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11-20 Beach and Company Hour 2

Nov 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The bills are first class organization. Russ Brandon class act will will definitely talks with the embassy. What can be done prevent this from happening in the future it was a -- plays out. And now I think that they the follow leave the person who had another person fall on top of them. Did a Smart move by getting a lawyer because it's going to be medical expenses and they could be yeah we don't know but can be substantial saw the right thing. But who should be so food. To me in a perfect world the only person that should be sued the only person who is responsible is the follower. Another follow -- has been fired by air ago mark. Everybody pronounces it the more. -- -- -- -- It's a very well known. Media public relations firm and advertising agency so he's been fired okay. Is that the right thing to do as a man convicted -- charged with -- -- We know who did it does not that's not up for dispute by his employer fired him is at the right thing to do. And he was also banned by the bills now first of all when I when I heard -- -- And say that. This thinking he can't come to any more games I'm just thinking I'd have his picture at every entrance to the Ralph. If you had a game we all now 75000. Something like that he has like 75000. People crowding and Ralph. That the people at the entrances are going to know what the -- a follower looks like. You buy that Tony now and you BioCryst. Ohio you would even go about doing anything like -- did even me implement yeah I mean it is that you're so you got to have his picture at every entrance to make sure it doesn't it and that's that's ridiculous I'm sure they said it because they're lawyers told them it's okay shows a quick response whatever. But the rules are blameless on this as far as I'm concerned and then when the lawyer Charles Desmond. Says that he's gonna talk to the bills and and find out I love this line. I just lava and see what can be done. To prevent this from happening in the future yeah I know don't play there anymore that's about the only way you can absolutely guarantee it won't happen in the future. -- but he's -- law firm of Gibson McCaskill and Crosby. -- I'm surprised me honestly that in -- Gibson in I mean or maybe McCaskill. Currie. A technical Crosby. And it. Says that I mean law of averages says one of them might be because -- name's on the title. They might be even more efficient than. Charles does them. Attorney -- law. What -- thing. -- -- -- I can always wondered. Which is the better lawyer -- or Barnes one of them asked of me they can't it's impossible for them to be exactly the same. OK so one of them has to be better than the other and your hiring and you wanna know which one. Wouldn't that be a useful information and question the record I think Joseph the -- yet. I -- firms. Should have -- chart that they publish. On wins and losses so that you know when you're picking on a lawyer which one should get. Budgeting now makes sense yeah and how much money that the war with the client that's true you are so -- these events so I'm asking. First of all I should be follow our have been so food by his employer. They fired him already the bills have banned him is that fair. He hasn't had a day in court or -- day you know and testimony are. Arbitration hearing or any thing. And who should be sued I think that just the personal foul. Of the fall are should be soon I don't think the bills should be sued the county shouldn't be sued. But they'll go after the railing maker. They refreshment. Just a distributor if if they find out that he had been drinking image improvement I don't know how you doing at this point but illustrate on trio wanted hundreds excellence there's 96 -- 930. Rick and -- -- -- -- on WB yen. A great topic first off I'd like to say it -- believe they fired the guys. First the law or public relations company needs all the help -- -- the guy really does in in the field yup and it's it's pretty terrible for reporter. Second Obama Geithner that there improbably went home and watched about two hours and keep you probably saw about fifty attorneys said he could call. All I'm sure that they or I'm sure they were putting their business cards as they were putting him in the ambulance. -- Depend -- certain guys that built the moneymaker. Spear. You know how much fear and ethical people in -- eighty -- -- Like my first like -- -- -- -- What might have all responsibility. Take a railing or spikes. The railing like they do and places in New York city's needs in like razor wire like the prisons now. And New York City and that -- -- little spikes. -- -- -- And areas so people can sit well. I play actors or stop use and abuse economy won't need a colonoscopy in eight years against you -- We've got to go -- and myself. All saw her apartment and it -- -- but the guys that -- We still enough to do that. Fire. And. Guy hasn't had his day in court yeah you're right has not if he might be able to prove something else that maybe it was a mad maybe it wasn't thinking clearly and said the company was to see who knows what it is but I think you're right I think they should be given them a moment and so to speak on -- -- You got that right hey thanks Rick appreciate it thank you very much. Like this guy falls from the third downs of a second. The fall errors on the third suddenly becomes on the second he's on top of the guy on the second now say there's two injuries here. The guy at the bottom as a pain in the neck. The guy at the top -- a pain in the ass because that's the last parks you know I'm talking about it it's called gravity. And does so neither one of them. You know appreciated the moment however the lawyers are probably flocking to the guys at the bottom. Not the guy that's up the guy at the bottom because then they'll be able to assume. To see what can be done to prevent this happening in the future. That would do that went public chicken wire up. You're -- -- and I have everything about above ground level all seats above more than sixty off the ground will will have to be destroyed or what. There's no way to keep that from happening again. Now they might find some people culpable. You might say I saw a guy at twelve Beers we don't know that I'm just saying green could happen to him and if they can do that make improve. That he was over served one would assume there are some pockets there -- the bills definitely have deep markets but I see them responsible for this. Believe me I'm not a huge fan of the business of the Buffalo Bills -- responsible for this it's a reasonable rational expectation. That if you're that high up every sitting on a railing sliding down I mean there's certain things that you can't legislate he can't legislate some common cents. Yes well what you have to figure out in this is how far was security. I know when you go through your seats and I had season tickets in the upper decks and when you come through the tunnel to go up your -- there was always security. Ushers whatever have you by the by the -- Actress to check your ticket make sure you -- -- your seat how far were they from where this guy fell were they watching should they have been watching. Well yeah that's a good point -- it was there enough security. They'll probably bring up yes in the average NFL game. There ala the make up numbers there's a security person for every 342. Here it's a 463. So it's obviously inadequate. But I can tell you that maybe I'll save the seat up on the third level and only sell that ticket to one person. To guarantee that the fall wouldn't happen again you know that one person would be. Nick Linda you want to fall and I can tell you that will be back after as. It's been difficult is now wanna draw attention to himself he's got a good job he's a nice young man. Just wants to batter and stop prevent this from happening again -- run in his life. We're talking about who should -- whom. Who should be sued you got the fall are the guy up on the third level to -- the folly the guy on the second level. And now into in Tanzania. Into the mix we have a new name and a new face. And that would be a respected attorney at law. Charles Desmond paternity of law and were asking who should be -- I'm thinking. That is a good idea to get an attorney. Because of expenses that might be coming up entirely. I'm not. -- a year shouldn't be your burden to pay these expenses. But I'm thanking them are just gonna go after the guy. They're gonna go after the stadium. They're gonna go after the concessions that they think he was drunk they're gonna go after the security. Were there enough. They're gonna go after the owners of the stadium which would be us the taxpayers that's the way it is that's the way lawyers work they go to the deep pockets. And so I'm saying that even adult. Charles Desmond said that he has a great deal of respect though obviously. For the bills he said we want -- -- -- see what can be done to prevent this from happening. In the future while obviously nothing can be done to prevent this he can't legislate stupidity. Or against let's go to Marie in Cheektowaga -- -- on WB and. Hi Andy. They studied him that I don't whereas for the world -- not get. This site why united. It -- -- found at the -- about the -- aliases. That they did something stupid shot that and -- -- what focal with a time and all of those stadiums are deciding. What you see how anybody can do that so -- people. I think you'd take reasonable precautions. It's impossible. To make any thing foolproof I mean you just do the best you can the year reasonable rational you have enough security and make sure that. That the wall as high end up so -- camp all over but look people jump off bridges all the time people people slip up of all all kinds of high things that. That shouldn't be anybody's fault put themselves and in this case I think the only guy that should be soon as the -- fellow. All right I. -- -- well yeah I mean look at look at the pockets -- Ralph Wilson. You got a a Buffalo Bills -- billion dollar corporation got the via the taxpayers of -- counting on him again and that's a pretty yeah. A pretty rich territory thank you thank -- Well let's go it's a wide one because an online we have Charles Desmond attorney -- -- Charles thanks for calling man. -- this is a pretty open and shut kind of case your client was minding his own business is somebody fell on more the event. Actor now what's what is the procedure now you're. You're going to talk to the bills your quoted here is saying you're gonna talk to the bills see how that -- a what are you looking for in your conversation with the bills. Well first of all we've heard from the -- for the fellow that split down on the rail and the other cooperating with us. In really we just wanna get more information for the bills we understand there is the very good video surveillance system they had -- shall we all what happened from the start of the game up to this incident. And picture what was done and really what can be prevented from happening in the future is sort of my -- concern at the moment and getting better to problems. -- guy and especially with a kind of problems that he's facing and he's going you said. Earlier I think that he's seeking medical. Expertise today. And I'm sure he'll have medical expenses. Part on the road so I can understand hiring an attorney. I'm just thinking though that the most attorneys will look beyond just the man who fell on them. Because a man of -- on May have fairly. Shallow pockets show Lisa. He may well have been picked -- because look into it affected Tyrell is no interest in their caddies gainfully employed. In the college degree or master's degree. This is you know well educated reasonable person in right now we want to get better that's really only cares about so we we we have Matt. Looked -- pursuing -- -- against the county you're the bills. He's focused on getting better and you know we are dealing with a lawyer for the Fella that split off the -- Well first saw IE I totally think you know he is to blame was obviously he was just minding his own business. And and as I said a lawsuit is perfectly in order. But Charles don't tell -- has no interest in money do you know any person on the planet doesn't have an interest that money. All right it's an attitude right now is interest is there was but he could have some. Pretty good big problems. Yeah we don't we wish him luck certainly and the best medical attention we've got a good Doug good medical community here so of that except his meeting with the bills and talking to the doctors and you've taken from there what will what will decide which path you're going to take. Well in a perfect world. His problems are significant it's superior to get better and then I think it'll be really easy resolution. We don't you give -- Along -- missing -- -- medical expenses you know never have to see where we're going I mean hopefully the couple weeks it feels great I just don't know deaf communicate it is. It was cervical problems and embeds and may -- spinal problems those things you know the best thing that could happen is that he gets better and sorry but they they could be nagging and they could be long lasting. Are well good luck and I hope. I hope that he recovers and I hope that the justice is -- and Charles and I thank you for calling. Your friend Danny never Negroponte though is this -- And -- for -- -- -- All right thanks in EB -- I'll bet against. All right well I won't but normally I would any friend of Danny or his kids and conference in my but in this case will make an exception that -- Charles. And -- it. It's a small world. You know it's a small loan Canada -- how big guy. Before all he totally innocent he's sitting there can you imagine. Something just falling out of the sky. On you know. And think about like that in lets you happen to be bent over to pick something up Barbara he's probably gonna come down right on the top of your head. Which goes could be unknown doctor about all kinds of compression problems and spinal problems and neck problems and back problems. The of the of the kind that don't go away easily and I hope he does I no I hope he has a quick. And a recovery and gets past this. Blood if he doesn't he's looking at long road to rehab. And I hope that that the expenses are covered by however of the litigation of falls well. Our only caught on whether -- -- who should be sued. Who should rigorous -- who was responsible. And was it right four of the fall errors. Employer to fire him without any kind of hearing or anything else. He's not charged with a bang many criminal charges. Or. Anything like that but he's been he's been -- By the bills can't come in the stadium and he's been fired by his employer can come into the workplace is that there in 030930. 18060692. Exits are nine. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WBA and that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free -- -- 930 and our toll free line is 1806169236. Tony Caligiuri is the best producer he just is I'm sorry he's the best you probably didn't even know but because we don't expect you to know I know what I'm a broadcast professional I've got more awards in the impossibly -- you know -- -- about and here's the reason that last upset of the commercials was dramatic. You know Tony everybody -- just runs the commercials Tony puts an end with a common theme. Firstly we ran the Viagra like commercial okay. Then we ran the Myers snowplow commercial and what is Myers say the same thing as the Viagra like make your Bible up and down what do you think. It's just their bit. And you are ahead of the curve when it comes and minds by across eighteen dollars and -- That's what they -- I -- a commercial that's expense eighteen -- the -- and and the -- plus the costs in the -- And -- expensive. I think I'll go -- Are right or staying. The the situation at the Ralph. The idiots you know might have my column an idiot -- the idiot on the on section three there. Area three. Decides I'm gonna slide down the railing. And was goes that a little bit of railings on the edge of the of section three there. All right so what he does is -- he's on the third level gets puts his tush on the -- starts sliding down much as a kid would do on a banister at home. Except he loses his balance goes over the side and it's on video is viral and to see it on WB and our common way. And falls on -- perfectly innocent person just sitting there watching the and whatsoever they've both been taken out 00 with the injuries and now. The fall are found out that he was fired from his job at eight PR and ad agency or -- OK so he's fired from his job and he's been banned by the bills Russ Brandon said. He will not be able to command of a stadium and -- and I'm wondering how they enforcement. Ever goes below fake mustache on and that was the thing Hitler mustache is a lot right there -- gimme a break he could address as a woman. He could do almost anything but I don't know how they would enforce that. But anyway. The fall -- the. Some person has hired Charles Desmond turner is organized and we just talked to a few minutes ago friend of a friend. And -- so we're asking who was responsible and who should be sewed those -- two separate questions okay we know who's responsible. The guy. But lawyers tend to find out that if the guy doesn't have much money we better find other people what are the principal. They have I have some money who wells involved would this would have money. The Buffalo Bills certainly. The railing manufacturer and thought about that. The concessions people that they give him too much beard that he have a lot of their records to prove that I mean I don't know I don't know if he had it. If bill wasn't enough security. Could they have stopped them when they saw him start to slide down on the railing. A route are we didn't have Monday Night Football here for a long time. After that the game with -- Howard Cosell which we had a Monday night game and a guy. Went across the guy -- remembered. It was a night game he went over him like you'd see you know a marine unit you know in jungle warfare or something. And overhead and -- guide wire. And after that we didn't have money in a football for a long time because it had a bit too much time to get -- up before the game started. So I think you can't stop stupidity. You just do the best you can to be as prepared as you -- I think the bills are totally blameless in this I think that it must -- something comes up we don't know now. The only person that should be sued is the guy who fell on him. Look at the lawsuit said involves stupidity in things that result of it on letters you've got warning labels. Mcdonalds with the with their coffee. -- and that's grey. They have McDonald's. -- copy of a certain temperature. She was driving through the drive through and she spelled it coffee. On her own lap she became Graham on our -- remember. And she got a lot of money and later on it was reduced which is still ended up with some money and that started the whole flood of lawsuits where nothing is your fault. Nothing okay in this case the guy with the lawyer. Nothing is his fault because he was just sitting there he didn't do anything to encourage it. He just the guy fell out of the sky on problem and you can expect that to normally happen so he is totally blameless but I think so the bills. But they'll come up with something. They'll find out how many security people were on duty. They'll find out what the average number in the NFL is for security as as opposed to. Numbers of people in the stands. -- find that out they'll find out of the railing is up to -- I'm sure is. If big if it were higher could it have been prevented the poor and the lawyer said that he wants to see a -- in the future while obviously. We'd all like to see that happen but that's impossible. No judge can in order stupidity. Of band anymore I mean you can't do that you're you're either -- An idiot or -- not and of the law can always guess who who's going to be an idiot. So let me guess by the next home game there will be signs up. Please do not sit on the rails yeah I would not be surprised if we see more security. Up along those walls and what not and in just a moment operative. You know what I'd like to see first I I said something that just is a joke I said we should have razor wire room on the railing. Like they -- -- presence but that that obviously was comedy but what I think they should do. Electrified the railings. So -- guy goes to sit on the railing and he gets it's twenty votes up Mr. Bush -- I think he would think this is -- a good idea. So warmed -- And during December on and on cell right. A day so we wanna hear from you was it right for the fall urge to get fired from his job because he was he did. When he had no hearing that we know of he has not been charged with a crime not been convicted of gravity fired him. Eric my hour and did that and I don't blame him for doing a blow is it the right thing to do. Maybe he said yeah I was in the Vietnam has raised -- Madonna and they sit well Dubai. And he was also banned by the bills he cannot come and I think that was more. The bill's -- starting saying hey we have to be very active on this in a hurry ban him from the stadium. I don't know which one is. I don't know what you say is Manning a matter be enough. So I don't know -- workforce that but that's what they did. And the school is responsible and who should be -- will be back after. The bills are first class organization. Prosper in its class act who will definitely talks with the embassy. What can be done prevent this from happening in the future and we'll see -- plays out. It is between governor let's go to our friend Gary in waves -- thanks holding -- on WB yen. It. And it's certainly looks like a gentleman who's -- on am radio. It is that all night. You look at it from hearing that yeah it is early childhood. Now. The years. Ago. Grateful. School. Maybe it -- cereal. And -- And cereal and real call for the under these Americans to. -- I'd think that. Them. The -- will be. Well -- that they need to hat -- cereal. And real assault or disorder awareness day state. I think so and I think they don't know if there's a color that hasn't been chosen yet all the players should Wear that collar and the wrist band in the whole thing. It's -- to show an awareness of of people who were falling unnecessarily. I like that. Our that the other part of the equation right now the party at all -- if there and -- was painted. In the and the low -- It's real and real Alter the order that. Yeah and the person who they re not. -- -- They go after Benjamin Moore and Dutch boy go get them but a -- lawyer Gary Geiger thanks very much like that very very good. You can't. You know I know they're saying things now the look good friend. Policy or can be done to prevent this from happening in the future as a lawyer talking. Well guess what. No I I don't thing unless they find something dramatic that we don't know. That nothing can be done to do that if first of all I'm sure that. Any building is done a two code there inspected. The the NFL is very stringent. There are rules and regulations of the Yang Yang. When it comes to any kind of public. Gatherings. There was plenty of of security there. To expect that it's a perfect situation where there is no chance of anything bad happening. Is impossible. Really is -- the guy. The faulty. Oh is absolutely -- he didn't do anything to encourage it. He was a sitting Tennessee watching the game and it's body fell out of the sky on top -- home. So it's it's not in the could could have been a force and so he's innocent and guilty as sin is the guy who is the ironically thought I'll slide download. Down via the railing here they were saying is something that -- a lot of skateboarders doing stuff I've seen skateboarders do it but not on the edge of the -- at 300 section. You -- that level 300 level I've seen and endured coming down stairways and things like that and if you watch shows like world's dumbest. What you find out. Is that if you're going down a hand railing with a skateboard. OK and that's board decides to go off the railing you know word goes. It goes right took place they can make you an instant soprano. And I don't mean Tony I mean Pavarotti. Okay. The reverend it was actually tenor buy gold Gulfport that was the joke. But is seriously ever see that it brought surge shows. These idiot kids who think they're indestructible go down on skateboards and boom escape or comes up and gets -- right the grudge. And when it does. I laughed hysterically. Equipment up there and it happened there was so we don't try when we tempt fate is not a good idea. Let's go to crescent no wonder Chris you're on W via. What an -- it's the the kind of tell that it's his fault clearly and I don't think anybody else should be sued. I don't think -- lost his job. I want the people at the company that he worked for or just you know I guess embarrassed because I mean. My 99.9. 99% of -- don't have any idea who this guy as there were even worked. Yeah I heard Morris & Associates they're very well respected ad agency in PR firm. So but you're right we wouldn't have known that he worked there about maybe they have a personal. Conduct code code that they feel that the. The -- contractor so young or are there pieces -- signed some sort of an agreement -- like he may bring a lawsuit against as a now former employer. Wrongful discharge. Yeah I made it it's it's possible I think everybody should have their their moment in -- a trial hearing. Something to give there -- their point of view and maybe get a little sympathy -- a little understanding. It's hard to think that it would have turned out any differently but I think they should've waited until it happened. And I love the guy -- -- and I've told the person that he felt on that he was just dropping in here. I'll it's bad. And he's an email apology. How cheesy is bats. Our extras thank you very much he said an email apology. Look at you gotta get you screwed up the Yang Yang for this got to do more often. An email policy. I mean -- got to do something personal. Go to the hospital and visit if he's in the hospital. I you know have a have a sit down. If if -- can sit down and have a sit down and talk and say you know was really stupid and trying get a personal and email apology. Maybe he's gonna -- Hope your hope your feeling better you know your your friend from the from the third level. And that's too cheesy and over electronic media it makes things easier but it's less personal and I think in this case. Then that's that you grow. It's an edible arrangement or something like that out and that something like that it's something that shows. A personal. Tied to the guys I don't know how he -- -- email by the way. I don't know how he got the address but it Charles Desmond said that they've talked with the attorneys from the from the of -- errors. A point of view how -- the attorney and -- What I mean how do you how do you defend that. The answer is you don't you try and again as many as circumstances. As possible on your side but there's always denied yet but they know that that the that the real money is with the bills that that's where they'll. Exactly right that's exactly right so we're asking you or was it right for the fall -- gets fired. Eric Mauer & Associates. But they're they're fine for and they have a very good reputation they do a public relations and and agencies. The stuff. And they fired them I don't know if he had any kind of hearing before them it would be hard to believe because then take much time. Before you're fired he was also a banned by the bills and I don't know how you do. He can't come to again how in the hell you gonna pick one phase out of 75000. You're telling -- The first office -- December game they'd probably welcome an out of them. But if a guy comes in they're gonna always -- no -- -- know you know you can come in here. I don't I don't believe that for a minute. Yes like the couple that had sex in the -- how do you apartment while less than sex again but how -- you gonna know that the if you don't know they are please tell -- immediately so and they don't know about it. Invite him to a picnic of Batavia. Cities -- try to put all these things together. We did the Viagra joke with the -- snowplow. Pretty go to. Those are put these two comedic palms together made a meatball a lot of back remark was patient company.

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