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Governor Cuomo Fundraiser

Nov 20, 2013|

Steve Pigeon

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WB on live line and welcome. Political operative Steve pigeon we're gonna talk about the governor's appearance in buffalo behind last night. Thanks Steve good morning thanks for joining. Marc were you against at the fund raiser for the governor last night. If it was wanted to -- -- yeah how many people were there ST what kinda of an event was at dinner. Finger foods of what was the minimum donation. It was. I'm not sure the minimum of creation was but. -- I do know that it was at its vendors fundraisers that -- probably there was about 400 people. Yeah we're we're seeing it about 400000 was raised for the governor. It sounds like you're losing your voice we -- -- yelling last night. I yes we were held a little bit of a gold label China. No no no problem. You know as Steve in now the latest poll numbers squabble would really clobber his opponents. But job performance numbers are -- and some went down there and and his lowest level do you worry about that going forward. Well you always worried when your candidate. But let's also put it in perspective. Everybody's job performance -- a down economy. Even if you look -- his personal popularity it's not down. And that's similar to what what mayor brown. Com -- personal popularity was -- job performance you know word. Pretty much what the governor worked in I think -- -- and an election. Just like it's hard for anybody to get -- to catering to people's feet. -- what -- nationally and what our economy. I think. You know the economic recovery continues and there's. Good news about -- and continuing to be -- Britain's buffalo Siegel's numbers ought. As Steve the governor's position. On fracking do you think he's going to make a decision one way or the other before he announces he's running for reelection. Well I think that he's not thinking of about politics. He's making about the science. He's doing thorough. Study it. But really taking us out as to whether. In the economic benefits. Against the public -- and environmental impact I think he's putting aside and do the job and -- Sure it -- decision that. And although there's a table and. If Carl Paladino decides to run for governor again this time as a conservative. What are your thoughts on the -- that challenge. And -- equity running on the conservative line. What -- you know frowned as everyone knows these it's no secret but. I know he's very serious. I agree -- -- -- publicly. But what he's saying is that there is an opposition party. In New York State that the Republican surge and transactional. And it what -- ideology. Com. Let -- know he just look. In her cohort of exactly what he said he was gonna do. -- -- expected. And the follow -- agenda. What we didn't expect was against what would be a willing partner what he's -- and you get these leadership of the senate and the assembly has not changed. That he plans on running what statistic I met this. He's more popular of their other candidates. And I think it's quite possible he would be able to out score republic here. Obviously it is. You know he is big and they're called these populist. He has a -- power. And I think he's got to be taken seriously. Okay stimulus and take care of that sort of -- them before we let you go one more quick question I wanted to ask you. What did you think what is your opinion how do you look at. One of the most prominent Republicans in this area and and enjoying holding those huge fund raiser for democratic congressman. Brian Higgins. Well I think it's just then -- jab -- Brian -- has done. Tom Petty and partisan Republican -- -- joy realizes how important Brian is that the area. And what a great Japanese Olympic congressman so I don't think it means you'll see them. You know supporting Democrats across the country but I think it's adjustment on the job debris and again and we just I think we can all agree -- an excellent job the problem. Okay Steve listen got some throw allows -- usual talking assume. Okay we'll see you -- political operative Steve pigeon.