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11-21 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Radio 930 WBE and we interrupt this program to bring you a special message from the new. President of the world greetings unwashed masses I am now in total and absolute control as -- Rudolph I demand complete servitude and exactly three cookies before America. They have something to say to me pretty damn sore I'm gonna have something to say and -- I am very basic let's get one thing straight this is my show and it's a serious intellectual our discussion and wanna keep it that way -- I don't see what the problem is Thomas a wonderful man each local. How you're the best match at a -- undoubtedly. He's obviously some sort of Superman I just need to know if he has any shortcomings it'll make me feel better news radio 930 WBT and that's -- -- voice two voice. The fact. This might go in for Tom hourly here on news review. 930 WB yen. -- offer vacation if you haven't heard that already have been listening he's been away for a couple of dates back on Monday. And it's been nice it is that it's an -- real. I'm Michael Caputo. And I'll tell you what this is an important date today. A David. And I'll remember for a long time this is -- -- some years ago when I quit smoking and great American smoke out today. And I had smoked for thirty years thirty years I tried everything to quit. Every single thing possible infect many of those years is living overseas living in. Hole I lived in Central America lived in Asia lived in a former Soviet Union in the replace him and that was people smoke they smoke all the time there is smoking in restaurants they're smoking in elevators and -- have been. If you've ever been on a Russian elevator it'd small. To not only do you smell like smoke when you get off that actually have ash is on your shoulder from the talk behind you. I've been in countries were smoking is not only acceptable it is preferable. And I tried to quit during those years when he -- It was nearly impossible. Nearly I've tried everything I tried hit into the hypnosis excuse me -- being hypnotized I can really say that word. I tried. The pats -- tried pills I tried everything. I tried can be tried at all. And nothing worked nothing and worked nothing at all. Thirty years I would quit and within a couple of days I'd smoke again. And I kept you and I I actually did up until. Uh oh gosh in 2010 I was still trying to quit. On nearly impossible when your -- when your campaign nearly impossible especially when you're riding around. In a truck in area. And suburban. With Carl Paladino and Rus Thompson Russ whose cigarettes have cigarettes. Ross's. Happy smoker he enjoys it and and visit are often in. As someone who is still trying to equip our eyes right during the time we heard on the governor campaign with -- and rest. IE I spoke OPs. You know those that -- and OP. Other people's. I've bombed from -- constantly. He lighted cigarette and he would just he knew that the on the other end of the sound of his -- it was me -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And a funny thing is Karl sat in the back to that suburban. And he had used it's successfully quit smoking some years before he was a big smoker I'd. -- didn't know -- apparently spoke this much is rusted. And he'd sit back -- -- -- started in -- rest but at this for cigarette when our first trip going on the first. Eastward bit. And and. Trekked across the ninety. Russell to the cigarette and I said -- -- argument if I have one aggressive you don't care it's not just the rest -- that -- didn't care he liked. The idea of people smoking around him he enjoys it it's secondhand smoke because that's the only way he gets the smoke anymore. So when I'm you know I -- argument by letter please please do and he met. So we smoked and smoked us what we would rolled down the windows of that to suburban we got to a destination it was billowing out of there like teaching -- It was a pointed -- tell you could not quit in that kind of environment but soon after the but the campaign was over I smoke for a little while longer. And I'll tell you how it howry quit and but I probably you know it's it's a secret it's one that not many people. I you know I watched as. Smoking sections came in to Western New York restaurants and bars and they got smaller and smaller and smaller and then. They passed the -- -- nearly killed all the bars saying that nobody could smoke inside. And you know some some bars lost you know lost their business and there was an awful downside but now people -- smoke and huddled outside like refugees. You know up against the cold especially here in buffalo where if you wanna smoke in. At 2 o'clock in the morning it a bar on Allen street. In February you're gonna pay for. I cuddle up like refugees and spoken mean only thing missing is one of those big metal barrels. With with -- is on fire outside every bars have been -- would look authentic. But I watched is the smoking areas got smaller and smaller and then disappeared. And all that time I've spoken in my -- smoked I think for awhile there two packs of cigarettes today. Marlboro reds. -- Are sicker -- started news. Sixteen years old at orchard park high school back in the day when they let -- smoke outside you remember that. You have the smoking area of the smoking section the place right outside your high school were kids could stand in smoke with their parents' permission. I've basically hung out at the smoking section -- -- smoking they called the smoking while thinker. The smoking areas in two -- reverend smoke. That's over and learned. With or picked up that bar and -- Not a good -- But it increased an increase I kept smoked and smoked all the time and -- as soon as they stop allowing. Soon after they stopped allowing smokers and in public places like bars restaurants. I moved to the former Soviet and moved to Moscow in 1993. And I went from. Being a refugees smoker someone who is vilified by everyone around -- when -- lit up a cigarette outside I would get a cold -- From someone walking Bartley who you're one of those people than -- -- to Russia moved in and everybody's smoking I say everybody. Everybody's smoking children infants babies are smoking. Babies are born with cigarettes. They are and in Russia it's an absolute fact born with cigarettes. It's in the -- of the smoke all the time every meeting I go to a meeting at 7 o'clock in the morning somebody be smoke. Absolutely it's part of right now I guess there it's no in fact you know Philip Morris from the rest of the cigarette companies. Are they are investing more in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and they are in the United States anymore because people -- they are actually like smoking. And I've ever of one thing that was for a I had a friend of mine who owned. Restaurant nightclub in Moscow in early days when. Restaurants and nightclubs were rare in in the city. And he had a smoking section a rope and I'm sorry had a nonsmoking section roped off in his restaurant. It was one -- by the door with a velvet rope round. Andy Andy said in Russian on the -- it's -- amid a con scheme smoking section and no smoking section. They didn't not only do they like smoking in Russia they preferred years ago. I'm wondering if any of you smoked and quit how did you quit you know I quit I'll tell you Howard to. But not right now. Give that secret later it's been some times have had a cigarette effect. I am from Warner had you know it's been -- guess a couple of years. Have you had a hit office of the cigarette and Rus Thompson now -- it would hold on to his cigarettes instead of giving them to meal. Mystery found that a financial boom. -- are Rickie Lee hopes I just missed. Twelve. You know we -- at 8030930. Start 930. On your cellphone. Gives Karl if you quit smoking it's one of the most difficult things to do. I've never actually. Experienced anything as if it's it's horrible habit. You don't really know how much it smells and please stop. You don't really know how bad Amaechi -- please stop and stop for one -- In oh it's certainly helps when your married to someone who doesn't want to smoke. But at same time. It's just it's just I think of people you know the the United States has gone way too far. We not only are smokers not allowed to do -- almost anywhere. That their vilified. There they're absolutely ruled out immunity sometimes I think I'm if I've seen applications. For jobs were -- asked if the if you smoke and you know obviously they're looking for people who -- Obviously smoking has become -- up in the mix here health care costs. Vary I don't know if they very anymore under Obama care. Obamacare might not care if you smoke because everybody's in this together. But. The great Americans -- today. Dick in Rochester are you doing. What I want want want. Parliament member parliament and what is it. There delicious. The -- Belcher. As well I'll let it -- it quit smoking so. Who. Smoke to parliament in the heat of the man. -- That sort of after that at all. You know you probably shouldn't said this on the air you might be able to patent this thing. You know he smoked a parliament. And ate a banana what's it like to particularly rotten banana agreement. I had not quite air that was gonna happen it was like in -- at its debt that's -- at least so badly. Submarines and Mike Brey said just what -- thought that was that. Well you know when I was a kid I had a friend of mine who you are racists -- sneak cigarettes with behind the school and and and his parents' car and smoke and and they made him smoke an entire pack and he got sick in I'd be surprised -- ever tried again he was his dream for days green. Are. But of banana means not only does this make you quit. It has all kinds of vitamins and minerals it really you could make him amid talk that you know Dick do you have a patent attorneys should get. You say you gave up -- what you could still be smoking and not eating bananas. That. That's the lead but that's unique everybody out there are -- great American smoke out stocked up on your bananas and parliament's. That's a sure fire way to win. Rock and nick heard Dick thank you very much for all night governor member them. -- thanks you know. I'll tell you we're about to go into a break here but the one that actually. We have someone here on line from Kim and north on Wanda. -- -- -- -- Our -- am I doing. Welcome to the -- borrowed -- We're not I was an active duty in the army I was told I was I was with the 82 airborne at Fort Bragg the -- it. Could not quit smoking and they couldn't do betrayed the daily training regiment. And you do that you could quit smoking or you just have to get out here because like when you think -- -- that you know if you were an army Communist -- that they can you would get PT. Outlook -- -- with what you're Christmas. -- was an active duty from 9 November. 1972. To a 24 October 19 at nine. Well let me tell you something you're PT test must've been different. Because we army by the time I got out hours on the 25 infantry. And I was -- Beetle Bailey you know I was no war has been the ability I was beetle bail I was always looking for ways ski right. And I you know by the time I decided to get out. -- I was over in our short I didn't care I want to now break and they maybe take one more PT test before it left Jim and I. I've made a -- with my buddies that I could smoke a cigarette the entire time. I smoked a cigarette during the pushups and smoked cigarette during the sit ups I smoked a cigarette during the run. And I actually made it. Now you might have higher standards when I was in when I was -- they were taken anybody in the military and. -- what I would then of course keep in mind now the airborne you have to get double volunteer you can just the list wants you have to win list. And that after you get in the army if the volunteer for aboard. A major about me I'd I'd I didn't get that chance because. I was born on four Brad. Yeah outlawed in you can you don't have any interest in going airport when you get and select the really like units and that. How much I'm not trying to break -- that was some kind agree Europa like I which has been -- haven't won. We were in the 82. -- and you actually serve you conservative chancellor UBU served in the. Well when I got out I would tell you why I was in the back into the Bible bit. Infantry battalion or brigade out art and street and my belt is directly across the street from mom. The third brigade headquarters which was the -- and brigade and. I know exactly where it is and who exactly it means I guess I was born there I was born with jump routes armed they were honorary. I mean the one thing that I'd I'd. Listen I know you were not senior big. Bed. I mean I know that but I'll tell you the guys in the 82 one respect you know but they work hard and there that. I don't wanna see it on the radio but the there the baddest guys. Out there is no question -- They're certain number are at it right right. To volunteer to do not like it's got to be. Normal people don't want -- ended the. Well maybe they -- PT test that Jim because I made it through and I didn't do well and afterward I was green. But I I've made a 150 bucks -- they took -- around -- tonight made let me tell you something the drill was not happy. Mike -- -- are pretty cute story there was a plate and calm yet can you wrote called. 88 states and oldies and I was eighteen years old that's right -- learn to drink -- beer. And I had been out the night before with my body hokey and drink it way too much beer. Like I thought a lot of what the next morning my platoon sergeant with the black man. We're airborne ranger special forces recount go. F binder with every caddick -- the case in demolitions qualified. Recount be -- -- and -- That aren't hurting you'll part -- the action -- are back and sergeant was that a Jewish guy. Who had been a commando in the Israeli army. Yeah and that from the -- until Friday afternoon for the weekend you're going to do remedial PT with the with the action sergeant. This record that he was a sergeant in the -- really hurt trooper commandos. Like I never thought of another right I thought I'll -- gonna kill me. Get -- it tells more army stories bit. More war itself Jim thanks for call -- thank you very much you know Jim's advice if you wanna quit smoking and join the army. I think if you wanna quit anything we're joined the army -- gotten nothing but the army once your hand. -- -- way I put a lot of things I join an -- Senior vice. Michael Capuano. In the -- Tom hourly news radio 930. WB Dan. We're back. This is Michael who knew him for Tom -- On news -- 930 boom and on the great American smoke out day. Yeah. Did I tell you -- that Longo I needed it but I do hungry Americans mocha today and Michelle and all of them are US smoker. And I -- Nothing worse right not the words. And -- thought about it anybody else but. Definitely I didn't wanna quit when I did it. I used she adds that. -- She antics yet seen that have I told him I didn't trying to. And in turn. -- used an earlier version of the past or something it was almost like. There was yeah I put -- patch on I just felt like there was absolutely -- out of my head. At. Often -- It really worked army they can glean any craving. I the only tactic that for me it was I that we are neck injury you -- which I didn't cry. McCormick anyways so. Brightly. -- -- You learn something new about. It. -- it -- help I ethnic but it spent seven years and no -- Yes seventy. You don't don't we should get. Badges for points. -- I -- -- and operate -- actually try again as I think -- Really enjoyed smoking policy you still want. Yeah. I've. Been -- really doesn't -- out it kind of I am one of those kind of people they see people open it. I don't like the Mallory either by. You smoke -- like -- they can argument of those cigarettes without any smell to them. I did -- -- receiver tried that bleeping stuff. Calcavecchia I would even be afraid. Yeah. Because their ethnic -- It does you can do without nicotine just like you can smoke anything that. It's it's it's really taken off there's a lot of of -- stores around we actually in my little tiny idyllic. Tom Sawyer villages east roar we have a big store opening up. -- because smokers they -- too. You know and I got to -- -- David Bellamy. Was. Argues debate to quit smoking and he -- a regular you know he's not much decided week we were. We were -- core enablers he'd he'd be winning and I would be quitting and he'd say you got he spoke sensing no I don't -- -- it's your time you know your turn to break now you know it's like I'm. And he was just awful we're totally. Simpatico and -- neighbors. And argue we were on the campaign trail right so so we're smoker might themes. You know both of us trying to hide it from people it's a ridiculous. You know. It. Break here I think it I think all of the equipment because of me being I don't know fitted in Syria a lot of other. Things like for example will power and anybody can walk into. Hornet's nest and al-Qaeda and and walk out -- I've got some will power. So well. But you know I know I know for friends of mine who were -- a lot of people a lot of people are. I don't look up -- idea I've tried about Bolivia had a -- 112 but I -- I -- health mean can you imagine. Medal of honor nominee walking around looking blueberries. -- -- what kind of -- you've -- -- but he he was. He is he was smoke and I tried it. Blueberry by favorite fruit by. Arm but I think I enjoy eating better than I do smoke. In a bit and I think you know I think it's worked for some people. You know you can't. I found out. From a friend of mine who found a part what you can't use one of those things at Ralph Wilson Stadium. But. They are they are I don't know why I don't know what what's offensive -- About water vapor. Com in -- sat -- of people Ralph Wilson Stadium they should have their breath and you know. You know we'll listen Michelle thank you very much for Conan enjoyed talking to. Wrap it -- Job. John Paul tigers missed John John and blames bill. Yeah let -- have my son got those great things and -- do is spend on the money in batteries and clearly knows the results are but. Police -- smaller spoke around saying at least since my my one on the -- federal. You have an ant trail -- the overflowing and be like a big plate. Now it's much like more pleasurable out there. Well you remember when we were allowed to smoke in your office. -- I mean I remember I work for. In 1986 I worked for Jack -- you know that a jock -- jock quarterback never smokers -- -- but don't -- -- -- most people -- -- world. I worked in an interior offices in his campaign it with no windows. And I had I was in charge of the writers group and a whole bunch of writers who are all mostly smoked as well and we would sit there and smoke in a windowless office. Completely windowless office. And camp refused to go to that part of the office. Refuse to be said he would -- come talk to us or speak with about a speech the rewriting of America because he couldn't stand the smell. -- and another battle back and a six guys smoking in a room and room with no windows and doors can you imagine what that smelled like. Now it's our eggs in -- -- I'm not that I do all -- Don't want smoke that's fine with me. The thing is people get mad at Ali air I'll look at all the buyers that we can't smoke and rest are well. The thing is you're hurting those people who don't smoke. For better even worse. People who work or earned -- -- workers app workers' compensation. Issues on the -- I mean it's not at Alec they you know person. -- -- The workers. On this -- that might what. Niger and end users on quitting now as he make it. We had an outspoken -- of well first some money and then Norton clean vote machine that they yeah. -- not exceed its all the process it wasn't really it was about holding something in your hand and flipped that around and have a wider market that's what. You know that's -- -- about eight listen John thanks for -- in and we actually have John on the line who quit from deepening that's. It's it's I mean that's the whole point right. -- right cold Turkey. -- I try and some. Time now on. All of snicker. And I. Don't you. -- -- -- Well. Look -- all and all the way it. Only at all. Year to all. Be you quit -- UConn -- -- query. Law starts. Altering. At all. Almost. So a month and every still beeping. -- Severe bait your use of my -- it's not that. Up and you got -- brought back -- -- broad shoulders that's not easy man among that's good that's our. -- -- -- -- -- -- And and to read a lot of people -- while -- Last. Right. -- a call that you want smoke or not just nick. Yet you know you hear that a lot in here -- -- I've I've I've talked friends might in the tobacco industry. Base where it's not true chrome. And and. You know like. Lot of Detention. Because you'll look at it and I think truly don't want. The body and our future. Right right well for ever -- apartment that John the other -- who witnessed the moment ago for me it was the process. You know I've never enjoyed smoking more than when I was rolled my own tobacco cigarettes. You know I mean that process and I I hung out agreed that right. And you know sit down during the concert rule on yourself a nice cigarette with actually fresh tobacco -- never -- -- as much as. You know it's the process for. You know but I guess I missed that I have -- and I got to have something to do with my hands but. It's now -- I think over year and I'm I'm I'm absolutely smoke free and -- smoke free to write down. Well congratulations on that thanks a lot for Conan really appreciate. This is Michael Cooper though I'm in for Tom hourly on the great American smoke. Here on news radio 930 WBE. And we'll be right back. Michael -- here. In for Tom -- again -- on vacation. He'll be back on Monday. And I'll be on vacation. It's been fun hang out here to work with the people here in Israel 930 WEB yen. To reproach kind of it's open as a listener always wanted to do was for me it was real opportunity. -- -- We've talked about the great American smoke out there were in the midst of it right now. I think there are people out there already crawling out of its -- -- he's had a cigarette while they can -- gosh you know it's almost happy hour it's Thursday I mean my friends over the bar. There are going to be smoke and it's a tough one. It's tough there is no easy way to do this. I didn't like it my -- on the right it might be too difficult. But it's quitting smoking today it's not only I've added. They are at some point but. I was the year as a spectator. And you know she's now fourteen Benson fumbled the normal fourteen month old Charlton. It was very important to me to quit poem I've got other kids I don't. All right -- I didn't feel compelled to quit after they report released felt compelled. And so did little secretly. Of quitting and it worked very very well you. You can't expect. My age at fifty plus years old with the be. Running your. You can't expect to be around watcher. Graduate from high school. Or maybe even -- she's -- He can expect to be around smoked. Two -- He can't I mean it's hope. The teller today honey you know when she's five I really hope to be -- graduate school. Most likely you're not going to be. So I quit. Great American smoke you know for years as the years years. And I thought it was the funniest thing. I was a smoker -- happily lighting up in stopping the great Americans -- -- the ridiculous. But you know what I needed a little -- quit. I just needed to eight selected today when you know there was actually a lot of support. I've -- -- co workers people were with the time. Telling the Americans spoke out to work hundreds equip -- And most years would just laugh at that he did I did it. And I spoke with. Maybe you should try even it's not too. Not too late to do it for the rest of the night. Little great American smoke out it. Michael -- here in the fort Tom Bauerle. On news radio 930 WB yet. 44 degrees and cloudy here in Western New York. Not bad for late November and up at all it's been much worse obviously. We've got. It's -- -- -- here you've -- -- from -- force in for Tom our animals at the beach but didn't thankfully. I mean for Tom Bauerle -- reunited thirty WB Ian Thomas. I know your -- and operate now. I -- great to leave if you work in the building trying to see if you can get out that exit where nobody really watches the door and keep them parking garage. Head out happier have a cigarette. Yeah I know I know you -- the premiere in the -- but in Europe I first. But it's a great American smoke and it's something you should not be doing today is trying to break it. Did you try and quit smoking and feel did you quit and you got a little secret to -- to share with the rest of us gives call at 8030930. Start 930. On your cellphone. And Natalia. Fermi and it all started with. Marvel raids they're heavy duty ones that's the tough ones. You know fraught for me it started there. And then you know I thought you know taken. -- -- and the Marlboro lights instead you know that's that would make me live longer course it doesn't it's. It's. It's just that. Just has been and then -- you know when I was overseas I can remember being in Seoul South Korea when I was in the army and running out of American cigarettes. And they're going to. A Korean story in. I was ready to anyone I went to buy cigarettes. And I bought a pack of cigarettes with a picture of a total. -- A total. I smoked it it was. Pretty. Pretty bad but I figured it's back like in its half finished the twenty cigarettes and -- that will be back on base and and our I'll buy some real American marble reds I'm smoke and I'm indexer and a party. Out there. And he's Korean guards laughed and laughed and I finally I got to the nervous and -- laughing about. And they said you know which is -- right. I showed on the -- got a picture -- he says you're smoking turtle. I'm -- internal and public ground up turtle wax there wasn't that lucky I was smoking. Turtle droppings. That rolled up I think with the beads and in these cigarettes in Korea totaled dropping cigarettes and some are -- they didn't really. Taste that bad I I didn't find them offensive and that goes to show you that if there's turtle droppings in the cigarettes elected stomach. What are in the cigarettes what's actually in the cigarettes smoked and -- enjoying. -- It was an awful taste it actually tasted something like -- -- at turtle soup smoke and demand to smoke. That -- it was -- he got a question about the military. Wouldn't call it. I was they're on. Team spirit I was at 25 infantry division hours. Well I don't know I don't know why you. Yet are now we get tough duty while that on the North Shore right with rhythms are four. Or are you where you run a real duty. Are yeah assured that both you know you know other guys ranked. We would come and fly in stayed for about forty days. Orders absolutely. He -- itself you know -- would come in from Hawaii. In February I think it was an that we wouldn't life. From eighty degrees sunny and beautiful. We would fly into your weather there in Korea and we have all the team faces and you guys made fun of us Boyd. Well I don't how would you get out pins are. Required. Really see where I got out as soon as I -- and I look back pack up buddies of mine who retired they're sitting pretty now. That's when it matters. Lucrative that you would implement better. But you're not gonna starving you can you're young enough how old are. Senior got an update 57 as the new twenties you know. You're you're young enough to go out and and get yourself a second career and enjoy that. Lucky you by the thanks for your service and -- and I wish -- done the same -- sometimes because you know. Thank you admonishment thank you very much. This is Michael put on here for Tom -- you know this whole great American smoke -- -- has. It's it's government propaganda of course I mean they're trying to. Get adequate smoke in bars with the uses of you know airwaves in the -- -- nobody from the government or means that mr. You're required. To talk about quitting smoking today I'm doing it I'm actually join in the party the propaganda party. Because I actually work for me it doesn't work for Manning but I think it worked really well for me. I'm Michael Prudhoe. I mean for Tom barrel. On news radio 930 WB and will be right back.

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