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11-20 Michael Caputo Hour 4

Nov 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You just can't possibly you can't possibly command before he says -- just. I just that's for sure Michael Birmingham in four. Four Tom. Here in these -- 930 WP -- we talked about common core and what's. Really people don't understand him and I think it's important to understand the common core was born in 20092009. That's right when the president first came into office so we know that common core have a lot of work done on that under. George W. Bush. And the way that the president got it in so this is a you know put together certainly by. Our people from both parties but it 2009 they relayed particulars may have president Obama's fingerprints and he managed to get common core adopted in. Against 44 states by offering them four point 35 billion dollars in stimulus money in 2009 if you didn't. Want to -- if he didn't sign on for comment or you didn't get that stimulus money. As simple as that and a lot of governors can't turn down free money so we have all these states sign up. -- fact all the states except for Alaska Nebraska. Texas and Virginia and leave. Accepted common -- in Minnesota actually accepted -- the English portion. And common -- has really blown up since -- effect recently somebody said it's. The Obama care of education for President Obama that's very interesting comparison for sure. About Debbie are your -- back and thanks for call Americans. -- -- -- -- And yet I totally -- it out here for. Patient on the caller was right -- I ended -- and that I'm I meant it. It's socialists -- I probably best save my -- Communist manifesto which you got your point guards are really appreciate each. I write an end this thing isn't it it it isn't that put it started it No Child Left Behind the bush is making the clintons started our rights hectic. Good intentions but the liberals took an early and it are right they drove us out of education throughout the good teachers out of education. Robertson thanks a lot for call back of a clear case I got a bunch of people want your picture on. And I -- -- and we have Madonna from buffalo on common core. Michael how are you I'm gonna. Well Mike I think that's a great program but ultimately into it for about 45 minutes. But the last few minutes I think your clarification I want and necessary. A lot of people think that that's the federal mandate. It's not it's almost like the bride we started really -- -- -- -- -- I. It's it's like highway money you don't get -- -- ammonium lets you. Would raise the drinking age. Exactly and and I don't particularly care for that permits for highways but I really don't airport without. Shouldn't I and trained as a teacher -- work -- at one right now play a lot of -- biggest problems where. -- -- seemed to get. Few steps -- kids cannot perform. Certain basic level like. Are reading and writing and spelling and and an even doubt anyone was that a government teacher in the -- the case. If it's widespread and rampant that kids don't have basic skills how do we expect that to be a quantum jump. And that higher level. Critical thinking skills and that's what's being required right. It's like saying it is -- woman at a private aircraft was -- Jarrett but now we're approaching the Olympic pool and you're gonna compete with all the countries of the world. This is a real crisis in New York State right I mean people this is actually in New York. Nationally they're saying it's were were a common -- is giving much and of them a more negative reaction in new York and most of the states affected. Education secretary John King he's in trouble. He of these people been asking for him to resign here in in New York State because come. I'd find what you set offenses but I don't think that's the biggest probably Arnie Duncan okay. A -- to the long line of. I actually talked about John King the of those state. -- no Arnie Duncan probably he's been that people Asperger's -- The little -- and as sort of a put himself a little clout but any hair and you know I get out of that -- is he has put himself -- all positions. I don't think any educators even apple flop well. After the high. And all the stakeholders including an art school board member -- here so I although another job and happens to be in Brazil and going out -- -- -- -- not. An educator disguise himself -- that you are private schools. And that's that's I think that's wonderful okay. But he'd never met an understanding -- what that real. Commit an -- teachers make in our public schools and what. Deficits they -- in the student that they bring into the questions that we should look they get an understanding. About top that is to teach kids. Nowadays I probably handled generation everything that a little. It'll iPhone killer but no no no you know are true understanding -- of the top. There are the contents. It's very hard to be a teacher say airing there are you can't get shot at the front of the -- expecting -- Bob. Bubble and I'll answer that wow this is cut short so much -- chose that topic. Talk to the people on the front lines. Talked teachers every day don't just call anecdotal evidence. But troop -- triple play what they have to face what they -- to deal and the problems which are sometimes insurmountable okay. It's -- if you without food -- this happens. Yet it's coming -- without a decent back to sleep -- -- entry -- rely on the -- -- It's -- the school well good aliens and broker can't record entry generation after generation a generation and that value. -- Orchard Park restore and has all those fear. Compared to what it is if you just say what the film is that they feel safe. So it's not a level playing field it's really ridiculous the jacket no I wouldn't try it like you're -- on his -- what I really can't. -- -- thank you very much column and I appreciate you know it's all you have a nice even. Israel from buffalo. Well Israel argued. You know I was you can't do it dad I love talking to you -- -- and we've been talking about education here and it made me think of you know when I was teaching. Over in Moscow -- and you know I -- Israel would grow. But what I actually belied the -- loves social and allows the topic. And I mean as I would like to bring in perspective all that foreigner. In the United States. Please do it a couple of easy. Okay good -- I wanna hear your perspective I'll tell you what in the Soviet Union. They prided themselves on eight what they claimed was a stellar. Education system and you you're product that's. I'd I actually it's the one of the exit and don't agree they got it right back at my apartment -- Soviet Union all it -- -- I'll expand their device. Yes and in I don't know if you use cellular process and -- remember in my life personally hate it. Then when we get the family gathering and somebody that is -- from you know. -- organization from one of the foremost important element of and everybody in the choir and multiple generations. Fought grandfathers. Fathers children start district but I think. -- the poetry apps. I've -- a hundred times at dinner. Everybody knows push consumers everybody does you trying to ask accused the United States the quote of a single -- of an American poet. I. So well they even cut record common -- my personal opinion. Is very great. There is a problem and viewers know that government gets involved with implementation and I don't know why they were present in Washington or going and nobody is we cannot do it tried to summary. We -- they go to bureaucrat lessons in Moscow should think and you know the one thing that struck me is. One thing that struck me I taught modern American poetry and literature at Moscow State University. I taught it because I think because I wanted to meet girls I don't really know why but. They were looking for someone to teach their English language divisions friends of mine at the mosque with the university news -- on poetry and literature I taught it. And the one thing I discovered easy which really. Took me aback was that cheating going on. In in the rushing classroom that cheating it was it was like. It is they would they would pay me money to turn the other. Art it was -- -- -- let me tell the most ridiculous thing I wish I I I I I had -- final -- -- final -- -- -- enough. Modern American poetry literature at Moscow State University. And everybody was you know this league going to be examined. One guy who's extremely Smart he knew everything there was no poetry literature states. And he finished his tests he left formerly. And everybody's busily going through -- testament does in this the days of the page in the nineties and nobody really had. Are texting on cell phone chip right and so. I'm watching nobody you know -- -- the wrong looking down the back up and down backup -- -- -- -- been looking at their pictures right. So I stepped out one moment I stepped out -- go to the bathroom and there's my best student. Paging everybody all the answers. -- That's -- the Soviet. But there was different this -- yeah. But most of example oral I don't know. How patient when you were there but that I wasn't there for example oral. Professors you'll everybody cheap suit until you give them all the material professor -- kitchen because. You called professor and it starts. Discussion right and you'll you'll get -- -- get on -- that OK now -- something between happened. Right there and it has everything. Right I thought we -- this was English language division of of mosque and state university so it was probably set up differently but I'll I'll never forget I had to you know. You know. I don't think it's fiction but a lot of people think of the via the tensions in the georgians are. The chief members of the mafia in -- and Moscow -- me be more legend -- fact that there are a lot of members of caucuses. Who were in the mafia and there was a young Chechen girl in my class of very beautiful and and she's very Smart. And after class she would -- government and she would go with her bodyguards to a armored car and then go home. It was just an amazing thing and then one day that car pulled up -- through late for class and she was our audience in the car pulled up. And the guy said mr. -- -- and I said yes and I walked over he says here and he hands me a -- thank you gonna walk back inside. I realize it's her her her car too -- -- the -- -- go home that night I reach -- in my briefcase and there's -- 20000. Dollars is. 20000. Dollars to give his his daughter and a in poetry and literature. Some days I couldn't believe it I of course I returned immediately. I went cigarettes in the return the rest it. But it was -- enemy I had specific in this is your your your your experience. Do you have children now here in this area. -- in the public schools. Now. It is now -- no evidence amateur public school in the states. Are -- that my. Our I think -- -- -- and I don't -- -- indication I'm gonna use an example like in Russia. How to -- my notebook and met in Russia. You don't get about some some are. Assignment. -- the first great course -- -- as -- September 1 in the second grade you at all multiplication table by court. No way. No -- that that explains I've married a mathematician. Is a Russian mathematician. And explains why my arm hairs in the last. As I I didn't know multiplication -- still a normal case tables. Exactly and that's what and it was it was expected from it to the multiplication and then teachers start. And they actually previous caller and -- -- -- adult children supposed to know that and if you start changing. And I have a sister who is in public schools -- -- you as a consolation said the problem is comical for example is they now are -- futures. It is great. Implementations some bureaucrat in Washington only an old when he decided cool -- -- from teachers we years. Economical good job making money they're making and they never never actually might be an important class one day. Right right well is yet love you call in please call and I'm going to be here for a -- I want to call and every day. I really enjoyed talking to thank you I'm. All right well thanks if you ever -- whenever whales and on here where. We're gonna have you back in just a moment it's -- put in for Tom hourly here on news radio 930 WV. Here we are 39 degrees here in buffalo. Apparently quite cold in the studio to that is Chelsea's wearing a coat so. 39 outside 39. Inside apparently. We're talking common core here here these -- united WB in my group put in for Tom hourly. I wanna get to a car over real quick here Jason in cherry creek Jason thank you for him. All I don't like I decent. -- -- -- That's actually mechanically to the bank actually and not been a problem that the creator Department of Education. Originally with a -- eleventh we have Axel -- people vote with their feet. The main thing elite I call that education. Is the very fact that it's not that I can make people intelligent you don't become intelligent ideas reader dictating what you get wet. I think it's -- to -- is that they have conformity. The the really -- that the only part that the government. It is this figure that if you think about it. You know like in the way it can happen and the way to do everything they picked by the hanging out pretty much all -- -- creative thinking there's there's much simpler way did you thank. I think my son personally and I'm at an art and I hate it when I hear people say that if the parents called for the ball. Government is -- -- ability to discipline in any capacity you can even say anything that could be considered. God forbid you it's thank god forbid -- -- I'm gonna say anything people who say that other thing people. Who looked so they're actually thought probably that the bond market are not illegal government wants to be the central authoritarian -- in a person's life. They don't watch your parents and the politics -- that fear and respect government and get through some of the line that you read you could see that to be the case. You know and and that's pretty much -- weather and I am I met so you're not -- -- eighty educational problems until you make it back into a state issue and then people can vote with their feet like -- that you still. Well you know we this Blanc I'd -- and who's the head of the New York PTA. -- she said I that standards have moved far too quickly for students to keep up it's like the train's pulling out of the station without everybody on board. I mean it sounds to me like this is another mess in the make -- it's another message -- making. And it's gonna continue to do that they're spending their their main priority is and not in it they -- watchers Smart enough. To run the machines and so all the paperwork they not Y 88 free thinking creative. Creatively the problem solving complex. They don't because that does not look very proud of that. Right right well listen. I really appreciate colony and Jason -- really appreciate -- and folks over on common court today yeah I this turned out to be a topic that everybody's interest in the fall. Compliment callers here waiting -- watch -- hang on -- get to each one view. But I'll tell you this common course stuff does remind me before so you know I lived there for now six years in the ninety's and I -- it went Israel calls him because. You know -- -- so much of what I learned when I lived in the former Soviet Union. About the way they taught in the schools about the -- -- the the tax about the way that they -- with health care. It it makes you worry about the future as it seems like headed to kind of in that direction. But at this is Michael Prudhoe. I'm in for Tom hourly I'll be right back to give us a call into a freezer might have your start ninth through your and your cellphone. And we -- on -- 9:30 WB am. I'm back. It might go in for Tom -- here for you 930 WB Ian don't forget the -- and three. 09 properties to our ninth -- talk about common core and what that means you you know I just found out I hadn't figured I was trying to David. He putrid and so it's a Democrat issue is a Republican issue I frankly have not been following whose -- whose again -- -- column course. But I just found out that in the spring the Republican national -- committee passed a resolution opposing common core. As an inappropriate ovaries to standardize and control the education of our children so they will conform to a -- preconceived normal. So now we know the Republican National Committee has passed -- resolution against common -- And I know that's an indication to me it is time to look at it and see if you should support it. Because of the Republican National Committee is against it it's suspicious. It is. But here we are common -- Josephine. In -- and are your retired teacher thanks for holding council. -- Yeah I don't agree with everything issues that are at the end I just can't tell you -- -- -- programming on Obama -- And the good part of it are trying to get it to get back to. The old reading writing and arithmetic. That we used to get -- in the sixties and that we -- -- -- -- the eighties and the nineties. I just really did your -- retired teacher we lost during those years to. -- currently a lot. I came. And I went there. Ninety. Degree from -- Education. It and the scene -- In the educational courses that would be fiery right. Iowa went to a good school district to a lot of teacher education. And I learned a lot here in buffalo you're in buffalo Jones is an area in that. Area -- And I learned a lot I I. It is excellent shot at senior but unfortunately. Because there's some political problems. I not yet to stay back in yours so much other school district and I didn't opt out. And that was in the state I -- In the I worked at McKinley. We're sick Grover Cleveland and I worked at about art in -- hot places but our assistant principal out of principled iMac. Two good streak that principle. -- -- -- -- they were out whites. In -- I unfortunately am white and it is to say that your weight or what can teach me and I. Just think you know you're the second -- the second teacher on the line tonight -- that. Yeah and I -- liking teaching I thought about it they pick on equipment that you would like to do down. Do now. It -- take. Books into her -- and that it would -- greater growth or pregnant. And I can't tell you the anchor well I yet Hispanic girls are right so we're talking like it's the and it. Who who lost everything because they got pregnant and then they had another baby -- two year -- another big -- two years old. And another thing in mind that with two year -- -- -- the right at that spot at the spot opposite their babies would not support them and I think should stick to support that and and there are mothers one of their mothers without -- it's and it broke her heart issues that. I went to college kids were little and they Sony's struggle and -- exceed eight feet that I upper putts and I can't believe that my daughter has done. And and and she was right the girl ruined her life I can't tell you how many good girl that I get to -- for girls. Because when I went to go ninety acres that you need to -- people who are your order scientist in -- to tell them what they need to know are fine. We don't have a lot of female scientists -- girls aren't going into math science. -- actually brought up by. Saying but here it's. Well I had a short -- it. Whichever name in days -- you can in our culture by now -- -- -- it here. So what are out of the girls there groups. And it -- you are the boys and let's see what happens our current. I. Am and then girls who want it up with a girl who -- In other activities that were precluding. Him from able to earn it. On the and I also -- group did they told me it is. It's the board. It. In. Credit in me that it that it through an. And I took them. I took -- took out arms. On with it you know act quickly on night. For me bringing it here. On and I and it and we we we went out and a league. I can't buy them on it to dictate -- that they and -- six figure it out building in. We view. We equity in the sugar. Property is -- -- Take a lot of their plant in and they showed me they knew they eat out. So why is that there. And they could not beat cigarettes they were on site of the cool -- to get what they YL I am able. Two you know get them interest in. Attack and that's exactly. Exactly what I them. Yeah. He didn't have to deal with -- this concourse where you rode hard. We weren't on it it was -- the and it became an in nineteen. Wouldn't. It's like -- science and buy out in your plants that's harder to teach and I was by -- in I know it option. My teacher took me under his wing to teachers Stewart -- teachers. That hit the airwaves and -- out it was your finance that I ended up teaching or find them by Alex and every single time I got another job that was. Your science in her at this very very important ninth grade because it teaches kids how to -- -- It's how to do I need to know chemistry and physics and I without overlapping them and without giving them too much to do. And and before and and is that the F that they can handle before they -- the -- there's backing here in in school with that it in the speech. On 8 AM and then they take by -- -- -- -- of the city -- Butler street happening at a experts that particular biology first. And then it but it's been hurt by expecting -- -- they figure they'll have better the F. On guilt at an that there are -- but the problem is that they need to you know I allergy they need to you know. Sexual everything right they need to know what they should not be doing and we are panel -- that way. Probably -- -- they say the common core is -- look at Morgan's parents of things and while I just don't like some things CNN com. That's what I like about the kind of court and I can tell you at an expert because at the anchor. A few things but I can't hurt on several people they're like computer clip. They're from an area that all -- you know -- -- we country and it -- what we want our children to -- here in this country. And to pull them out of the public schools that they don't start teaching the right way and we don't hear about what did they are. And we don't care about what they eat that without because we -- -- at home. But we want our kids how to do -- and science so they can get into college. They can get good job and they can't figure them out it is immigrant in this country like it always quiet and Mike the only with the where immigrant. And several over many many generations and it's the immigrant in this country did Ali our country strong. Ali said that it simple and excellent work ethic. And unfortunately it's the Americans that we have a laugh out from other. -- Island countries but I want they but I -- -- name on that everyone is the educational systems and slavery this that ruined our educational but. -- -- thank you very much for -- really -- we've got a full -- -- a full panel calls are trying to through here but I'll tell you what this common course that was released. This putting a lot of people. We have some real issues real issues I mean the fact. That that they're teaching some of it appears threesome very unusual things -- mean this will world history book that has come for chapter. High school history text him for entire chapter -- -- dedicated to the virtues of Islam. But not a single chapter for christianity not that we need to be teaching religion in school good for him to teach one you should probably -- -- -- teach -- all equally. And that we have you know we've we've learned that they're using some very usual sentences. In these books to teach people -- offered ample to teach children. How to. You know to try to use grammar used to sentence the commands of government must be obeyed by all. Doesn't sound like anything that would be an American school Meehan and you know unfortunately these kinds of small things in the real something that has a much larger. Purpose we've got a full panel of calls I'll get you very shortly. We have to go for a break here. My name is Michael -- I am in for Tom Bauerle who is on vacation in Quebec Monday here on news radio 930 WB and we'll be right back. Michael -- -- your sentence here for Tom Barley news out. On vacation he deserves it back on Monday. I'll never forget teaching in the classrooms in the Soviet Union at that time it was the former Soviet Union and among American poetry and literature toward achieving group. Russian youth on appreciative. And I actually read poetry from the class under forget it actually standing up reading. I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness starving hysterical. Naked dragging themselves to the streets at dawn looking for an angry ethics. Angel headed hipster is burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry. Dynamo in the machinery of night who poverty. In tatters and hollow -- in the high setup smoking in the supernatural darkness of cold water flats. Floating across the tops of cities. Contemplating Janice. But you don't know -- and it's latte with the Russian case did was blue lines. And then when I made them stand appropriate and they couldn't understand some of those words via telephone. But they were cheap and the whole time change. Cheat and common -- Vince from to -- thank you for holding on so long you've got a couple comments on common -- Well very stern could have keeping. I want to be accompanied me but the company that is primarily responsible for the hit an investigation. But that you're acting attorney general order amount to bribery. OK if you search on the New York Times you'll find out. But please don't don't don't don't don't don't use the name of the well known. That would -- inconvenient nickname because it's true okay. Why I just know I know Tom -- rules and he wouldn't appreciate that summed up pretty well for the -- -- Investigating the company can investigate and has gone up for two years it is languishing. People need to wake up. The Governor Cuomo to director Negroponte to complete this investigation. Okay the company took. Education commissioners. Collection international trips. Before they -- that the country. When making their track. They've got contracts. OK this is going on all over America. Could amount to migrate. The company is unethical. He provided substandard product. There'd been riddled with -- Okay twenty -- aired on the where they actually there. On one exit the you know other hole -- -- -- -- what -- but my point is that the teacher turned into pieces of the visitation with those many of the state. Stakes in -- You can come here. Okay we need to put an end this company's international company is not from America. OK for the common core technical partners made everything else he did not. It was a private company in collusion with higher education right it is an international company our tax dollars are going overseas. Of course all of these things are put together right corporations I mean the educational materials are printed by corporations -- curriculums are curriculum are written by corporations. It's a very profitable industry. I think we should give back to graduate America. Good teacher for ten years. Our special teachers know or it is better we can do a better job with less money. Well -- I'll tell you what prevents your your right I appreciate column -- you know the one thing I know for a fact is that this country isn't going anywhere. Weather comes the workforce or education or anything until teachers. Are better regarded are more highly regarded until they're paid more. I have we were right right served in mind and -- your career in the former Soviet Union and Central America and Asia. The teacher is a very important member of society and dawn. You're in buffalo thank you for holding. Hi I putt the ball for public school for eight years old stopped teaching about five years ago. And for a -- and you can follow the money with these curriculum kick it back to the early ninety's every time. They put out these new regulations and require all of the material to go with them and millions of dollars are spent. So that connection is very real follow the money and you'll see. Why some of these are being implemented. The only thing is we think the schools are this do law they are not clinic they are not social workers they're not speech therapist none of that. Be in the school. Are you retired I don't what are you retired from teaching. Hired I think I want to do it anymore there's too much of that isn't there is too many -- even the professional because of the disappointment. It was also impossible to rally the teachers to do anything about what they are complaining about and collectively they're more of them than anyone else in the system. And they refused to go to work for a couple of weeks it would cost a pretty penny but it would definitely make an impact that the rest of asking. -- do that for money. Is gone on strike twice in my lifetime both kinds of about their seller. So I have no pity for teacher. Well I'll tell you there if it. We've got to do something about teaching but it's got to be professional -- it's got to meet. The expectations teachers have to -- right arm the training for teachers that there that's available to be increased and and I think they need to -- -- more. I mean I don't want them all to get breast and breast increases your breast reduction surgery on my -- but I think that they should there they're earned money. Well I agree review that they have to earn it a little bit too much in my opinion. If a title ready for school prepared to be held accountable one lawyer not if your child is not. Go to kindergarten and beat people and -- -- another children. We are to be looking right you in the immediate answers -- picture -- that Charlton plaster. When -- a teacher to deal with psychological issues such as violence. Okay we -- adult theater psychotic. Ben you're at -- deal. We would eat too much Brian how can you evaluate teacher under that level of pressure when she's not one child with that. But 9 PM or more right or more an entire -- in the can't be controlled because of a chain reaction we -- them or he has been blamed for so we don't have a setting where we can realistically evaluate their teachers because we're asking them to. Do things that they cannot -- and that. Well I understand on thank you very much for calling in you know it is in fact it all starts with the family with the parents with the the people who were open Oprah on the table and teaching kids disciplined and how to act and this common course stuff of course doesn't do the news that the parents and expectations of parents. Are still quite -- Barbara are you calling from South Carolina. Barbara are you on line. Odd that looks like we lost Barbara. She held on for quite -- -- problem -- she seemed to want to talk about how important and she was very interest in talking about expectations. Of teachers. Alitalia. I I I do not who I believe this I talked to have CU is on it's going to have been in and night and I I think that my opinion. I -- -- opinion. One of the reasons why I believe that. Teachers are under appreciated underpaid. And for and many read in many cases under treatment not because. Issues. A lot of CEO we've got to because they're hiring people who can't read. They're hiring workforce the camp and I can't do basic mathematics. And bases through the very caught at the very core of the problem. Teachers. That are respected teachers who are our babysitters teachers who aren't properly -- not buy it in India. And he's doing of their own. And until teachers are able to stand up as leaders of our society and and and you know make as much as. Other comparable. Probably important. Individuals in the Swedish for community where we're going to be in trouble Joey -- or just got a couple more minutes here thanks a colony. Joseph are you there here. Are you -- -- school district. Yes I think I work in hand with Syria in school district. I am way. -- -- for you. The issue corporation -- right -- -- You know the the attendants. Just not coming to school kids you know going what they wanna do. You've seen that higher rate. I like to -- you know the schools -- proportions. We need we need to start looking at the parents. You know not only plans have been that. The children now -- And that is -- that then they chaos. You know you know you get married there in morning. Particularly -- -- -- school mothers -- just dragging yourself out of that line and it's like he you know. Where we focused on men and you know from the financial stuff -- -- -- him and trying to make the school system better. That's one thing I -- get a lot of credit for the teachers. Well you know at least teachers have no other resource. Right if you're. -- -- thank you column and I appreciate you know. This is -- could mean for Tom barrel tomorrow 7 AM to 9 AM here in front of WBN's headquarters. In front of 500 corporate parkway bring a Turkey. Tomorrow 7 AM to -- -- get a pair of sabres tickets the sabres will be here tomorrow 7 AM to 9 AM bring Turkey get a pair sabres tickets and now they're worth something and this particular Turkish city mission in the food bank account tomorrow's -- and a -- in front of 500 corporate park where this is Michael Capuano in for Tom Bauerle. I'll see you tomorrow night.

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