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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Ex WBEN Host Gary McNamara in Dallas

Ex WBEN Host Gary McNamara in Dallas

Nov 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How is Dallas observing the anniversary of the assassination of president Kennedy joining us on the WB a lifeline. Is Gary met -- a former buffalo guy he lives in Dallas he hosts the syndicated show red -- radio. -- agreed to talk to again. ITunes and -- good morning what's it like to be easier today. Oh well I mean I think it's normal for most people of the downtown area the west and is basically closed off its probably a six block area. That's cooled off around dealey plaza they expect thousands of people there later on today. But it's open already because of security security is extremely tight they're not allowing any thing any type of sharp objects no umbrellas. They're being very careful. That way the other thing is to me I just heard your temperature there when I was on hold. 42 degrees -- I think it's about 36 here we were 76 yesterday so it's the cold ruairidh. Very very. A windy day as to the people the ballots. I think there's probably a mindset that this is this is more media driven. People here for example with her thirteen years I've probably been to dealey plaza and the sixth floor museum. Probably ten times because every time someone comes and the pound. Days they wanna go there are so I think it's something that's really embedded in the minds of the people of this area. Because they're there when anybody comes in I think most people -- Ellison probably. Then in that area many many times with something that they think of all the time not just done an anniversary. You say you're the thousands of people are expected to be a dealey plaza today. At one time or another of his -- local people or has this anniversary attracted tourists and on the unusual numbers. All know they're bringing people from from all over the United States and all over the world. It was a little bit of losing -- yesterday -- I -- it was a very eclectic crowd. You've had an Elvis impersonator there you've got. One of the things is is that it's it's public property it's not like a national park and this is one of the things that really bothers a lot of locals. Is there is everybody there hawk and every. Just on a normal day and a lot of people get offended they tried to remove them a couple of years ago but they can't because it's public property it's not like it's the national park. So it's kinda can be -- do their -- and other times it's a very. I I think solemn place when you go into actually the old Texas book store depository. That is. That is a very I. Very very quiet place when you walk in as people look at. All the different memorial all the films from that time. And you get to stand right there at six or window probably about 56 feet per minute solo blast off so that I think. A very. You know quiet place to be but outside sometimes -- abuses. Gary what do you make of the fact that fifty years later. So many people this country still don't by the Warren commission's conclusion and think there was a conspiracy. Well because you don't have any facts. People ask me all the time what you think happened and who was behind it might have to be honest and say I don't know. I tend to believe the single shooter theory though but that comes from the history channel's. I think episode they did. On the assassination. Using just all pure science it's sort of like what. History did with -- I think a popular mechanics and the nine elevenths conspiracies. Where they said okay what does science say and the latest science from about 34 years ago say that there was a single gunman and they did everything -- you know that -- shots where they said the report shot they figured that out. They figured that there was no magic bullet because the seat for governor Connally was actually. Lowered a bit -- the bullet didn't hang in the area actually took a direct path and so the science shows that there was. At least in my opinion from what I can see a single shooter but what was behind it when nobody knows that's why you -- conspiracy theories when there's no evidence. -- great to talk with you thanks. Singer everybody have a great Thanksgiving. It's -- Gary McNamara former buffalo guy living in Dallas hosting the syndicated show red -- radio.

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