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11-21 Michael Caputo Hour 4

Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael -- here. In for Tom Bauerle on news radio 930 WB and remember our telephone number here is 8030930. Starr at 930 we've had some. Pretty amazing well apparently amazing. Developments. Down on the waterfront today the governor flew in for a surprise visit nobody knew when I mean I don't know. A -- became the on the line from WG here is the news was this a complete surprise to. Not to those who watched channel two. What's what's involved -- this -- I just got off the -- Carl Paladino he says it's just crap. We will what do they announced today. He word yes well yes he -- and he did on the radio. And it. If you're you to talking. We OK we'll what was announced today actually we need we actually I am sincere in saying channel two reported. This yesterday to our viewers out last night. But the governor would come in for an announcement. And it has to do with the biggest expenditure if you will of this so called the billion to culpable of funds thus far. 225. Million dollar investment the state is making which would be about a quarter the buffalo. Almost. And what idiocy seats it's a complex. And it's officially yet it has an official name. -- the long. But he is actually. Dubbed the buffalo high tech manufacturing and innovation hub at riverbend and he's got the -- -- bit him in the arm but -- -- right. If the eighties is the is supposed to be a sprawling brand spanking new complex aimed at attracting Titanic. Green energy firms. To come to buffalo and employ people in this new facility. Which is being built but ninety acre Brownfield site which was once -- republic -- in south buffalo. Now. That's that's the whole plan of the state. It's a little bit from Mike because -- in and the economic development. Efforts past the opposite estate granting a firm money in exchange for promised for jobs. In this case. That the state actually gonna build this thing from what we understand lay out the money to build it to -- it. And the end of the firms coming there with the idea of grand jury user fee of some sort of setup shop in there. It's interesting because that then the state or haven't. Asset instead of just money some great. That's one way of looking attic and it according to -- the fellow who spearheaded the what's touted as a highly successful nano technology development quarter in the capital region. Been a big league at SUNY Albany. He he told me today that -- the beauty bases that you can. You know using equipment interchangeably with other firms he likened it to building like a high tech ball -- side bill. This is in the building that he's going to be generating property tax revenue at them by the state right. And right there's people that are gonna set up shop there. Don't come. Don't know that they don't -- property taxes either so this is something yeah you could look at it like -- state asset and hopefully it'll be filled in and work out. But he won't generating property tax. Right at the same time you know this they say this is based on that nano technology park that. That that technology park it was dedicated to. The of these ultra miniature. You know manufacturing that he goes into integrated circuitry in such. -- -- that the state Build-A-Bear in fact it was part of the it is part of the university of both I'm -- -- at Albany. And they say that's pretty successful is that what they were touting today. Yeah they -- the model similar to that in the way that it's gonna work. Now I I asked specifically -- it was eligible for a start -- New York funds -- them -- -- Governor Cuomo and his assistant told me no. Well not right away no because it doesn't seem to be located theory you're right it's a totally different -- However com. We we've since learned that. Eventually after the start a New York program goes into effect on that till next year. And any subsequent firms. Be on the two that have agreed to be the initial entrance into the they may be eligible for start -- New York funds and in in the neck could be conducting these firms -- I'm getting a litany of tax breaks. In the one more thing about you know we need to -- OK Stephanie generating property tax. But oftentimes you know under other models the state. Agreed to move tax payments or waivers for so many years. Lot of the other development -- -- that -- -- -- so. Right in their look at this kind of like they look at a shopping mall kind of look at that it gallery and they recruit it's or and so -- As the anchor -- kind of like you know over. The series at one end and a you know the other large big box or the other and in there and their hope and bit. -- all of a mall let's say in that nine the acre park will fill up with smaller firms that wanna be around them right. The that the governor put it stated and often creates. He called it a cluster economy. Oh rehab and these these these in the same area they start to feed off one another national competition and collaboration. And eventually hopefully. -- -- more Japanese John we mentioned nano technology all the deceased. This is so called them green energy for -- these things. Just to tell you you know the first couple of firms. One of them if you you've mentioning. Sore simply does -- to definitely be. And the other one. He would produce is like solar -- -- -- -- You know sorrow I mean at this LED technology that's Rio I mean. There are there battles and intellectual property of the people see that as a a new kind of a gold -- I mean we see those -- those immediately it's beat replacing everything in orbit so Mayo being another solar company solar being such an expensive technology makes you wonder in. Well here's the thing though we also learn and -- a little more work on this tonight that. Beat these two companies though -- big companies. In the technology center of the camp reputation for being innovative leaders. Check this out -- -- which is the woman makes it is high the efficiency light bulbs. Was easily been founded five years ago locked. And dale Lee camp ninety workers. And they're expecting at 370 by the buffalo. Are they moving their headquarters here's what's happening. Oh so this is a real big move for them taxing group the company. Right but the added I think to remember. Profit either side. The other company that. The level so so they -- Is it debt. They're the ones who make the solar panels. They're not -- -- you know six years old. -- they only played forty people US. And they're talking about 476. Jobs here on a date to have never turned a profit. These are starting now. That would lead with -- -- -- they do have a mean if anchoring it seems like 180 police there but domestically and forty people. He affirmed that thing but will give them up to almost 500. Well now now tell me some that are are in these are there any manufacturing. Facilities they're fixing the leak anything or their jobs for. We're for people who work for eleven. Well it it's my understanding that in this complex there'll be. A lot of our indie research and development. But he would be to research design and yet many. Products here are just now you know that we hear that Michael -- you think of when when you hear that term green energy. That mean anything view. -- -- -- -- It means so -- to me it means that you know that the big billion dollar boondoggle that that the the Obama administration. Got in too bright of passing along a federal government investment tool to somebody who actually donated money. And then they went up but they went belly up -- -- they were solar technology. Right -- you know I put that down to a question. In fact too big guy from SUNY Albany the one who spearheaded. The home in a tactic is name is. Alain Kelly ourselves. Right I couldn't pronounce myself -- year probably mystery. Here it is it's Alain. Kelly here. Mr. Kelly -- thing right now series -- should. He's the senior vice president and Chief Executive Officer the college in science and engineering. I. Are you very long title but he tees -- he's a very highly regarded and Smart man and and is that we were asking him. -- out I I got a chance to talk him briefly. In and I asked him you know I. I wanted to know your definition of green energy because you hear that green companies -- what the hell does that mean -- -- it's rather ambiguous to me. Any Andy -- First of all it's it's an energy producing products. That you produce. Without harming the environment which means. That there are zero emissions its production because when you start talking about -- he -- -- these people think oh it's green energy it's a solar panel. And then you start asking normal what do you think they it's made of ethnic and stuff is that in addition. It's a carbon footprint to that absolutely it or what you do when you dispose of these things you don't don't give me this that is like totally. Totally don't impact the environment because there's always an effect that his and I asked him that he said it -- energy producing product. Which is produced without harming the environment by that I mean -- emissions. And also had a chance to reduce. Our carbon footprint by being a chronic. That reduces. And the use of energy is. From a normal product -- would get a high efficiency light bulb that they would reduce the carbon footprint because it would reduce the amount of power needed to run it. If it meets those criteria in his very Smart mind. That's what he he he defined himself out to me as his definition of green energy. While mr. Kelly heiress is actually not in the green energy business he's in the -- technology was a very different and very lucrative business that they build -- out of all this different. Mrs. tipper it's not so lucrative at -- -- there not been profitable. I know in fact when he comes to it's a level. That he's the one with. They they can barely survived a difficult time in the solar panel industry should. You know really. Took a pounding. In recent years they speak your mind is it largely because they developed to sell a solar panel that produces more electricity than their competitors the bank. The kind of build a better mousetrap -- that that help them through. Right well listen I'll tell you this is very interesting but that the jury's kind of outright. All. At at at. The most cynical television reporter in all of Western New York. All of you you know David -- in the wind when we what you were following Carlin and and and and covering the race. We considered the most dangerous reporter until now. Because you never know what you're gonna ask. And years and if -- if it could be asked you -- last. You Alaska and and that that's not a bad thing badly you're doing your job but you're tough you're tough. If -- coverage something your. Well -- yes the governor what are your favorite question your famous questions and a about sheep or anything or ever read what time you step in front of the governor did tilted your head you ask a question and you really made me think. I got them instantly change from a a couple of yeah. You know what actually. We did epidemic something interest in it it's off topic. And you may see this on the news tomorrow. I asked him. If he remembered but everyone else is remembered this way right because it would have been just about old enough. To remember the Kennedy. And he didn't share -- with the usual knowledge of. Well I was at school and the principal came on the loudspeaker. In the all the Rangers were. He said he remembers it because. It was the first time he oversaw as fair and square. And that that's what he remembered about it and he said in an -- of seeing lots of adults -- I think it struck me. And he was just about turned sixty dislocated. And and and but if he shared that with us today. Well listen David thanks for call that we really appreciate your relief and fill that a lot of holes here and I understand now -- -- a little bit skeptical but you know if you want something for the region I guess you know maybe got a hold your breath. Right. You do have to hold your breath somewhat -- to take a chance. I'll see him do that. With the right art what I guess it it shouldn't it was a brown field right in -- mediated it's it's probably more page field. Cubs yankees -- odd spot that's a perfect way to and the suitors. Dave McKinley from WG RC news that could be -- the channel to thank you for keeping our updating us. On this big jobs announcement today this is Michael -- driving for Tom -- here on news radio 930 that. 41 degrees here. In buffalo. That -- -- 41 how about that. Read on the same page with the AT and Chelsea you know. This is Michael Caputo in for Tom Bauer earlier and -- 930 WP Ian comes back from vacation Monday. Big news in buffalo today vary vary big news. There's some skepticism -- skepticism out there are Carl Paladino authority hit the Internet with that of just before blaming email. Saying that this is just not what it's cracked up to be in and David McKinley from. They McKinley from our WG years -- news. The most dangerous man in Buffalo News on television news the most dangerous reporter. Dave McKinley. Identifies we -- of the doubt is that doubt is really. In this size of these companies which nobody really talked about the act and look into it. Nobody really talked about they did say that these companies have less than fifteen employees each. And he did say that neither of these companies have been profitable that's unusual of course. I mean let's face it -- not been profitable and twitters. Are going gangbusters but here's what happened with so when folks here's that -- -- so under got a big investment from the United States government. And then they hit the wall they spent it all couldn't raise any money. So Soro which is a LL ET light bulb company that's probably got to succeed because that's real technology but still video which does basically they beat the structure solar panels and their in the same industry. As Solyndra which hit a wall and blew up. You know it's the source probably gonna make it so they -- may not and if neither of these things these companies reach profitability they're not gonna raise enough money to survive. So there's where the cynicism. Let's talk a bit more about that when I get back here on news radio 930 WB and this is Michael -- to -- Tom hourly. And we're back to us. Michael from bill. And Tom -- in -- for -- at 930 WP yet you know we gave -- away those miracle tickets for rat dog. Which is coming up on March 4 in 2014 and that'll be here before you know -- in and the rat dog is one heck of a band I mean I know. People around here -- -- is dead in. And we deeply Grateful Dead on the bumper music it's been fun I am and I don't mean trouble on and it's -- Older. A lot of my friends here in the area I keep from Michael greed of the days. But the final with but with. Jerry Garcia passing away in 1995 Bobby put together -- -- -- a together. -- we're. Who is the key of the lead staggering and an acoustic guitars for the grateful that put this in the political rat dog and he had some really great. Some musicians playing with him like rob wasserman one of the most accomplished based players in music today. And he also with a one thing that's very interesting very different about direct orders that they play this kind of dead in music but they also have a sax player and -- really invent to vote keyboard player who was necessarily. -- remember really listen to. But I was on tour with them in 2003. GO. It was on tour with him every year when it since I got back from Russia in 2000 even when I came for vacation from Russia wiggle room with. I've seen them. Over a hundred. Wherever we're at a concert. In in South Carolina. And that we are you know we always stayed in the same hotels that and we follow them around wherever they went you know where we would hang have dinner with families -- dog isn't as big. Eyes eyes. As Grateful Dead and we had gone on tour with them in my girlfriend at the time. To Europe and so we got to know -- -- like at the party it was a lot of fun. And I was working at the same time I was on tour with him I was working and I'm in my hotel room capital -- on the computer. You know -- -- -- and I get a I get a hankering to go down and visit with. Kenny who was that saxophone player and I can't tell if he's on this tour let me see saxophone player listed. For this tour but I -- to go check out Kenny -- knock on his door to hang out for a few minutes and -- knocked on the door you open up and there's my girlfriend in the shower. There's my growth in the shark. And the saxophone player and a -- had a towel wrapped around a little way it's like -- I have gathered that he was in the same shower. And I'm just I'm not quite sure -- on this sort things ended between me and that girlfriend that day. And he's gone on to be very successful sex and I I actually -- in oh here's a little sampling of those work. That's what it's doing. It was all inspired by that night stop fighting. Funny funny funny funny funny. Outlaw then I need to sag got off the road that on that to right wind correctly -- that wasn't fun and that -- was long -- A long long ago she's with a sense that's not -- -- -- got married his fiancee wasn't happy about this. It was not a very good thing in and you know at my days of hanging out with -- kind and I didn't see him for years that pretty upset about it I went back out there are incredible bandit. And -- -- Bobby -- -- I ended at the end of the tour in Dallas Stars with have a party. At our house for the band we Texas barbecue -- here right around the corner from the venue in Dallas where they were playing in the -- Small beautiful. Music music we sound venues which case it's so I didn't have a party obviously things -- -- It just happens that way to fund growth in the wrong side which. And down and Bobby actually called me he calls myself or -- ties Bobby -- of culture it's -- calling myself right answer no it really is. We wanna have a little peace in. I actually went over to the venue that was important months in the show and he made me in the saxophone player -- And get over and -- said some of the meat that I will never forget here I am I'm I'm. Is the saxophone players is not happy you got trouble with his fields and I'm not happy because my girlfriend you know right at the time it was a she was important to him. Thankfully for me any help me figure out what kind of person -- it's. But Bob -- it's going to be I'll never forget he said Michael. You know what. You can be upset with Kenny if you want. But you know his job is to play music do drugs and sleep with girls. And I looked at him and I said you know. You probably right. You probably. So I didn't expect to see you rat dog they're very good I don't think -- -- of course. You know I enjoy them I don't think caddies on the two this year he's busy. Playing for. Acts. This is Michael Cooper -- For Tom Bauerle we're on the line now with rust from Hamburg your -- to talk about the governor not. Well I'll. Certainly go to Georgia my extra during your. Hear that that your take -- it's very interest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That recovers fixated and -- spending several hundred million. Dollars to bring. A questionable. Investment to western -- that he's going and we're seeing -- we're gonna pay for this factory order. Construction is there's going to be incentive and there's an appeal sorts of extra obstacles searchable the subsidies. All he really has to do is let let people ran for four for gas and -- and despair and make a lot. BOB thousands of they'll be paying taxes from -- one. He doesn't have to subsidize anybody that let the market works. You know you don't I didn't even think about that he's talking about new energy jobs -- paying for any given up. With Pennsylvania voter and 32000 energy jobs. Not only that we can he get any cleaner energy and natural gas. No you can't I mean they're they're upset about the though harvesting with the -- program that the drilling except for a some people say that you know what -- here's the thing which really people don't notice that we live in New York where there's 33 states I believe. That are sitting on top of -- natural gas well the only one that isn't allowed to do. Well apparently those people almost thirty states just don't know what they're doing there and there's just didn't happen that they just don't. They're Smart and Andrew Cuomo. Bought into it and use its awesome with the protest of the people who believe. The theory that this is dirty fracking is a dirty operation. There at. The Cuomo orbit the other day. And protesting against the you know what's very interesting as these protests of the people who have been spinning these negativity that negative stats about. About fracking you know they're absolutely that the federal government to stop listening to them Obama backs. Every other state in the union that has the ability to frank has the -- -- has figured out that these people work our spin and he aren't. And the you know what they don't work in Washington where they don't protest in Harrisburg anymore they come to New York you know like is the only ones by and there are crap. You know you're right you know I mean sometimes you know when it's right in front Libya you just don't want it taken out and spend that -- mean. While we don't after the state that the lift a finger other than permit this to happen and let the market -- Let the people decide. And let people go to work in this state. With your -- or get jobs and -- for this new new projects for years and and and and maybe -- ever because it's nice to promise that. And -- that but look what. Pennsylvania has become the gold rush for God's sakes I mean their goal that -- -- come into the treasury. People going down there to work. Really well paying jobs. An average of 75000. Said he 5000 dollar average. That's something that an epic and anything other collect the money right right. We're putting up 200000300. Million dollars and all old Adobe jobs. All you have to do let's make no mistake. We're not fracking because of Andrew Cuomo there's a consensus of academic -- decades of experience doing this is not new technology it's perfected technology. Recent scientific rulings from the heads of the United States Department of Energy. The head of the united State Department interior. The head of the of the national EPA they all conclude that fractured hydraulic fracturing is -- every one of them do. New York State is the only state of 32 of them sitting on shale. That doesn't allow hydraulic fracturing because we're the -- that believe them. -- or what what am I missing here it's crazy. I figured you're -- and what I don't understand that -- against liberals really -- about controlling energy. And picking winners and losers -- your portable -- as well taken I mean how they're working for Obama meet again picking companies that. Everybody that bit that the federal government -- it is gone into the toilet. Right Russ thank you very much for college you know we got to go up -- break here. Thank you very much for all -- Thank you you know make no mistake about it governor Andrew Cuomo controls. Every single aspect of natural gas development in this state that's why we're not doing -- we're not doing anything. Where it he controls that completely. Personally. He can wave his hand and we would have our share of the hundreds of thousands of jobs. That are being a that are that are available in the 32 other states that are doing this and it in Pennsylvania on 232000. Jobs averaging 75000 dollars each. We can't have that year -- -- big gamble on companies are profitable. This is Michael -- in -- Tom hourly. On news radio 930 WPE. And we're back. This is Michael could go in for -- -- news -- 930 W Ian for the last quarter hour. After the talk. So is that true joked at the basic quarter hour. -- okay. So. In threes early thirties starting there. I'll tell yet I it's been a big news day and I actually Awad because this press conference today about -- or and so they ago. Opening operations on the waterfront to the state government investing to -- 25 million dollars to build their headquarters. That's sounded really good to be on this -- It must've sounded YouTube. Just like everything it's not it's not what it seems. It's not what it seems they are we are gonna have the government build to order 25 million dollar building. On. The site of the former republics deal. -- on the waterfront. If you saw this nano technology campus at the university of new York at Albany you know it's going to be a pretty building it'll be. State of the art technology. It'll have. More look like something out of silicon Alley. And out of we know we've seen on the waterfront the last fifty years it will be very different. They say you know upwards of 850 jobs right now both those companies combined. In the entire United States it's workforce they have less than a hundred between the two. Putting 225 million dollars to a building and I'm sure were not charging them. Rent. Otherwise why build that I -- give breaks the very east in the -- -- -- We're gonna have this building with two companies that aren't profitable with a promise to hire. Approximately. 85 now know. Approximately 300%. -- 600% more employees in the actually have today neither of them -- profitable. Now that it's popping as you know Twitter is not profitable and there really remarkably successful. FaceBook -- when they went public -- the risk there were questions about there. Profitability. You know you don't have to be profitable -- to be successful in the modern changes in the technology that you have to have. Promise of profits but -- Laura. Which manufactures. LED lights. Is an industry that's actually it's expanding and is attracting significant investment I have a friend of mine right to former. Who just spent a lot of money buying a bunch of patents. For. This technology there's there's real. Real movement in. In the -- With its -- Mayo the second company act Syrians solar. Business at the Chinese company with a fragment. So there was an industry is in an industry that is trouble. People are seen its solar power is not as affordable. Or certainly not as rewarding financially. As for example natural gas. Now we -- spending were giving these people -- and 45 million dollars and probably on all tax it's. To build something on a prime piece of property that was once a Brownfield once polluted in the house and thanks to the river keeper organization here in buffalo clean. My -- Dave McKinley from WG -- he said it's probably. Not -- anymore it's bloody huge. Its its duties. But we haven't issue we got an issue here because these companies are profitable and here's what bugs me and I think about blogs Carl Paladino -- book -- from Hamburg. We have. Yes we are one of 32. Contest states sitting on the -- on the shale underneath in the Marcellus Shale even Utica shale where we found -- limitless. Supplies of natural gas. And of the 32 states that are sitting on this natural gas New York State is the only one. Not allowed to touch it. We have a where -- it's illegal to act as they call -- hydraulic fracturing it's technology it's been around for a couple of decades it's perfected it's safe. The department of Energy Department -- the EPA all out of Washington have declared it safe. President Obama has said that its its technology we need to pursue harvest natural gas natural gas is the cleanest of clean -- out there. And yet we have to paid two companies 2.5 billion dollars to companies that are profitable one in a good industry the other in a bad industry coming out here promise as eight -- fifty jobs and now we're gonna do back flips down the street. Because we've got those either 52 now. Fort -- very remarkable announcement today -- investment with some speed. To bring 350 jobs. To hear -- -- that we all of the mobile and industry. We know what it's like to hear announcements that they are going to be new jobs we know that the jobs come when announcement these are private sector announcements. But Carl Paladino thinks or so -- ever generally come to fruition he thinks it's a scam. Hamburg a rust from amber believes that the real. Investment in clean technology is underneath -- it's. It's the Marcellus -- it's the Utica -- -- we're 232000. Jobs in Pennsylvania related to harvesting. Natural gas. Not -- fifty. That cost us 2.5 million taxpayers. Cash. 232004. Which the Pennsylvania government need not did not ever lay out one cent. They didn't -- jobs. Companies came minutes at eight you've got natural gas underneath here weakened harvest it with technology that's proven to be safe. And vertical ahead we're gonna pay AP. The county's incredible amounts of money wherever they set up their -- in the room and they remove the American in the harvest the gas for for many years to come in Bradford county Pennsylvania I was -- three weeks ago. That county has paid off its debt and cut their taxes. Several times on every taxpayer. They did have to -- the spend 225 million dollars to bring those jobs to Bradford county they are out of debt ask. Our county executive Markel cars how much he'd like to have his. Debt washed away how much you'd like to be able to cut taxes more than once 123. Times on every taxpayer in Erie county ask him. I don't know that he'd like it to be coming out of fracking a meeting he probably has. May disagree with me on the -- he sure would like to see thousands of jobs here's the thing buffalo does not sit. On the Marcella she however perhaps we do on the very edge of -- -- people don't say that buffalo head is natural gas underneath that adults much. But really what we have -- natural gas everywhere else all around the Pennsylvania border and am in counties all along the border. Mean we're -- account. And I -- search among county counties that have remarkably high unemployment rates higher than the national average higher than. The New York average those places will be where they're building. There drilling. And we'll in buffalo we enjoy the benefits of having a secondary industries. Heavy machine. Heavy machinery industries machine rental industries. The fabrication plants building those special parts that on the -- -- one -- -- will end up having thousands not in and fifty thousands of jobs here just to support hydraulic fracturing going on our border but no. We have to see Sorenson. To order and 25 million dollars. In order to come here and they're not profitable. I don't know about you but it sounds a little bit kinky this is Michael Prudhoe. I'm in for Tom -- and I'll be back tomorrow for the last time probably back on Monday when he's reunited thirty WP.

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