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More on Tickets for Turkeys

Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're going back downstairs are tickets for Turkey's campaign WBN's de depot. Is outside our studios Disneyland Paris is moving ever closer to the front of the line -- if. Hey Susan really is moving fairly quickly now again maybe about five seconds or so -- The time tomorrow take Turkey on your hands are out here on the line rolls up about two -- and give people tickets. And just getting accountant amount right here now 710. A ten minutes into this thing and -- how many like -- 201. Turkey's already. The goal line is tremendous it is starting back up -- maple road a little bit on sweet home. But it's also here's the good news moving awfully quick people are coming through helping folks out and again the count so far 200 -- as of now. There is tremendous we're just getting started and that it's a great sign of the generosity. Of western New Yorkers -- little patience is needed is your pulling up sandy little patience hopefully you'll get in here. And you know we'll we'll get through this but it's literally I've been watching out the window it's only seconds like Dave -- between the time I have to pull out. And then I mean he wants. Then we can even timing -- whereas sometimes what they're doing is the tower Apollo up. Beyond the truck where you drop a few Turkey's. People will be handing of the tickets to the window as other people will be taken Turkey's right from you so there really is no delay I know that might be hard to believe -- out. I'm maple road or sweet come but it's rolling and it is amazing. I'll have pictures of it shortly Apatow began dot com it's worth the wait thank stable be checking in again with few.

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