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Tickets For Turkeys Deal

Nov 20, 2013|

Mike Gilbert

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Savers vice president of media relations Mike Gilbert is with us on the WBM live -- it. Tell you how you can score a pair of sabres tickets by doing a good deed really like it's that easy. The it is Marty and Susan morning jog tomorrow. -- that you're stationary overcome and the yen. We're teaming up to hopefully. -- -- in some people's. You know Thanksgiving now. -- -- any of people out there and that that bring a twenty pound Turkey. Over to Entercom five article -- parkway tomorrow. We're gonna get them to free tickets to and upcoming sabres game will do it for. The game next went today against Montreal we get tickets for that and Wendell right -- and will -- for the game against the Rangers on. In their in and so on and so -- So basically what people are gonna do it should pull out. Two. Did your opposite area there has to science. And they can just literally drop off that tree -- rolled on the window -- -- or -- trump well take Turkey out politically and entry tickets two upcoming game. They can be underway and it'll helped -- food bank in buffalo city mission. -- chance anybody who comes to make a donation might be surprised by any members of the team. Well unfortunately as a -- in the afternoon to go to bill at all. Because regain their tomorrow we're -- to have a couple of guys it -- logistically we couldn't work it candidate that we shouldn't do this. But will be a couple of our alumni around as well. And it is going to be great way for people that. I get a chance to get two free tickets -- -- -- but also. Helps some people this time policies in the me needs some help and it's -- can be it's such a great. -- with senator -- sabres team together. OK what time is a starting tomorrow. But it expects -- 7 in the morning will be out there from seven to nine. And in what other things Susan there's been talking about a lot of twenty pound turkeys -- out there that are currently -- earlier today so. If you wanna bring troops have found that he earned fourteen pound Turkey whatever you know we're back and at this scale that -- the Wayne Easter which just lock people up. To do about men in law and the tickets and it's it's literally like the director. It'll you'll be eager to -- minutes. You know and this particular and -- -- -- -- and -- what the numbers are mourning tomorrow. Well -- -- be limited amount of money because people will come and and Morocco -- and again it's the same time I hope to build help well. Some people out there and Audi seat -- who needs help. That's a great degree is a win win I think -- around Mike thanks we'll see you tomorrow. All right that's Mike Gilbert from the sabres you'll be hearing a lot about this throughout the day today and again tomorrow morning -- between 7 and 9 tomorrow morning. You'd drop off a twenty pound Turkey or thereabouts like he says there's not going to be a scale. And you drive away with two -- two tickets a pair of tickets to an upcoming Saperstein.