often the second line. They start to fall and again a little terror repeat itself. Everything is stepped up in the in a big way here. -- and it's not. Just in case of the young stars. Be. Very good in the and I would say if you compare this these films to another series it would be the Harry Potter films in that. They work. Very -- -- they were good movies it wasn't just something to kids. Were going to enjoy where you have you know young talented stars. The support team that you hand in these films. Character actors. Are also really impressive arena the Donald Sutherland. Scheduled to chief Philip Seymour Hoffman Amanda Plummer Jeffrey Wright Woody Harrelson. These are major major people who. Take the story seriously there's some Smart. Commentary in here as far as the politics and class struggle. On the film is also do a very nice job. Of pleasing both the fans of the books of which there are many. But also people -- never read the books at all you can come to these and still enjoy it reviews overall have been tremendous except of course for Rex Reed who hated it. And I thought I. Really enjoyed it. He's not Sparta disease -- our -- that remotely show look at Daniel after the break who live Beijing government and news radio 930. Here's Tom -- We taste free until 7 NEWS radio 9:30 AM WB yeah. Said it needs they thought our lookalike edits the early show are people stop me at the mall are used -- war and I have to say no it's either well IMO for our fellow -- -- flies by. People stop me at the mall today. Are you Anthony Hopkins have you been -- Are the big -- hitting the big screen is that Obama is already told about the Hunger Games are about. That in this is an unusual film I saw the preview for and I'm not really sure I understand it totally but the Dallas buyers club. Yeah I am I'm looking forward -- this and we just finished movie when people talk about films being Oscar bait you know. This is what they're talking about. Matthew McConaughey. Lost forty pounds. To do this role the chairman Robert and Euro gained forty pounds I think he's more than a coincidence yes he asked the thing if you sit in. Matthew McConaughey in movies like say magic might where he played the male stripper. Where you really got to see what kind of shape he's in right now. He could have forty pounds to lose money when I first dirty lost forty pounds to make a movie I thought they -- awful -- there. Is a big -- to a reasonable sure he's he's he's he's in tremendous shape but. He played real real person you're rotten Woodruff. -- film takes place in 1985. In Dallas. He is a guy who is an electrician. He's also part time rodeo bull rider. He likes -- a lot of drugs he likes to do a lot of drinking. And when he sleeps with -- women he believes in ball shopping. He likes to have as many in the bad as possible he is a party and kind of guy. Well he has an accident at work and the asked the hospital haven't taken care of them when they're doing blood work they find out. -- he has eight and the doctor tells them he has thirty days to live. And he is losing weight. Rapidly if you've seen footage of him in this film. You would not recognize him as Matthew McConaughey he is just skin and bones. But he's just thirty days to live by the doctors. And oh he's also. Quite homophobic it really upsets and that he -- aids confused not. Not exactly AAA person who feels warmly towards people of that particular persuasion. Transfusion. Well I if I had what he has had so much check -- imaginable from several factual -- treasurer so I am. He finds out some medicine that. Has not been approved here in the US is available. In Mexico. Goes down there. Starts doing what he can to bring it back in the country. Finds out which a lot of people would really like get a hold of this. And starts what he calls. The Dallas buyers club now if he -- use. Pharmaceuticals without a license that illegal that would be wildly illegal. So he starts this this club the Dallas buyers club where if your member of the club pay your news for -- You get these for free that's just something we do for for friends it's not part of -- don't get paid for that's just -- we just happened. Have these these aids drugs lying around to help yourself where it. Mom the movie eventually turns into a big legal fight as well against the pharmaceutical companies. And the FDA. -- Lido. Is also in the film he plays -- transgender. Individual. He lost thirty pounds. To -- film went through quite a physical transformation as well Jennifer Garner. Is in in the film. But this is big time big time news your Oscar type performance in that. Like Philadelphia like the Denzel Washington character in Philadelphia you've got somebody who is. Pretty much homophobic. It's all -- Changes their view becomes becomes close with people. On the other side anytime you that sort of a transformation. Emotionally and intellectually. If it's of course very impressive in the academy and to go through such physical transformation. Is is huge as well. I take it it's a film that. I think I think this is awfully good for a lot of young people to be OC because the and not dancing young kids I'm -- college -- at Eric loved ourself yes it's -- I'm not saying. Oh gosh Beauty and the Beast is sold out let's take -- the Dallas buyers' clubs that are -- not suggesting that. But nowadays. A lot of of the year. Activism. And that towards gay rights is towards you know hey they should be able to get married. Whereas thirty years ago it was a situation out or really there's this disease that's killing them off. Well that's probably a good thing in the long run don't you think it's amazing how much. Anger. And callousness there was towards a a medical epidemic. At the time in this film does a great job at showcasing that and remind people of just how rough things -- But a terrific terrific for American. But we'll take a break up a minute early because I don't wanna start the last film which is not Oscar -- I can tell you that it's coming to the theater near you hang in there. We show. Was cinema Bob stills and -- sandy beach after a two week absence he's yes. And that that we've talked about the Hunger Games catching fire in Dallas buyers club next up. Deliveryman with Vince -- Yes now Vince Vaughn is one of those factors of whom. Pretty well convinced that he did have some pact with the double at some point he started off in in the ninety's there. I'm with a nice career in indie film swingers. And -- reason Jurassic Park lost world -- -- various films -- and he started making some real money in companies he had huge hit. A pretty big hit with old school. And even they -- hit with dodge ball and then what pressures. Was your huge. Highest grossing comedy of the year tremendously successful and he was suddenly. The comedy guy that's were all landed he that's that's what pressures. Has made Fred Claus. Wild west comedy show for Christmas is couples retreat. The dilemma. The watch. The -- Cher doll just each one gets worse reviews and the one before and makes less and less for bombs and Iran yes indeed I think we are just about the point now where. Audiences are going to take on a class action suit to keep Vince Vaughn from making that night comedies maybe should start doing dramas I don't know. Here's the latest deliveryman. Now this is a remake. Of a French Canadian film. That was only released in the US this summer. How often do you have that happened movies released in summer and you get the remake Maryland some you know four months later here with a film called a star block. Directed by -- Ken Scott who also did the the screenplay. And he basically follows his original film. Practically shot for shot just instead of Montreal it's in Brooklyn now and stars stars Vince Vaughn. Vince Vaughn plays a kind of a Schwab user group the man child he he works for his family's company. He drives to meet truck for them he would have been fired along their goal but it's as families that are not gonna fire and and he. Early on in his life. Earned money. In a particular way making certain deposits what do you do well over a 33 month period. He donated sperm 633. Times have Torrealba and there yes. Should go. He. Finds out that he now is the father 533. Children in their twenties. I saw their pictures when Obama. It was editors say it will take your ball on the cell eight of them -- a 142. Of the 533. Kids. -- take -- legal action class action to find out who the father I don't know I'm looking for they just wanna know -- identity is you know. Find out to who they are so. He is suddenly. In the position of meeting and getting involved. -- with all these kids his girlfriend to. Is is also pregnant so he's gonna all of America is gonna have his 534. Tier I after finding out he has all these kids. Here's the question no. Will discovering. He's fathered over 500 kids. How can grow people who I would or maybe become better per -- I I sincerely this this movie wants to be kind of touchy feel good film like elect Patch Adams that type of thing going for that they want to make you cry. Every now and then his one kid is heroin addict he's got to try to help him. Another kid is developmentally disabled that they've played for big time violent moments. One -- an actor and another one god forbid if -- of the -- and all I just -- Latvia has to deal with with. All of all all these things here most of the credit they're they're doing. And -- apparently love this story and then I mean was hit in Canada. Their remaking it right now in France they're doing a French version and they're also doing a version in India. Which of course will add huge exciting dance numbers which they can predict which I personally always in favor out. The bottom line critically seems to be people are saying you know. The original version was better and that even wasn't very good to begin where. Little bit -- though. The original films called star buck do you know that name comes from Bob where. Well -- -- where is the name of -- Canadian Holstein bull. That in the eighties and nineties. Produced hundreds. Hundreds of thousands. Of offspring. While if you had a stake in Canada at any time enrollees from Al east it was probably from Starbucks. Josh has now. Most people can say if you bump into anybody on the street. And chances are. -- on his father. That's wild yeah I would think intuitively easy mind. The Olympic skier and tiger with girlfriend married prince -- should be Lindsey Vonn won. You know that's it's -- kinky sex and I figured out -- that went well. Meet -- and Lindsey Vonn now. It -- -- lot of fun. She's like I'm sorry and I argued that's no minorities -- man of state -- are super rats right the big who. -- movie now available for for rental or downloading all that. I still. Don't feel right about this film Henrik -- I guess he did an okay job but a British Superman. Well now there are times where you have to stick with the country that brought you. James Bond should be British it's -- and I don't think that's too much to ask. This -- mom has of course all sorts of extras -- that as far as the making -- -- the special effects were were very well done. There was however I don't wanna give anything away for people who. Haven't seen the film yet there was a big. Ethics controversies. Concerning the ending of this film. And it has proved to be so controversial in the comic book. Geek world ruin it looks like it may be carried over into the sequels America in which of course Ben Affleck. Will be playing that man which as we all know -- I'm very very excited about than. You want a lot of ought to be -- and I don't like that guy I hope -- thrills me and surprises me by guys. Next up from the cameras and channel Florida out to a movie house -- are you aware of a Miller's. And -- Jennifer Aniston Jason Sudeikis is she playing mrs. Miller she is playing mrs. Miller Andre very differently than the mrs. Miller -- all unsettled or you asked this is. This is a modern comedy which means -- suffers from him for. Over and -- in that they just let the actors go on and on and on and this is extended version. So they let the -- -- stuff go on longer and longer you know. I'm a big fan of your older comedies Billy Wilder. Who did I get hot doesn't get much better. Then that his films were so written. He would often do -- takes he had to Jack -- do a retake once. And Jacqueline is that why why do they get a word wrong and Billy Wilder said note he left got to come over oh. Wow and you don't see that nowadays you don't hear about. Why else now on Channing Tatum yeah this surprised everybody the summer they thought it was going to be huge huge action here. Nobody want to see it. So loved. And now on however he's gonna check -- -- on the head into the job market has made askew of Lovelace is out yet is that on your shelves. Yes. Yes it is on the shelf and Lovelace. I can't you whether it's extended or not. All you'll have to line you'll have to check it out even is an expanded content of photos these. Gonna as the -- them through the newsroom rundown storm -- -- oh Christ I. A close group we're here Monday its always on help and each other home to me it overnight Saturday and now Libya. We'll we'll. Which they never into music --