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11-21 Beach and Company Hour 2

Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It back could be coming to the final total of over 515100. 15100 turkeys so a lot of people are going to be enjoying a fine Thanksgiving meal. And of the folks from the food bank in the city mission and certainly the sabres and and intercom all -- teaming up together make that a better day for a lot of people 15100 -- congratulations. Do you were also in the middle almost to the end actually -- and ends tomorrow of the I hate my -- 2013 addition. And if you hear your name call I'm about the caller name right now Lima name caller from way back. You have a 93 minutes the Collison and and and identify yourself. And then you'll be a preliminary wanted to -- the -- 7 AM 10 am and 5 PM. And if you do call in and time you -- furnace super tune up from primer heating and air conditioning valued a 189 dollars. General kinds of rules -- by the way you'll also qualified -- grand prize. But the I hit my -- funny thirteen a xenon thirteen -- hybrid system furnace air conditioner. It's valued at 5125. Bucks in the name for this -- -- Hairston. Of the -- As if she's related to my listeners didn't agree a big we don't know. Carol Hairston of the view you have 93 minister call -- back. Well today. Oh did you said Dan geared up is retiring. Yes -- danger -- -- is I think in the microphone I like communal like -- I don't know what -- -- always felt that he was anti bills when he's -- games. Just complete and has a virus. I think so -- you know maybe he's just visa bill stand but can never stand him I was cringed. When he did bills you know the worst announcers on television for major sports -- guys on the NFL network into the play by play on Thursday night's. They -- how to get the job. And I and I'd like to -- -- -- and that's the NFL network you would think. That they would be able to lower some top talent they're -- event. You would think but I think they're just filled with bad talent up and down the line up advertises pretty much the only guy like you know NFL network. Maybe Mike may act but I I really I have no use for commentators were the run NFL network or ESPN. It justice over the topic you talked about the young Utah they are over the top grades it's senator Smart asked sportsman isn't. We are but also obvious to many of them I mean on pre game on -- vehemently got like eight guys on the field and then they go back to Estonia make up for more. I mean why they just hire everybody who's ever played in the NFL and have mall on it seems like that's what they're doing is to sharing your -- usually have two wide receivers and quarterback. Actual commentator and then a wildcard I mean this is just crazy is it really is another they were all good players. I don't give me Robert missed to many of them they don't have an off -- time. And they Allenby cooler than the next one and the have to -- in the law -- suits. They possibly can find. Some watch I think I like -- of fox though Micah how long for sure yeah. Those guys are gonna like -- CBS guys like you know. And Marino wing and -- boomer you know someday will be good enough one bills drive so we don't have to have Ian eagle anymore. I've been nice -- you -- -- any any goal that it's pretty much over for you scrape it and sell bibles assigned to your game. And let's at at us it's a commentator who used to play for that team if you -- any eagle forget it. People don't potential block too. Bad. The key I think he's pretty well he's pretty good but it looks like a little what's it like you out like a little was the guy that's kind of -- you wanna you wanna take his lunch money. In army and and drink his milk at lunchtime we should take his once he -- it is a little -- -- glass half you know. And Joe Buck. And up like half a buck. This it was more bark than he was and he's -- -- okay yeah I don't like it to me when I see him because IE I do like the broadcast overall. Like Troy for twenty records on your doesn't play. He'd be good looking in the uniform -- Like Aikman I think that's a good job and I think Darryl Johnson doesn't jump blues Johnson is very good to. But Joe Buck is just for a game as rugged as football you want rugged people through. -- it looks like he'd be the -- the at a dinner parties. He's a little down on glance than it does proceed -- Is somebody I like French Merlin that's a man's man in the UKQ this is Boston accent and -- is -- Condit guy is somebody please get rid of Marv Albert's ridiculous week. -- -- -- I usually think Omar's head Marv could afford it looks like something died on his head and it really got it felt like he work for -- rug cleaner and took them home. And it is now do you think that you know if if your ball flight data and probably is I've never seen him about it. In the dumb ass. Fake way ahead. There's something you know some were hadn't put that up did a lot of country singer you know. There. A lean on top here so they are hat and fits right in with their image anyway. And and you can you can tell it was there you know I think is like that is Brett Michaels. He -- -- -- -- from original. In a power play had gone ever without I got a feeling he's about evolving on my sister Sandra knows in my should ask. She knows him -- that will work at a talent agency in Boston they used to book them. Bottom panel my sister Sandra book I'm Sandra but other I think if you Wear a hat. And you can get away when it. But that is not the -- there now you know orbit homo terrible line Como were no fake hair and was C announcers set a man's man's announcer for man's man's sport arrests -- So at. Every time I hear them. I can think about is is Marv -- his father. Dressed in you know -- relief rocks -- Joseph Jones I can get past that not he's the knicks again reasoning the I believe so now you just get rid of that we are doing and exalt quite well in the next game broadcasting. Could be real no no we don't we really don't that -- -- They were houses up with -- though -- -- latter. Because a lot of those guys in the India are tall he's not he's not even if it's. I'm just talent on our side they would match is for -- Oklahoma where the wind -- Oklahoma welcome welcome back -- mark. We're beach company and -- impact there today all the excitement of course. About the 38. Addition. Of the great American smoke out where they tried to convince you to quit smoking. Ed it's been I would think by any yardstick it's been successful. Because since 1965. At the shows that the level of smokers and lose 42%. It is down 19%. There's a lot of things that would make you stop smoking certainly the health -- his would be -- of the worst. But also the costs of New York State is prohibitive. The detection of the Yang -- on that because they feel this is the justifiable tax and and a and so that does the money aspect of it might keep you from smoking two but the now there are some alternatives. And I'm in the dark on this simply because I don't smoke I've never smoked -- never had a cigarette. And now they have things called. They are like electronic cigarettes. Where they use like liquefied. Nicotine. They you know they do they don't have a carcinogen Carson genetic effect that the tobacco cigarettes have. And they don't smoke although they've I just called taping short for vapor rising. However Miley Cyrus does debate will be a thing comes out and works -- But anyway soy -- probably short for a big uprising. And and it goes into the atmosphere. There is not the same danger. But certainly but I don't know -- via. 100% safe I don't know a lot of it has to do -- habit. Where people are used to have -- been smoking a long time they're used to having a cigarette in their hand. They're used to having a cigarette in between their lips and saw this as a substitute for that but if you been smoking tobacco. All your life I don't know exactly. How how different it is smoking the is is that enough of a difference to get you off of tobacco want to -- I heard some some people were Robert Johnson -- today. Who deal -- that they celebrities and apparently these. Almond flavors. Like blueberry. Somehow I can't picture Humphrey Bogart. In The African Queen. You know it's not in the Katherine Hepburn while while smoking a blueberry cigarette I just. That's don't get that I'm sorry I really don't. Why are people smoke against our people smoke. They spoke because it looks cool and they get -- like it. And it's the kind of thing where some people say calms them down. But the bottom line is it's very harmful to your health you know -- -- know -- I've always been a champion of those who smoke would be is simply because I don't want him treated like Quinones -- you can whack with a stick because they do something. That is not good for them we all do things that are good for us. -- the there is you know absolute proof that abuse smokes cigarettes you're damaging their help I wish everybody would quit I wish it would quit today. I would not be sad if if nobody smoked a cigarette after after bush today. But I don't control that all -- say is treat the smokers in your life like decent human beings like they always have been always will be. Because they smoke does not make them a second class citizen. But I'm asking about the great American smoke out have you quit. They say hey it's not easy to quit and if you talk to people who have smoked they say well -- quit. Eight or nine times -- -- the kind of thing where you're trying and then something Hoosier back here and maybe the comfort of that cigarette -- when you would normally respond to a lot of people of course of smoke after a meal. Some people smoke after sex. Tony smug smokes only after a meal because he wouldn't miss the rest of it so that's the whole point there are times when you are smoking and because it's in its -- that's its factory feeling both feeling a cigarette puffing a cigarette. And in enjoying it I guess I should enjoy it. Because it's tobacco and nicotine gets addictive and it's bad for. -- trying to encourage people smoked by any matter remains what I'm saying is we should treat people don't smoke like decent people because they are. So I'm asking you have you ever tried. To me. Because I don't smoke I'm I'm so bottom limb on this one off like a picture of a candy cigarettes that I used to have when I was a kid -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- six years old. And you go to candy store and -- wanna be a grown up. And they even estimate the candy cigarette packages look like real sort of like lucky strike with the Red Bulls I remember them you're -- restore -- you buy a package of candy cigarettes. And to Portland mountain suddenly you're grown up in on and talk about. Even hand if I'm not staking and he -- -- they have ever read to him. Absolutely they did they did have a red tip. And -- candy condoms to Everett so the bottom -- you know can't eat them. You know. -- -- -- So yeah as kids. We wanted to emulate the movie stars or video or the rock and roll people let's smokes cigarettes now we know a lot of the people that we loved who smokes cigarettes are dead. May I remind you of that it's it as I said in no way shape or form should this be taken as me suggesting you smoke. Or continue smoking no -- my only position is. But let's smokers. Be decent people like they always are and always have been. Without you feeling superior because what annoys me more than a smoker is somebody who over reacts to a smoker. You know somebody UB fifty yards away and -- light up a cigarette and the person -- overreact to put their head between Sunnis and caught the Hazmat team I mean it's ridiculous is what it is. They think it's justifiable because somebody's a smoke in the week. About 8309301061692. Through six and start 930. Great American smoke out have you given up smoking how did you do it have you tried alternatives like. And tell me what -- -- bank of did that they satisfy you. And let's let's throw in something else. What would you absolutely. Not want to give up that you currently enjoy today if you found out it was not good for you. What would you absolutely say I don't care if it's not good for me or not I'm going to I'm going to continue adjust them with -- there's no question would be. Apple pie. If they -- solve the surgeon general this just said it's apple pie is bad for your -- screw -- surgeon general I'm having -- that's it okay. -- -- -- yeah make it as -- of apple pie with ice cream on apple pie Alamo -- and I don't care. But what is that you would not give up in your life I assume a lot of people with think liquor. A lot of language a lot of people would think back kind of thing is there anything you would not give up Tony even if it was bad for -- would never give up cheeseburgers all. -- and never ever between us will go to an island you you make the cheeseburgers comic the upon. Like will be good oh that's what -- back -- -- -- -- governor and his radio I'm Saturday but via. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now -- 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Beijing coming up sandy beach yesterday is -- great American smoke out and number 38. Now it's been unsuccessful in in 196542%. Of people smoked now on 19% of people smoke. But I'm just wondering if it's going the way ever day. Earth Day first started everybody was who is Earth Day we gonna do this got to do that now it's -- thing. Who cares and after 38 years I don't know if they're great American smoke out is still effective bug the message has to be continually given out. It'll kill you if you smoke we know that is not a good idea not attractive and all that but I just want to make sure smokers and -- mistreated because they choose a -- lot of people do things that aren't good for them. And I'm asking do you have you quit and quit smoking and have you use alternative like. And what would you not give up no matter what no I I think cigarettes will be out for a lot of people. What would you not give up if some if your doctor or your neighbors or your wife or whatever said you've got to give this obviously no I'm not going to. That's where I draw the line in the Stan. Let's go to Anthony in buffalo Anthony Iran WB again. -- in the juniors this year. Smoking gradually distanced itself wasn't. It would -- it was part in brutal light meters. My -- -- since so symptoms today did you gain any weight. It took it took migration out of it by exercising and you know aggression. -- the exercise in that it's a lot -- but I like shirt sticks. And they aren't as Smart -- you feel a lot better that you've done it and how tough as Vivendi to keep it up for six years like that. -- honestly. I feel great RIQ right right now is much better and I think at the park -- I'm so proud of him. But it is one of the -- the people out there that this is the biggest thing at the one. Quickness -- If you don't want it's like it's a great relationship you know want to leave the person. Ever leave. -- might look at relationship and say. The only other well this search towards it but if you want to you'll you'll you'll. You know I don't. Quit smoking high old. Time what did you expect all this -- out it doesn't happen that way you. You know there's a switch inside your brain I used to be I think I was never diagnosed that way but I used to be obsessive compulsive -- to wash my hands about 1015 times a day. And one day I just said. And I did all my life I just -- I'm not doing this anymore and I never did that again I just know I'm normal now but you gotta make up your mind to do it. Yeah absolutely just to let those cigarette. The problem is looking to -- team. To actually -- on that. Electronic device more our friends at bigger airport and for five hours you don't smoke -- or right or -- but if you pop -- here nicotine's here so when you wouldn't. Are getting more you're getting more and you would be getting her. And then they can deal would be the the part that would be addictive correct. Did you addictive quality -- so your your your body thought they need more need more and you're giving more and it. The only problem and it's really affect a lot of teachers. Because now they're starting it. You know it can do so. And the other thing -- order order order -- I wouldn't hurt it. Miss a mayonnaise or that Libya and the line with San. I don't know. My mother used to we always had salad dressing. I never even know they made any other kind of mayonnaise until I became a grown up we always had the same thing with the blue label on itself I want can keep up the good fight there come probably Anthony thank you very much. Are you wanna do it the don't wanna do it. It's amazing how strong the mind is seriously. For years and years and years I would wash my hands. Fifteen times. Because I don't like dirty ice have clean hands but washroom abnormal amount like everybody else does but I just one day and sentiment doing this anymore. And I didn't do it and it's done. -- I when I decide I'm not gonna do something that's it figured that the bankers are going to be done. Blood you've got to want to as he said the cigarettes and I've never smokes are I don't have to think about that. Alcohol I don't drink you know. And pretty much an Angel -- -- thanks Tony. Capsule MI not a role model for for department yes. -- should all learn. You know it's funny though everybody has a different view. On what's important of them. To some people it's important. To do everything possible. To take as many breaths as they can as long as they can. That's not my attitude at all I wanna enjoy in my life and if and if you said now means that OK here's the judge's scorecard. Look if you continue to do this. And eat that and not to do this and not to eat that and -- emblem. We're gonna have to knock five years -- I -- knock him off because at least -- I might have some enjoyment some people give up all of their enjoyment. So to live another over a year or two and they go their whole life like that now if you wanna do it it's up to you it's fine. But I've always believed that living is more than breathing. Breathing is just okay we need to breed of I understand that. But some people give up everything for that I wouldn't. -- just wouldn't I would make the bargain okay I'm willing to live less about a lot of enjoyment like while I'm here like you agree look at the same way I have to enjoy myself otherwise what's the point. What is the point is -- go to work and and a and that generate revenue for the government. I mean really you're just mogul wants a look shorter -- come get some enjoy an audio life. So -- asked -- the reason I Roma Cyrus -- letter. -- a multi doctor recommends more working. Okay. I've been working on my -- a -- I can't -- And other fine. Light bat let's talk to channel seven's if they'll do it right for Children's Hospital. Work for the kids like that. As that is cashing in networking that exact got Linda Pellegrino she'll be the chief worker down there now we're talking you out like and that let's go to a coach Larry. In Cheektowaga Larry you're on WB -- You actually be real short and get a point 1985 I quit smoking. And I did it for one reason you'd think this is stupid I promised myself I would never paid more than ten dollars for a carton of cigarettes. A link to this story about a carton of cigarettes a -- ten dollars and 59 cent or and that was I never smoke anymore after that. Why -- -- no matter what did what it took at least -- do the right right decision for you know how much you miss it. I -- admit that this 1985. I quit cold Turkey and eluded justice I think I'm not spending more money than this and I thought it was a wasted time. Waste of money spent you don't smoke a cigarette and it makes sense that they know more than that I didn't. I admire you Larry in a week ago. -- wait weaker people would have gone to a state that doesn't charge much popularity. And Larry thank you. Out of Mississippi -- thing. We'll take a break we'll be back more beads and company on news radio 930 WB isn't this. -- And take up. Tony I'm going on -- mission this afternoon. We -- client. On the show which is a very well known and very well. Respected jewelry store so. -- going there you want me to pick up some -- -- few bottles here and there and be sure what the union naval ring while -- July actually you know what I want is the -- -- As I I don't think this kind of store -- -- I'll and so our own internal -- starts OK what about about your president trouble ankle bracelets all Valdez where can I take him a prom or we get like maybe of those best friends -- -- and I'll get a third half. Show how hip I am I have a DF about how -- you think. I have an SOB and it's of the what -- -- you know I'm gonna speak only of initials today. So yes a BI's advice he's immunized topic -- -- improvement over Christmas. I'm glad you're sizes. Yeah. -- walk around it everybody's finger size. Would you know -- is finger size or Chris would you and your -- If you're gonna get a ring would you know outsized again it's it to bring it up -- But what is it something about a rings the other day and it just -- -- -- was incorrect our guys I don't know -- Iran's pays -- -- by one gold bracelets that's easier bracelets true if there are you know that they either have pierced ears and they don't. As he could get hearings bright so that that's pretty straightforward but anything with sizes got Bieber -- All right we're asking the great Americans log out its number 38 today 38. I don't know why I just don't think it has the same impact corsets it's. It's done great success from 42% in 1965 to 19% now so that's great. But people hear about the red -- -- I think it's like. Earth Day where it started off with a lot of enthusiasm. And a lot of vote a lot of thinks that conquer and then as it goes on and on a non becomes less important less top of the mind. And now it's -- -- -- OK it's great American smoke out but I'm asking did you quit did you quit smoking and if you're if you're on the are they enjoyable are they -- -- they the big represented good substitute. And healthier for you. Let's go to Lisa in Hamburg Lisa you're on WB yen. Lisa what what's your story. Well. I smoked for about twenty -- years it and -- February 24 I decided yet that's I'm done. And down and went Chinese anger. Or hadn't done. Couple caller of the dollar and it was talking about knocking on an airplane and nicotine and things like they act and that being with the UP SQ do you know how much did you smoke how long did you smoke and what you do they base there you and the highest level you can start with like 24 milligrams of nicotine. And that you get IE eight we knew I was called to choose which the liquid that you put -- -- east sicker than you can't go down in the kitchen apple all the way down to zero. So yeah they're they're weaned off of it then it's not cold Turkey. Exactly exactly so. There's some people that. But they're -- I am already got a two milligrams of tickets. What do you must be strong willed after all that you almost use muggy and you said that's it I'm done. What was the deciding factor. You know I looked at my children and I looked at PayPal or grandchildren. And it's like you know I -- -- -- smoke and -- going to be around to see them grow. The boy right now. Well for immediately. The action -- Not only their like the end of it out but it was still blowing out of the -- and daughter and daughter had gotten one of those. I guess it's it's -- something you can get. It's like I'm nicotine inhaler. Earnings. And net. But it didn't blow out any -- -- it was no big issued -- and it didn't make -- change but immediately. For me it was just that -- satisfying part was like actually you know in narrowing -- -- going. So -- a -- it was a physical thing that wasn't there okay. Great replacement this cigarettes and then with the immediately jet that was meant all -- so. Brittany it was just eight and -- replacement and you get everything from fireball. You know. From a Nicole and -- at any. The -- a gentleman a moron today that deal and these say that the menthol is one of the most popular flavor so. You're in good company -- that and that -- the labor the flavor. A really makes up for the loss of the flavor of the tobacco would you say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is it you know people get there I I actually like to -- cigarette pattern and a bigger. -- when you smoke these cigarette do you follow the same. A rules and regulations as the people who smoke -- the regular cigarettes are. Do you feel comfortable smoking around him because you know there's no secondhand smoke when that but there may be a little vapor. I usually don't smoke around people I don't take it into a restaurant. Right I out of the rules of -- usually don't do this topic go to a person called -- In your mind if I I smoke. And now how -- of a price because of prices driven a lot of people. Away from smoking RVE cigarettes considerably cheaper than a regular cigarettes. Well I think fit. -- who is I think did you hit record and that the hottest ticket depending upon how much you smoke. You know I -- thirty miles idol can cost you like twenty hours. Oh really okay that's substantial. Amount to much. They're. You. -- What about -- can you smell the cigarette these cigarette. They expect the Italian when my daughter was -- fireball I'd pick it's it's -- like if you were talking to somebody was talking and a fireball. Well I think he went she you know who -- -- up it's now like fireball. Now my husband smokes. Immediate -- look like Altman maniacs feel like a little bit -- -- Don't mind I don't know anything. But it's not and that it's just like you might ballot problems. Fireballs. It's not as expensive as -- it's bigger. So yeah you're comfortable in your doing a good job and you've been offered for several months now and do you think this is your long term. Long term -- stay on this. Yeah and god and -- long and I smoked. Now what I hope parents somebody like if they're outside similar smoking now I don't like the. Young will lead that's a good thing because you don't like kids you're not liable to be drawn back into it. Well congratulations. To you Lisa we're very happy -- you -- happy you found a good substitute thanks for calling. But I I would recommend anybody should try humans not the don't want smoker and it it did work for it back. Do agree with the other callers see you yet don't want to quit. I think it's like it's like anything else if if somebody's forcing -- to do whatever. You're always fighting it but if you wanna -- you get your own inner strength to draw from thank you thank you very much. Congratulations are good for -- I have almost no sense of -- Witches. The beneficial at times. Especially. Well them. A -- back Lamar would be and company on radio 930 WV.

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