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11-21 Beach and Company Hour 1

Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello but is -- governor and asks. I'm clear this isn't the same line -- today. But I think that this of this promotion while ago over 1212530. So far. As made me a better person. I'm a better person that I was yesterday and I can tell you why. -- -- singers get through some of their jingles. Like this morning guys turn on the radio John Souza no limits on out of 5 o'clock and they said starting at 7 o'clock it's turkeys -- tickets so a mental note because I'm usually in here by almost 630 quarter to seven aren't. Mental moral I'll probably see a couple of cars in the parking lot people say well we're here with a Turkey and we'd -- some of the sabres. Little that I know as I drove to work I go through UB all the time. When I got to maple right across from is -- That's where the line ones. It took me from his daddy's witches at the base of of this overpass on the 290. Normally that would be two minutes that we 45 minutes OK god. I'm I here's why it's made me a better person. If our normal traffic jam for you know construction ahead of zoning. I have a few -- about this short you know. It would be almost road rage but it was a good cause and -- on that it amendment. I'm a little among going to be a little late for work. But this is a good cause so it's worth it and so everybody else was very well be everybody's going to line lawyer's supposed to do and and so was a good cause. And I'm so happy we're getting such a response. And the second you know sometimes I like time release. The satisfaction. I could hardly wait -- Tony and me. Because it cuts it a little claws at times and if we didn't happen have a radio on this morning ago huh. Now it's only human they -- diamond will surprise you cannot let the overnight internally could be yeah well a little bit early. Ten minutes to get from sweet -- people to mart parking spot on while ten minutes and that's normally a minute and a half and drove over few cars yeah about let's go right. And that would come first of all in our complex we love this complex. But one thing you have to know is there's only one win. And one way out and that's it and there Oregon zillion cars and other still collecting some turkeys and they're gonna make sure if you brought -- Turkey that. They get donated the tickets will be yours for the sabres went. While I've not seen such a reaction since probably the time we gave way the flags when -- went into Iraq remember yes they do and this is I think similar. And there's a lot of people are going to be enjoying a Turkey emailed thanks to the food bank city mission in the sabres and and -- -- But it was a it was something else talk and here's here's a thought right. Being a program director if one car in this line runs out of gas. You know what's gonna happen you 'cause you can't go out the you can go in the -- here because it's -- -- A you have no idea who is on the other end of that and I'm thinking one car runs out of gas these cars going to be like a Grand Island. But luckily nobody ran out of gas people over and -- -- a lot of people parked across the history. The old -- rockers or friendlies. I am and you see him walking across the street with a plastic bag with Turkey season so that's them that's for good some we're so. Well I don't know they were in -- so long they started eating the Roger -- a -- a stick it in on the frozen like a Turkey a country. At the great American smoke I guess you can smoke entered if you wanted to. And the president of Turkey is real good stuff and releases so bad that is all going on and -- you know six and eight. The obvious good part about you being a long time radio for former is that the story about it really have any Turkey stories source yes I go. Not from WK RP in Cincinnati. Where they decided it would be a good idea. To -- to drop turkeys on to the crowd. And so they hired a helicopter. And they said you know just being here and we'll gonna throw isn't at least. They threw live turkeys -- not realizing that -- Kemp flies. At -- they don't you care pre start but I don't one that I I I was out. When I was working at 104. Okay and we're going to Turkey giveaway at Thanksgiving. -- so a lot of stations do that whatever. The general manager. Of 104 when I -- nice guy but. Well let's just say it was and -- a rocket scientists aren't so now comes that we start giving the Turkey's the way. And suddenly at this was after -- off the air 10 o'clock. A delivery guy comes in and says we got the turkeys. Four. He didn't get certificates. From the Turkey via the people he got Turkey's not once but turkeys for -- month. To put them. We place to put like a hundred Turkey. I suggest that being a pain in the ass that I am. That we -- in the hotel right downtown you know I suggested it was cold I said why don't tie a rope to each Turkey and hang up you know. -- -- -- -- -- about why I'm -- and he had to go downstairs to a hotel. To be a kitchen and ask if we could store these turkeys in their freezer because -- don't tell -- huge razor right but he hadn't thought this day. Don't send me real turkeys I need certificates for Turkey's. So that that was the story so we almost had a hundred turkeys in our lobby that's just as bad as the shrimp in the trucks to be exact thank you. A hundred turkeys. In the lobby and unfortunately one in the general manager's office. That's my Turkey story thank you very much. It -- we come back Lauren -- will be a talking when she's at the Los Angeles auto show hang in there. On news radio 9:30 -- it's going so well today I'm telling the folks at the food bank city mission very very happy thanks of the sabres and thanks to mark our corporate entity and come will be back after it is a Beijing government -- expecting to hear from Lauren fix -- from the LA auto show keep in mind. It is three hours earlier there are so it right now it is about 6:22 in the morning but we will hear from Lawrence is likely first big auto -- a year. And -- Warren bullet check in with us in a few moments meanwhile look over your left shoulder don't -- to -- they still collecting. Turkeys yes turkeys are still being collected. In exchange for sabres tickets. I heard earlier that there is a limit of four tickets to wait persons -- to -- And I don't think -- bother weighing the turkeys. Blood -- bring him Turkey I mean -- and line your your going to be slower you know those wanting it to a little bit different from what we're doing the flags after nine elevenths. There's no cool for him outside and I'll -- that we're doing flags a guy lined up in a Ferrari guess what I'd the other I was talking about the for -- Monday I'll. At a -- semi the image he's a real motor head and he owns a Ferrari I think of 575. Which if I'm not mistaken as a twelve some longer could be wrong map but it's -- engines of his more Roman. And said in the spring get all of them will go Florio a ride cool he legal -- real equals angle any funky -- and -- and you know. No -- some -- usually twelve cylinders. -- yeah so because via. The mid engine one you can't put the seat back because the seat is right against the engine basically. But with a twelve cylinder when they're under the -- more not so that's that's a -- very thank you John having Jon -- the weather forecast sunny day. Again getting that you very much. It's down it was down there thank you John. There. What a shame -- -- if fellow over is that's an. John John the radio professionally never talks one on my -- on. The key for me yeah. That is -- the godfather. Yeah it's. And anyone want the weather focus you know what I mean. This call -- -- by the need to know what the weather is and we'll get at whether it is. Cloudy with some showers if that was on made. Apparently fell down behind the console here at a Nazi so I don't know look real good -- beat me no good or mining this morning there were -- this morning. -- was some showers around high above 47. Mainly cloudy tonight little rain low forty cloudy breezy tomorrow some rain at times and -- 48. Saturday a couple of lake effect flurries and squalls accumulating one to three inches. In the southern -- Otherwise mostly cloudy with a few flowers -- 34 -- a remarkable. Just remarkable. The success of this campaign. A win last week heard McConnell which was almost half an hour ago. Apparently there were 500. Turkeys in the first truck and there was still loading the second truck -- -- 725. And does so that means it's 12125. And that was 25 minutes ago. So it looks like a rousing success. Lot of people are going to enjoy a fine Turkey dinner thanks for your generosity and -- the -- -- -- -- you know was up and help. Who's that seed Andy there again and -- here is artsy to a black yes OK he was there is a guy now president of the sabres and figure of one of our. Our favorite hockey players real real good guy and -- out and -- our general managers out there but he's not doing anything here you know why are general manager went out there and somebody mistook him for Turkey tried to put him in the truck. Obviously I've talked to people who work here only -- he left a video they've dabbled -- -- I think he got a copy utterly. You're about to have almost fallen. And by putting agrees Obama on the little playing particles from his dock to job might help you that you and it. -- status -- like did -- -- blackened and the volunteers. They are working hard and as I said it took a long time to get into work I had no show Oprah that this is one of the few times another -- -- But I think women show wrapped. And I -- and don't -- It's easy but I got three hours that's the problem. But I think will go through I think so will be so there's still though they had lines still out there you see. Are still common on the corner and people have been very very well behaved I didn't -- honking. I didn't see any ice ice the only aren't the only -- the old. Now on skis all -- king all on and the only people it's arguably the bird were actually giving a Burton. It was an actual bird. It wasn't a finger it was a Turkey. I did get some dirty looks though why by the way as house trying to acknowledged my way in -- will be trying to cut a line that caught the line went to get riled the outside of the line the very act and of the parking lot. In two ladies did. Yeah obviously you know -- work there they thought I was trying to -- fun of them will want to have things I know you couldn't do when I was hoping nobody would try and do it. Going going in the exit. 'cause that's. It's like the outskirts you can't beat you with -- or -- -- rate of wherever they are there at the cars rated yet because if you try to do that you'd be a meeting somebody had on -- be somebody's ornament gang he's going to jail -- saw a guy I'm glad nobody tried to do that so I just decided. Interest thing. I just decided well when I get a lot of -- I don't know I I -- and this is a good cause -- ever. But I have a car that does somebody dries -- grazing and shut off but I haven't read how to do it yeah. Every time you stop. The engine -- now. It's to save gas save the environment and -- all -- -- And when you lift lift your foot off of the break the engine starts up it's seamless you can and there's a second battery in the car to take care of your lights and whatever you're running on electricity. But as soon as you stop you watch you -- attack and it goes down to zip. Boom and it's totally quiet it's almost like an electric car it's not but it's it's there's no sound coming from Minnesota's UF. The bill engine comes alive and well I never had a chance that you that Boyd an average as he is today. To be weird it is a weird feeling because you're used to hearing an engine sound when you're stopped at a light and there's no sound to -- Not you can -- optical bypass and if you want oh it's it's got to if the if the green. If the green here as a non means is not gonna do that and I haven't figured out of them looked it up yet. Which button it is the push to shut that off but. It's it was ideal for a thing like this because I didn't have -- Lipton let it roll forward do you legs and that the gas engine -- suited to lift up a break the engine for all okay so it's it's you don't lose anything you would think that there be a little delay you really don't. As soon as you lose some -- lift the engine starts. I wanna come back apparently Lauren fix is leaving little bit because it is six majority in the West Coast. If she does happen to call it would we'll talk to work she's at the LA auto show otherwise going to be a starting off with a great American smoke out. Talk about that and things like that on news radio I'm thirty -- beach and company. WB EN 9:30 AM isn't buffalo as police on black. You can go to -- -- an amendment I'm not that I found. Okay let's go out -- -- -- you're leading the good life there's a lovely Lauren fix of the LA auto show hello Lauren. About -- -- -- in the early they needed. Now is that he is the LA auto show the first major auto show of the season. Right yes I'm good at -- in the US open Tokyo going out the same time but. But birds aren't there are backed her up from North America -- -- and not -- indices in New York where are all really check our shot. Now hobby and all the press stuff MB up -- 637. Your local time I mean do you just a cut short your sleep pattern or what -- -- do. Yeah unfortunately it does me no they don't sleep very much Buick and I've got too much on my plate but. Yeah absolutely I left that I'd I'd certainly finished we were out in general mark and -- event I can't we get back by 12 o'clock I can't say yes or relentlessly. Wow why now YouTube yeah I'm sure they don't I don't press the journalists they wanna impress the public yet. They oftentimes show cars that are in the pipeline will be out soon they show cars that are already in the show from what is impressed you so far in Los Angeles hello Lauren. Well it is instinct you know what we started out there -- the person there W offered opportunity and that's really happening important comedic -- When and -- luxury company especially a sporting company like BMW's and that it commodity are like really at Uga went right to. So they can I re published in April we got to ride the opera production cars. You know like sixty -- -- a lot they're all the -- -- area like we're clones. Am not but anyway. They weren't that now I -- I mean you would be an option. Literature about being marketed. They're really going across the country -- have to be useful here in California. Every manufacturer and building any car for California now -- -- here. That's what the requirements artists sell cars so that was kind of interesting and it it was an opportunity. You want to like it on the street or. Vote and let. Well I. A the company that they're contracted with California. To build these charging stations promised to build a thousand and something. And in one year the year is up and they've only built a hundred and something they've been only 10%. Do you think that that is going to be a drawback for -- of four electric cars is the fact that. It's -- taking longer than expected to get the charging stations out there. I've -- in the drop back on that. Part that we're in charge in charge how. But you know when -- station cost money. Range anxiety -- was a problem. The warriors go in the -- came out there is no. Child. And back and if you are back and your. A lot of power and -- you know. Surprised me Lauren you know how it we have hand held devices we use iphones and all itself. Where you can have portable power I'm surprised that the summit like Nissan with the lead for these others that are already in the marketplace would total electric cars. Don't have a portable something you can plug in that'll get you another 25 miles after your main battery is gone. Well I can make a lot of money back yeah I really think about it the -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- -- currently in -- minutes -- the not to expect quick phone -- And not make me comfortable if something happens. When it comes your vehicle takes some time and although they've worked on quick charging station. You can't push technology. And the altitude under another trend we're now seeing which it hydrogen Hyundai announced last. And then -- -- -- our vehicle. And that -- agree now and now -- been doing that while the QL technology. -- it -- and stationed here now. Well the only problem with hydrogen is what made him -- car of the Hindenburg. I mean. I made hydrogen hydrogen is very volatile as you know. Up a but I will I would you know a lot of arguing because Beckett the Bush Administration. Did a lot of money into it and -- sport. And GM and put money into the equinox and the Ford Edge or hydrogen -- I drove down. It actually drove him in New York City would have a station and Westchester. And it was very interesting one of their compressed and -- -- you'll vote and actually try and he's struggling that will not flowed from. I would try -- and over -- -- I was gonna have an explosion. Only because that the technology has the same kind of technology that. NASA is found is that that an accurate he got around so quickly and really the solutions are you going to ask. A few years ago they've brought so much hydrogen cars over to UB and to some of the media maybe you'll even drove one I didn't get a chance to drive one then. But -- they've been trying to -- hydrogen for some time what else is in the LA auto show this Kutcher fancy. Oh well I love it and we'll get them in the area sugar unit to jaguar. And very cool in -- at more -- to. Fabulous thing but don't agree -- so they unlikely he would jaguar. Recent you know times. And now they have one on the lower ranked than me and -- -- -- -- a -- the -- six under and of course eight and they are back. And then should let you know what on the net I think was very Smart on their part have been smaller pickup trucks -- we have a report ranger -- -- -- -- -- Paper but -- considered disappeared. What you get you to obvious type -- I went over to western and see if I don't fit in one and I can't that's the answer but but they fired up the -- lose supercharged engine all of my god it's org meant that -- sounds like a race car. It is what went into potentially an. Art. While I mean if I if I if I Gloucester hunger. 200 pounds I'd be generating a wanted to tell you that that nice what else is on the floor. On -- in Colorado and -- midsize pickup truck GM. And he which -- -- all which is a -- many of the new restatement of the prize. I've kind -- like buying. Smaller version. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well as you know our Porsche Mercedes BMW. Have been introducing over the last decade. More economical price cars to get people into them to start -- then move up to the more expensive cars. Who -- -- already already has some of that and I'm surprised he's been especially with a called something like the client. Right that the and they -- server and think about like BMW acts. Believe all croc hunter and -- he is three note that news that the -- side everyone everywhere that's smaller crossovers it. But it comes in a Turbo version which goes up 40000 dollar not a bad are up to 70000 dollar car when you enough for that corner. The other one thing -- learn is that you can going from the entry models of the flagship model you can -- sometimes more than double the price let me ask you one more question before we say -- I -- -- -- does something that I think is very fool -- when you can tell me if it's practical or if it's all if it's all in the marketing. When I come to a total stop at a stop light it cuts the engine often as soon as you. So did you lift off -- the break the engine comes back does it really save much gas or is that a marketing thing. No really does say that a lot that the start stop technology a lot of doubles and it I mean everything he has bad at all on the O line. The army no matter what what you're buying them through the new technologists say we're trying to meet cafe standard. They're doing every little teeny thing they can -- getting lighter and unfortunately in my added it to you like these are -- that the driver in the past. -- -- -- In this case where I don't like about it is -- -- according air traffic light when I put my foot in our war in response. They're the slight delay and they are also waiting -- off. The other as I haven't figured that out yet one more question before we -- ago I know the last question I said was the last one but I got -- one more for it. I yesterday it was nineteen degrees one of the house I can't tell you how many people probably went to their car dealer and said how -- my check tire pressure light is on. And they think that they had a flat explain how temperature effects that. For every ten degrees about my temperature change you can lose what you kind of pressure in your tires here at the free of information you're gonna get Saturday. And a couple of initial cost. And -- TP mass -- -- moderates like I'm not hurt you know is on your favorite. Yes eastern or you're at air club and add air is usually mean that operate three to five pounds. And the light at all. Now if you if you are over inflated by a couple of pounds on a warm day would that compensate or is that not a good idea because your tires and have too much your pressure. We actually don't -- over like he can -- up retired prematurely and about the the checkered tire pressure that the credit inside the driver's story. You in the morning when the tires are cold. You can bite I Sunday I went straight pretend Mexican I ever fired an auto parts stores where the -- should have your dialogue injured in a gauge. And follow the numbers inside your drivers are every single car different and that really ninety degrees out there which means. All the little things that Iraq aren't a big amplified -- and everywhere I think here. While a good time -- wind dying drive have a wonderful time we'll see you went back and no more. Or -- like Lauren fix the car coach. And she's at the show will be back while the trucks are buttoned up and that this isn't the final exact total. But we don't know bent over 15100. That's right 15100. Turkeys. Elected with a food bank and city mission and thank -- -- that and if there was any inconveniences view. Getting to work being deliberately your there was for good cause and we thank you for your participation but. While I don't know of anybody is ready for 15100 turkeys that's incredible so congratulations. -- -- vote. McDonald's. Had a big announcement McDonald's that you know the meg ram. Of -- they said a couple of weeks ago they said. The CEO of McDonald's that we have too many menu items couldn't figure out why he would say that. But he did. And does so I'm figuring what are people going to McDonald's they get confused. I was gonna get a big Mac -- you got a big Mac had no idea who about the stuff. But they announced that they may grab won't be available nationally this year it'll be regional only and a survey of stores. In buffalo say they will not be serving -- a rib. Now you make rip the guy and I you know I tried him and like to me at first until -- read something upon them and then. No getting him in about your Christmas grim for your -- I've never handled -- my cousins have had -- -- mania and they were big fans that'd be persuaded me away from mr. cousins -- and his brother -- Larry Darryl and there have not. Opt opt opt. So that's our regional but I have good news for you -- I got -- my obsessed. You think you -- talking about pop buys for a long time yes. My good friend Rob Lucas. Who I. I -- focus from obscurity. And I said here sun touched the hem of my garment. And -- -- ended the morning show me. And -- AM. At least 8% of what I know. And now he's a big star right on -- a star in the days of ago so I guess he figures it's OK okay. She -- appoint -- -- -- that -- hurt my feelings he just gave me courage and employment application for pot pies chicken I have a right. -- It. They were automatics and I. Was implanted to give of this job quite yet. It does he know something maybe that's an -- and you know he's really in -- know as soon. I'm just telling the buffalo and Erie county workforce development consortium. -- pretty impressive -- -- consortium. One -- consultant and no we're gonna -- have a consortium but we go I'm pretty impressed. At the buffalo employment and training center on Goodell street. Is day is holding a recruitment for pot pies chicken. Opening -- applications on site Thursday November 21 from today -- a -- play. You must be enrolled in the program or call us 856 jobs more information but then. The bottom I love this because we talk about politicians never let -- -- a moment Norway's. Presented by Byron brown -- Mark Poland cars come executive and Antoine Thompson executive director so if you do get that job. -- -- chicken you can. That nice guy I'd rather see something else to them right now I. Outfit you said there's a pop eyes opening in Niagara county this is Erie county. Is there one on Delaware there's one the one -- -- counties and alma and across from now and studios on general for -- was -- -- Senegalese -- you know and there was talk of on going up by Niagara Falls boulevard in military -- from what I understand. In talking with Ken Hamilton and is that the site to wound up following through whatever reason -- and they are in the they are looking for property right now. Are well let's hope they do because you don't brag about every Thomas here commercial form I think you analyze adulthood so we'll see it was whoever is. Meanwhile Murdoch who has got more money and -- owns fox. He owns fox television on fox movies he owns 20th Century Fox. It also a lot of stuff and he's getting a divorce from Wendy. For so when -- usual middle name and your middle name is dang DNG. To be done against Wendy -- -- Deng Murdoch. Is getting a divorce after fourteen years of marriage now he's a billionaire. He's 820. You would think at 82 who. Hang in there are no longer. Good to make like a day by day deal you have to be thinking who like compared to when I'm a hundred go. I don't get it right you're already 820 you're probably pass -- little blue pills are and let's stop and he's gonna have base after a fork over a lot of -- This woman so that cities getting a divorce and that's that. Now I do ever rat dog tickets come -- and why not hand out these prizes. If you like CEO Bob Weir and rat dog Tuesday march 4 at 730 shares performing arts center. The value of these tickets sixty bucks general content rules apply call 6449875. Right now. And promotions will call you when the tickets are ran but the show was until march of Adobe probably a little while from now. Amid all we come back today is the great American smoke out day they've been having this for years to get people who stop smoking. Now there are some alternatives to smoking including a one call. And we'll be talking about you and your attempt to give up smoking. And whether people smoke. If that bothers you heard in the usual stuff around smoking on news radio 930 WP here.

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