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CBS's Barry Bagnato in Dallas

Nov 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live -- -- Dallas Texas through CBS news correspondent Barry -- not a is covering the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of the president good morning very. Good morning and a very I was one of the people watching TV that day when Dallas police broadly Harvey Oswald and from the -- to be paraded before the waiting media Jack Ruby among the others. Who also got in the bedroom then -- steps forward shoots Oswald. Do you find it amazing that Barry when you think about it today. That the media was actually allowed to get access to a place like that where police are re the guy in front of them would you -- the president. But it was an entirely different time and in that we're in -- back the the first. Murder that has been ever recorded on live television and it's just part of the shock that we can sit and our Bob Schieffer. Talked about his role in that weekend would he -- cub reporter here at the Fort Worth star telegram talked about the fact that. When he was at the Dallas police station. And he at the time with the -- with the ball we are the Oswald who through chance he happens to drive to the police station from Fort Worth. He almost -- -- interview also wore them well because reporter for a lot of room all the police stations even of -- story as big as that one with with. With so much involved with the shooting of -- present the United States and was actually in a room where they were going to bring Oswald sitting there with Oswald's mother. When someone recognized kidnapped reporter finally shooting in the outfit of those days reporters -- police stations were allowed to go. Pretty much freely. Within the investigative process of course all that -- fifty years later. Yeah it's just remarkable now is it. Is -- a different day in Dallas or is it mostly business as usual today. I think it is a different day in Dallas. The city of course would would have liked to have forgotten that this state many times. But at the last couple of years civic leaders convince -- world attention would be paid to Dallas. That they put the money into restoring dealey plaza two pretty much what it looked like in 1963. They've -- closed off that area put up big security perimeter but that's disrupting things a bit. And there will be what I think it's an understated ceremony is going to be basically -- prayers. Navy flyover no major. -- here's speaking via story of David McCullough talking about the JFK's legacy but I think. Once the ceremony is over Dallas hopes they can start looking forward in the rest of the world can start looking forward. But what it -- Dallas instead of thinking of this city. As the place where JFK was assassinated. -- this is a solemn day in Dallas and around the country and around the world to what you know -- that said. We understand there were souvenir hawkers down in Dallas so looking to make a buck on this. Yeah they're always I mean that's that's that's that's that's the part of the game anymore there are put the you know it's interesting. I was thinking when I came down here that they would be more visitors than there are right now but then -- just make sense I think. -- -- Nobody considered that that is the million a year about this 350 to 400000 every year the sixth floor museum that set up. At dealey plaza and I think people knew that this was going to be but they were a lot of attention will be focused security would be tighter. And so for the most part I think many many visitors have stayed away a lot -- how good it isn't going to be offers but of course. You see that everywhere -- anywhere you go anymore even related to tragedy. There any I know there's a lot of stations of one -- taught you this morning thank you for your time. My pleasure thank you very much CBS news correspondent during -- not a live from Dallas.

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