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WBEN's Tickets for Turkeys event

Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tickets for Turkey's it's going over huge right now WB and C -- is downstairs and outside our studios in Amherst this morning 500 corporate parkway. It's a campaign between the sabres Entercom radio and the city mission and buffalo food bank of what's going -- -- a lot is going answers and right now the where on corporate park where which connects to maple road between states we've known and Flint right now. About ten minutes before this drive actually opens so far they've collected at least 64 turkeys the line stretches all the way down our driveway. All the way down corporate parkway starting to back up already on maple. Now that's may be a problem if you're waiting to get in but the good thing is. The line is already moving again we've already collected 64 turkeys at least it's start to rush through people are pretty much historian drive up service here. You up on your car after the trucks tomorrow take the Turkey put in the truck and then if you go to. A place where someone is giving up those neighbors tickets and exchange for the -- it's it's it's rolling. It's rolling really well and so far already. By now probably after seventy people have a come by and donated turkeys this morning. OK now you say that they have to drive to where they're gonna pick up the sabres take us unawares that. It's it's literally just about three car -- beyond the -- pile up. Some we'll take your Turkey out of the truck. -- -- got the guy for me just now has arms but with about four turkeys. And after you go on and give your Turkey's Hugo up about two more -- And the guys will be they're giving out Shura sabres tickets. It's -- part of benefit for both the city mission and the food bank of west New York. And if you bring in a twenty pound Turkey or last fifteen pounds even their thank you will get ticket -- the Montreal game November 27. The Rangers game December 5 for the auto game December 10 may be in the Winnipeg game December 17. It's all based on order they're starting out with the Montreal ticket's first here now this morning. He gave what happens if you bring tool respectively sized turkeys this morning to get more than a black. I UK and the maximum. Ticket giveaway here is four per person they're giving it off as people pull up. I've seen a couple of people again with more than winter person right here -- has to victory a little bit earlier there about four of them coming by. If you bring more than one Turkey you'll get more than one pair of tickets but again and the maximum there is for tickets per person. You know from what I hear now is talking to -- hold on down through the. We're live and a Levy and you were just things and they ma'am yes thank you very much do and it's it's awesome for the food bank in over the sabres. You know and -- doing so good but this will really be amazing thank you for governor Mike let you -- things. That's just a sampling of what's going on out here a lot of people lined up already and the line is -- moving by pretty good clip again last -- we had. About 64 turkeys are so. Yeah and guess what Dave Allen just told me that back up is down -- this two down sweet home now by saint Leo's church. So all the way around yet but they promise you that it'll be quick when she can appear. You have for a -- for those who are in it and moving and hoping to get through it. It's moving fairly quickly let's just watch here while I'll take you through is someone that gives their turkeys and we'll see how long it is before they get there. Their tickets will do a little bit of play by play as a work. The current primary right now opening its front. The guy taking out the turkeys as we speak. Big box with at least two of them so far. Analysis count column is once that's loaded for the person to get up to where the tickets are. It really as I'm walking toward it now it's about one car length after your donation and sure enough guys walking up -- that -- I just described looking for the driver of the drivers actually helping load the turkeys now. The guy is looking for the driver to give him his tickets right now so it's that fast it's that quick. The line is moving and we're doing some big things out here that -- this is great when it responsive terrific.

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