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11-21 Beach and Company Hour 3

Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well there's a big David the great American smoke out version number 38 and it's been very successful. Because since 1965. When 42%. Of the population smoke now and 19%. Smoke. So I'm very very pleased that people are giving up cigarettes and nonsmoking. The only exception I take the way they're treated as they should be treated. Are decent people -- they are because they smoke. Everybody has as some habit that perhaps is in good for them but oftentimes smokers are treated like an opinion -- where. Politicians and and that people who feel superior to everybody else are beating him with a stick. And like opinion and I don't think that's right. But I'm glad you're giving up smoking I hope you continue to do it what about these eggs these cigarettes now is that a good alternative for you. Have you quit smoking and how did you do it. And what won't you give up. In the matter whom you ask your doctor your mother your friends your neighbor your girlfriend. Says you got to give this up is an element and a I'm not a -- there's a line in the -- I'm drawing a line in the -- I'm not going to do it. Let's go to Joseph down in Sarasota Florida Joseph you're on WB yen. It's a pleasure to be with you and thank you for having my blood does Joseph what does four's today. Well I five electronics church doors and floor up and I feel like a fairly educated on the electronic cigarette. Story starts figure pollen and answer questions that you have. Because I think you can be very helpful because I don't smoke some becomes a typical customer comes in for the first time. Have they already quit cigarettes or they're trying to quit and they need -- -- in your -- help move things you have the self. Most of and there are people that committed first time people. Are referred by other people that you are products have had a successful. Experience with that. And they wanna quit smoking as well when people smoke. They're not addicted to the carbon monoxide not a addicted to the burning process or not. They don't like going outside but. But they're addicted to the nicotine they're addicted to hand them out action. They're actually approached it which a lot of people don't know about the smokers all -- -- there's a little. Sensation in your throat. Smoke and the Intel and the XL there's a lot but behind that as well so smoking does not job. Wanting to teen smoking a lot of other thing. My understanding -- from I heard Derek a couple of interviews this morning our early morning news fame. Of their flavors. Are there flavors that are generally recommended for people just starting -- people have favorite flavors and trying to match them up to what you have or how does that work. We do for first time people that are quitting. Or are using that product for the first time we try to recommend. Speaking with the traditional tobacco labor we have a flavor that case just like back. I'm only -- it's -- -- followed well art in addition to that we have strawberry blueberry and -- I'm -- -- -- -- what there's a lot of different flavor that we have but that's traditionally. When people first stop smoking they want still have that -- of tobacco. And our most popular support is our tobacco why. Are so that is still extremely popular but we do have flavors and consider getting up. Berkshire tobacco and -- get a burst of strawberry sentiment while the hill so now. People know most of the east of tobacco the reason they smoke they bought the -- I so when they come into you and they say OK I'd like to try it. Is there a basic instrument they buy and then you put things in that instrumental they sold separately in different packaging according flavors are does that work. Are exactly what we do is we shall be Starker. They get everything that you would need to start using products. It looks like a large version of a pencil but there's a variety of -- there are available. And it looks similar to a cigarette or larger there's many different types that we carry them out you very unique things. But for a basic her -- bursts stops our product there's a darker here that we saw you at everything you need. And what our acceptance level was say their customers already been in and they bought the things and they left another bag for the second visit. Do they talk about their experience on all of this is working real well for me and people used to complain that I smoke now they don't mind me slogan is what kind of a reaction you get format. About repeat customer. It's oh that's what my -- parts of the job. It is to get a reaction from people quit smoking. It's it's very probable because people will remember that each that they quit coming months that they quit because it's such a powerful addiction. Com. People smoker smoke smokers want to quit. Whether you're you have the action that desire as your your talk earlier quit the -- -- different story but most people that smoke. Don't really enjoy it any more the first couple years who enjoy it and don't enjoy it any longer and out. It's it's wonderful to -- the people could smoke. Point five yours or yours and they will surely electronic cigarette. Morton enjoyed smoke and because that -- would decide. On particular and airports and by the way airplanes I do not allow -- tracks -- smoked or. What -- I tell what about the laws I assume it varies from state to state. Are you regulated. The same as it as if they're worried tobacco cigarette as the -- vote of your customers -- things like that. Correct we do not sell anybody under eighteen years old. And anybody over eighteen so it's it's the same as -- tobacco products. It is seeing the tobacco product they did it. Months ago and federal regulations coming down operation -- -- -- in October but that happened. But that's more aren't advertising because they do not want chick. She knew. Pick this up they don't want itself. And -- baker -- what are you advertise and you'll also as silly as that sounds and and have a big applicator that we cannot. Promote it at some stops smoking device with only. Promoted as an alternative to smoking. Like check excellent that sort of thing they can say we are. Outs quick smoke and the arts and our industry. We cannot say that that device that all. -- -- I assume that being in Florida and having five stars that -- some of your demos are you demographics are -- so these are probably people have been smoking for a long long time. It's gotta make you feel pretty good to know that there walking out with something that if they use that it's going to be better for the memo what they were using. It is it's and that's. Greg thanks for my job is right it's helped people. I would can't ask people are you smoker non smoker if you say you're not smoke break the congratulations that you say your smoker. Then I can help you become smokers if you want. I'll boil down to it wants. You're it's it's -- nicotine's. We have nicotine Angela was that we sell in period strengths. So that nicotine replacement there -- Most people that do it really enjoy the tracks cigarette it is I didn't experience. Well I'm glad you're okay I'm glad you're successful and -- to be a conscientious guy who's trying to do the right thing and a good luck go on your future ventures Joseph we appreciate your call. -- And it's it's interesting as to the age of when you can Seles the same cigarettes because. I don't think it's any secret as white kids smoke. To me it's it's it's very obvious they smoke because they think looks cool. They see people smoke that they think are cool. Whether it's a rock star is less of it now but it's still there whether it's a rock star whether it's a movie star. Whom whoever. And sometimes the least it'll -- And you see some iconic star holding up a cigarette and maybe having having a scene with somebody of the opposite sex. It looks cool you know what school I know it's -- book but it does look cool we can't deny that. All right and that's what you expect and they are local so I think if you find a way to. Make it look a pool they'd stop smoking and him at. They would stop smoking much faster if you proved to them that it was uncool as opposed approves of them in Tokyo -- that's the real war that's what kids are about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's true. Here tomorrow to you tomorrow I thought you said -- and it's going to be here. You know what he well but he's dot. I was telling him it was on his -- analogous to do sports tomorrow morning LO leader for -- or -- -- training OK good because to be honest with you Chris one of the reasons we like. Working with a view is a manly man and I'm thinking. Anybody named Tyler c'mon he compensates with that huge beard got caught up. Betty has a sister named Madison and we can make beer well. The way. Yeah I'm big on how medicine is such a fool fool named because they got stuck him back a little girl named Madison and her mother went through the whole panera menu. Or medicine would you like the sun dried tomatoes you let's see it all plays gimme a break order something for the kids. But I have this thing I have -- brain thing about Madison in the name is so full flow in the movie where they go to Las Vegas -- would do -- and all those guys and a Kevin. -- -- They meet these hot showgirls in this four of them and of which two of them are named Madison. -- -- -- I started laughing I was sort of fit of laughter that because I have a feeling about the name Madison. Tyler you know -- -- Ireland itself -- a nice guy is he she get old columns spike. What if banks by my nickname because it would it would let go -- like go -- -- we're gonna let loose for a vacation time. Chris the manly man we're gonna have Taiwan in the manly man that doesn't work. And -- work that Tony and I are also figured out how you can tell if you put on a good Thanksgiving Italian meal. If the men that a fair loosen their pants. Because as you know in order to enjoy a good Italian -- it's an hour after hour after hour. Pageant salty thing it is and one of the real ways you can tell if the if the people are happy with the cooking. Is we have to loosen our pants not nothing wrong -- that it's just because. Suddenly there's too much -- it feels sort of -- Odierno tonight -- game -- -- But -- tight now and also. Never mind the candles on the flowers get us a couch -- on between in between -- -- recliner college or anything like that but we want a real stretch out and enjoy. But the food go to another section while we. We we can enjoy more. Nice to sleep again there would be when and so let's go to. It was an accident is -- -- -- and -- WB and thanks for holding what you have about smoking Forrest. The morning Andy. The limits of that at I started smoking in my early twenties up until about my mid forties for point five years. And I got progressively more essentially as the years went out. And I was up probably about four packs a day finally quit in 2001. What. About smoking that you really like was that. And then it would do to give you a soothing feeling -- like the taste that bid to what was. I think when I first started for the person yours and it started I I agree with that that's probably what it was. The attraction it makes you feel older I never. But -- I think after that it just became a bit shall go and as a became a bit you'll might trigger point was always had a couple poppy with a cigarette. And when it got to the point where I got to the first and I got a computer at home. That's when it got really bad because writes that the computer and smoke a lot along. It and yet -- As a -- in the last two years that I smoked. It got really bad to the point where I mean I could release smell anything anymore and that it and I wasn't married at the time but the girl that was going -- Should not pitch he gave me an ultimatum but act that held that it really. To really like to get this wasn't that you want to run I didn't want -- given up. But I went to a doctor for laser acupuncture. When really it it really worked for -- yes that looks like a lot of hocus pocus but it really worked. The funniest thing that effort has she went with me -- my -- but let me she thought I'd be smoking an hour after I got out of the office and I went and kicking and screaming I didn't wanna do. I wanted to -- smoke. Well what what. Two acupuncture to put needles in your well while what do they do would laser acupuncture well how does that work. The doctor has a little device that's probably the size of probably a cellphone now about the same dimensions. And he'd put his a couple of buttons on it disappoint anybody like and your laser years and different points I guess that. Must be trigger point for smoking. According to. I guess the lay out of the body OK so he did this and so we left. And we went back to her house she had her out of that I would bet there and a couple hours after an -- done. Like from just above my knees -- -- told -- -- got really hot like they were on order a few hours. That it passed. After that happened. I wasn't connected to any moral and connected to smoking and I really do yeah well I know I just -- to let -- -- what a bad habit of mine. And I just stopped and -- it was amazing really what she couldn't believe it she thought that was going to be smoke. Well that's a record have you found something -- work that effectively back quickly. And you know it was not hard to do at all and the other reason that I wanted to quit too. It does get to the -- couldn't afford it anymore -- is very. And what I did -- -- not right after that but a few years after that I'd always heard that my parents they smoked. Instead of we -- put them up that money away that we expect that cigarette. So -- I started doing this and I've been doing it religiously. You have no idea how best that money starts to pile up. Oh yeah because there are there what ten bucks a pack or something like that. Well I took -- bit average and at the point that I quit they were about five dollars or 55 dollars up equity. So I'd been an average bat and I'd been putting money to to a credit -- every week -- I've done. So you have. You have no idea how best that money adds up. Well I'm glad and you're not sending tax money to Mario Cuomo -- like that you've given up and and not so things are even better -- Brent I mean that's a little winning and their Glenn. I was getting to be Mario sold support their. We congratulate you owed a congratulations. Laser acupuncture thank you very much a that's a good that's good news story. For those who worry that Mario Cuomo's spending too much of our taxpayer money running back import the bubble because he was hearing it. He Andrew Cuomo he was here yesterday and he's here again today. But let me just tell -- I have this on good. A mall can he didn't go back to Albany last night okay he stay here. Paladino put him up on the couch you know he had an extra a blanket a couple of pillows and he -- today. Mr. Cuomo would you governor would you like to do with -- -- here spam says it and so they're fine. I think they have waffles this morning. -- -- Mickey Mouse shape while awful is -- dog's name but that's another story are there will be back tomorrow Beijing damage does your smoking story. On news radio 930. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine dirty -- hole free minus 1806169236. Number 38 that's right it's the third it and yields a great American smoke out. And we're just asking if it's still effective utilized I think in many ways it might be like Earth Day -- It was super effective start with and becomes less effective as you go on although they've got a great track record. In 196542%. Of the population smoke around 19% so. I wish everybody quit but I also very strongly feel. That we should -- treat smokers. As the decent human beings sometimes they're treated like second class citizens like opinion out of the chicken with a stick because you feel superior to them. I of -- that thought process to be honestly. What about. Have you tried those. What did you do to quit. Now a gentleman just called and he said that. While he had laser acupuncture which had not heard recently -- very effective I know that the Roberts Abiola. Talks about getting your equipment hit semitism. I don't know anybody -- ever done that but -- cameras are sharp you are. That last caller mentioned two things that he was really addicted to a one cigarettes. And the other coffee. So tell me what's the commonality between cigarettes and coffee which is very very strong and underline. Sex sex. Exactly right SE acts first at all. The word copy is a code word for sex absolutely it always -- Always has been I mean how many times in a movie or in your real life -- said hey why don't we Glock for copy. Or why don't we meet for coffee. -- would you like to come over to my house for coffee. You know and that's totally acceptable would you say that is day eight let's get together for coffee because if you say let's get together for sex. -- not gonna go anywhere pal you're going to be setting homo. Alone are if you say. Why don't we -- after the Charlotte and this X doesn't work but if you say coffee everybody's up for copyright. What is caught the only two X. Usually if it's good copy Starbucks you know now -- -- -- much like he -- Provo known known known so. And cigarettes people who smoke often smoke after sex. All right. The good ones smoked during sex but that's another story. Solace is the commonality there. So this revealed a lot about himself besides being a successful a quitter. Through acupuncture. Even though it's laser acupuncture which I was not -- You know as -- -- pretty good. All right trio of Montreal won it -- its excellence -- -- are 930. Who's been holding the longest it would be mark I guess in Hamburg mark you're on WB yen. It and then mark. Regular caller. I probably didn't seem a foreign country. -- it. Well for -- Yeah four and you have laser acupuncture. -- -- -- -- -- The real commercially and courier or -- -- while that number all I'm finally got a call. And hopefully you and she says it's called late insurers. Call commercial and work for you. Our equity as far as quitting because he said he said it worked right away from him. Well I'm totally. I'm right we'll get her way through my spiritual lawyers in the dumpster. Well. And -- over for -- Are leery about it actually. Our vulnerability -- I came back called. Believe it or not. One side effect you hear people. Actually -- I wanna game way. You're ENC although I do that but org news small. -- over years. And spoke about ten years for. I don't know side effects whatsoever in my home or urged smoke vocal -- -- The -- I gave later by -- -- -- To quit smoking. See all wild so so obvious just who calls in a row with successful stories was it an expensive procedure. Do you recall off the WIN. Well. It where -- immigrant or -- guard -- -- after a while that's right now I think that's remarkable that. That has been that successful for you and where what what made you decide to quit in the first place when when you throw -- lighter and yours have a -- center -- -- dumpster what was the final decision what what major do. -- are tired overworked or under question in. She never marry me or anything Mark -- and and became diabetic in my blog approach circle so you know I know. And answers we've -- about foot birdie -- should ultra licensees and more beautiful. And you're informed on here are. All really really how did how did you do after that that had to be -- In -- All right well first column really glad to hear that you have a a good. Good tale to tell regarding that kind of surgery as well so a good -- I hope it works out real Elantra Gloria thank you very much that's too. -- We have with the laser treatments whether it's called laser acupuncture laser treatment whatever. And them. With the autism have -- known anybody that it's gone through that because I -- Roberts -- talk about it. Viewed do you know anybody it's -- I've never heard of anybody that as -- -- -- I was at a comedy club years ago and out won a mighty you know -- witty take yup unsteady and make you do things that was there is that the system one of those one of the perks or I guess it's where the teases -- If you have an addiction will allow will work and operate whether it's whatever your vices okay my. My body chewed tobacco and he there was this thing and his -- he got out he's like. I don't know what he did that but I am dying for a different now. Our power for at their door for him when I went to Texas that one of it I love Texas well is there. Larger than life state I can tell -- that fabulous one of the things I couldn't get over. Is though is people are true. Including kids UNC kids of the bus stop and if you look at that right in the back of their -- Jeanne -- you that round little. Can't have chewing him as disgusting. And I'll never forget going on a client call. In Dallas. -- our sales manager and were meeting -- a high official from the bank. And we walked into his office and it was fabulous office I mean very impressive but we're having a really nice business conversation. It reaches underneath the desk and takes a basket waste basket out and Spezza in the way it. The most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life while probably not the -- yeah. -- I don't get -- -- a lot of a baseball players to release -- as much because he seems fitting in the on deck circle now I think they're pretty much into I was sunflower seeds and their mother healthier yeah because I don't get what I assume they get the same kick out of chilling as well as Morgan but it's disgusting. -- -- I would take a break we'll be back though tomorrow wanna hear from you do you use. How did you finally give up smoking we found out a couple of people had the laser treatments Maria worked very well form. What won't give up will be back after this we're talking about. The -- people back to back of said that they've had laser surgery. One called it laser acupuncture they would just call it laser surgeries have been very effective for giving. Broke for giving up cigarettes. And then our mention that I hear Roberts Abiola was on this radio station. He talks about shipments -- I wish I knew how to hypnotize -- 'cause I have fun you know -- as a Christian said sometimes they call people up to the stage and little fun with -- -- entertainment -- -- what I would -- If I were ever since I'd bring somebody up on stage. And I'd say okay. I'm going to plant something in your memory now. Anytime. You say the word. Dignity. You must clock like that check them okay. So that I would I would I can hardly wait to hear some of these negated because they have to go yes and dignity. Nice like chicken man remembered being good OK so. I think I'm gonna learn how to hypnotize people don't hold a watch up in front of -- ago -- -- The year looking at the law it may do the movies the movies and they just there had just drops down just like this is it's like three swipes of the watch right. You know. And then there yours but they say I've I've read this. Under nepotism you can never make somebody do something that they wouldn't. Do if they weren't shipment of Europe and oh yeah that's -- we ask Robert next time we see him because he's you know I know that they -- this. So he could Dallas February actress I have heard that -- that you can do that which is probably a built in mechanism in army and but you can make them look and act like a fool. Which is half the fun for us it's and let's go do Mike would be next in buffalo Mike here on WB yeah. There goes on I was a friend of mine he's bit. About -- -- Or how old. Let's go check this didn't disguise though it was and he and he figured you know there's no waves could stop and smoke or know him and they're all cool. And he doesn't smoke this figure probably for the list eleven or twelve years. While that's it's a great success or does he have to go in and -- do it every once in awhile or does the initial thing last. But there was only time. While that's beds we're getting some great success stories what thank you for sharing that -- Mike British edit. I think that he has something to investigate certainly. If you especially you try to move things and they know work. Maybe he can fill us in on the on something that you're on WBM. This -- hey pat what do what you have forest this year. But I quit smoking twenty years ago by -- it's just I went to what super guy NS outs in the he did it in -- butcher. Do you remember. One there at sizing you. Do you remember what they do moved or do you just kind of there and then you're out menu come back how does that work. Well he hit me sitting there and he talked about a legitimate things are -- forty years ago abnormal nervous and he said okay but he would ask me ask her read the session. He said I want you think you're under that I adore him you know I was I've felt like -- was conscious. And I said well you know 45 minutes -- and he said that he would look at the pocket it was. An hour and a -- All while. Lost. It appears before before I tried other total. I would you know the overwhelming feeling I -- spoken with him Esther I would. He -- twinge -- -- what -- way really. And I think the main thing he told me -- I'm a technician I'm not your coworker. That you really can't don't want equipped to go to it it is. While I think you have the wanna quit -- quit no matter what you do. To a that's good that's great so that's is another success story well thank you -- while we're getting a lot of home runs -- out of the park you have to. I think with -- anything like -- after wanna do otherwise you're arguably the well is very strong. You've heard of the expression strong willed people I think all people have strong wells and if you don't wanna do it you know adore you hear about the miracles of healing. -- talk to any doctor will tell you they've seen healing. Are from people who have had things that they didn't think Lou it would turn out that well and and they did because they -- strong willed its part of the process. Of of healing let's go to Christian. And -- Concord Christian -- on WB yen. I think any Harlem and I want to I am a strong advocate of that you say I've been taping and approximately last December. -- welcome pat. -- well today. Which. Approximately eleven dollars today. While those avoid the long skinny cigar type things. And not actually if cigarette a little to filter aren't being a pack of cigarettes. And once I got my paper. I -- prefer to order. Actually smoking tobacco. And what you heard Eric you can. Slowly lower. The -- nick. Nick -- so you're kind of wean yourself Bob other house in detail how is it tastes. When you word when you change. I think I liked it. And you can you can get basically the exact same flavor as what you're smoking mine where Jerry. So I hit a bad coach -- flavor. Now while -- substitute there's a lot better for -- for sure. Then a cigarette. And the quote don't think but now I noticed. That if I go somewhere from its ultimate car. But it my my jacket off -- I guess in your hair yeah I guess I mean -- out you don't realize that if you're used to being around you don't realize it until you're around other people and they they realize. Exactly like I would. I was small one I would go to see my aunt. -- -- porch and she would complain. About the they're coming in the windows and thinking how. The first part the first person that I know all of that required anybody that had this moment to smoke outside the house was marine Everett. Even -- her own mother. At the smoke on the march and it I read an upset about it and I'd understand more -- -- about integration thank you very much. That about -- setup and thanks to all of you participated. In the big Turkey for sabres tickets a promotion opportunities today over 15100. Turkeys. They're going to the food bank and city mission thanks of the sabres. And it worked out just wonderfully -- a little late for work I hope your boss understands it was a great cause. That that allowed that OK we'll see you tomorrow under Israeli and I thirty WB. Wish they never dreamed could be used --

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