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Common Core Discussion

Nov 20, 2013|

Kelly Stephenson & Diane DeJoseph

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk more now about common core learning standard -- -- in studio guests the PTA and Diane to Joseph. Western New York regional PGA associate director both these ladies are moms. And let me bring both have you and right now I know neither of you were at this meeting and Akron high school last night. Kelly Stephenson you go first if -- if you were there and you were called on to speak well would you assess. Pillage ask the these legislators to hear our voice which is in New York State PTA campaign number running right now invites as an accurate and that command for. Value input from parents order when -- delay implement first time second. Create improved the flexible testing and expand professional development. In each of those talking points hands -- information that really we need to get out to the people that are making the decision. Diane what is your biggest problem with the common core. I believe right now my biggest -- -- travel with Canon color is the implementation. Of the current -- I personally am not against bird that kind of christianity -- any idea against the current course and when I'm against is actually it was ruled out. The lack of professional development to our teachers. And then testing immediately me. And contact. Contact that. They were just given themselves. Until that it would be my biggest concern. But you both made references to how how the common core. Those standards were rolled out when they were being developed initially. Did you know about them did you know about common core that it was being developed and that would be a standard -- Rules. Actually in west Seneca. Higher and director of ELA and director of math and meet Dave and talking about this for a few years that this is coming this is coming so I think in. At least for the district west Seneca where I'm from. We knew it was coming but we weren't given much information on an and I net changes myself as a parent. But from my understanding her administrators. Or teachers -- -- for -- really given. I know was rolled out 2010 but I don't think it was really. Before that and an actually that your I don't think Taylor really given the information that they needed to implement it properly to our students. You know it does seem like they were really seeing the full effects of that this year the school year. I'm John King the education commissioner head of public hearing that was scheduled and Williams Phil. But canceled correct and he says he's going to have another one here but -- have you. I at least heard the same reveling you have as part in New York State we alert near tickets he was asked to host some of the first round when he was originally going to do it. We are asked to just facilitate a place and and and then -- We found out like you did they were canceled. -- next round that are coming up I do Napoli -- it PTA is involved in at -- and at this time. Sell it where like you are kind of waiting to see. We just had -- actually PTA convention in Saratoga. The can track this month fronts and stunts he is the deputy. Commissioner of education. He was there to speak with us that would pretty well it with a group of parents and educators. It was. Thoughtfully and in many of us had a lot of thoughtful questions and he answered very thoughtfully. So I'm hoping that moving -- starting to listen. Two parents and educators and we already know that they're kind of this is a work in progress and they revamping Lance and done so we're waiting to see when it comes up to it we can be. And let's turn again to our in the studio guests both of our guests our moms. Who have concerns about common core learning standards they are -- to Joseph. The New York State regional PGA associate director in -- Stephenson. Vice president of the New York State PTA -- let me start with you and I hope -- chime in -- -- -- Buffalo region Bob Bennett says she just does not understand. When so many parents and that would include you have all these concerns and objections to common core learning standards. If you were here how would you discuss this with the. I would until that the standards are really glad I have issues with I think the standards. Are going to push the students further. And that they are a good thing I would go back to the implementation conversation. It again it happened too fast the development the money for professional growth from national -- wasn't there since the teachers were just forced to. Teach things that they were just learning themselves and then they are being evaluated on that as well. So I can understand the push back from parents and teachers I'm on the implementation time that. -- I I agree with -- with Soledad as well I'd like -- and also though. A problem with the standards is -- they do need to be clear for students. With disabilities are students not every student I have five children and they do nap I'll learn the same. So that is a big part. What is his parents up in arms right now Tony is. If either of you heard what Arnie Duncan the US education secretary said. On Friday and let me quote for those who didn't and I get a chance to hear this he said it's fascinating to me that the push back is coming. From white suburban moms who all of a sudden realize their child is not as brilliant as they thought they where in the schools is not quite as good as they thought they were and that's pretty scary. -- Come take your little talk about the cat sleep with Albert Twitter the minute -- -- and out of his mouth I didn't really. Pay much attention to it Italian troops will be also admitted that he and the apology I heard that I hurled at a lounge. I I heard is violent and I and I don't put much credence into. Things like and I know I feel I am and the president right now of my students PTL in the middle school. I've been involved in in education as a parent. Of children for very long time. And I know what I now about the so you know I feel about coming Clara and I too am not against kind of -- standards and offer education reform and getting kids. Pilots ready and career ready case that I do you have five kids and I -- older children in their twenties that could've benefitted from some -- -- standards. My problem is with the implementation. And. Any time can can it would ever since Kelly we knew we offended by Arnie Duncan -- a white suburban mom come. And you -- don't mess with mountains. You know if people say things and don't realize the context of how it's going to come out and panic and took it that way as well. It also. -- leads me to believe a little bit that he needs to be a little bit more aware of really who is against this in mind. I'm so I think that time parents need to keep. Contacting. Every -- the legislators and their education secretary and you know and just let everybody know what we played well and. Their content who's the biggest critic right now is -- parents or is it teachers. I -- I believe it started with. I think when educators shot as they had their hands and that's before parents -- -- I think when educators hottest. It's a little intimidating to see that your going to be tested you're professional. Career can be -- based I think teachers where the voice you heard first. As parents educate themselves a little bit better I think you'll feed our parents jumping and the testing that is affecting students I don't think you'll see net so much for the current Kristi -- child's. You know it's weird PTA if I'm here representing PTA we're parents and teachers so. We both have both groups have the best interest of the students and found. Kelli earlier you mentioned you wish there would be a sort of applause and implementation of common core. And maybe even put off for years you suggested but you know. Is that really enough time together to accept that because the opposition almost seems insurmountable. The but I'd like to see pushed back at least a year is the relationship between that the testing and -- teacher evaluation. Coming core I believe is here to stay. By the standards themselves but this this testing pieces teacher valuation -- they're just needs to be more time hands if it really camps. It just can't continue to go forward when teachers are being evaluated on things that they're learning and so more than you have out of the -- teachers. Who are concerned about the weather being available -- -- Absolutely I I feel like I don't wanna see the common course standards go away I just feel like they need to -- -- any testing to them right now. Option to any testing but it definitely not teacher valuation -- they need to work this out they need to bring in. Funding is a big -- the state needs to help with funding for professional development and and teach your teachers how to roll these standards -- that's what I would like to see. And then once school districts feel like they have this down. And you start dying are high stakes testing we -- never for high stakes testing I have to say that PTA. Since the eighties has -- has had a position in high stakes testing. But I think unique with just with anything you have to learn it yourself it -- -- And -- can help anybody for teachers aren't educated well -- educate our students. Diana Kelley we're grateful to -- commitment talk to us about the was warning our -- thank you for having -- Kelly Stephenson vice president of the New York State PTA Diane -- Joseph. New York State regional PTA associate directors.

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