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11-20 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Nov 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are you doing this is -- drill. In for a Tom hourly. Here under three you might be and I'm still in for Tom to ease off on vacation a well deserved vacation. I'm just temporary help here come back and I'm here. Through the through the week. My name is Michael computer aren't from -- or. I guess that's. I'm vocal guy and it's most of you are in -- tell you what I just. I woke up -- with my doctor mountain village in eastern hour today you know what -- you know year old you know you're really. Getting old when you start talking about your aches and pains. But I want to unconvincing myself I'm not talking about aches and pains are talking about. My health care it is today I woke up and went to my doctor. In eastern world are our guy right I hope I'm going to be able to keep my doctors some of my wife and I recently found some and we -- law. On the end. I'll tell your apartment my doctor and -- -- -- probably some more bad news. Looks like I'm gonna have to. I'm gonna have to go for more search firms for additional surgery to the -- -- complain about properly eat some pains yesterday. I got an MRI back on -- team I've got a couple of tears in my left knee and in here we are forty days out from when -- Independent health plan is going to be canceled by the the Affordable Care Act. And I start looking at what coverage options I -- and there is deductible madness. And everything that they're offering me with this state controlled health care. Federal controlled health care. System. It looks like because now I need to have my knee operated on -- can't possibly. Can't possibly speak about. After January 1 met with surgery and I don't know how much does that cost but I can't imagine -- surgeries cheap. So I'm looking at probably Max out my new -- moments. And clean shine the Obama care package. Probably happen in and pay an outline. A deductible probably within the first couple of days of the year. -- that you know what those deductibles -- seven to 5101000. Dollars on the to Max out and the first couple weeks. Of 2014. In that great you know that's a sizable chunk of any persons and certainly for a 1101000 bucks. Yeah I didn't tell my wife she's here in right now despite their -- says this item I didn't even tell yet we're gonna have to pay. That's like ten grand. Amazing. It just I -- in are we didn't plan on this expense I can imagine. This is a knee problem is supposed to sit out for awhile to save Europe from poultry. For income tips the delegate. From being a pundit what do you call. Savor those tips and maybe have the hobble around from a -- keen. Well rounded and and get that operation. Either when I can afford it or when they finally were -- awful. America. Or Affordable Care Act can match. Tender and I just found out that this information is brand new -- came in here and I told him as a book you know about you but I'm upset about obamacare and this is why. I said but the two people we hear from comes with the talks about talking about the aches and pains. I'm only in my fifties already and -- like them. I'm ready to -- It's amazing I can't believe this time grand -- There's not much you can do about it this point in in the process you know of these they say now that while the president capitulated he folded he blinked. He hiccups he decided to go back in trying completed his promise that actually. To make it through his -- I was model lie and say that you can indeed keep you're. Your health care insurance policy. Even if it's this state I'm sorry read this state will not do. -- of the governor has already said thank you President Obama but we don't need it thank you. Were OK here in New York everybody who's getting canceled a 140000. Western New Yorkers who got their policies canceled. We're fine we're fine. We're following you know we can actually. You know without the governor of course you know she spent a lot of time in buffalo in ballrooms like -- and I like he did last night and he raised. Million bucks. This is just it's abominable. It's such a bad problem from the federal side in this state doesn't give a darn doesn't give a -- And it cost me ten grand in the first month of the year. I don't know I mean. I I've just adds I'd just incredulous about this obviously -- you know we're not if you can afford that come back for -- -- will be stumbling from the rest the year. One trying to recover from that unplanned. -- Astonishing. Where it 8030930. Star 930 on your cellphone. I hear on the top of the -- show this is Michael -- Alitalia this is just something I am you know we've talked about this ad nauseam since ice. I sat down and for these cases for for sandy beach for. For Tom Bauerle. This Obama pure stuff is killing the president's rating we have another poll -- in today. That says that the or the Obama is that I think 37. And at his arm that's a record for him that's a record not a record for -- but that's a record for the -- While the president on down much further in -- -- go down a lot further and and ever really recover. He doesn't really care because. Well he doesn't have to ever stand for election in progress wife. -- as a -- at all. But you know this Obama. This poll that says. His approval was in these new low levels it's an indication of what's going to happen to the Democrats who are running for instance for house. Other statewide races here in New York. Because Obama -- him on the neck like he might depending it's just gonna hold them down there not to. Every single Democrat certainly on a federal ticket on a federal. Campaign. Certainly on a federal campaign probably on a statewide campaign might even be in local races. Every single democratic game is going to win here obamacare. 37%. Now. Approve of the job mr. Obama is doing as president down from 46%. In October if you haven't heard this you haven't had a radio all day that's a nine point drop in just one month. That is what they call free fall in politics I've been in politics right. I've run 77 political campaigns in. Eleven countries. A run I've been on three presidential campaigns here in the United States. Cars -- six moreover countries. Work on the governor's race here with open you know. I'm telling -- the president is in free fall he's an absolutely it's a gentle freefall we don't know how far he won't fall. But this is not going to get better every single person that you talked to who knows anything. About Obama care anything about creating jobs anything about point you know boring the economy -- everybody knows that the worst is yet com. So we're hovering around seven point 4% unemployment now in this country and employers are saying that they are going to cut people's hours and not create jobs. Because of obamacare word -- some -- for a long time we've been there for about a year. If you can believe. That took the job numbers we found out of from the news yesterday from the New York Post that in fact a a census worker in the Department of Labor was told by his superiors. In October just before the president's reelection. To fake the unemployment numbers to make it look like we had -- drop and implement if you remember those the point I think comply unemployment went from the at least. Mark above eight down to seven point eight in October that's usually announce the first week of every -- the first Friday of every month you get the previous months. Numbers October response we have three tenths percent drop which is a remarkable are actually when -- that hard. And everybody and if you remember there people saying it was -- and west was crying and laughing so hard they are coming giving tears of the lines. -- of the legitimately leaders of business and industry were saying this was speak -- find out it's indeed -- it's just it just abominable. Abominable. We there's every decisions are made. When this Friday announcement of the jobs numbers comes first week of every month -- become from the previous images as a me investment decisions. Hiring decisions major economic decisions that are worth. A billion dollars more more I mean it's probably unaccountable. Alitalia on jobs date -- busy from 6 o'clock in the morning until noon because people that I work for what we have right now losses of what's that what's within that. With that within that unemployment number and help them get their media coverage with your opinion -- I worked my tail off when the -- tomorrow I come to find out what their -- and they faked him in October when it really really mattered in 2000 well. I can imagine that they are fake and it would certainly welcome. It's an allegation it's proof. The guy who did it has come forward and confessed. Its absolute fact. So now we are looking at obamacare making that number even worse it's -- 4% now if -- one. In its gonna just cover or get worse. And meanwhile. Minute ago. To the hospital directly after I'd sign up on the website. And paid him. For and operations like to get tomorrow if the was in week period. For for free. Because improperly injured right by a policy that I'm completely with its superior. To the policy that Obama is trying to force down my throat. Superior. It's ridiculous. I've decades we've got a family I mean I imagine. Many of you. Can think of far more to do with the money that Obama is pulling from your pocket but that Cuomo is pulling from your pocket right now. You can probably find the things about books clothes for school for your children how about. How about just a little bit extra money for vacation. Anything instead it's going to obamacare. Apps we discussed. Disgusting. There's really mean no wonder he's done with 30% -- that's bad that's bad especially when the president is a man you know because he must. He was -- do the impossible weave his magic wand and world going to be insurer. -- it would keep. Insurance plans to keep our doctor. If we wanted to you know what happened today when knocked out of the doctors. Of the -- -- you know what doctor like doctor equal prize from. It's an eight document what like it's you against them because you know next time we say about your doctor you may be saying goodbye for over. This is -- brutal in for Tom hourly. On these reunited thirty WB ENN. Oh wait. That's. Under this guys I'm new to this. -- I'm sorry about that retreat we don't go to traffic to next that's -- mine mine. Well ultimately. It be glad to get rid of me by the end by the end of -- on Friday. Well Joseph how many people actually done that. In the studio before is that first. -- Davis that -- Bellamy added that. Think that this is he's not gonna let me forget that if I'm glad I don't know right now right now he won't know you won't rip me for his party. Remind me enough. Well anyway you know we have. We have. A lot to talk. Today we also have this character that I'm I understand that that that slid down the railing. Over at the at the stadium and apparently he's gotten lower and is the Gary it is -- -- up that's amazing. You know right I've come to find out that I think whoever with those who have fallen in pretty closely he was employed they gainfully employ little local PR agency in the moment ago as a digital director digital media guy. I feel bad forma I don't feel bad for. You know I noticed that there's actually a little bit of a surge of support for the guy in there -- actually out there talking. And toppled gets his employer for women go. Because they think you know there are people out there on the Internet think that he has nothing do with the -- -- work nothing at all. That he should have been fired he just let did something in his off hours it was pretty stupid but. Let me go to the phones here real Mike Mike on the line. Hello Mike. -- -- You know I'm open it up on the Caribbean -- -- that break our economy back. Yeah our country has been hijacked by extremists. It it literally unbelievable. You know it is certain groups -- For Obama care. With a certain groups got an extra day in particular that people can't -- at all. It's really unbelievable. America's under attack a multi prong attack from inside and outside of our country we need to get rid of these extremist. There -- the really bent on destroying our country. Well you know I think that there's a lot you know I've I work with with CEOs and with all the big ones. My bosses is Bernie Marcus whose Beecher who's the founder of -- run around. With him and his gang and help them kind of work with the gonna do about Obama -- and that's that's what I do for eleven and I'm Tanya. Those guys feel like free enterprise is under attack like never before. They feel like people don't bike. Capitals -- important fact there's a poll out there might that shows that young people are less than I think thirty years old. I have a better impression of socialism the lead to a capitalism you believe that. You know I believe that they get -- drinking a Kuwait yeah I'll but you know that people think that Obama the socialist or Communist. You know I don't agree with them half way he wants socialism for us. Not hurt him. He called for the benefit by General Electric and -- -- hundred and capital that the alive and well but higher up but for what it's not. So it really -- but -- it's socialism and their terms it's just socialism for us. -- did the people that and that's -- thing you know Mara of the people who were defending the president talked about the very robust markets we have been. In Wall Street power reaching all these new highs on the different indices in matrix is that are. Tracking how wealthy people giving Wall Street and -- same accident I don't see I don't see that is something. That even isn't as a measure of the economy like I don't like very very much for -- never gonna go to a break here for a second one that I actually -- it was planned. Me and welcome back to the phones after this break my name is Michael -- I mean for Tom hourly and -- 930 W the yen. Okay. For my favorite songs. We're Grateful Dead. That stuff. I -- people out there aren't they hear that on the town -- -- -- I just figured. -- myself in form. I was plain Grateful Dead are all day long over on sandy beach started hearing complaints and so. A figure with a movement here to. Mama all I'm. Found out something earlier today -- mean the cement when a president is in freefall like he is right now like our president is President Obama. It is right now. -- they turn away from trying to find popular issues to abdicate in Paris. Because they just don't have the credibility he's down to thirty some percent approval rating that is that's -- W country -- This talk of this president to be blamed by the next president. Despite W was going for everything Obama was doing the next president's gonna say I can't fix it's economy was -- a problem for years you gave me. He's going to be the new excuse thirty some percent that's like excuse range. He's going to be the new excuse me -- he hangs at 37 or lower for some time. Because of the -- in this obamacare is going to be like Chinese water torture on all of America. We're going to be there will be dripping out and this one drop at a time driving us is the -- but more insane every time we haven't seen anything yet nothing at all. Wait till the business mandate comes out and -- forget it. -- our economy could crumble. It's it's going to be ridiculous but when the president finds himself in this territory in the excuse Syrian territory in that. Thirties high thirties god -- he goes below thirties when the president is in the thirties. They don't try to get anything through congress. There's nobody in congress even in their own party's gonna stand next advocates of the camp because they won't win reelection if there if they have thirty photos of them. With the excuse president. So you're gonna find the Democrats running away from Obama as fast as they can. Be like. You know. Denying him every time Cochran it's going to be a means you can watch people run away from him and they they couldn't get enough now earmarked for electric of even murmur his name. So when Obama can't get anything from congress that means he -- he's a lame -- he's done. Especially while his signature accomplishment that he'll be known for for the rest of his life. Is collapsing all around him. The other in the human -- gonna do now. Nobody has no credibility can't get anything done in congress America is against him only 37% America approves of the way he's. Doing things in fact America asked if they could -- ball game. If they could have a duel over on the November 2012 election Americans are -- majority saying they would rather have elected. Mitt Romney you know you're in trouble. When people want Mitt Romney you your real for a amazing amazing but now now -- the president -- going to do is is what -- unpopular lame duck president is -- big government. By regulation and Fiat. They do things by declaration things that sound like they're breaking the constitution. Like for example OK forget it I was kidding. You're allowed to keep your health care policy just. It's fine so just because the president says -- actually. They're experts are saying that is absolutely against constitution he can't make that happen so -- passed legislation me. He's promised real. It doesn't matter anyway because no one's going to be -- it's just the political claims of people that are running for reelection from the Democrat party. Are able to say well the president had to keep report only. In. Its own and forget that it's impossible to do that now he says it's like President Obama. It's going -- you know now he's announcing understand later today they were all going to be able to levitate. And go to work just on our own power levitating. Through the year. Unless of course your state doesn't support that. So by the next election people will be saying you know what President Obama hula or gave us the power to -- But of course Governor Cuomo doesn't -- -- teach -- group at the same thing. He can is just as much gives you your old insurance policy back as he can grant to the power afloat in the air. He camera. He can't do. You know what now we find out they'll -- you know I have this blog on politics and wind. It was a notorious blog for many many years. Many years run by guys who would savage just for a few pieces -- -- I bought it when he passed away last year it probably hopefully. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Al predicament Chris Smith and bloggers around here follow politics I admire them this year reaches and they also. The ability to -- right apparently. In the middle of the night they can possibly. -- -- -- I try to keep up it's called politics and one dot net. And I run this little section on the left side called breaking news -- put up news I think you need to read if you wanna know something about politics in Western New York. You go to politics and -- that look on the left side breaking new site as I read everything on the Internet the entire review all three point eight billion pages. Legitimate news. On the every morning. Every morning and in the four or five articles you need to read in order to -- up on politics in. Its local. Western New York State want all the -- -- -- there there's also federal news. I do it every. So you don't have to. But I -- article that came out today new noon today. On. It's a little. Capitol Hill. Publication called the hill they have to publications. Will call they'll. And those in I've worked here for many years him in the states house representatives. Those those papers service. Action in congress. Tells all the inside it well apparently that it has discovered. That the Obama administration is working on new gun control regulations. That will targets -- -- What they're doing it with regulations to do it by administrative via the to a a signature of the president. -- one of it is minions -- for example. It's unclear precisely with the draft regulations are drawn to be. Back fire arms and explosives. And they are under review at the White House that has something to do with requiring gun shops to do periodic. Reviews of their inventory to make sure -- one. But they're doing it by administered -- by regulations or something out of administrative. Body. That -- -- bring them control of congress that I'm not sure if you consider tracking the possibilities. Gun control but certainly puts the onus of proof on Ghana. Sales operations and gun shops. Put puts them through more. Hoops as if they're not doing enough or ready by by regulatory field. But. I'll tell you now since the president is unable to get anything done by congress. He is going to get it done just by of them signature. By the power -- signature this year flurry of regulations a flurry of presidential. Orders received flurry of things coming out of the White House. Could it can't possibly get public support for anything. That doesn't matter what it is. -- he couldn't get anything passed now. The last thing you want legislators to have president Obama's support for anything. Anything at all he is in free fall and he's reaching out trying to grab for anything to stop himself. From falling to his political demise. And the Democrats are struggling to get further away from him than the Republicans now he's back in two gun control -- crisis that. -- -- -- -- Are our -- telephone number -- 8030930. Let's start 930 your cellphone. Would give us a call or were talking about. Obamacare in the president's free fall were talking about his are remarkably low. Approval ratings. We're talking about what he's doing when he's a lame -- of the lame duck with such terrible. Terrible. Potential Armenia he couldn't get anything. Thirty some percent. Is that's a dead and that's when you sit in the White House and you'd order pizza. Basically or in his case against five guys burgers and Fries his favorite. And when he's not when he's dodging the First Lady in -- room leafy vegetables in the White House garden. Yes he's he's in free fall folks I'm not sure if you have ever seen the implosion of president now people are comparing this. To George W. Bush and he was going dark as soon as the Iraq thing but for now he was certainly effective there's no question. But he was able to get some and and certainly foreign policy initiatives through. Now our president has blown not only economic policy and health care policy he's blown completely. Our foreign relations as well heat is absolutely. -- strong. Actually if he can't do anything. Gives Karl I mean he's reunited thirty WPN. At eight threes are ninth in your starting thirty. On your cellphone. This is Michael Prudhoe. In fort Tom Bauerle a news review and interview W. I always. -- always wondered about this song white Tom chose this song I'd love this song is seventy song. This is Mike -- -- in for Tom. A measly 930 WP and gives a call at 8030930. Start 930. I love that song I think that song I mean I've heard him talk about once -- on the air I believe. That the people who did that song wild cheering yes. I went to high school with my cousin. And it's -- Greenville Ohio this little tiny town on my family's from little little steel mill town on the border Pennsylvania. And other countries recruit every time by every time I -- that's -- I think -- Tom Bauer released at the moment but. Now it's about -- listen we've got a karma on the on the front with senator -- -- -- Yes yes I I kind of targets of locally. Hope our borders Mr. Big and and who waiting in the wing -- outside. Well the only way that mr. Higgins can be defeated is in a primary. Is no Republican. Will ever ever defeat -- Brian Higgins and that district. I think he's safer there than Governor Cuomo says governor. On its juices are so many more Democrats they're registered than Republicans there's no change and he just had. A redistricting he went through so he actually safe for ten years there. He is well you know here's the thing I mean there's always a chance. Of primary now you know. I don't see it every primary and with any effectiveness of fine. Perhaps. Somebody who's got -- extra grinder or someone who is from different faction of the Democrat party may primary him but it -- It really is a fool's errand. He's got more money to spend it not just because he raises money. A prodigious -- because he really has spent. So he's a got a good amount of ours. A really good about of campaign cash and also by the way you know that in a couple of weeks. Are Republicans -- raising money Europe right arm and blow. All the lists and you're just normal if people like me who know these things. Weird the weird ones. But yes we we we've learned from the Buffalo News. That. The most of them that probably don't. The largest fundraising were largest Republican fundraiser the most successful Republican fund raiser in Western New York. I'm Tony George is actually. Our Rick hosting fundraisers career -- is for it and he's hosting it as a Republican. For Republicans and Democrats can go as well but the idea is to raise money. From Republicans. And they're gonna raise them I mean goodness right goodness knows how much that mr. Juliet doesn't do this stuff for small money usually raises money in the -- So he's actually hosting a Democrat have for fundraiser. And so. Like I said that mr. Higgins raises money -- and also by the way if you look at polling of his district. Might take a look at you know sometimes even in very deep. With the call cross tabs and you look at the thousands of pages of data. And trying to examine them meaning the small small piece of data. He is immensely popular among his constituents immensely popular. He as they like the fact that he voted for Obama care that they like the fact that he supports. The Democrat agenda in congress they're perfectly happy with them. And they also like the fact that he appears varies ubiquitous back here in Western New York he spends all of his time Republicans and he's really focused. On something that matters to a lot of people here and that's the waterfront -- car I mean you hear about it. Yes you bet yeah. -- certainly as I like commitment and the council member and when it is not about what kind of council. Well you know like I you know I I was gone and I I look back I mean I've I've actually had the pleasure beating he's. He's on the easy opposite party to me. But you know it doesn't surprise me that the Republicans that support -- he's very powerful -- can do great things for buffalo. But listen harm to be forever hang up for just 12 I wanna ask your question. Carmen. From west -- you still there. At Elkhart let me ask you saw. Higgins acting as a local are represented and you saw and you liked him and you saw him you see him now acting as the national. Represented -- and -- you appreciate what he's doing your view word would you like this place. Well I'd like is it a little arms. I'd like a conservative Democrat -- put it in little more conservative member and that's -- or Republican which I am and I am conservative. I I appreciate arm. Arm Democrats that don't follow. The far left wind and that there are few and far between. Are. They are being -- one Alltel yeah. Because I asked. Represented about his support for obamacare and he you know he cast that vote with pride. And does he believes that third of the present system that work under the one we're about to lose. It was inadequate and he believes that it did did not serve his constituents well if you look at his constituency. He might well right. You know so do you live in his district. That really know -- he and Matt Matt really. -- But I did it again but. You're just not gonna get conservative Democrat in in the Higgins district you're just not in huge knock a -- I think your representative might be Collins. From maybe -- -- But don't you know there are a couple of different Republican candidates around here -- the -- that the mayor's support for sure but none of them however. Challenge. Representative Higginson and he's here Tuesday but harmless and thank you very much for parliament you have an -- Thank you very much appreciate it. You know. I was told by one of my critics. Via text that I say thank you to march so I'm not thinking anymore no more thinking news. You know just and in. This gonna say things maybe Oakland and said thank you I'd I'd enjoyed talking to what the calls calling -- an -- and this is. A remarkable situation when you sit in the studio if you ever get the chance to hope you do I'm probably never get the chance again now we've got your view here. It is really quite an exciting situation here surrounded by. Computer screens. When the caller of the company and it is that the places like -- And yours you're supported by two really cool folks Jo and Chelsea eighteen as I understand the eighteenth Chelsea. Europe which one of the eighteen you election that was long before your time. And I should not Mr. T that's fresher. -- Mr. T does that makes a lot more cents. But it's really fun I've -- I'm here till Friday. Well. Tom -- on vacation hopefully he's he's enjoyed himself. I've -- this is not easy work it's very hard on. And I really have a lot more respect for the talk radio host kind of worked in the averages before it's released. But as Michael -- in for Tom Bauerle on news radio 930 WB yen.

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