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11-20 Beach and Company Hour 1

Nov 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now -- hello does region governor I'm sandy beach body. Doing this -- -- I'm telling him learning a lot about John -- I didn't even know. Yesterday and I'm not just that Bremer okay yesterday we found out that -- that has so much what he needs a thirty foot -- the coverage and we are all jealous of that and then today we find out that he has a twenty pound frozen baloney. I mean really this is some manly man we're dealing we're here. Yes yes yes it is vision company had Tony did you know the Jones -- has a twenty pound frozen Maloney. It's amazing to me did you know Chris. You -- -- I work that I know I know eyes of -- -- twenty pounds my product when he prop I would guess that browser I'm Bonnie you know because it looks like a fairly. Slam got -- talking about so that that that man that's a lot of alone and us all a lot of things going on today I hope you like the show and if you don't could be words are going to be Christmas -- itself hey you count your lucky stars that I'm here today you know I'm talking about. Absolutely Lindsay bond. You know Lindsey Vonn is she's Olympic -- And Lindsey Vonn had a problem on copper mountain Colorado she's a training for the upcoming Olympics. And she crash. They haven't tinkered down off the mountain. On a sled they said that's normal she was not admitted to a hospital but remember she. Cut short last season because of a knee injury and they're worried that she made every injured and he's. And so I'm telling you there's two groups of people are really concerned about this one of course are people who follow her Olympic career as a skier -- you've got a bad a year and -- the other would would be Tiger Woods. I'm just -- again I'm just sick and you don't need to -- Oprah would they surgically repaired knee Nadal would say that's -- yes I think it's very fair. Okay this is a slam dunk to give you guys some tough questions every once in awhile but this is easy. From the USA today America's number one dessert. OK now we like different things for desserts though it could be almost any thing. I'd give me give me your answer Tony America's number one dessert apple -- -- America's number one dessert I'll go ice cream. Well today the winner is apple buys 66%. Second place strain thirteen present -- and have them both -- and -- -- on the -- preferably I. Like compiled remote one thing I don't do I never have I don't know why they show it because I've never talked to anybody's ever had. You know anybody that puts cheese. -- -- -- -- chatter on the apple pie I've heard about it and I just can't. Stand it I don't get that have you ever puts his I have not I've seen in a movie once and I thought it was a joke and out apparently seriously discussed that so apple buys 66%. And the -- what was ice Graeme 13%. Tied with the third place chocolate chip cookies problem cookies yeah apple -- faraway in my favorite dessert but I also love cookies. Cheesecake 5%. Cupcakes. 3% so that's that's and I you know what's going on. You guys saw this or not. But there's something opening and the gallery event. If I weighed a hundred I weighed 200 pounds less than I do away I'd probably try it out. There's a new golf cart ride at pole position race went first all right. It was a -- name. -- pole position OK and it opens. At the gallery. And you get to go and electric go carts. Nice I saw them on a video piece that channel two did last night and this looks like a whole lot of -- I I I don't think they have the plus size. So that I could fit and come but vision -- orange helmets it costs 23 dollars. And it can be enjoyed by anyone four feet or taller I'm sorry Tom. You gotta be at least four feet high okay in order to just comes in on the wire and they need to Wear shoes would lifts them. When you think. Get the arm arguments because I'd rather I'd be okay but that's and that 23 bucks. I don't know how many laps that is you -- before -- and it's not like a lot of fun and I'm glad the galleria. Is is going to feature this have you guys ever driven a broker. Oh yeah I've done a lot of go Kart stuff I used chemical -- when I was a kid did you think there's a place tiger falls boulevard. Outdoors yet you know outdoor race in and I've gone of that one that's a lot of -- Affect us all the picture on FaceBook I think it was shy guy Sean from kiss. Post a picture of the you know let that be nice place to take nick. But we're 44 require. Yeah I'm going to be four feet. -- eucharist or -- go -- and unfortunately I didn't like a carnival or affairs we were only the track was very basic typically only got to go around maybe two or three times there was. It wasn't as it was awesome when you were doing it -- law Kennedy had to wait a whole line together in this era it was it was fun to disappoint at the same time there lower -- -- there'd -- these are electric so there's no fumes or anything like that that's true that's critical. It is. About a couple of promotional racism in Hartford I -- Joey Reynolds. And we had Shelby's. The local bully or not. But local. Ford dealer Williams Florida and Hartford Connecticut gave -- Reynolds and myself Shelby mustangs the race and we went to Connecticut -- you know it's one thing when you're racing somebody else's car. When that car is a Shelby mustang it's fabulous. And -- we just had the best time it was a great a lot of fun. In the -- time lows in the involve I was involved in India. Demolition derby at the fair which -- almost killed -- Because Murray never thought it would be fun because -- was and it if she drove the car. Which never -- demolition derby and the key demolition derby is to keep your car running OK so what you do is you try and back into everybody else's car especially you target the -- exactly that's the whole point. Well when your driving backwards in this -- Roger it's very hard to aim at exactly. And on you burst past going at full throttle -- T bone never scar from the driver's side at that point. Marbury got out and went into the stands yeah. As well. I was -- if you're going to emotionally because you don't have to pay for any damage. And this evidence do you guys remember what -- -- -- for the demo -- they just had a bunch of junk cars that's what they do they provided -- cars that they ran but that was about it that they weren't anything spectacular because it's not a race it's that it's a demolition derby -- -- populace by and do that and you don't have to -- here's what the fun part about it. After you've made the first hit. And you want more than that first hit it kind of were -- do -- braced myself should -- be lose whatever but after the first did you get the taste. And then when you're driving home from the fair you wanna hit everybody. Until June 19. -- -- -- the -- don't do that no it's not recommended. But that is that is one the only overtime policy burial I was at a Tug of war for kids escaping -- with cars. And I had suggested this would Hollins said we do this. Let's go nose and nose over the finish line and album have important change. On the front bumpers of each of our cars which is a ribbon in the middle. And then when they give us -- signal I'll try and -- you know over the line you trampled over the line in these cars he thought that was great idea. It was except what I didn't Alamos I have no plans to do that as soon as the flag dropped I -- Florida and smashed into his car. I've got video of it smashed into his car his car was dead in the water and I dragged him across the. I was for kids is giving drugs there was good god excellent gas so if if by the people at the track. Have any plus sized book -- -- -- way to. Economic economic -- yes take the three of selecting beat both you guys in the race and not a chance of having me -- as cat like reflexes. Absolutely. I've been watching NASCAR since I was more Watson is one thing son. I've been -- I actually in the pace car with -- liberals here on me but I. -- does -- -- -- we'll take a break and Chris is the dark horse we don't know how good dresses as a driver. So he -- the he called me and that yeah -- they have an -- plus sized cars on and on what the drug. I will take a break it will be back -- with -- -- and company on news radio I'm thirty we are WB yeah it is reaching company. Something's happened to a lot of you this morning I know it did even though you didn't call tell me about it I guarantee it happened to you. Because the temperature this morning when I left my house was a nineteen degrees it was called okay. And -- -- view. In your car today and what you were thinking about was the frost on your windshield okay. But that is a when I'm talking a guarantee that before you got a couple of hundred yards on the road suddenly your check tire pressure light came on. And I can tell you why that happened. First of all almost all cars have them now and if I'm not mistaken by law they all have to album maybe next year okay. -- and here's what happens when the when is put into your tires -- -- -- sound like Lauren fix now when the air isn't your tires. That's fine and is set him for whatever disposed at 832 -- or whatever okay and even if your very meticulous about that okay. When it gets cold they lose pressure. Now the standards that the if we gauges are going by what you -- from four. And as they go down which do a cold weather will make -- happen the light will come on Wednesday you have -- tire pressure. Now usually have you driven a couple of miles on a comeback if you think it really happening again get a gauge obviously and and I checked. Chances are if all four tires on the same or pretty close to it. It's is not a problem it's only if one is you know on the others a 3230 to 3212. I mean that that's a pretty good indication. But those lights drive me crazy there really do. I've had several cards I love the cars hate the lights. So much. But be alert for that the other thing is one of our shameful moments in my academic history. At in Bloomberg was the fact that at Thanksgiving time they always wanted us to work to draw a post there. Something integrating Thanksgiving. And holiday and how we're thankful for things okay. So I can't draw -- OK I can't draw a straight line I have no ability to draw at all. But here's what I drew Tony -- Jordan now. I drove a Turkey sitting on a nest. The -- here that yes how pathetic that is a bad it's pretty bad and this is it any better than the one Hydro and my third grade. But you have to have a saying on there. Douglas is third grade so I put the Turkey on the nest and my saying was eat me. Or you're experienced I did I tell you that I got thrown out in the third grade -- for the some put out by. Yeah so that's -- today they have gimmick posters. Are good at that stuff like -- make a mountain and be able to bring it home and as glue and like glue like Scotch tape and you never get Scotch tape. I'd like them are like in fringe always got pencils they don't want the cheesy wrote now -- know why it's expensive. But I could never make those things so I was always behind the eight ball when it came to real creativity but I mean I thought the it was pretty -- I like that I am people laughed teacher wasn't one of them that but other people that -- I have tickets to see Iraq dog not just rat dog Bob Weir and rat dog okay. -- -- -- the -- -- -- like the Bob -- rat dog package year. Give us a call 6449875. And Chris we'll give you the prize if you like you okay now Chris is Chris is tough. If you say hi Chris. In my the winner you don't you're going to be like that you can't go crest at despite what difference does -- -- like Colorado and let god take you can do that. It won't get -- So I give my call 6449875. Right now red dog is going to be here Tuesday march 4. Well march 4. We we giving them enough time to pick up the tickets I mean. I'm sure why should jokes is that is that fourteen. I guess that could be fascinating. But yeah out. Tuesday march 4. You know I hope Bob -- last that long until 730 at the issue is performing arts. Set a minimum value of sixty bucks general -- rules applied. And the tickets on sale Saturday November 23 10 AM promotions will call when the tickets are -- here's how you know it's about your phone -- And there you'll say hello mills davis' -- promotions you to hear guys aside I'd -- outward. Now do you like bubble we are regular -- -- and -- being a dad hadn't seen Bob Weir with a dead many many many times and I might even go to the show. Are you aware of rat dog I know you're in Europe we are aware. I am actually very well aware when he started it OK guys are good -- yeah. You like dead music it's it's religion music. -- question true I heard Chris Norton sports any mention Derek Roy OK Derek Roy used the -- -- and his last name is ROY and it's called Roy. However Patrick. Our -- why it was called Patrick -- If Canadian -- tell you want from your Roy that's a good question and you know Derek Roy married Patrick why he'd be. Right walk. -- that would make -- news I think a mechanism they got married for them on the difference. We'll take a break will be back what -- frivolity Murtha merriment -- two trees that would -- company. WBZ and 9:30 AM is buffalo as for the bills. A backward Beijing got to get this straight now Chris Chris Tucker called. Our old why are we -- why is it Eric ROY is called Derek Roy. When that Patrick ROY is Patrick walked. All right we found out that they use a guard Chris -- it was an explanation. Today said via Petrobras from -- back which is a French Canadians and labels say watt Derek Roy is from Canada as well we're not the French speakers are. A bilingual part but the -- quebecers I guess is the way to put it. You use the English pronunciation and the French Canadians from collect we use the French. And -- a family reunion Patrick law and somebody comes in an event isn't familiar with the family. And he introduces an Emmy goes. -- wow wow wow wow. What effect now. I'm sorry am -- using my material. I my favorite tech lawyer of course from the olden days who has. While Rogers. Yeah and he was I think it was Winston he's a giving giving up their trigger right. And they look at trigger you know with the spurs and -- would run out of I like walk Clark and -- all did you really I like eating at the walk croft and in the it's the world. Late actually you know in all these years I've been in buffalo I had never ever been to Roy crop ever. -- but I decided. I was gonna get out of Hitler's and get some cool penny candy are because they have the best I mean it's -- and getting our house. Including stuff from -- today. And -- -- I'll go to the right croft in four lunch now I. I didn't know how -- was there I had not talked to anybody who have been there whatever but I decide a gold there -- -- any story anyway. It was. Fabulous it was really. Really fabulous at first I thought. Have a roller -- kind of guy it's kind of like a -- -- thing now not at all it was great and one of the things that I had Tony you would have killed for it. Homemade potato chips. God they make their own potato chips -- they just Adams a manual and they've got to toppings on them all. God you could just have that as a meal that's -- to me it really was. So unabashedly. I paid my check they didn't know it was a win in ID I left with a big smile -- -- If you're ever thinking about eating at the -- croft duel it it's very very good I hit all my usual spot that was the -- In I go to my my usual go to default position restaurant that I love went on to my cheeseburger and Randolph because. Probably the last one before the snow flies. And and hit them you know like their response but that was my first visit. I was a I Roy crop virgin. And left there where they pulled nominee and equipment and Allen did when you were in Randolph did you wish Randolph good luck in their honesty playoffs and I was in Randolph before they got to the finals our yards but -- I love that town and I'm so happy for them that it's a small town and they always do very very well and in the states. Floor a bowl football basketball on the gas and it looks like they have another. Which it shot the state titles and memories on nicer of the people and Randolph the ones I've met down their very nice and a of the I don't don't semi another email places call and I pay for my cheeseburgers Wednesday against the duke burger it's the -- have a best best cheeseburger on the planet you can get a better no matter where ego it's not going to be better than that aren't. And it's. Aren't -- restaurants on main street right at at the interstate -- Very very -- let's say what is going on here and save that -- later -- you've heard about what happened at the Ralph. Some clown decides what apparently 300 section. And killing here. Think it's a good idea if I sit on the railing and sliding down. Now I don't know if alcohol was involved. One could assume that there's a possibility that it was either bad or no brain was involved one of the true. As you can see the video impacted its -- when he is really your expression is gone viral. I dude it's gone viral really jazz are voicing it and because of that now. Lou we we we we have people from our cross country going to see a dumb -- fans when he did -- man incredible. So what he does disease he puts his -- on the railing. And start sliding down. And so far. Okay you shouldn't do it it's OK until. He lost his balance. And he went well. And guess why. The person who thought he had the better seats in section tool in the people -- -- suddenly found that he had a seat of a guy sitting in section three on his head the guy landed on a guy in section true. And there were injuries and they were both are hospitalized and and now we're taking it from there. And now enter okay now after I tell you this story what's the first thing you would think about. Doctors right now -- Iran first thing you should think about lawyers and third Charles Desmond. -- area resident Charles Desmond Charles Desmond has been retained by the end for the sake of today's argument. We will call the person on the third level besides calling him an idiot. He will call him the fall her okay. The guy on the second level is minding his own business just watching the bills game. Will call him the fall. Well the guy the -- hires Charles Desmond. Because I think but that's a Smart move simply because there will be medical bills he's gonna seek some medical it's a more medical. Tension today. And then Desmond said. Then. They have the follower. Could be in the mix for a lawsuit when he's not ready -- comment yet. Because he says he wants -- talked about. -- You know I was coming from India of cars. And in the -- says. And I'm sure Russ Brandon was thrilled to hear this. The bills are first class organization. Russ Brandon is a class act will definitely be in touch. With the bills to see how we government that is happening in the future. We'll just see how it plays out. Now let me see the if you have a lawyer first -- think football league. As obviously a legitimate reason to have a lawyer and a legitimate complaint will say that the star -- all right. But when they lawyer. Charles Desmond when he meets with the client. In fact the the relatives of the fall league probably so what did you higher Charles Desmond. So Charles has -- comes and the first thing they look at is G mom really -- you were injured was a deep pockets. -- -- The Buffalo Bills all I don't know the team's worth of one billion dollars -- Or the clown who fell off the railing from the sector from the third level and he's got more money. Let's take a guess on -- my hands we have hands on that absolutely. So my guess is that yes Charles Desmond says that Russ Brandon the class acts. Yes he says that you know boy who's gonna see how things. Far out. But here's my guess they are probably already over to the Ralph measuring the railing to find out. How many inches it is high and wide. And if the average person sat on it could they realistically be expected to fall over the side. Why are there are no warning labels on the -- saying do not put your tush on the railing or you'll fall over the side. And the question of his sobriety. Well you know iffy if they -- -- that he was drunk then who sold them are probably the concession errors. What about them. My guess is that's how it's gonna end up there's going to be money flowing. From the bills for sure even though -- I I would find them -- Harmless and blameless in this. And maybe the concession airs and who knows what but the shock code did it. Is the one who should be so as far as I'm concerned. The fall or is the guy who should be -- -- and as you might have four dollars in his wallet. The bills and a lot more than that and sold the concession airs and everybody else involved. Maybe the railing maker editing and find out that this railing was in Prague Czechoslovakia. And somebody did this in some checked on another check and I mean it's it gets crazy when it gets into the legality about Erie county in the fact that that we -- met. -- out the RV owners. It'll be interesting to see rules legally. To blame here because we on the stadium located taxpayers well on the sector accounted. The the Erie county taxpayers own the stadium the bills Lisa. But I want to ask you this. -- should base know. I think in a real world in perfect conditions and realistically the only one that should be held liable as the moron who fell. Okay. He's the one that good did -- it's not expected to be sitting on a railing on the army's third level. About it via I don't think that's realistic preparation because of some idiot gonna do that. So why is it if I thought of the real world was going to take place I would say only. Only the guy who fell but I guarantee you they will get money out of every place they can because that's the way the legal system works I think the guy. Who got fell upon the fall her in the fall -- He has a legitimate complaint certainly there will be medical bills certainly. He should get some kind of vote by a money certainly but -- to get -- from 8030930. 1806 on 692 -- six and start 90 by the way MI restaurant tour on the -- the -- On them on Dick wrote in that plaza there I called ahead to see if they had any apple pie and they had one piece. I've reserved a piece of apple pie I said I can't get there for an hour. Don't sell that -- anyone else and and day day -- -- -- the -- and put the pie in the penalty by box so that when I got there I -- have it that's the one the that deep dish apple pie on the under that hours mostly air. -- a problem and we did find out guys it's great as usual pars are good but that Apple's that was. We did find out true we don't know one person who puts cheese. Cheddar cheese on his apple pie and that would be. -- with the scenes you ramble in the chance to. It's -- -- -- ramble a little towards cheddar cheese on his album. It's -- what do you expect from -- low he's the one that when he has his copy on Saturday morning. He brings a towel into the studio. -- the cow and grabs the utter. It can I Gregor -- -- to. And -- All okay this is fun and squirt Milken there was copping. Out. So -- -- the only guy and we got that from one undercover -- exactly where we can't reveal our sources data data data that allow room. -- juniors -- goodies so much fun. And his daughter's such an. Right so we're talking about what went on a podium at the at the Ralph. Guy whether he was inebriated or not we don't know we can't imagine you're doing -- national issue or -- it but we don't know if he was not. Besides he's on the third level he's gonna slide down on the railing at the edge of the third level. Suddenly loses his balance goes -- is -- -- goes out of a second level of falls on a guy. I was just minding your own business now the guy who was minding his own business the fall Lee. On the second level has decided to hire a lawyer and I think that's right there's going to be medical situations and things I think that's absolutely right thing to do. He hired. -- -- -- -- so Charles said that he's gonna check what -- the Buffalo Bills that. I love I love this quote. To see what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future. All -- job I'm sure Charles convince his client that. And I human body that fell on his head at the -- it was a bag a money the Fella has -- And so if you have sent the ball on your -- you prefer a bag of money to send. And so we're asking you who should be sell food. And I got two questions here and you would think they have the same question but they're not. Who should be sued and who is responsible. And -- not the president of China who as a different -- But the bottom line is. The person who's responsible. Isn't always the only person that should be said -- no I'm thinking the Buffalo Bills are really not to blame with this I think they're innocent in this. The but I'm sure that they'll get involved with -- either. Spending some money to make it go away or gold alone go to court. Because that's what's gonna happen they lawyers always go after deep pockets. The guy who was on the railing and fell off we don't know what kind of money's -- but we do and all the bills deployment money and economy has money and money. Of the people make the railing of planning a money. And so that's gonna go after the gonna go after they are equally Sutton said when they asked him why robs banks Jesus that's with -- money is. Talked to a lawyer who you -- so -- who. The route from the people on the Ralph. And Ralph himself that's where the money you mean in actively go after. And deep pockets are now abs abs -- Well they're not going to combat so I've -- asking two questions who should be sued. In my mind the person the moron that went on the railing he should be sued. I don't think everybody else should be sued. Who will we showed. Everybody obese. If they don't pay up in front this is the lawyers wet dream all you fell off the railing of a publicly owned. But leased by a billionaire corporation. Stadium I'll call this is your lucky day doubt I'll be right over obviously because my name is. -- -- Attorney at law. Is good news in an -- will be back we wanna talk DO. As do you think should be sued. On nine news radio 930 we RW --

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