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Sabres Beaten By Blues

Nov 20, 2013|

Mike Robitaille

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Micro but I is in studio this morning MSG analyst for the sabres. And Barbara to buy PNC's fancy New York's artists and she's great to see in Mike. Good to Bay Area mighty Turkey also to go for tomorrow. You know when it on Turkey turn it -- for a couple of tickets that's right TE two tickets solicitor game and its that starts tomorrow it's a great -- -- -- you know that's great so. On Turkey bring an end to tickets and and I'm happy that goes through very worthy currents. This is the first time might that we're seeing you since the sabres big move last week I've been around well. Fifty we we had I think we just talked to that last was in morning -- Internet address ourselves. Anyway it would what did you think the change is Pat LaFontaine -- Dan Nolan. Well we've got a lot of work confront elements. No question about that and Gergen diligently at their right now and you know the key always -- -- -- a -- and the question is how Long Will it take. Idea I agree or -- what I'm hearing from -- is set they don't think it'll take as long as they're talking about three or four years and I agree with him and I don't think. You know they could put up with that the the way to waiting another three or four years around here -- some of I would expect. You know people like parents and Ted. Not to deal with losing very kindly and I find it very hard to believe that they could sit here. For three or four years away for that to happen so I think things will be coming fast and furious. We'll sabres lost again last night Ford want to Saint Louis now. Admittedly. Saint Louis was a great hockey team but did that game show how far buffalo needs to go I mean start flow into the top. Well I I Victor of the record world tell you and you don't need to play against a team like Saint Louis -- tell you how far you have to go I mean it's it's. It's been that way pretty well all season so they have a pretty good handle on the situation. Knowing exactly what we have from what the core of this team is and now they have the cult. This situation get the players are -- -- are not gonna go for what them and bring some new ones and that they have a little more confidence in him. That's going to be a big part of their job to assess the three evaluate it and of course literacy. There's a search on right now for the right general manager in its absolutely incredibly important that this move is done right. That's the right individual but I couldn't really guide this team in the future. Mike before the game is sabres sent a Calgary Durango -- is first a lot and Johan -- to Rochester and acute as the door off. Was sent back to juniors you like the idea those young guys working -- -- games at the lower level. I saw impose and so happy to receive it this has happened and it'll be great for the players. The long run will be much better for the organization. Of these players younger players chance to grow a little bit. Put him in a better environment a winning environment. -- in Rochester and merely get a taste Novo what professional hockey is all about. It's. You know these. There's a price to pay for everything you wanna go to the top funerals start on third base I mean there's a way to get there and after. Put in a certain amount of time and work and diligence and bad games and good gains and sleepless nights and worries and bus trips and and bad mattresses and cheap motel I mean there there there is just it goes on and on -- as part of this growing process. To bring it to the point where you want -- bees and wanna move forward as a professional hockey player worthy of playing in the national arguably. The best gig in the world. I'd say you don't you're in a position in this game it. Play three or four years. Before you're 24 years soldier independently wealthy father it's your life but you know good is that. Hey Mike sabres are at the flyers tomorrow night in Philly started down to kind of rough at the beginning of the season but they've been playing better lately what are your early thoughts -- -- -- Well first of all I I have been really take him back -- I carefully Philadelphia rumors -- -- plan and they had to get better and they are getting better and they could be a very dangerous team -- player for player they should be rate near. Police near the top of the National Hockey League and they're not even close so. The surrender shows some life and maybe at the wrong time as far as Buffalo's concern because that was a team that. You know couple weeks ago regular buffalo finally played a team should be Lou. At some control over. At certain points of the game and that probably won't be -- indicated tomorrow night it's going to be a grind from start to finish and now at Philadelphia there's serie a roller probably looking Abbas was tall man as the game we cannot lose so. There haven't that's their face. Great to see him like you know always good talk and argue will do it again next week that sounds good to turkeys and more. Yep Turkey's tomorrow I twenty pound Turkey and founder get to two it's two tickets to game that's correct. And you'll be hearing more about it and later in the 8 o'clock hour Mike Gilbert and have some -- that photo. And I into an indictment victory company and that's it's a sabres analyst for NSG -- --

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