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Roswell's Dr. Andrew Hyland - Great American Smokeout

Nov 21, 2013|

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    Lives not out of the state of Maine near the city of Augusta were Mel leery. A reporter and editor of man public radio standing about a twelve of those above nurse Casey Hitchcock's. Who continues to defy authorities who say she should be staying home because of her exposure to a bald victims in West Africa. Mel good morning thank you for joining us. Morning Ed I hear a picture of Tracy and snow flurries tomorrow as well. You know well we understand New England could be in for a one heck of a storm of all these weather patterns come together to what they're expecting up there as far as whether. That's who we're expecting at some snow flurries might pull reporter up in fort Kent that designed to this news story on the ground up there. Into orbit Boris helped being able to get home over the weekend. Well Boylan okay well I hope you guys of their peoples posted now about mr. Cox one issue being so defiant what's the story. What she and her boyfriend who's also training to be a nurse are saying she has no symptoms. And therefore she is not at risk of spreading this disease it is this inspires. Needs to have someone it's showing symptoms and or look for them to be able to passed it on. And she's saying look. Umps felt more urgent I mean I'm I'm complying we'd be. States can someone in monitoring my temperatures either at that I don't have a temperature. But you know I'm I'm still gonna go out and ride my bike and if I wanna go out and take a walk I'm going to do it. Well the governor is saying he wants church you stay in their self imposed quarantine and she's saying I simply won't do that because it's not necessary. Are what's going out with a court order that they're trying to get. Well debt to that there has been no action in court yet despite the governor continuing to say that this state going to court they haven't yet. There have been negotiations behind the scenes between lawyers for her and lawyers for the attorney general who are saying. Basically. We wanna put on Casey these same restrictions that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nationally Irsay. Which would allow her to do what she's done so far which is take a bike ride didn't go outside and in their car. But avoid contact where we would individuals for example like going to a restaurant and sitting down having a meal. It killed the he incubation period runs out on November cat so that's her position that's her lawyer extradition. But we still haven't seen it play out in court yet. Doug your lead bike ride with her boyfriend lots of people followed in tag along and we hear that she shook hands with a reporter. Is that true. I don't know I have heard that report our reporter did not adapt. So I can't say that is true I do know that they have been very careful for example our reporter was president went. The local pizza place the most Shaq delivered a peach to Casey and it will over yesterday. It was caddie who actually took delivery at a pizza from the video that I seeing what my reporters that they didn't catch. They didn't touch but they obviously were in close proximity. You know the important thing here and that's what's being stressed by the Maine medical association in the main state nurses association along what they're national delegates. Is that. This woman rate now is needed eight symptomatic she can not pass on me Ebola Virus to any want. Until she does becomes symptomatic. So they're saying that this State's going too far by changing yet to be quarantined in her home and in fact. It's so move either abuse street view is that reporters the governor seems to have backed off and is now no longer ashamed. That should get the quarantine which you at least get to take and other blood test. Well they've medical folks are telling us well that really isn't gonna help Britney and because again. She's asymptomatic. The time to take a blood test is going to start showing symptoms the C indeed if the symptoms of being driven by people of like something else. Yeah okay was a reaction just from regular folks in Maine to the story. It did give split all over the place you have people understandably. Because of the Ebola Virus and what what has happened to a bit terrible epidemic West Africa. I'm very concerned. Yet there are the folks were saying now wait a minute. This woman has not got the symptoms she is not contagious. So no. But let's not get. It's not get carried away let's not give him that year so you have this going on in of course underlying all of this. Is the elections next Tuesday. The governor is up for reelection and he is indeed very close race within with a democratic congressman who's been in office for decade. So it's almost like two incumbent turning against each other every single pole step one of the last month has shown them within a point at each other. So underlying all of this is the governor coming out very clearly saying you know I'm out there to protect the people of Maine and I water quarantine. And some of the political scientist like talking to its most of what I do political reporting. Are saying you know they could have an impact on the election. So you have all of these swirling factors besides the health issues involved you have these political issues involved. Okay ML nice to talk with 2 this morning thank you begin in keep your personal shuttle snowblower ready for the weekend. I always do OK let's Mallory is a reporter and editor at Maine public radio and Augusta.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Today is the great American smoke out the American cancer society's annual crusade to get smokers to quit and we've got a lot of attention on this this hour this morning. The F first of forecast that'll be. In studio to talk about the assist actor injured highland -- chair of the department of health behavior at Roswell Park Cancer Institute sector highly McClatchy could make it. And I understand it was signed. Kind of tough pulling in our -- this. -- traffic is unbelievable. Their but the generosity in the community at this hour it's really it's -- wonderful to see I'm glad I was able to have a secret backdoor. And thank -- an entity you're good about that could sport a doctor Hansen this great American smoke out today. Some dignity a deal is a day like today yes I think this this has been aren't going from most forty years the American -- -- 1976. It started yes and it has contributed to millions of people. It's making a -- attempt really trying to. Take that next step and Colfer as this a smoke free lifestyle. Do people really quit honestly. They certainly do not without a question the most important thing if you if you smoke and you're thinking about quitting. Which most smokers actually you know regret having started in ways that they can get off. That the first step is to make that attempt and give it -- try and it's hard. Some very hard but it's doable there's tens of millions of nonsmokers out there and events like this sort of bring. The community together to say hey you know we know what you're feeling and other support for you here. For those are making quit attempt. The New York State smokers quit line is -- out of Roswell park we've helped. Hundreds of thousands of smokers throughout the state you can call 1866. NY clips or go to the website and warrants -- oak Tree.Com. And there's coaches their -- Medications for those that qualify. And so today is a day for that our community to rally together and say hey you know we're gonna push for a smoke -- -- They wanna get into this a little bit more inept and about ten minutes or so but it got to bring up these. There are flooding the market suddenly I mean you do see them everywhere what is your take is this smoking. I've heard I've heard them described as a disruptive technology. Where this sort of innovation has come into the marketplace and is caught everybody by surprise but so our view is. There's some reason to think that these can be beneficial but there's also reason to be concerned and to be cautious side. And the reason really to be cautious as you know back in the 1970s. Low tar cigarettes came out people thought those were good idea the government even recommended people who couldn't quit to switch to low tar cigarettes and it turned out. That that was wrong. And it was a mistake and it probably heard a lot of people along the way. So we're right at the beginning in this. There's a lot of there's a lot of evidence to uncover really find out how good. Are bad but that I take home message is today's about the great American smoke out work to become smoke free and try to make it these 24 hours. Without smoking and take it from there. -- piano you know should people. Using an. So the evidence of but my take is that. Critics -- is awfully hard OK there are medications. To help but even those medications leave a lot to be desired. So while -- you know my recommendation is go through the evidence facing some patches guns -- with your family. Sort of put it out there and at that social support. But you don't do what you need to do to try to get off. That cigarettes which we know are the number one cause of preventable. Disease in the in the country.

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