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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>CJ Johnston & Andrew Osborne - Everything E-Cigs & Vapes

CJ Johnston & Andrew Osborne - Everything E-Cigs & Vapes

Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Today we are observing the thirtieth great American smoke on the today the folks use is an opportunity to try and quit smoking hopefully. For good in the studio now we have an alternative to smoking tobacco. Our guests -- CJ Johnston and Andrew Oswald or co owners of vapor trail. -- The great American smoke out. Will people use this as an excuse to try your alternative -- -- which are hoping for. Well I I hope that. Frankly. Any reason to try and alternative her to try any method to get yourself off of smoking is a positive opinion okay CJ is it really. Getting yourself off smoking by going to any -- It's it it can give you us what you would attack quit it's helped -- alternative. People are using this to quit absolutely but Assad and people quit smoking the and the falling back in the same situation Jeremy for the -- stressed out they have another -- this is something that is this is safer. And you can use as an alternative so it's it's very. Andrew one news fellows walked in holding the device in your hand and hold almost likens it is that the Benson he's cigarette. Hi this is really fancy cigarette and start to see a lot of this stuff out there on the market. Basically the larger the unit the longer battery life more more things so where one point you were seeing a lot of people are now finding that stuff in the larger -- Tyler even in these boxes. It just provides you with a more reliable. Function well let into this CJ what is the cost of an. As compared to a package of cigarettes -- pack of cigarettes -- 156 but -- Coach. Now that's not the case anymore I think it -- for about 1111. Buyer in buffalo in buffalo absolutely and that's not the reservation that's gas station you're reservation cigarettes are way -- -- -- you can you can find electronic cigarettes and gas stations for around twenty bucks -- more disposable ones though. It's not gonna last you forever. I generally like the kids that we -- the most up gold for anywhere from fifty to sixty dollars. What happens is it comes with Egypt's and it's it's a bottle of liquid up ten -- leaders and that's roughly about seven to ten packs of cigarettes and go anywhere from. Eight dollars to ten dollars depending on where you go and and that's record and almost a carton of cigarettes for. Ten box where you're gonna restore paying more than that for -- Now there's different levels of nicotine. Right in these -- how do you know is it is clearly saying in your -- -- most it's -- in milligrams. And it's it's it's like a percentage. If you were a a package a new -- -- -- smoker you'd want twenty form programs -- the closest thing. Two years Sager and and we go according to what you've smoked how much you smoke you're all relate smoking like at six milligrams nicotine's. Some people like to go hire some political lower. Some people enjoy using this more than cigarettes everyone is different so it's it's harder to gauge where you're going to be but. We try to. Today is the great American smoke out and honest they were looking at the prominence of CJ Jensen and Andrew Ross foreigner here and co owners of paper trail in south buffalo thanks for coming in Antony in Henis. -- respect for you you hooked it and from maple road. Debate Dallas traffic but we appreciate that. At. Where can you state that you can't smoke a cigarette. It's pretty. Much an owner's discretion I mean there's places I refuse to do like I want to lead the year went to restaurants -- that -- -- you know you and absolutely but people can complain that thing is -- sitting behind me and leap year and they see this big cloud of -- come -- They're gonna think it's well. And instantly they're gonna go and assures that come -- and an -- explainable thing to him so I'd rather not do it all not caused commotion. And have people think it's something else I mean even like Ralph Wilson Stadium for staggers and -- -- deep inside he can't blame them. Because they think smoking they come they ask you and then someone else's. Giving him a scuffle or there's real problems going on and -- there -- view trying to and do something about something that's wrong you know so. Know someone to see is these vapors Andrew. They actually have a flavor and I guess the amount of flavors is almost endless hold people choose to flavor mean were they even again. While I mean well. Finding the flavor for you sometimes what makes this product work for people and I think that's why there's so much variety but that just comes from the fact that because this isn't smoke. The taste is basically just a -- and sweetness so companies that produces product. They make and a variety of flavors that it's appealing to ever -- on the -- that taste good and you can replace your cigarette which really doesn't taste good or smelled it. Then -- -- appealing to ever -- matches well what I'm trying to ask you is isn't like a favorite flavor there too many human name. -- although there is a variety of flavors. We find the most popular ones are the ones that simulate tobacco government files. Now this flavor. You would taste it if you're smoking Nasr here -- -- but would if you were smoking that are -- it would nice now. Senior if if I blew it directly in in your face yes you'd you'd smell for a second dissipate and it's gone it's not. It's not actually lingering like cigarette smoke where I spoke to trigger here you came in ten minutes later it's now. So -- directly in your face yes you're you're going to get that -- it's like you smelling the French Renault and my coffee. Now another thing wanna get too because it's the great American smoke around people looking for ways to quit. Some people use this is adequate. Is this similar to wearing a patch. I feel the patch the gum it works but the mind games played. -- huge -- one where you don't have and the mouth you have visual effect smoke let you do with paper. That's huge -- so I'm getting my nicotine like it did the action down. C vapor and that just brings it back to smoke in my mind is not satisfied not chest. My body craving it so it's it's it's huge package. That's what it comes stuff just doesn't workers.

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