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11-21 Michael Caputo Hour 3

Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- That's right that's you can that's all that's the cats can -- of Cheektowaga. Can -- of Cheektowaga. Dad lets you can I'm talking to you. You -- -- qualifier in the I hate my furnace contest you what that means can object to -- cabinets or any TZEEL. And that means that you have one. A check up for your furnace. Former Raymer heating and cooling. And it qualifies for for drawing where you may win a 5100. Dollar plus new. Heating and cooling system for your home again from primer heating and cooling. And that's all you have 93 minutes across at 6449875. If you Carl what's at 6449875. In the next 93 minutes. You qualify can. There's no excuse. Gives a call. This is Michael -- in -- Tom Bauerle. On news radio 930 WB Ian -- off on vacation he will be off on vacation until Monday overturned. No worries. Jog in the -- welcome to ago. John-Michael -- import Tom Bauer. And -- -- -- -- I got out of how I inadvertently maybe -- have -- Quit smoking in my plan. All. And boot camp we -- -- Name. Why -- he looked like pop out -- -- -- September. We did mark. Up. Com about -- -- and outbreak. And a lot of what we are all. Well in the picture here I'm one do you. Everybody's -- like now. Allred -- all so people who words spoken smoked. I you know I saw that they heard about guys started smoking in the. You know the -- I brought my Brothers -- -- and it and it is on the captain has hurt me. And we've brought it up 65 foot girder well. Lamar part mystic Connecticut I look at the. Did you do it outside most the time where you on the inside of the in -- while. He did yeah it Abiola. Where what is what we went out this 65 foot burgers there's a lot that was as an. I mean if -- do it now. -- or don't you you're now what year you do that. I'll tiger at all. The most incredible thing I mean they're just not -- like. Well. Well am I you know I had a I had a lot of fun you know. I bought this Tug trawler called the miracle actually renamed the -- you can actually see. An account of the trip it's being our blog -- on FaceBook if you go to. FaceBook and search of the miracle with those spaces the mayor you'll find it it's a -- trawler on it looks like -- But we had a hundred we got a hundred horsepower. Six cylinder engine and it and it goes nine miles an hour. No faster. -- -- -- if we went down over the falls with a wind behind us we -- nine miles an hour. And that's 65 -- how fast -- -- On -- yet again it's a long trip and it. -- Yeah every week you know John I really appreciate Colin thanks a lot -- memories for the military you know I hate that when I was in that. But I really. Have learned to love it now the amount I guess that's -- But. What -- where he was talking about is very interesting because. You know I'm -- I've met some people in the military who actually started smoking certificate no -- smoke breaks. And they're still smoke if I stay in touch with all of them are. Not meant -- them. And some of those guys are still smoke and today they started smoking because it in the target and outbreaks. And you know I know for a fact that in the military today in the army air force the navy the Marines the Coast Guard in the National Guard here in the reserve. The -- incredible programs to try to help you quit smoking what a difference and culture. And this great American smoke out which is today. Is promoted pretty heavily in the military. It's just you know it's. These guys are toughest are -- to mean when I went -- In 1980 actually signed up enough in -- and a before I graduated from school amber. I'm in them and and when I went and it was absolutely. The low point of the military there vary low point. I mean. I would end because I was a -- eight I was. Political juvenile delinquent getting in trouble all the time most Meehan my friends from big -- were getting in trouble all time. And my father gave me a -- and sent -- in the military. And when I went in it was filled with -- of society I mean. -- I was one of the smarter guys who have had to be a bunch of them. As retirees of the RC team I wasn't paying attention and scores the I'm -- for me -- boring skipped most. Not often you can listen up here stay in school but when I went in the military I I had. I remember my balcony. In basic training. Was via a -- he was apparent in Philadelphia. And had gotten arrested -- in those days that the judges were still. Putting. Guys they thought the prison would help in to the military's so instead of going to prison for being pampered in Philadelphia. He went into prison I'm sorry he went to prison he went in the united states army. And I remember on -- forget our last day. In. And basic training I mean united bonded someone you know I mean. I was. Suburban white he would. From south towns buffalo and he was that African American from from Philadelphia -- actually nothing in common. And we bonded in after our graduation ceremony. I would back to find him but it. -- to say goodbye to him because he was -- and off to a different. -- training I was I was going off to be. -- The United States and in. In the 25 infantry division in why he was going off to -- I think he was going Europe but I want to go find him in the barracks. After. After a graduation ceremony was go I couldn't fight to nowhere close look all around form that I went to my locker to pack the last few things. And I noticed that my locker was opened the lock was open -- I opened up went in there and he would actually stolen my watch the photo of my girlfriend. And -- carton of cigarettes after eight weeks in the military together. Surviving through basic training dragging each other through the runs because we could make it. By a -- meet him from Philadelphia had actually stolen. -- which I went out to the parking lot to find him and he was on a Boston wherever he was my votes -- we believe it is. I looked in the window and it looked at me and I'd just shook my head and he just kind of grand in his bus pulled. That was -- that was my first experience. With with being ripped off like that year running around in the south of Hamburg -- cheaper. Poorer. Your quarry where I was going to school in how a lot of it was a real eye opener for. But I really enjoyed the military the military it's something that turned my -- for a with that kid I was looking like there was any where it. In ours turn that'd go very far in -- coming home after thirty years. But it would it really out of the one thing it did as it may -- smoke more I smoke a lot more. Com am I smoked or heavy stuff the Marlboro reds in the ice booked. For an additional forty years after that I think the military in the Tuesday's real courage it. Nowadays they're trying to get more -- I've wondered if you smoked and you quit. How did you quit. Gives equality -- 30930. Or start 930. On your cellphone mrs. the national smoke. And it's it's a tough one really -- you know I I've I I've run this blog. Some. -- -- or some of the folks up there in politics. It's. Called politics and gotten it. And I've read. Oh everything you can read on the Internet in the morning for my work for my clients and read 3.2 1000000000 pages every morning. I know that sounds impossible but I am a speed reader. And 3.2 billion pages and I post. The only the most important articles in the upper left hand corner of that column called breaking news on politics and -- dot net. And the stories that lit me up today. I think a little a lot of people up. Was this 225 million dollar New York State investment in buffalo it was actually breaking last night. Are you saw some of it in the Buffalo News in the evening and he saw some of it a lot of in the investigative post which is very interesting and -- -- -- -- very interest in. Buffalo based new servers. Guided to a very. And very deeply. Towards department on investment over you know on 850 jobs in 2000 more later of course we have the four announcement which which would have been the biggest announcement of the day and had been for the governor. 350 jobs over at the stamping plant with -- we've got. Steve. From Karen rog if you are on the line. -- you ought to quit spoken to or tablet you have an up or about ten years. Actually happened they went and regular. Wow you know I'll tell you that step -- records even tough on me. I could -- those things. But. One -- came home from work and I let my back here at. That your table and what -- children are beautiful little girl was. Picked up a packet that it looked at it I couldn't -- promote growth ultimately you have America but it. Well now. RCI I -- I had -- -- experience that maybe this year it's if it's. It's an unorthodox way of quitting your personality it's more emotional you start you know that's one of the things that -- means to order. In she's now fourteen months line item -- But it won't hurt. You know. -- -- It doesn't well let Robert -- -- it won't get any Ortiz getting into the teen years where they do smoke. Now that's Smart Steve did the right thing you know and how many years did you smoke before he quit tenure. It's. Your body. Part -- what it would not have a great thing that. Put smoke in heated but in the world that you -- that out. Exactly don't I don't think I don't know how many times I've I've quoted that you know I I mayor reed. -- yoga instructor who teaches. Meditation. -- the healthiest people I've ever met actually better when I was working on campaign in Ukraine Jesus very bright gorgeous woman and she semi hard and other. Mary meet somebody who was smoking gain weight. Eating crap -- -- even a vegetarian. When it matters she was vegetarian. And and she's still she still married Steve even though -- if she needed smoking major a major white hate it -- She did it I'm not married we're now Malia. -- Sea that'll get you right there. It VP pick out somebody who's -- smoke you're gonna end up in the in the divorce court writes the. Public felt like it is still -- pretty. -- good these people congratulations for quick spoken. Thanks for call man over here on news radio 930 WP. And this is Michael Caputo. And for Tom Barley will break just for a second for some traffic. Here -- 42 degrees. -- cloudy looks like yeah. It a little -- tonight this is Michael -- in fort Tom Bauerle news radio 930 WPE and tell you this is an important day for many people. National smoke out day it's it's their beer and don't listen if you haven't quit smoking ya think about a guy and I can preach to you if you enjoy it -- continued I don't care. But. One lead including your Casey from my grand -- case here on the line. Maria thank. I want in me -- Every power or are allowed to smoke. And that nonsmokers. Smokers at work. All -- That smokers. -- -- -- -- book. It's. About time. Oh. -- -- Just. From. From. It does it does and it's you know it's I -- the laughed about the national smoke -- case -- the silly. But you know this is it worked it worked on me I mean. Have you ever. Bit dated somebody who -- Like kissing and mastery they -- right I had no idea but I taste like finished annoyed. Exactly -- it would stick it in an ownership -- You know hurt a -- deployment anyone who quit smoking. It's an extra week off about ice ice well that. There are continually got that. Right just pick up once -- to save our equipment at. Well listen Casey thanks for -- you know. We're kind of be talking with some folks we got a lot of people on line here at 803. 0930. Or start ninth -- and -- -- we're talking about national smoke out they talk a little bit about this big jobs announcement here in buffalo. With the with Cuomo. Allegedly investing almost quarter billion dollars in the new development down on the waterfront. This is Michael -- I'm in fort Tom hourly you'll be will be back in just a minute here on news radio 930 WB -- And. Mom -- and is it is it. It's. That means change is an. -- -- -- -- But it's. Split gone. Yeah I am now. And Michael -- -- in for Tom hour. You -- 930 WP yen that was rat dog what a catch Joseph. Not easy to find that stuff wrapped up -- team that's what you gonna listen to if you go to she eighties on March 4. Bob Weir and -- on Bob -- the the lead singer and and rhythm guitarist of the grateful that I've I've seen them hundreds of times. And rat dog I've actually seen over 100 times. And and in addition I traveled with the -- -- -- -- an incredible incredible show. Jazzy not not Euro -- Grateful Dead. G -- that which are about so much is a little bit of that but very jazz sax player stuff like that. If you -- the ninth collar. My -- at 6449875. In my column we'll get tickets. To the -- performance of Bob we aren't rat dog. On March 4. That's covenants and in fact there at the tickets will go on sale I think tomorrow but you get tickets first. Tonight politics report 9875. Several -- 664 -- 98 -- five. It gets a -- you know we call that and grateful that speak you know we call that that's that's given -- -- The it would be go to great puppet show you'll see a lot of people walk around with their fingers in the air sitting one -- two. And they're walking -- what they're doing is -- -- -- for tickets. And they were asking for the call it they call it a miracle. I'm giving you a miracle ticket here folks actually a couple of them. My -- six for 49875. We're talking right now about a couple of different things we've had some colors on -- on both topics. I'm we've had. Discussion of the new. Jobs program that job for it's really it's a new business venture. Bit the the state is investing 225. -- so they say Governor Cuomo fluent. To have that press conference 225 million dollars. A public sector incentives to beat to attract two companies from California. Who were in the clean tech and green tech industry. Some skepticism out there is even though -- out of the governor has talked and talked about how is gonna put a billion dollars in Butler and we've seen what a couple of blocks a couple of ice cream -- really nothing nothing. Came in here for some press conferences she's I think that billion for buffalo is -- a two year old. Claim two years I've checked that there's some skepticism out there we know we saw the green tech stuff. Go bad on us with -- blow well over a billion dollar investment from the federal government gone. Companies white now. And -- were putting 225 million dollars in two so Laura. A Fremont California. Operation. That does. LED lights of the big east special lights that are not replacing all the different. Outmoded technologies incandescent lights etc. and that actually that that I haven't looked into the news the economics of that. Of that business but it seems to be one that's a little bit better off than Solyndra which was doing. Solar technology and I've unfortunately so Mayo the second company they've attracted here it's actually. Both companies have agreed to a -- 750000. Dollars. That's it's a 150 million dollars. We're talking about the nearly a billion half of their -- themselves so Bailey's in the solar. -- it's doing incandescent lights so -- was doing. Solar technologies have I was actually so there's actually -- Chinese company which now during manufacturing such in the United States. And we've got. Both the moving in their movies the big news the state government has agreed to spent two and 45. Million dollars. To build eighth 275000. Square foot building. Right on the water for a rate where republic steel and we've. And in that building will be these two anchor tenants or and so -- And their motto their modeling this after of the nano technology partner that that the state government got -- in Albany which is actually rather. Successful but the -- were told by the government. The government. I broke the buildings just like -- doing here in the brought him nanotechnology. Companies. Which are actually. They claim that the the thing is really exploding but we got some skepticism there. And not the least of which is Carl Paladino who just put out an email to what 5060000. People. Talking about how this is really you know kind of illusory Carly brought on line here with the thanks for -- and it sure should listen you don't you don't really believe this stuff coming out of the government. He's such a hypocrite I 89 place these silly games. -- people's minds people's lives. He's gonna spend all this money 225. Million dollars to bring 800 jobs for some. Something could -- some California liberal company. Number one. It's silly given the tools you call a local competent help them increase but most importantly. We're paying for gaps. And when you think about. Think about it in the context of what about Remington and see attitude those other arms makers were good no bull -- -- State parties tinier companies almost -- These -- gonna it would where it was located -- because there are there the whole thing is pleased to have grown up work in these companies. And he's scaring them out of this state which is ridiculously that. All right we're gonna lose a couple thousand jobs and losing our arms makers. And Andy's gonna bring in these 42 and so okay which is just another green nonsense. And and my buddy Mike -- published today a whole list of these. Green projects that the Obama administration and others at the best and it over the years all local one under. All right and Andy's gonna bring it and also we can also he can make a political announcement. -- he's doing something for upstate New York. Well you know -- listen you know. Can you stick around just for that we got a an urgent graphic up that we got some traffic -- -- But Obama second I need to talk Cuba this topic -- we'll be right back in just 12 -- okay. -- traffic update there were great back with Carl Paladino. Forty degrees and cloudy we're on the line here with Carl Paladino Carl you were -- You're there right now you're saying that this is kind of the these are real jobs you don't think they're they're they're gonna really appear. Well we've we've seen Kinsler drove we've seen these other -- is okay come out so so government money up okay further half baked ideas. And and the ball in the interest of green which means very little to its economy and trying to. He's trying to -- is -- good job okay so it and so is you know it's in the can continue some semblance of. A decent life. And and an Israeli government -- acting and money in the into the pockets of those who then return it -- them in the form of political contributions. It's nonsense. And at the same old game that's been torturing our our society for so long both on national in the state level. Just think about this and wanna create jobs. There about 232000. Jobs. There were created in Pennsylvania. As a result of fracking is the words right out of my -- 36. I don't know 37 states that have an opportunity to real threat. Okay they do New York doesn't -- Just think about why it's politics why would deprive. Eight to ten million people in your state of an economic opportunity. That is a once in a lifetime. Why would deprive them that. Because it was so important it's important tool. His political future. And the one man. Yeah other people yell and its agreement and don't yell and scream because there -- -- also that you know regulation is there you know how to regulate fracking. Obama supports every box. You'd take it but Obama supports this technology. And and our own. -- that Obama. Right but the reality is that that we just passed up a huge opportunity there are communities in northern Pennsylvania that have been paying off and have. Completely in some cases paid off all their public debt. There are farmers and other property owners -- in royalties the state of Pennsylvania. Is actually lower interest taxes because of. Because of the fracking industry. You know Karl I was I was downed. Why. Are people like you know I was down a Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago. Or two in the the -- -- you when I actually talked about a topic is we actually went down to the oil and gas association member when you run for governor. It and I went down there and I met this old Fella who had a have a farm that had a couple of wells on it he was make an almost thirty grand a month. And you couldn't even smell the gas or see the gas or anything on his land it was absolutely without any you could you -- it. Well you know it's that -- just business as usual new York and and you wonder -- 800000 people of this state the last five years. 800 group producers okay good young kids that we paid -- the parents struggled in the data heavy. Dollar further education. Okay they laughed. OK okay and of course the trauma in attainment and stay. All the drugs and -- -- once -- -- -- athletes and they get on the down the highest Medicaid benefits available in the United States of America. I mean it's as if the joke the way these people as Albany State they play revolution -- fantasy and and it's just it's. It's an ever growing nightmare and I will dedicate the rest of my career in my life to. To trying to expose that -- well I just think it's terrible. Well you know -- we -- net X we are definitely her biggest export is -- -- people. And in Pennsylvania the young people are coming back and the working in the fracking. And they're coming back in droves. Awarding what do you think we have a shortage of walters' final per share -- Because we all want to work now in Pennsylvania and Ohio -- they can't find Praxair is looking for Walters okay. Well this should make it a -- -- You think are silly schools would would start programs located Trent Walters. But none of that they're brought -- make money someplace else. It's just terrible that that that we've looked -- ripped apart the family fabric we get a single -- all these young people. That one often because they had he'd made it they had further their careers. Right you know -- we sought quite. To do today everybody up in arms about all of these jobs that are being promised by the governor and also a legitimately promise by report. And they're there they're doing back flips. For about you know a thousand jobs Carl what what they do for 232002. When we have. A quote Cuomo himself black back flips down tree. About a nickel. Not exactly get tons back I mean that Bradford county Pennsylvania Karl. -- -- A couple of thousand jobs and on industry OK just played bag getting rid of the -- say that's. Not where and it doesn't cost saying that ball. Well there's a lot of people Karl who work are skeptical about this site Russ has been blow -- Thompson's bone in my visibly. And you know it's sure sounds good doesn't. Hopefully next you'll be is Armageddon Pope Leo the people I think that his biggest mistake was was who was. Three of his big mistakes was. We're out of state there fracking and this nonsense of oak lane casinos on -- so that they could. They could so more money out upstate new York and send it down to New York City I think I think that is such as sick. Illusion that they played their game. And old people and the people -- -- county board of 57%. Against. Casinos. OK and and and they. It's too bad old people in Manhattan who don't suffer any -- that down siding get all of the upside -- sure they're gonna they're gonna that there it's going to be windfall for them. -- -- in in state dollars. But poor upstate New York has to suffer again to the whims of a bunch of liberal progressive okay who who hit who suffer this deal that. That. You know they get to appease some way. Well tomorrow. Thank you very much for colon and I was interested to see your email just another little bit ago Carl Paladino. Thanks for -- and this is Michael proto. On -- he's reunited thirty WBA and standing in for Tom -- will be back in just a moment. It's 42 degrees here in the buffalo area in which hours round. This is Michael -- in for Tom -- here on news radio 930 WB Ian Thomas off. All mania on vacation a well deserved vacation. And back on Monday as you'll be glad to have him back I'm sure this has been a real fun time for me I. I was asked to do this and it was my pleasure it's like can you imagine I know a lot of people out there listening annoyed with him. And Derrick can you imagine it's just the listener which is I'm just with -- I got a call and they asked me do this. What a pleasure and I imagine yourself just that -- -- column and hear them calling you. That's what happened -- -- and and it's been a real pleasure whenever he's been really nice. Put Natalia. There's one thing that I couldn't take right now if I were still spoken I'd go nuts here I go nuts because. You'd have to go all -- outside of probably off the block or something to have a cigarette when you're doing this kind of work. There's no way your smoke. And here we are on the national smoke out day. And I'm wondering. If your smoke. I'll talk about cigarettes here I don't wanna have league and speaking calls coming in here and you try these states these vapor geysers. I've actually had a little exposure to those -- Of some friends of mine tried them out they're using them to quit a couple of them have. But they're pretty funky. Machines don't review when you see you don't really know what somebody smoke him. You know I actually let me tell you something our breaks -- to you a little break for you hate to break physically ruin it for a lot of people. But people -- smoke and weed out of those -- Smoke and weed I know they are because that I've been shown the little cartridges that include in a -- usually they have a little bit of nicotine tar and blueberry flavor supplement those same things or who people were filled up with. I think it's at a coming out of California -- its completely legal completely legal and their use of these tapes to the smoke -- -- you know the thing is it looks like you you you're using it for -- beyond cigarettes because it's it's rare and usual walking. You know so you know I think you know listen if you use a debate quit smoking. More power to -- More power to whatever it takes here on national smoke out day. This is Michael Cooper though I'm in for Tom -- will be back in just a minute here on news radio 930 WB Dan.

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