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11-20 Beach and Company Hour 3

Nov 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elliott back -- of a major governor we're asking the question we want justice done. We want fairness. In the procedures. To a couple of questions about that. -- be they follow her from the third level fell on the folly on the second level. On now there are injuries. And now there are lawyers on both sides. Ands or asking who should be sued I think the only person that you're the only party to the -- should be the caller. On he totally caused that I think the stadium is built and -- reasonable condition and nobody on after all these years flaw has done that. You can't. Argue legislate stupidity. But that's what laws when he decides -- I think well slide down there is lost his balance on the somebody in the second level. So. The man who fell the follower has been fired from his job. You know we don't know if he had any kind of hearing with -- is -- bosses are not familiar my our association there and a -- at their berg. Ad agency PR firm and they they fired him was that the right thing to do. And then he was banned by the big goals through Russ Brandon said it and never this bells and from the stadium. Ring. They enforce that. I mean -- -- -- -- -- that. They have his picture and every entrance. When the -- in the bills applying audience. -- you do that. And those so who should be sued I don't think. The bill should be sued because I don't think they've done anything wrong over the county should be -- as being the owner of the stadium. I'd I'd I don't know if he was drunk or not one would think that. If he wasn't drunk he's just an abject idiots. If you drunk at least you could say was drunk but then somebody might be responsible for over serving him. So law all bought that and it's him it's it's a whole different ball game ending and a sitting at a bar -- like that some could -- I don't know if he's had anything. Make that clear we could have -- April we know we don't know okay. But say he was let's just play -- -- say he was you can send other people up there to get yourself bring him back so you don't know one person is dead too much. Unless they appear that way. And they ask you for the purchase so now I'm thinking my answer is he shouldn't have been fired by his employers mentally get a fair hearing. The -- by the bills -- looks good sounds good but a practical it is and he should be sued and he alone. Let's go to a -- NG the blogger Chris you're on WB yeah. Any candidate to run blockers well and know where he learned about about probably guy who -- probably learned from the guy who. Felt that this guy like it is. School and sued the manufacturer of the guy like that for beware we got this idea -- word about the two guys -- the lawn mower and hedge Trimmer and make civil manufacture and a lot more. Now we get these outrageous examples and they go to court and you think they're gonna be thrown out they always get hurt and sometimes there -- And get an idea was caught well well well look at one of the ticket. Go every quarter. Of 214 times a game -- applied for all the -- -- And -- and and -- Like the idea I think it if Ralph goes for every journalist but the Democrats idea that you're right. Our guys I think that's a short of only selling seats through some -- -- name what Linda. On the higher levels or demanding they hear is a lesson be learned as consumer. I mentioned this the other day. If I were buying a ticket for the bills game the next -- game I'd wanna sit as high as I can because then it would have to be a skydiver falls on say. But if you underneath that section of the Ralph. And somebody's going around like that surprised me it's never happened like what I used -- the Celtics games that the old Boston Garden not that I am into the new one okay. You would we have cheap seats were -- -- is -- and money okay it's and so you would come you'd be sitting whipped up. But as you came down. That top level it was so steep you could barely walk down and I'm surprised nobody ever fell onto the court of the Boston Garden nice to see the same thing about the odd when you're in the was it the oranges at the top was very very -- and now. He did and the only thing they had to protect you from going over the side is at the bottom of the steps they would have a higher railing. But they didn't put a higher railing in front of the road there because it would have you obstruct your view. But I often wondered why people haven't done that but those are innocent people who may have lost -- balance when you get on the railing. To slide down. I think all bets are off your that's your nickel well you fall -- you fall off I'm sorry. But I've I've been surprised that and many of those stadiums and things like that. The the degree of those steps as you're going and at times about like this. You you're going in and you get refreshments and you gotta be here on hand and popcorn and the other -- -- walking down those steps straight down. And over overlooking the court I'm I'm surprised nobody's fool. It's so I fell off the wagon once and never. Let's go to sunny in Austin thanks for holdings here on WB yeah. I couldn't get better so anyone who should be soon on this thing. The -- A mile -- you know -- warriors and an attorney but it players experienced. -- two major insurance companies resist safety engineer. Went. A person goes into your home. You're responsible. What they've crossed that threshold. You're responsible. For their safety and wellbeing. If you're -- that liquor you have a party. They believe in Tokyo or injures somebody I try to think you are responsible as well as them. So when all pictures have been done. Particular bill should be showed. And it probably will be the last Symantec and Padilla children in this case. It -- perpetual aspired. We don't know whether you -- stringent. -- wrote a certain period. Or how many names -- company reported she was given. Net to do with being here would -- Compared to and his organization. Good point he could have been that I -- had a record that we were not aware of well before this good points. It's period in which are human editors were first. Here's Asia from more localized. And your country yup we got a moral turpitude clause yeah well I think this would -- that rule also. But don't -- you should be sure he Hewitt or they'll be. All the details of being acquired. But it does appear affirmed I think that the and they -- I think that they needed -- first -- -- was paid. What can -- resist him on us. Yeah absolutely because they rely on the good will of the community and they don't want that as a black guy on the record. And an important thing. When everybody of this guy was one of those guys that did that. We don't know what his job was at our garbage that be funny. Anyone always staked out I soon to manufacture ovals although edible -- Brokered two. Perfectly healthy natural to. I showed him a further out of pocket expenses 800 dollars for new crown. And the the judge is the owner did this ever happened before where someone. Get injured and -- products. Issues don't matter of forty years. It has -- everything that is where it's. What -- for the insurance companies you were you didn't. You like and what never exported forty years -- what you're at a loss this time and I want. A good points well said thank you sunny thank you very much will that break will be back tomorrow would be June company. There's been difficulty is -- wanna draw attention to himself he's got a good job he's a nice young man. Just wants to batter and stop prevent this from happening again -- on his life. It is Beijing company we got a problem with the -- are in the fall Lee. The folly was minding his own business wasn't bills game and a good game it was. And suddenly the fall are at a major problem by falling off a railing a 120. The fall away. So the follower is obviously -- fault. In the Foley now has an attorney and he is Charles -- attorney at law and they're going to they're going to see how this plays out. -- quoted -- and thanks to channel -- for the audio and and Charles called us. And we talked him directly. He says he wants to meet with the bills and see what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future. He says the bills are first class organization Russ Brandon the class act will definitely be in touch and CEO while it plays out so the question here. Is pretty simple. If you wondered why when you buy any kind of product is a thousand stickers on it. Or if you get a car and and that has an owner's manual while the first third of the owner's manual tells you all the bad things that can happen. This is I'm it's it's will be trying to make a liability proof. Now I don't know what they would go after it. But to give you an idea some of these liability things are just stupid and you can tell that they're written by lawyers you know. Have you -- used acute chip. Okay. -- go to the medicine cabinet and get the box of Q -- one things it will say on that and I'm not making this up. Is don't put it in your career. I was gonna paint the house with it and how do you think you -- -- -- But that's that's a liability thing and the lawyers insisted they went up and saw mr. Q tip and said if you gotta suck your -- JK here we don't want able. Not to put him in there fares because they -- fundamental foreign damage there -- or there drama or something. But that's why I celebrities as the reason why we don't care we need a liability protection and that's the kind of steady -- There are supposed to be more reliability warnings on the latter than almost anything got a ladder. He didn't peel off and you know it drives me crazy guy who who frequent card there was a lot. Is now they're putting stopping cars you can take off. He ever try and take -- of things on the visors forget it you can't do it. You cannot do it there integrated with the material used to be there was stickers. And you just peel off the -- Cuba now they -- sewn in. You would have to cut them and re fabric all I mean it's crazy. There is -- but that's the reason they wanna make a lawyer -- ever since grandma drove through of McDonald's and spilled hot topic in her lap. And I don't mean to denigrate grandma's there's just this one in particular. Because she did not hold cup properly. Now this is this is what we're getting this is the results so I don't know if they feel that warning stickers will be necessary. Do not sit on this radio or whether they -- with something positive and it said that they put metal spikes. Complaint. -- yen in -- something to keep you from sitting on it I'm thing in that could be a lawsuit waiting to happen right there. I suggested. In India humorous vein that they put razor wire like they have a presence on there perhaps would work -- -- would work either. I think you can't. -- it can't think too too -- about the assembly because. This common sense thing VO and -- obviously for the guy that got on it. It was a good idea at the time and now he is going to be facing probably a lawsuit that's -- -- Let's go to CEO and Hamburg so -- WB yen. I in other two point I wanted to make it personal Bob don't hide in the Boller also get an attorney and tried it bill. Opt for not protecting him from you know being able to get on the net -- like now are falling off. It on the second point is with regard to the -- Again -- perhaps he was fired because of course we don't know what team they're at a company sponsored function well you're entertaining. Someone pulled out what his company good point -- Yeah that's an excellent point especially as of certain hours say an agency and PR firm. Maybe we don't know. Maybe he was working in an official capacity and of that would be re that the grounds I think but if he was there. As an individual who just like to go to football games and maybe had too many we don't know that to be true I can see where he should've been given a hearing. But if he was there on company business I can see them wanted to cut them was immediately good point thank you that is soup thank you thought of that. It's like we do that occasionally. Where we host people that we have balks at the stadium I've never done -- don't ask me. You know -- they don't ask -- Tony to do anything. They don't we don't get any awards. -- you know seriously did you see the we got a memo from Gregory not a mammal and email. Him. Object from Gregory it was traffic managers appreciation day in this right and they do good work -- blog all the commercials for the various stations and it's not easy and got a -- the right rotational whatever but. Traffic managers they had on the air -- day our producers the day. Or even in emailed the scene that we did in the -- now except one of the three votes we won't say which one it is Tony one of the three of us was voted by. Other employees. As being an outstanding employee and MVP and a video and MVP and he doctors he went to go to the box and enjoy the game. We've never enjoyed that privilege I've never gone to a boxes all have it wasn't your wasn't me who have been I think we'll be in breast Johnson. Would be that guy. So now we they never they never you know they never give us any acclamation. And he or proxies to see -- nothing like that T shirt is going to teacher would be selected -- this lecture -- -- -- -- -- hooded sweatshirt I -- it's GR yes ya that's what I -- I got to do a talk show on GRE get a show -- -- shirt proudly join -- Saturday. Venus can I touch that he garment of him on your garment double talk and it's code to whose next I think -- be can can yeah -- W me now what -- got forest. Right now I'm. Today. I'm like you are Kim what do you think who should be in this thing. And rightly so -- -- your. Where every you go -- your goal what you say. You're born what you were. They're going to be -- be so -- oh yeah. The label sort of -- -- topic or eating all the super -- to -- simply simple letters. Yet -- using this. -- -- that would be Smart about aging because nobody wants to admit that they were an idiot because it's got to be some fault of somebody else's. What exactly what you are I followed up the ledge or whatever user number one I mean you know -- -- and if you want retreat to upper atmosphere -- -- Yeah well I think my goodness. It just goes like this -- IQ -- believe this I mean how are you know it's. Agent Hewlett what do you do it is -- -- -- -- -- for everybody else -- -- all the people that speak about you know what I wanna sit down there really. Three story -- immediately follow or another we should do it anymore. Well you're right and like the -- on -- as photo blog thing here on the front page showing a guy trying to get a foul ball. And he almost goes over the side of the you know railing but. The other people sitting around him have them by the ankles people get knots when they go up there and they leave their brains behind thank you thank you very much easier that Tony front page above and his. Those guys trying to shag a ball. He's all over the rail lines and other people have my -- -- -- just ridiculous you cannot. Expect. Any kind of a situation to be idiot proof. If there is a liability if there is a fault that's fine but I'm guaranteeing -- -- but I'm thinking very strongly that there isn't the only fault -- between the years. Of the smaller we'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Elliott back what did you governor when you buy a product and you see warnings the warning labels on the product you say this is the dumbest warning I've ever seen in my who would this. Like you -- weed wacker and says do not use that we'd record to. It's a stroke your tongue -- -- elements obviously were thinking somebody could do that got to put that in there. And that's what we're going to find I think they'll probably be some adjustments. To the wall over the railing. At Ralph Wilson Stadium that would come out of this idiot you're getting up on the railing and trying to slide down. That way they were -- And they they route or reactive and they got it done otherwise. Otherwise if you don't do that here's what you're facing. Which are facing is some more on ten years from now does the exact same thing. Except his lawyers -- and his lawyer says look -- -- and ten years ago that these railings runs saved. And they totally disregarded those mornings from from professional. Suggestions in video blah blah blah and because of that my client has been injured and and that's oil marks. That's exactly the way it works and so that'll be something like that but can you imagine being. Charles Desmond attorney at law and now you're meeting with the bills now you know that even the bill even though the bills there are are blameless in this. You know all that you're gonna get something out of the bills that it's -- parents say. So it's like you know it's like. It's like those supermarkets weeks. Where there's a contest and somebody gets that pushed a cart up and down for far for five minutes and they throw hands in there and they get all the free stuff. If if you are Charles Desmond and you're meeting -- Russ Brandon. I mean I see the conversation well you know. -- it's really not totally fall but there are some things like talk Obama. My kid really I think is gonna play college football do you think. Range were Jim Kelly to play catch for them. -- I'm having a party. This weekend to be really nice it was hosted by the buffalo -- The enemy that any influence there so you walk and it will be like supermarket sweep. You know and -- having a problem with Vickers and Mario Williams over you know that -- You could see it would be very exciting to be a lawyer and having them meeting it more like -- Jesse Jackson shaking down businesses well that's exactly what it is that's exactly what it has. And you've got a not only a sympathetic client but it totally blameless line this is one of those things where there's no sharing the blame. The a person that he represents has no blame at all it can't be you couldn't be more innocent although I did have that dream. That I was injured that way too I was at the stadium. And now sitting there watching the game and Pam Anderson fell on economy. It was awful it was very dramatic at -- I was gonna say what are you doing what she bounced right often in the government on the section of the state. Six Jim -- and it all stadiums that. Which is very appropriate. Well that's that's a deal we know. That the Saber at the sabres while we know the sabres have compressed that this doesn't happen -- the Ralph. I don't -- you're going to be talking and -- Google about that. Of course it could happen at the at theory be do you ever shocked at the dump things opinions -- now I'm not shocked at all. Because there it's a twofold thing. The atmosphere is electric and a professional. Game whether it's a hockey or football doesn't matter. Of people do not seem what surprises me people do not seem to enjoy. Any sporting event without alcohol. It seems to be the case where as good as the National Football League is. You're watching premiere world class athletes. Applying their trade but you gotta be drunk as a -- to do it. And what happens is that -- electric atmosphere. You're drunk as a -- many times. And you want. The attention of people around you to be focused on you oh you don't realize that they didn't care about you they came to see the game. And so you've got to do something outrageous and stupid and you got to prove your masculinity. You got to prove your virility he got to prove your ability to entertain but people seem to have a need for that and I can tell what -- go -- and it's -- it's usually filled in and FaceBook or something like that. But people who don't have a stage to work on this is there's a huge how many times would you have an opportunity to perform in front of 75000 people. Think about oh -- -- And and and who knows the guy didn't plan to fall off the railing. But maybe in as little pea brain he decided you know what if ice and I've seen these on world's dumbest all the time there on the -- general. Maybe if I slide down the railing I'll make it to sports manner as say -- -- OS-X seconds above. Us and said. And and show him sliding down and planned to fall off. He planned to -- to be seen he planned and everybody's got a camera because everybody's got a phone. And he knew people would be taking pictures so suddenly he goes from Josh well that nobody knows to you know media celeb for the moment. And I think that's what people do I think they want their moment in the sun new group that now or have you ever done anything them as I recall. One of the three of us in this climate it's not Chris Johnson. Has been escorted out of the old I'd win. By the -- days. Yet they kind of lifted me what did you off the ground one under each arm can't understand. I mean am -- the only -- one of this broadcasting trio. The only one that follows the rules. And without a school -- and this went through jet out of spectrum. Or window and they get a little Monica today didn't throw and their -- and everybody. All well. One for me let's go to John or John says John you're on W via. -- what I don't understand that -- -- purposes and in fact it's. Not the gated. Then -- out there are and there's no. Don't sit on the can that it would bring your body I'd. -- -- -- should thank you spoke to drink and get -- not so I don't know level our ability wouldn't be without -- You have a good point there it was certainly it would medicine and it's very -- the dosages laid out even if it's you know children's aspirin or anything like that. But there is none of that information on cans or bottles that's a good point and algebra that a. -- You should be a lawyer you've made total sense. Very. And -- thank you on regular airlines. They don't. There's a guideline. On a beer camp is they're -- and Chris and all now -- that's scene -- no and so it doesn't say. You know for your body size how much you can have over what period of time and they all have to calculate that. When -- -- by -- drunk driving and stuff like that they calculate how many you had what your body weight is and I guess everybody's metabolism revealed different. So it was going to be a little wiggle room and that. But the bottom line is it's the it's about the only thing. We get that doesn't have instructions on -- that Joseph brought up a very good point and but of course you should have some kind of an idea. It is designed. Too intoxicated Europe you have too much so you think there will be wanting. And maybe people right now reaching into their coolers. And getting a a can of beer. Or bottle of beer to see if there's any information on there as the how much -- It's just have on the label that. If you drink enough of this you are not going to look like Brad Pitt. Just -- -- you better exactly yeah it does a better you have your own radio show you don't look like Brad Pitt OK get over it. Will. Mean we'll be back or more after this. The bills are first class organization. Prosper in its class act who will definitely talks with amnesty. What could be done prevent this from happening in the future and we'll just -- plays out. President Obama is shameless. I just saw on why got the monitor on and he's giving up the presidential of freedom medals OK that was started by JFK well by the way. He didn't honor Lincoln yesterday but he -- JFK today. Let me see both American icons both revered Wright today. I don't know maybe that Lincoln started the Republican Party and JFK it was a staunch Democrat. And that's getting -- soured on politics here's what I just saw. Okay he's giving up these medals and that the people that are in the -- I don't know what the criteria is different people I don't know some of them I don't know some. Now it comes time for him to award the medal tool a woman -- There in the seats with the other people near the podium. She obviously has some kind of mobility problem I don't know what it is all right but I'm just saying she had problems. Beating ambulatory. So what does he -- He walks down on the steps from the podium. He puts his right arm over her shoulder. Takes his left hand and -- her left hand. And gently walks up to the podium. Now that's a nice thing to do at the polite thing to do but. Can we guess. What that what we're gonna see on the 6 o'clock news the right way when they cover this ceremony that's what an NC. So I mean -- show us it is absolutely. Shameless now maybe I'm being too cynical. Because maybe if he's a polite man and that's something -- would -- but I'm just saying no obvious plays and I know how it plays -- give -- You'd think it was purposeful absolutely. Seventeen that the do. Just like you remember the clintons dancing and the on the beach no media dancing on the first of all who dances with a woman and pants. Nobody. Nobody. They took this kind of stuff what is damaged in fact one Hillary got on the beach I know George Costanza went out there and says. Is there and just. And but -- out dancing on the beach with Hillary and her -- And upon or remembered what was whose funeral that -- oh yeah -- yeah I -- I was laughing easily noticed the camera was not a -- -- and -- -- -- he's -- shot -- -- well he's sure -- -- -- as well you know equal opportunity -- right. Which could get her back on the author who says the -- -- -- Asked Norah are -- eaten there -- twice and that is still bestselling book. I admit I think -- these -- you figure agency mostly watch sports and speak up op. Whose next I would thing. Well let's go vote this line -- in log report -- on WB yeah. I should carry out -- what do you have -- acre. -- for tomorrow was that our all every county called the. It then he -- that -- actually go out and try and an -- -- stadium because you're putting somebody at risk would -- -- I -- an investigation quietly serve alcohol because we are putting people at risk spears didn't. There's been brought they're good people olives -- an injury I can that the bit about it tomorrow. You're a victim of second hand alcoholic consumption I can't -- -- -- thank -- it makes a good point makes good points outdoors. Like secondhand smoke dissipates pretty quickly. But can't do in the park can do it in the stadium whatever good idea. Don't ever do it in a line that you coaching pitching. When all else fails look at the dollar let's go to Tom Tom there on WB yeah. Our columnist and -- I just want to say that I agree with -- -- on the fact that the gentleman should be. Security there's medical -- right -- -- -- and -- these certificates -- medical bills also I can relate a story that years ago I was at the stadium. A guy and was up on one of the warriors come across stadium. That was a Monday night game yes that's straight games now. And because of that because they it was a Monday night game of people have much more time to drink before the game. They sparred Monday that we have Monday Night Football here for a long time after that. Agree I've got a story and have a one time we're -- apartment and I would involve basic and now guys it was an. -- -- -- -- And that it. Score something that's something. On. -- -- not compatible with something and I want the guys that Serbia. All our old -- out. The old band nothing like a flaming monkeys against that. Our guys irregular -- and there's guys I'm just telling you there's no god when -- Kansas why why couldn't the guy who was on the third level. If he's got a follow on somebody want to fall on the people carrying the anybody that would have all around good deed or offense all the way to the -- just like even even a caring a blanket or something. -- him and I can imagine getting up in the morning whipping out the fence so because you're going to the game and calling your friend who's got the and have remembering the. Well maybe one guy keeps both of them just a case. The other can't make the game exact way it is you substitute. Still ahead however has he saw that I I think if they follow on Elvis would have been better to -- I'll call elvis' -- getting a little Teddy he had those sideburns and cannot have these kind of like. After how leans over and I had it so at least if the if you -- on on something that serves a purpose I think I might be cutting available -- But certainly falling on an innocent bystander. Is not -- is not good so thinking and apparently thinking of our audience is. That it won't be just believe Lawler will be sued it'll be the bills -- In the bills will have to do something or come up with something in order to. I get away from this even though I feel they're totally blameless I do not think they should have any liability at all. In the bill shift the blame. Erie county because now we're looking at renovations. Coming up for the stadium -- its interest then an animal it's interesting now -- we are the owners of taxpayers own the stadium. They lease it the I don't know how the insurance regulations are written as to whether the ones operating at which would be the bills. Have the liability but we also do stadium maintenance -- not keep up Q yes so the question would be. If they have be railing was in compliance with those with safety laws. Whether are reasonable expectation of safety could be expected about walking in there so it's gonna turn into -- -- filled hot coffee on her lap. Kind of a kind of deal. I mean obviously I think the only one who should be soon as the moron who fell off the rail. That's a good book. Yeah this coming to a bookstore near you or maybe online -- Marat who fell off the railway. We'll be back tomorrow on the Israeli amanpour and maybe.

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