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11-20 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Nov 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back. This is Michael -- in for Tom Bauerle. On news radio 930. WB yen. And just cruising the Internet or you -- -- in commercials. And sometimes. He can't help yourself you know this and it's pretty attractive stuff. Can't keep away from her death of an infected addiction but I do read 3.2 billion pages of Internet news in the morning. Just so you don't have to. Well it looks like we do have. We see here. We got a couple of tickets to rat dog. Rat dog at the Shays theater by the way I've seen my target many many times in effect over a hundred times went on tour with them to Europe. Have a really -- time that's a story probably shouldn't on the air. But. A dog's incredible band they're funded right Bob -- Acoustic guitars and lead singer of The Grateful Dead he's really come into into -- Were it gives you use a good night's caller ninth caller. At eight threes early thirties starting third and yourself from the ninth caller will get two tickets to rat dog. At -- theater on March 4 the night Collins. There's some. No that's that's could be wrecked the orbit it's that it's that bad. Rat dog please elaborate a bit of music but there's also jazzy stuff you really enjoyed it human cart I advise you to do so. You know I'm joined right now on the air. Via telephone by assemblyman Dave DiPietro. David thanks for calling him quite a good good you know I -- I've been reading reports. About this are common core meeting. That came up last night and I was wondering. You give us an update I mean I bet there is quite good quite exchange going on here on Western New York meeting last night. Well it sure was -- On the -- -- -- so that's 120 some pictures. Of aviation. And what are common course that you album. I probably could use work on the court although it did get a regents scholarship I think records. I had all my. Chieftains and in no visible tattoos. You know what and that share more -- -- if you get them so -- and we can execute pitches go forward. I think -- in court commercial picture. Bigger mistake. Well bigger joke in my life and obamacare. This is. We wish him last night a bunch of or legislators assemblyman. Among women. The Republican. Minority conference. And it was just it was horrific -- -- whether it can be used to describe the what this is doing. Not only -- kids but to appearance. -- the and and the school teachers and the administrators -- heard from administrators principals teachers. It was it's quote again I haven't found anyone who sport. Well the -- record the user education standards that -- they looked -- kind of better prepare students for college and job placement. Through testing and developing critical thinking skills and all the things we want our kids to do but David there's more to within that isn't there. Oh insurers are number one fundamentally flawed because it started somewhat higher ups educationally who started from the top -- so. They started their college level and then went down to the great all the way to pre K became particularly. And thinking this is what should not what you wobbles. And -- shall first grade daughter the other night brought home. A piece of paper that equipment problems which I was having trouble within trust no matter. -- -- But it was just so you know those crazy they don't our data used to be -- -- -- instructions a transcript -- ability to teach their kids all the help. These -- they're just English now. And with very instruction whatsoever. It's it's frustrating not for the children look for the parents. -- -- -- about. Middle East and eastern Eastern Europe and first grade when they didn't find New York State and -- -- I it's it's it's really wild there. Trying to accomplish in the in the when a ball. The skill of some of these kids and just stop its its really talk it's frustrating. Well you know I have or you know -- -- -- true my eleven year old she lives in Manhattan. In the -- test just -- tests and she came here for the Easter break last year and she spent the entire time studying. The entire time I -- of more power to -- wanted to be educator wanted to have. A great education and I want that but I but I would she wanted to go outside motorbike. You know I mean I think they're just asking too much of -- now. That's what water -- or corporate apparent from a sack and greater. A second great parents whose whose son felt that hill that -- six hours of testing. 56 hours of testing well in his school because of the testing requirement they have changed to the test that. The he gets one just threw it outside every eight days would be my daughter would go outside every day. They're limiting -- one hour forty minute. -- every eight days because they can't go out they don't have the time of the date they -- the -- to these past that was the funding it's all money driven and it's frustrating. Which -- Memorial there is going down that should Burrell is going down -- I -- crying last night because. For the first time their daughter was an honor roll student oversight and now Bert -- or own their own common chord charts which. Which it's it's frustrating for everybody because it's it's a one size fits all program which we know doesn't work and it takes. Power out of the teachers -- to improvised struggle students although it's frustrating like. I've -- -- -- teacher adamant teacher likes it -- -- actually 145. States doing this and you know did David does this. This device down partisan lines -- something the Democrats like him Republicans don't or. Mean you're Republican I -- I I note that as severe I've heard some Republican colleagues and viewers complain about it -- well. It was a side of the Republican crowd last night. Yes it was not up the crowd was it was it was put out by the Republican minority conference which is our our conference that. I don't know what we of this and something I think crosses all lines right but what you remember this sort of given to a spike in democratic governor. Okay with a Democrat legislature that the rubber stamped. OK so I don't think all of them did their homework. And that's what -- driven. And and we all public option in Albany. I would I'll put it out that I'm sure somebody got a little something extra. Full force there -- -- and that's what we're dealing with that again -- then he's. Of the children you know what cooperation of the education system to slip them off what schools in the Rochester school the ball well at least the education system itself. But I blame that on the government regards to implement it still policy and now we're looking at the government trying to fix this -- policy and that and that's like our guns that are out. Doesn't work it never has worked it's it's taken out making it worse. And that we've got to scrap that will start over and what the educators put this together. Right and at this this form last night was actually hosted by. Assembly minority. Conference. And that was posted by. Assemblywoman Jane corpsman there are some others coming in from out of town -- some down staters were also talking as well is there any. Mean I notice from -- the news reports that there are some very very upset parents some even breaking down into tears is there any hope. That we can scale this back I mean common core is actually leading to some. People are saying that it might even shake up the education establishment in the New York State in and the governor is on operation. It -- on him like yeah I couldn't statewide. And across as part of who the democratic and Republican -- -- -- these -- teachers. Okay and that's who like the administration. Are scored restoration tours more world sports. With the -- volatile we're into principles last night they don't like the changes don't like it. The gusto like that otherwise involved with this does not like it and then went shopping -- As of -- -- -- western I motivated a number of people we show that. Because we've got all. And spent some local phone call a number of legislators sit -- launched in pressured them. And it worked and I'm just -- statewide I think we can turn this we will welcome the first he would go back -- recession. If we keep the pressure on result we all have contact while social media FaceBook. -- and we got a power -- out. Well and tell these people downstate. The head of the education system should be fired for the best and not in Cuomo should be taken a test for -- woman tries applauded off. And somebody else when you who want -- that the rubber stamped in the states. Right at its interest in game because I don't I just don't know where this came from. I I've heard about it I've I've complained about myself because my daughter's crying to me about it and an end. An Alitalia. I -- -- I saw. Jeb Bush the former governor an education focused on the floor. Our speech Garrett editor in Washington a couple of weeks ago. And I'd Jeb got up there and he was going through and -- -- rate of president he's going through -- -- Things he wants to address if you become president. And he's sort of talking in favor of common Cold War. So -- for up until then being in new Yorker I've been listening to complaints coming from the legislature from the Republican minority in the assembly Republican majority even. In the senate and then I hear. I hear you know our potential presence of -- candidate Jeb Bush who's come from family president's talking possibly words just come from. I'm good good question I don't know -- don't get interest under the most of this visit is -- want to make money off -- -- should go to amber. I heard from a teacher last night there's market trading at a special elections this special needs kids OK to kill it. That are wheelchairs that can't wait can't read. Can't can't comprehend that they have that they have to change as follows the guidelines. Were killed just to put grant -- -- -- -- That probably can't think that you should have been holed a ten and can draw callers and in -- course -- -- they are. To be able to do a -- it's ancient ritual frustrating because that we can work it took action other picture on paper as. I don't OK. I can't describe what she did final -- knowing that this thing is is -- -- people are even. Kids that are underprivileged. Are ridiculous crazy it's rhetoric it's totally ridiculous that we heard it last night. It is like my eyes because talked to a number teachers and parents. But I want them comprehending. That quality of what they were talking about ordered last night the actual transport administrators and teachers who are dealing with this on a daily basis. And its external education system upside down I will be fighting this tooth and nail. Starting today in Albany. What can you do in the and then in the assembled them. Start well I have some Illinois what I can do is -- and -- and little tops Mike and I can try to persuade people. That this is awful and get them to listen to me so maybe I can put us sparks. In order they're -- some sort that they'd listen and then maybe they can make a determination that's Apollo persuasion. We -- in the minority like we are that shall we got to be focused because. Again we are a minority we don't we're not able to bring the war but we do have a say because redemption for these people on the other side. Well -- it would grow lots. Numbered. Now on that's for -- and that's assemblyman -- DiPietro. From eastward -- thank you very much for Kona I really needed to have more information. On this common -- -- -- watching -- -- -- -- -- you will be to thank you very much for calling. To thank you this is Mike -- and for Tom Bauerle. On news radio 930 WBM. Be right back. It's forty degrees our parents partly cloudy. Our -- very patiently for the update every. -- evening. From WG Jersey my sister station where I'm actually on two sides on at noon on Sundays and were on the line here with Kelly does that Kelly how are you. Good what's going on over there receive. Like pat starry -- is just awful that New York feature British style -- the -- get much worse state park during a training exercise that call came in shortly after 1 o'clock. Our Claudine Ewing as at the park right now she's waiting for comments from state police to find out more. About what happened shall be live for us tonight at 56. Although police have cracked a cold case and have arrested a man for murder that happened 34 years ago. The young mother of two was found stabbed more than 100 times in locked on -- -- and Michael wanna -- cemetery in 1979. We're gonna tell you who police arrested and charged with her murder. And what evidence they used to track him down in new technology there and the count upon a lot of police chief has finally addressed those recent allegations of racism within -- ranks. Breaking his silence this afternoon you'll hear what he says insurance by in response to claims that his officers these racial slurs and profiled minority citizens. Its most recent allegations came from Jimmy beings who of course owns teams. Queens and -- shooting took place this weekend and have you read that letter that the buffalo coming council sent to the NFL commissioner. I did not read it but I heard about it. Yes that are trying to get this new stadium and outer harbor they know -- paid almost two decades to build. They're asking him for early cooperation and communication to look. At the feasibility of that proposal of course that would be huge and there's just so much going on in the outer harbor right now plot. Toronto mayor rob Ford making headlines again today. His new TV show got canceled after one episode and now he's made an announcement about his alcohol use. And of course his defense all along for is admitting -- -- was that he was in the drunken stupor so we'll let you know what he's talking about today all those stories are concerned that. Well thanks John thanks well we want to. Well that's Kelly does it from the Dijjer Zia I'll tell you that's another great news group. And to work with them of course that money evening news as. And I'll tell you what this this this is a very difficult thing I think the news from today's on -- if you. Positive things going on. I keep on during the bailed me. And did it just as -- steadied negative -- -- one thing you know we were talking about schools. From last meets with assemblyman Dave DiPietro. And Rickie -- from Niagara Falls is -- -- or you. -- -- -- if there. I Ricky I don't thanks. Colony again baker wrote that moniker. That's. If I'm sixty years old. And I've seen a lot of changes since the sixties. When I got out of boot camp. It was. Coming into November. 2 days of camp and that was -- The army Marines -- Navy's in navy's. And now. I've noticed. An enormous fan but even now looking back you know hindsight. But back in the sixties the first thing that you may or is that government can take -- president. The second what was he -- BJ would. You know. War on poverty. You know immigrant society. That started the depredations of what what we call look at individualism. Right right that was -- that was a famous phrase out of Reagan years rugged individualism. You know and the other thing. Was what stuck. Bigger remembered. And that was the degradation of morals. And the drug. You know culture. But also you do -- these two leaders in colleges and universities. It's started taking down. Anything that is America. You know all American history. And if you know the problem what people I think -- unnoticed. When something happens because you just start in -- 1 gentleman you that was struck me about. In all -- -- -- and stop and how everything is being made -- that the parent can't get involved right right. Well if it if you. Just don't look that exactly what they do. You know don't -- is as a talking point so you know cultural right look at the effect that it could handle. You write us at Ricky can stick around us from -- to go break a much talked about this. All homeless and the -- disliked -- for Tom Brown will be right back. That's a good pizza. Michael Palin the Tom Bauerle. -- review WV yen and thirty. We just got treated to my speech here thank you very much Joseph and I guess -- the only means that your with the Chelsea's. Incredible. Incredible -- What is it to -- Taurus and Taurus. Without Easter or you got spoiled up here these were re the target get a decent speeds were. Different. Well. Or back this is that I've been an interesting discussion we've I was on the air with Rickie -- and we're talking school's David -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About these common -- discussions that they have -- like the assembly minority committee did hear what's -- Ricky you still there. -- -- open arms if you don't mind. When when did you when you go to a school. I graduated in 1960 sure -- Owen cure and couples -- In 1990 chill and I graduated from UB what they are. Touch -- social work. Now you've got. You have kids M schools and grand kids in the school system I'm here now. Unknowable might -- my three children have been true or two of them have been -- a college. One went to culinary school but Meyer our middle child what can -- 01 to look at me anxious and got a hero. Bachelor's -- his life is gone and she's getting her master's. And my youngest child my daughter she's. Been -- he's gotten degrees Q school. So as these are kids -- your kids -- -- public schools and high school and elementary and such. Yes -- we're learning about. American history. We -- learning about America right. Not not the world not the -- We were we the pledge of allegiance. We -- flag go up in the classroom. The word you know god was view. Now there. Bites are. Well they've got them may have been. Deleted. And right well you know we can burn. So what I'm saying -- The problem. That rock with her it's like call all my life. I can't just -- and -- round pick it -- -- what's underneath that -- I don't know what I ask why. -- In so many people who -- in the and history has seen him. Winston Churchill once. The partner backward. Look that far forward you'll see. If you look back as far as you can. It's also been started you know people. It's like Goldman report cooking. All right if and you know unfortunately what -- human being they end up in the. Well that's true and I think you know you Korea I think a lot of the problems having nation. Start with the schools what we were in here in downtown buffalo -- areas of the city. Where they don't we're we're more than 50% of the people are brought out of the students drop out and there -- family members. Who dropped out of high school that third generation of high -- third generation. I mean that it's just to me it's astonishing -- that somebody your age could have dropped out of high school here -- syrup -- in downtown buffalo. Have their child then dropped out and then their grandchild dropped. That would be heard of and one hour when I was growing up to being on welfare. Was the stigma. I mean you were considered evil and people didn't turn around crucifixes and stopped what I mean you know yeah. It's sort of like. The voices of change. And Leo. Are you that I I think it's also tied to the schools. If you're not graduating from school you're not getting the job. -- -- these are you of some people who don't recognize -- their problems that they've they've got issues and they go back. Make it GE. -- Arm. But it didn't graduate from Michael network. Network. Don't know what if -- You know. The work ethic has been in a way. And you know what award in my adult strangers you know you're Patrick Henry -- give -- liberty give me death right. Well what has become news. -- they are brought to liberty and gently washed out. Well one more here already -- about first. If you if you just kind of stopped and looked bad over the what was it -- -- fifty years since Kennedy was assessment. What what has taken place -- -- gradually creeping along. You see a steady. Steady drumbeat. Can destroy whatever is America. Whatever I can be identified this American. Pride in America. Prize in Europe constitution. Declaration of independence. Right and you know as someone who went out and join the military in order to stand up for -- wrinkle mean. It does -- I'm I'm I wasn't any good at the military but I'm a veteran and I and I knew a lot of people really -- it. You know David -- vehicles and people -- actually -- them put their life. And the comeback the United States and you a couple of years -- you just don't know anymore. You don't know now. That but it has. I don't I don't blame the ones that are doing this. I born into people. These so called American cheap old. Third straight but the real. And the society grew up in wouldn't eat it out. All that much but what we have we work for we appreciated that we know that. You know you can depend -- having more extra break for buying and you'll want to get reappear right. In my in my childhood. We didn't hang out. Smartphone flat screen. We didn't handle. You know all the all the all the -- although. What people that we yesterday. We we can't play. I would try to -- and stuff and you know -- The Beatles. You know kids were great. I think you're probably better off with him if that means. That -- two days it's bonds steroids current. People worshipped. You know if you looked up with via -- definition of god. It does not mean that it's not an able person place or playing it really needs an object of worship to simplest form. In the triple or shut the article also today. Could be -- Smartphones. Wall Street Justin Bieber right right and people become so shallow. And the reason the world just turning into -- years. Is because people -- totally. To drop the ball. You don't hear about the country they care about what -- can get problem is of course aren't concerned with these people. But the only thing I haven't counted would now is that we share this real estate. Well and and and I'll tell you Rickie you're your year your spot on a lot of ways and I really appreciate chrome thank you much we have. A lot of vote of problems especially here in the state in and it gets worse the further weeks ago. And a lot of right here in the in in buffalo because it's serious serious problems schools. And there are forcing these actually federal standards in the common core. Down through Albany into these classrooms. And we're not even graduate and 50% from some parts of buffalo its its like rearranging the chairs. On the Titanic on the deck of the Titanic it's ridiculous. We can't. We have so many issues one of the things that I think you have to consider you really have to consider. Is how long children go to school not just how longer -- -- would do should we start having them go longer. Mean do they have to start taking up some of their summer and I remember back in the ninety's. I was working for our PR firm we represented the department education and they had particular commission. -- commission on time and learning and we learned back in the nineties there were one of the very few countries in the United States. The ansari here denies he's one of the few countries. That does not require far more -- time in school for students there you know we posted. Industrialized nations don't have many don't have. Summers off. And here Rea we're demanding more person's marketing -- more time. Maybe it's -- to start talking about. I'm having them go to school during the summer as well. I mean. We can't keep failing our kids. And if keeping them in school for a longer period a year keeps them you know it makes -- competitive for jobs -- we have to do it. Well will be right back in just to minimize this as Michael reports from power here under these radio -- thirty WB. Iraq. This news. Michael -- In -- Tom hourly news radio 930. WB Aaron. You know I wanna go right to -- Amherst Jerry you were calling them and we talked about education achievement. That provoked you what what are yes. It's just been very upset what's going on in the schools right now. With a quarter program that there adding. Being in Williams -- they are requiring sixth graders to read passages from Obama's book. Dreams of my father. And those packages are ridiculously difficult. They have read it in the air. But jazz. It's such. It would say. Accommodating unwelcome details projecting individual which is against the point sweep of history. Don't think you'll support us the greater cannot understand that they make them read these things aloud in class. I think that's preposterous. But I can agree that oil in the studio that well you know the funny thing is. -- -- The whole sentences what did you read the whole center picked realigning. I read that I mean -- I'm I've waited my way through that book if it and there are some atrocious passages that read like. The fourth -- horribly written -- heated right at some aka my president report. And why they would consider that to be a book worth reading I don't know I mean considering look I mean not that they shouldn't read the book. I mean there's so many great books. Written by presidents and about -- great books. Exactly and the kids don't understand. The words they don't understand the concept -- donors in the meetings he might have really good meanings in there but at this stated that these Big Ten eleven year old. Trying to read this passage aloud in class -- It's crazy. Yeah. So it include and there are more of these core requirements that I don't know who the people choosing but I know I would think they would get some parental input. Before they would -- Don't don't don't don't don't know but don't know that would be that would be way too much expect from the federal bureaucracy you know and for a time in my life when I was. In Washington worked very closely with the parent teacher associates in the national organization. Is talking with some political stuff. They don't get that nobody listens to them nobody listens to the parents at all. At all after they don't listen I gotta go we're gonna go to a break here -- thank you very very much for parliament you know where this is Michael to a sitting in for Tom Bauerle. On news radio 930 WB and be right back. WDE and traffic and weather together. Michael Buddhist or four primarily. It's forty degrees. So party. Our commitment to drive home -- -- it looks like it's tightening up a little bit we are here talking about education and what it means your children when it means your family. Are we are initially started talk about common core of these federal standards. That are being washed through Albany and down to your children that's many people are saying it's just too difficult and too many strange things going on there. I'm real interest here from the teacher. Jane who is in Cheektowaga your teacher. Yes and actually I was forced to retire because those -- teacher. Under No Child Left Behind. My -- principal made 500 dollars a -- get rid angle could quite. Email each of the union. Now the union did. Did you fight. I had a lawyer I thought that the that the best way to go was to retire to keep that I didn't -- truly yours yours where the fighting. And having trial lawyer bill. I retired that trying to get it to keep right now and the best principles that they had been that no that I yet. Is Eileen Bernanke is that performing -- And with that different ball out our content when I was there because -- with the white woman they made it like mr. And. -- and here you're saying. Bit the that the winnowing of the teachers ranks with with racially vote. Yet what exactly like implement that book with a one out of one and a week it would have been sitting out and it was forced to resign he blew it -- he blew it I am ashamed -- Are right he probably didn't have any back up and that's why she didn't do her job that we should've done. He didn't have any outsider I can guarantee you there. All you only clad women that I know there are deep in that district. Nobody. And we try to get back into where each of you. -- a -- and say. I want. On -- I'm currently working out right now. Quite accurate target listener. Indeed it would double I. Week. Ago oh. You regret. That may change your race week. Record of any of you guys are adequate and that you're straight BI's. Hi. Am I fear for future fear for your future but thank you very very sweet thank you very much and and good luck with your. Try to turn -- One -- -- of course of course that's parent the parent to try to you know because I think in the course -- see -- -- means another parent. The best parents that those children have art god bless the working mothers because they can't do are but the people that are from the African nation. The people who are already learn the common course standards for all their -- like the old me accurate number on how old you are. But when I was in elementary school we they taught at the albeit in your states are critical in Rochester are right. And what I within this great they decided to strike the new apps so they took the extent -- and an eighth graders who are -- let them eat that. They re trying of the nineteenth at C five CB opinion and my sister came after -- -- already knew from the beginning. And I'd get an uncle who was the that this -- it. -- done in mind that the agent that they screwed up doing like three years that it banking entity for the fact that babies they did this to. And that they ruin your app that they are a few issues -- your -- you'd ever be able to do and we get to do regular -- -- -- -- -- -- An increase when I switch into the new math when we -- that. There was some time in let's see I was in fifth grade a with a combined time on 1965. Right in the middle which which explains why can't balance -- listen Jane thank you very much for column number have to go to. A quick break here you know I actually went to three different high schools in this area. To your -- Orchard Park and graduated from Hamburg and -- tea Regis tended to move during that time. And we just kept moving from one of the Nixon and I thought their education here is great I I also was bored out of my mind -- maybe that's what. Common -- is about to challenge these students but we have some callers on the line wanna talk about that -- be back momentarily this is Michael Caputo. In for Tom -- -- news radio 930 WB -- votes missed time again. It's -- where that's twice and I didn't do that Joseph for two for two for almost three weeks justice. I've I've I've I'm went out -- minute -- He believed that. I can't see it I went to Orchard Park he Hamburg. And you're quarry -- -- never learned anything about one about telling time looking clocks -- I think probably wine. The news the time telling part of common course. At the but I won't do it again to our promise you Joseph was telling him -- because they'll be used on this even Tom -- has been on the I have done it twice. In. Twice -- Monday. So I now what the record and WP Ian and will be right back after this.

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