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11-21 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're back. Mrs. Michael -- in -- Tom hourly news for you at 930 WB ENN. -- Well I'll tell you. I would be remiss -- I know all of you people coming and your cars now from the raft building all you local political news. You know. Who -- car. -- turning on your radio you're listening to what you consider the most evil radio show on the planet. The Tom -- should. And here was on the other end of that the radio for -- -- Michael -- you would never have guessed that would you -- building denizens. But you would also not expect me to say what I'm about to say and I'm about to say I know this is terrible and those people are gonna be mad at me. But Bravo Andrew Cuomo today Bravo. I know we're investing in this clean technologies. I know that his proven to be elusive. Can you say. Sold in for a but oh my goodness did this come as a surprise there's this weekend I was making fun on on channel two on two sides I think it was or maybe it was -- Here on from -- show I was making fun. Of the billion for buffalo is calling -- the buck fifty for buffalo never ever nothing ever comes in here nothing ever comes in here. That was just about to talk look at this tournament 45 million governor announced today. Going into the waterfront. Project leverage about a one point five billion in investment from two different California companies investing in solar and clean tech. Really interesting I -- I know Solyndra I know that this is just more government. Corporate welfare. For technologies that may or may not work I'm I'm willing to take a look at it wait and see what it looks like. I want to take a look the two companies' earnings aura and so Obey to very high tech. Nonsensical names are wanna take a look at their balance sheets see if they're like Solyndra leveraged way too far out and desperately need government largesse. But 2.5 million in New York State investment here to build -- -- Permit -- the I'm impressed I know it's clean tech and oh -- -- on -- its corporate welfare but hey it's one quarter of the billion from buffalo. And he was. -- guess at least one quarter good for his word. Tom you're on allowing Tom is are you Europe from sub zero emission right Tom nor I -- how you doing. -- don't always good to see you this weekend at. The bills game over at cherokees parking we were talking last week about you were. About your nonprofit sub zero mission you were collecting. Warm clothing coats. Long Edward. Gloves which are difficult you see a conservative and loses them. For the homeless veterans who live in this region and -- I'm at a stop by to talk to you while you're collecting. And he told me there's actually quite a bit -- quite a few homeless veterans out there yeah. You know our heartland -- and I are down now and then you're you're looking at the building where your dollar by about. Just idle time and you start to see you. -- -- -- -- in the US -- caption now. You know there's a real need out there and we've talked once about that shouldn't you get a great point of more troops are coming back more. These barriers now and come back to a -- situation. Right right you know I noticed the -- Reading some of the literature on this there's actually a higher percentage of homeless veterans higher percentage. Of of bankrupt veterans a higher percentage of veterans suicides the veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Have some issues that they got to deal with and homelessness almighty god in a cold area like this yeah. Yeah I would though the number are attracted to I mean it it's really hard it can go out pinpoint a certain region but up. I acknowledge somewhere between orient point 5% of all homeless are veterans. And you know that's what informal. Well the one thing that I was absolutely -- interest to him when I stop whether you're here your partners with sub zero emission. Maybe try on this were easy coat that you guys you guys actually -- out these super coats to the vets. Yeah we. Actually our organization Ohio area chapter of the root organization that was started down that Cleveland. And stay hooked up with -- -- column program. And what it is is there's a girl and try to starter on -- if that's taking homeless women are certainly in shelter putting in the work -- these cults which material that donated from. Some of the ports our our companies and put our dugout. And they built these. A superpower -- the turn in the sleeping bag and -- Well lately outside with top tight back that stuff people on the outside of a building I thought that was interest. Yeah yeah you know water true story you know figured it was her first. The first generation let's say a building that's. Super part of a survival code on the and they continue to reflective strips and I -- I know off. By yardage book you know buy more troops are myself and not an indictment. But. Well I tried on and then they try to -- immediately down in the attic is at the bottom of it zips out. And and it turns into the state party your via a -- got a picture on the it's bright white and and their change in the color because that actually blends in with the snow and snowplows and that's the problem but -- right. Only in this -- There are out there are sort Kirk but will work well -- one. -- whether we yeah it's in our own barn and saw a lot. Reflective strips and I think will be thrown at them but I think so it's mating thing. How do you find I -- sub zero emission by the reason nonprofit. The address if your interest and helping them is. PO box 51 and orchard park New York 14127. Bade -- donated warm clothes will go to homeless veterans. And what's interesting about sub zero emission is that there overhead their administrative fees the percent. Of their money that of the money that's donated that goes to. Our administrative costs of these is darn near zero everything goes with veterans and tell me I meet the one thing. You actually Cora was around looking for the homeless to try to help them you guys actually go out in the night the future. That's right yeah there's there's quite a number out there and or. Here that put him on the street that won't vote shelters. We try to help those people out most probably we drive around will look around won't. -- out. We're warming are -- Try to talk them into a shelter we can. -- we Google crop production we have currently there are there in Grand -- military contract they would need to act. Enter your current or. In this area and all men. Never let anybody else. Well listen such great work -- Tom you do great work in and I've I've I've really I think of giving money to. Of veterans. A project which right there that's where my the donations ago. I try to look at local efforts because it's really locally where they helped Providence could be and again. The -- the address for sub zero emission is PO box 51 orchard park New York 14127. Top thank you for coming on you know your. What you're doing is really important and I don't you guys love it I can tell by looking at you -- it. Yeah well you know I'd like to learn a little bit -- -- you know we can't get everyone off the streets and in 2000 in the job but we can make sure they're not. They'll treat -- overnight. Right you're doing good work Tom thank you heard from my partner and again that's sub zero mission. -- buffalo. Organization. That is based actually the buffalo branch of organization based in Cleveland Ohio of that that collects and donates warm clothing in warm coats and such. Two homeless veterans which is I mean just even thought of that there's an awful and they put some time and effort. And risked their lives protect our nation now there homeless in this region it's too cold that and Tom. And his group's observations such good work. I really. At -- Supportive of that I have Elvis in the -- talk about the great American smoke out we've got just a few minutes left. And we've got -- yard line. I did I do it might prevail here and for Tom Barrett newsreader at 930 WB and. My wife died or your dribble all white. And you think that -- -- anybody had been pulled in 58 year. And I I don't remember court. It's tough it's tough how old are now. Lot -- it hasn't Jodi yet but. You know the older you get the worse off you are mean dvds to when you finish when you finish smoke a cigarette do you visit. When I was young activists cigarette didn't bother me at all because I got older sort of make me feel terrible. And now. And so this -- great American smoke out things for you is not interest. Yeah well. You know it's it's government propaganda right I guess I mean or. What you go to bars and restaurants and it's frustrating for you. -- Well listen I've received a call it and you know it's it's not exactly a day of celebration for smokers like you know -- -- it. All bought all morning until he got a lawyer you know your. Well listen you you're guessing that -- Pay attention in my white. And she's got worn. Out but it doesn't Bowden about. Well it's it's a drug you know and it's an addiction and -- it's been acceptable for many many years. I guess I got out -- And -- out that I got sent from all bad though smokers quit line. And I didn't open it for two months. Well you know if you're gonna hope if you're gonna open it today's date open don't you think -- -- just stood participate. A little bit. -- -- -- -- Why can't. -- Just not possible. Well you know Alitalia. It's it's not easy and in that we've talked to somebody who quit which antics would talk to somebody who quit with. With the patches and and do we talk to examine who's been to -- record opera month an athlete thinks he's done that absolutely accurate tried to quit. -- -- -- -- -- The more likely put forward. Fourteen months. And promote that record. Well. Listen you know you get kids grandkids. You know. While I I was I I I am not one to sit here Tony when you do with the wife you can do whatever you want to if you wanna smoke enjoy it. You -- you know but it I understand that I have friends of -- who do enjoy it way too much weight too much. To ever give up. And I right. Now you don't able -- young you're young you still have time. That. Will make you very much for calling in thank you race. And I you've got Michael -- here for Tom -- On news reviewed 930 WEB and and we have to Mary Alice on the line from from WG -- OK let's go to traffic first and we'll come back and talk to -- house channel -- this is Michael brutal if the news -- 930 WB yen in for Tom hourly. And we'll be right back. WDE yeah traffic and weather together. And here we are 43 degrees in -- cloudy skies. And we're joined on the telephone by Mary -- -- -- mail us from WG RC. Oh very good thank you. Did I get you over at the Adam's mark this morning for the governor's big announcement. Yes I was I was out back I was shoveling up after the police ponies. Because that's what I'm relegated to with the government conservatives are at work they do hey listen you know somebody's. What's going on over -- have a W Jersey today. Well I was there this morning as well for the governor's big announcement the outburst about to break down enough simple that this. 225. Million dollar high tech manufacturing complex. That's going to be built. More specifically. The business model that they -- using I had a chance at the governor exactly what it is -- -- little work here. And then our park that investigative post. Really broke down the companies that are planning to come here they did some digging to find out more about those two anchor tenants those -- high tech company. Also the other big economic news -- announcement that the Ford plant is expanding adding hundreds of jobs great great news that your -- has that story. Also. Some concerning news from the FBI agent in charge here in buffalo -- -- looming budget cuts really had him worried. About protecting our area will tell you more about what he means -- -- was. Also buffalo police officer was arrested yesterday and it rained today. I will tell you what he was up to and then some really cool video today of planes first about like jetBlue flight that was going from Florida to Boston. The emergency issue opened. In light. In the cabinet. Like eight incredible that you've got to be an alt delete huge plane that landed in -- -- rather large. And there are rather small airport accidentally. And kind of a funny conversation between the pilots in the control how -- about how they are gonna get him out of there anyway. But we'll have all of it coming up by channel two in first at 5536. Well thank you Mary Alice thank you very much on its some need to tune into there's a lot of news today. It's it's a real newsmaker and I think a lot of good questions that I think buffalo audience -- he's starting to answer about this deal which found Puget Sound great and we're gonna help you understand what it's all about. Well you know you can't help -- get the ball a bit skeptical but at the same time however you know this is this is something as. I mean it's impressive -- standing there and you know for about an hour hearing in the whole deal and and the work that's gone into -- -- spent a couple of years in planning. I think folks have reason to be excited so. Will we'll do our job to cover all the bases Mike. Well thanks for checking in with -- probably. Well I'll tell you -- I got to I've been very critical of Andrew Cuomo obviously. Is this person who managed. Carl Paladino campaign against him in 2010. I'd been about his critical of Andrew Cuomo as anybody has -- -- -- people up much more critical -- me. Guys like Karl Thompson you know I've tried to give the governor the benefit of the doubt here and there and have been rewarded with a backhanded slap. Every single time but the announcement today this is very very interesting and after this break -- to talk to county executive mark Poland cars. About what was announced today this is Michael Prudhoe. In fort Tom hourly on news radio 930 WB ENN. Michael we -- here. Undefeated 930 that you beat -- I'm in for. Tom hourly. What a big dated actually -- will be Tuesday a big Tuesday we heard from them it's going to be on channel two news. But I'll tell you the big news coming out of Cuomo. Governor Cuomo our esteemed Governor Cuomo announced. Pretty impressive deal today and I'm on the line. With the county executive mark point cars that mr. county executive thanks for calling them. A listen. Tell us a little bit about this you know it's it's really up I want thing they kept the secret. Yet -- -- kept secret sometimes it people sometimes order I was possible but I think everyone understood that this was going to be such a big. Type of impact on the and the community editor kept secret so we didn't lose -- in -- -- it is local watershed days in the history of Erie county. But today we we've heard from the governor that New York State will be investing 225. Million to be to build. He world class screen technology park at the riverbank site which is the location of the former republic steel. And -- private sector companies are off in Cecil label. One from Californians all right so label which is actually based originally had a trying up. Will be committing up to one point five billion dollars combined. Bringing with them initially 850. High paying jobs. And potentially in the long run thousands more as a create what in some blazes. Following in in in certain recapturing what New York State it would nano technology in Albany and now they're doing it with. Green technology here in buffalo. Basically we created a whole new sector of our economy. And then later that in the day I joined the governor after being with haven't -- mark to announce that riverbend project. Spirit -- Talking about how the estate investing seven billion dollars in Portugal invest 150 million dollars. To expand operations that the would -- stamping plant adding another 350 jobs done to this. 680 they already have won the last time you heard. These types of announcements in which more than a thousand new jobs will be coming to our community. With private sector companies investing truly over a billion dollars this really is eighty tremendous day in and what I'm happy to played a role it. One of the reasons I left the year because the remote no announcements like this not. Well you're having now we all lived through that -- it -- an -- -- -- -- and went to law school and I remember when I came back. At the end of the ninety's a lot of my friends were like what the heck -- you do and everybody's leaving town. And I said well we have great volunteer a look at -- we have here that's where a lot of grow up sort of raise a family. Practiced law. In overtime of course get in the public sector but. It took decade upon decade to get to this point. It is something it's a continuation of what's been happening for the last four months I believe the unemployment rate in Erie county has the lower than the state and national averages. And I notice that I noticed. Good thing that most people don't believe it but that shows that even before announcements today we've been having these great economic news. And it's continuing with what can only be described as. The hitting a Grand Slam to win the World Series game -- if he had done it -- -- we're kicking the field goal in the super ball all won both one time. We were talking about a thousand job to meet actually you know week people in buffalo know that when they here Ford make -- jobs announcement they can believe it. They can really believe in and that's 300 jobs that's in the bank for us now. Good paying -- -- not talking about minimal wage were talking about good paying jobs where people with the benefit package are probably senior equivalents of sixty to 70000 dollars a year at least. Was there any government participation and that expansion of all in the port side. Are -- yet that this. The state unions public accounting -- investing upwards of over seven million dollars. Toward not only tax -- but power allocation. An additional assistance to assure that board and the resources at its disposal I think it's a great investments seven million dollars. For 150 million dollars or same thing can be said with regard to the riverbend project. With the green and and protect our 225 million dollars a lot of money that the state can all of this facility they're building and owning it. But then the companies are investing one point five billion dollars. Up that -- the last minute or two companies investing one point five billion dollars. That I think from the area. The other -- that they're not from this country in one respect but let me ask you this -- mean there aren't that listeners out there were skeptical because they heard about. The failed investments in clean and green tech in the past what what did you find in this proposal that makes you confident that it's. Well I think what we're talking about technology that not only is cutting edge what is being used and not necessarily failed. Anybody is out there criticizing it today I think urges that sort of his. That would as a battering -- -- and naysayers. Negativism. The nattering deep -- of negativism. That's -- about it and -- spirit in his statement. This is truly a watershed day now anybody criticizes. Because we have a history of is announcing project and not telling them I understand that as I. I've said all along there's no one silver bullet that's gonna save -- county in Western New York in this is not an insult to the over all we have many sectors to our economy. Which were actually investing all in some ways we're creating new sector of the economy. With with companies that -- are not based here in Erie county in New York but are succeeding elsewhere in the world. How much is -- Power availability of the things used to. -- attract companies to -- here how much of that plays a factor in their company X or and so Mayo. It actually plays a huge factor because they know we have. What can only be described as an unlimited source of low power because of all hydroelectric. It's not like coal power or even -- -- in particular where there's a certain cost structure associated with -- that is hydropower the last time I checked. The Great Lakes are still all in Niagara Falls is not not not ending any of -- Raining -- water so to speak it is a tremendous asset is it over the same things that made. The -- site. Popular in the past when it was republic steel also make it popular today low cost power. Transportation -- availability to ship your goods are anywhere in the world by either rail. -- water my truck. And those advantages that we volleys. And we saw what we brought welded to be in the town of about what steel site they took advantage of this site just like double steal it because it. The ability -- the availability to bring in the good that they needed natural resources the raw materials. Easily and ensure the body here came in with a sore right in. So label what I expect a day earlier. About how. Is the son of a -- I'm really pleased to see the turning around and -- use the Smart growth so to speak of what what did. Previously very dirty game type of industry now we're having high tech green clean industry and I really can't wait until the day. When the first product comes up -- lying in in really about two years. In which it shipped out of this area and it those boxes that -- that he made a problem in all across the world. Well that that now Soros does what. -- As far ahead instill this label are very similar not exactly similar that they. They take advantage of LED technology only for lighting. And the new LED -- -- subways are all the rage because either they're lower lower cost and much more Latin. Much more efficient and last longer. The individual who who's behind -- in. Individual who in some weight came up with the technology further the blue laser light when everybody uses an HD and all the high tech -- now. So this is not a technology that is gonna disappear after years through this is truly that the technology of the future. Let's actually replacement technology that's replacing everything. Yeah I think is -- mean look at the old incandescent light all the fluorescent bulbs so those are all being replaced by -- he's not only just lightning in house. And -- in a business but these are being used in high tech machines of tomorrow. In laser production in the lightning that the thing that I think really. Surprise most people in the room today is that what -- announcement. Other well known company with a long history with a track record. Such as let's say a Newport -- -- it was -- announcement of a two companies that truly could go anywhere in the world that are succeeding in growing exponentially we're investing. Each about 750 million dollars. And the -- the buffalo technology we really haven't seen before. It has sent a lot about our community our workforce that they're willing to invest here. Our ability to ship the goods how quickly and of course the low cost power we got here. I can't -- -- governor not I don't governor -- side of the station for other things but he has really. Put his money where his mouth is by investing in the future this community repeatedly. And we see it with regards to the economic development that's going on in her community and which will go on the future. Well listen -- said county executive mark Poland cars very excited today about the announcement of the 850 plus new jobs in the area. Mr. -- executive thank you very much for joining us here on WB. Oh thank you very much I. I believe. This I want to -- -- I believe. In Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny the Tooth Fairy as well I've been disappointed in the past but I -- believe this I wanna believe. And you know the county executive said that he understands the skepticism and it barely we have to be proven to be we have to be shown. I know critics of the governor going to be skeptical because of the past the problems with investing in green and clean technology. But we'll talk about that or after this break this is Michael -- in fort Tom -- On news radio 930. W. And we're back. This is Michael Caputo in fort Tom hourly -- reunited thirty WB and our number here is 8030930. Star. 930 on yourself and that's free. And you kept her down tree. Tell you with right now it's 43 degrees and cloudy in buffalo. The temperatures dropping. Like Barack Obama's approval rating fortunately for buffalo. We have a higher temperature than Barack Obama has. And approval rating but I think we're going to drop below 37. Which is. Probably via within a couple of hours. This is cold cold weather for a guy like me and I actually went when -- -- called him. Asked me to come in and stand in for sandy beach and then Tom Bauerle I had long planned trip actually yeah. I've for many years I lived on Tug boat down in the South Florida. That's the same -- I'm when -- moved home I moved home on the Tug -- my wife and I brought it all the way to the East Coast at nine miles an hour. And we brought across the Erie Canal with -- pal and you might remember being Carl and -- -- some others. Carl didn't like the program much loved my body doesn't like both in general. But we didn't use that much so we turn it around I was supposed to be driving that vote down the East Coast. Instead of being on the radio in 43 degree temperatures. And instead of taking the boat down the coast I hired a captain who actually it was going to be with annually and a first mate. I was gonna be the first mate because I don't know enough. Should be the most reliable person especially when you're out miles offshore. And I would be right now in some pretty warm weather and to replace guy hired one of mighty Grateful Dead head antibodies called -- -- Rabbi hasn't been the most reliable of sea salts and fortunately they've been doing this for two weeks and it's nice and warm down in Florida I understand I figured I better check in with captain well the captain of the mirror ball might tugboat which is now -- -- well. Are you on the line. Michael. -- -- and now. -- we have an aventura Florida very close to it and that that area larger lack. From Washington DC. A couple of weeks ago when I first came in for Tom -- you took off and you were now. Just. It's been since I write within the -- tours there before and -- on both what you're just a few miles away from when you're -- it. Absolutely we expect immediate. Our. Q how how what's temperature. Eight degrees and raining. And so what's what's going on it is it is all the worked on -- get all the sanding down on the on wood and everything. Well I mean that we were able to get candidates on yesterday about the -- that. The railing and well wait wait wait wait wait wait wait what what was wrong with the real. I I forgot that we have a little bit better but there are lots. What you think the better. In match up in chalked up. Out just perfect perfect you know I didn't need your help to break but what I can do that release easily on my own. Well yeah but it went recap and we have a saying it's -- six by the end of the circuit never happened. The house OK RA. But -- -- rabbi doing. -- -- But right now I mean. But it. He'd worked the actually in the NLC. Or try to get if you work for yet. It. Tell fighters warned in its reform you know whatever not just the salary what did you. You bet -- bottom army deputy. Army that. A mermaid tattoo on a dirty -- like forever oh my god well listen I'm flied out this weekend to check it out I'm sorry I missed the trip down. Captain will ex leper for column and I really appreciate it that's captain dwell on the good ship Mary Bell. -- buffalo now safely in Miami Florida without me unfortunately this is Michael Wood in for Tom -- -- news -- 930 WB. It's forty degrees. In buffalo. And cold and cloudy. Well listen I've really missed out on that trip wouldn't agree I mean my -- -- on the way to put a great trip and taking your vote on the whole entire East Coast. But I had fun here that's had some real fun. In WPM today were actually talking about. The great American smoke out I have Jerry on the line you were column thanks a whole not here. I was actually would be your portrait that is also in Vietnam in 6768. And -- open -- back to school so there wasn't a lot of -- Are you didn't get to serve in Hawaii and all you were in the mirror and it. And the -- the whole time. Don't serve for the well the big debate invitation. But what I was twelve hours I've never smoked cigarettes smoked other things but -- our own connection used to have cigarettes and. All right right exactly that was still go nonviolence -- From 83 then they stop the Bieber get what they're they came and three packs writer four point. And advice to you know get into the guys that could well. I never did but that was kind of weird that the government would -- he smokes. Always more than badger ever ever in basic training our our draw would say it's ultimately got which would mean we take a break. And the guys who got to take a break with a ones were spoken in the guys who didn't -- easily bounce up melted due form like push ups. You know I mean they didn't just. Give you cigarettes bait bait they gave me incentive to smoke. Or they don't do that that and and the arbiter do everything they can't get equipped now. That doesn't make any shut for anyway as -- say you know tropical lightning. What a bunch of people like -- looked like sort of the VA. Or the VA. 77. There you know local other people want to let -- -- No I don't you know but by all the involvement in -- the. Veterans service organizations I'm a member of the east were opposed. Of the foreign legion post I I enjoy that quite a bit actually. Right critic of the New York State. You know veterans association might picture -- we all want satellite expected photography there also you know and in. Well listen you know -- it's always nice to talk to a better than tropical lightning immediately called our division tropical lightning you know they split it -- now. And does some of them were actually in Alaska. This problem broke all the electrical. Strawberry right and it and then not coach he always there was National Guard -- -- old. Whole separate issue this thing that organizations that are. Nineteen. 41. Yes. Yes. On 88 Gerri thanks for your service thanks proponents always great to hear from a fellow veteran of the tropical lightning 25 infantry division. Listen this is Michael Caputo I am in -- top -- And I'm here under review by the WB and give us a call eight threes -- -- your starting thirty will be right back.

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