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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sabres Goalie Ryan Miller - On The Catwalk

Sabres Goalie Ryan Miller - On The Catwalk

Nov 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Guess who -- on the WB analog -- It's Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller to talk about his favorite charity catwalk for charity. The part of the steadfast foundation Ryan good to talk to you this morning thanks for calling him. Yeah -- -- more for our listeners who were unfamiliar with the catwalk for charity tell us about it. Well there's barely. Strong I think this -- some time back. Of course -- in this class here what they had a lockout shortened season boast. Main. Fundraisers for our charities. -- -- that's our nation. Which is. -- the sort who worked with. Roswell park cancer institute and go to club. We are. You know raising might help -- in. The fighting cancer and then we feel that it. We -- On the program that oh. I compliment the medicine that's going on there we try to create an environment. Trying to create attitude and we try to see who. Just. Provide encouragement the kids and families that are so it in front of psychosocial island where. We are. Are giving them. Outlook. Encouragement. So it's been -- bigger relationship than very inspiring for us and certainly this. Out the series -- her main -- Italy they're the great writer. You know didn't support together for the answer apartment. We're gonna have a good party. And over last year is it really has been trying get. The crowd of more involved. So. So what's the game this year. It's going to be kind of circus. NASCAR insert this into a -- -- I think so also performing. I don't have you know the party good food and -- -- on the kind of come in the but -- it's been. Some do but here's the problem all the more involved in those other what to do. And you literally. -- got a patent. And I thought well that. It's it's a signature event each year it's coming up December 15. At that town ballroom and and it's EU and fellow savers that are on the catwalk right. Right and so are all the guys there. It would just I have local. Local restaurants bars. You -- that -- -- about well. They also have Odyssey experiences you've been. You know meet and interact. The -- came -- and bloody alumni and -- opening it -- popular built of this hearing in which daughter. Local parents. Particularly difficult -- butter that is -- At the auction. -- silent auction of Allison. You know very unique. For -- experience based. Items. -- that's a good example is here. You can get a chance to. Go to a life in the -- that simply -- such on the network hosted by Joan Rivers. That's pretty cool. Locally. -- and it's just it is. As popular restaurant so. See our. -- like it stake -- Iran 90 you're a not that not an avid photographer but the damned good one. When your photos going to be auctioned off to. And although this year. And that's it for anything so low -- had the. Maybe they didn't -- yet. You know -- wearing that night. -- -- -- Racers and everything in place if you Google that was struck. Or -- Circus. -- period and so if you know any kind of direction that. I know portray the good guys and in the unconstitutional. And -- -- like that but in Austria because. -- we understand that in the past seven years you on the charity of raised more than a million dollars. We've been very proud of him we raised the money locally we've got the money local. And we've been very involved. And you know helping those clubs aren't new -- of support that is. Apparently. You know. Generally worse we're sponsoring there their holiday events get it to gain. It includes technology and not so that allows them that are actually very their friends and family. Where they're spending long hours. It's not as time. It's in the hospital would keep him connected. So. -- look at her lawyers. Always. Brian thank you for joining us this morning good luck with the catwalk for charity. December 15 that the town ball room coming up December 15 thanks for joining us this morning. And tickets can be purchased at the steadfast foundation. Dot com steadfast foundation dot com.

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